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Renaissance … To be reborn … with Jasmuheen

Renaissance … To be reborn … with Jasmuheen

A phoenix rises from the ashes transformed from what was, to a new version of itself, having been stripped bare, remodelled and made new to then rise out of seeming devastation and chaos. Yet without the chaos the rebirth could not take place. In his “New Earth” book and DVD’s, Eckhart Tolle talks about the need for people to identify more with their Essence nature – what he calls the stream of life – and less with their life situation, that stepping back into that stream, allows us to be more detached and able to see clearly what we can adjust in our life situations so that we are less affected by external situations and thus more effective in life. Like so many of us have shared, Eckhart encourages us to relax and also enjoy all the changes in our world as everything is stimulating a rebirth for our civilisation. To Eckhart, the loss of money, of loved ones, or health; are only frightening when we get caught up in that particular life situation to the degree that we no longer experience the true Essence of life that we can feel when we stay present in each moment.
As metaphysicians – those who study the science of life – we know this. We’ve read all the books, applied all the wisdom they contain, that spoke to us in some way and inspired us.
Or have we?
As if almost just to check that we have applied the wisdom experientially, until it has become a living truth for us, it seems that the laws that govern the quantum field test us to see if we can stay anchored in our vital Essence nature.
Losing my step-daughter last year to cancer was one of my tests as our family all dealt with this in different ways and so required different levels of support. Yet detachment was vital for us as we took her choice of transcendence to the bigger picture level of understanding. Knowing that her Essence was having a very particular experience this life, we all grew so much as a consequence of living through this with her and then lovingly letting go as her Essence left this plane.
Like many I have watched and also experienced financial situations atrophy with the Global Financial Crisis and changing markets as currency and property values, and investments generally, have fallen in worth to reflect the uncertainty of our changing times as our economic structures are rebalanced and reborn.
To be able to sail through the chaos that can come in life, and remain relaxed, clear and unaffected, knowing that true riches come from the heart of our Essence nature, is an incredible gift of freedom.
Life situations change yet our vital life stream does not; for at Its core It is consistently powerful and pure – only our experience of It changes.  When this vital life force of our Essence is strong within us we are richer than we could ever imagine, when its pulse within us is ignored, our lives reflect this as the changing situations in life draw us into their flows of illusion and limitation.
We know through our experiences in meditation that when we still ourselves, be present in the moment – open to, and aware of, and basking in, our Essence energy centre – that not only are we more creative as a result but that we also gain greater clarity and insights so that we can deal with all life situations much more effectively without the emotional highs and lows that can come when we identify too much with this illusionary world of our personality’s creation.
Throughout our 2012 tour time this was very much the theme that kept coming through – identification. When we identify ourselves as pure Essence beings having a human experience and align with and be that pure presence, nothing can be a problem, as life in this world is seen for what it is and so we are emotionally held in a space of deep peace and contentment touched with spontaneity, creativity, clarity and even bliss and joy.
When life situations engross us too much and pull us back into our personality self and this becomes our main identification, then at times our humanness and the challenges of life can overwhelm us.
Now more than ever before, in this period of rebirth and renaissance that humanity is undergoing, the greatest service we can provide for ourselves and each other is to stay anchored – via our lifestyle – to the Essence channel. It is in this energy stream that we are the most effective.
Consequently, this year we will be gathering our first intake of Ambassadors of Peace who will be trained to offer the Embassy’s Luscious Lifestyle Program (L.L.P) around the world. This education program has the ability to alleviate all suffering in the world as the Luscious Lifestyle Program aligns people back to their own pure Essence channel. Click here for data on this retreat.

PART 1 – 2006 Interview with Jasmuheen for In The Beginning There Was Light

Interview with Jasmuheen for In The Beginning There Was Light – A relaxed view of Jasmuheen as she shares her background and personal journey with being nourished by prana, the 21 day process, her childhood, her training and esoteric reality and years of meditation, channeling and divine guidance, intuition, public and media response to this reality, her personal and social adjustment, quantum intelligence and self mastery, energy field science, Prahlad Jani and other breatharians, food as fuel, personal experimentation plus more. Click here to view. A new year, a wise use of our resources … big hugs to all!

Living on Prana & more – An interview with Jasmuheen for InfoPotok journal in Russia

An interview with Jasmuheen for InfoPotok journal in Russia

How did it happen that it you started living on prana?
Accidentally, not consciously, I never intended that. My interest in my life was just to be the best version of the human being I could be. To do that I needed to meditate, to find out who I really was. That was the gift meditation and also being a sensitive and vegetarian gave me and also by living the life of conscious service for about 20 years. This ability to be nourished in this way was a gift that came from that lifestyle. I didn’t look for this gift and if somebody had told me that this was what was going to happen, I would have thought, No, not for me. Too extreme. But I think sometimes the best gifts come when you are not looking for them.
I went through a spiritual initiation in 1993 that I talk about in the book Living on Light, but I didn’t have any expectations about not taking any physical food after that. It just was a by-product of that initiation. It happened because of how I had been living my life up to that time. So it was easy to slide into it. Due to the initiation, the energy in my system changed in the way so that it did not need physical food any more. So I didn’t seek this reality, it just happened as a by-product of lifestyle and the initiation.
And for me it was a bit of a shock! Suddenly I realized that I am not hungry any more. I lost my appetite. I was not physically hungry, not emotionally hungry, not mentally hungry, not spiritually hungry as my frequency got to a point where all of that just disappeared.

How much do you drink or eat now? I read that sometimes you eat something like chocolate. How it is now?
I don’t eat chocolate any more but for the first few years I still felt necessity in taste like chocolate. And so for a few years I had one piece of chocolate once a month, because I liked it. And then I just dropped away. I am no longer interested in chocolate.
These days I like lemon water. I just have about one glass of lemon juice water a day. And that’s what I like, it is nice especially when I am travelling. At home, at times, I am more flexible and can take fruit from to time especially with my grandchildren.
Also I have longer periods now each year when I am not taking any external liquid at all, this is something that I now enjoy more and more. It really is amazing what our bodies can do when they are tuned to certain channels. Being nourished and hydrated from the inside out instead of the outside in, via the usual physical food and liquid sources, is an incredible experience to have. Yet for me it is also about being flexible as the journey for us all is really just about freedom of choice.

How a person can come to prana nourishment without any damage to his health? I read that if a person does it in a wrong way, he will…
…die? Four people in the world died around this process and to me I don’t like that. Some say for those people it was their time to die. Maybe this is true but I don’t like it so what we’ve been doing since the late nineteen nineties when the first person passed, is developing a system that is safe. What we have been sharing in our world today are safe methods of moving the physical body system into this ability.
Also this is not something that people usually decide to do, it is something they are preprogrammed to do, they’re born to do. We’re bringing in a new evolutionary path now, a way of being nourished that is better for our health and for the world’s resources, for our environment via tapping into a source of nourishment that everyone already carries within themselves as a frequency flow that is either strong or weak. And we just need to learn how to make this flow stronger so it can feed us from the inside out. That’s all. It is about lifestyle, how you spend your time.
If you are a non-spiritual person, it will be very difficult, if not impossible. I couldn’t imagine that any could do this if you are not aware of who you truly are–truly, meaning not your mind, not your body, not your ego, because that’s not who we are – and if you believe that it is who you are, and you stop taking physical food, then you will die. That’s a fact.
So you need to prepare for this sensibly, you need to live a certain lifestyle, you need to be active, to measure your prana percentage, and so you will be safe. If your prana percentage is 100%, then it is safe to live like this but f it is not then it is not safe. We teach people how to measure this prana percentage because we don’t want anyone else dying around trying to do this. So definitely the key of success with this according to our research is lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle, plus self mastery and self responsibility.

We have an eight-point programme that we suggest people use to increase the life force in their body, to increase the chi, to increase the prana… So they naturally lose their appetites – their physical appetite, their emotional appetite, their mental appetite, their spiritual appetite.
We have a book in Russian called The Food of Gods, another book The Prana Programme that answers all the questions about this, also in Russian. Another book, Being Essence, also in Russian that is on our website, where there are techniques how to measure your prana percentage.
But don’t forget that people have the best guide for this inside of themselves and that is our own divine nature. If you can’t hear the voice of your own divine nature, if you never felt this energy in meditations, then this isn’t the path for you. This path of being nourished physically by prana is for people who live a deeply connected spiritual life. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. And this knowledge is in your divine blueprint – whether this is for you or not and also how to do this in a way and time that is perfect for each one.

Reality is different to many people as we all know. I believe that we are divine beings having a human experience, that we come to Earth to receive gifts from this planet and to give gifts to this planet. Everyone has come to help our planet evolve. We’re bringing new energy systems that are better for the environment, bringing a new healing system that is better for the environment, bringing new educational systems, new feeding systems… Everything is coming in now because people on planet Earth want this. This is predestiny, this is evolution.

As I understand this evolution is connected with 2012 upgrading…
Yes, the systems now are upgrading. More than 90% of people on our Earth want to live in peace now. They’re tired of wars, they’re tired of violence, they are tired of political systems that don’t look after the people, they’re tired of all this chaos in the world. Most people are not interested in it any more, they don’t want to live like that and so their desire for harmonious existence is causing great change. All political systems are changing, all our educational, economical systems are changing. People say, No more, enough. And this is now what is driving human evolution to the different level of expression. All this was foreseen that we would come into a stage like this in our evolution.

How do you see our human world in 20 years?
Fabulous. It’s fabulous now. Although some don’t know yet or understand that Kingdom of Heaven is already here, the gardens of Eden are already here. They are just in another frequency field, still unfelt and unseen if we are not tuned to the channel. When we live a spiritual lifestyle, we get tuned to the heaven-type channel, and all the chaos disappears. This body and our life is a system of energy that is like a guitar – it can be tuned or untuned. The music coming out can be beautiful, or can be chaotic with disharmonious notes. And there are ways to tune the human energy system so it functions really well so that our lives will be filled with Grace and we can walk in earth’s gardens do Eden once more.

Do you think the people of future will not need any food?
Yes. Earth will become a vegetarian planet first, and eventually people of our future will not eat at all because they will be nourished in a different way. If they do eat physical food it will be far less frequently and only for pleasure. All will come back into understanding who we really are, which is divine beings having a human experience… And so we will be free from many human limitations.

So we will return to the state of Atlantis and Lemurians?
We will go back to them but to better versions again as although the Atlantis civilization and Lemurian civilization were very advanced civilizations. They were fully in the contact with all those inter-dimensional systems, with their brothers and sisters, with star beings as many there were star beings from truly advanced interdimensional worlds. Many of the Atlantis or Lemurians came from the different planetary systems. We’ve just forgotten a lot of this over time as our western educational system does not generally support this type of reality. So now the same technologies are coming back, the remembrance of what it’s like to be really free. We are now entering a fabulous time of human history and we will surpass those earlier systems which also had their problems or else they would have survived. All systems evolve according to the hearts, wills and minds of it people’s and also their dominant prayers and dreaming.

So you think that Kali Yuga is finishing …
Yes, it is finished already for many people, many people no longer exist in Kali Yuga, many people no longer exist in duality, many people exist in a different brain wave pattern, and they have a different experience in this world. Many now live lives filled with Grace due to a change in their mind sets and day to day lifestyles.

During your teaching experience you met a lot of skepticism and disapproval. How did you feel about it, what did you do about it? Did you have hesitations about your choice, your path?
To me it is all about education. It is not people’s fault that they don’t understand something if they have not been educated into a new reality. And so for me every time I am being confronted with skepticism, or anger, or disbelief, I just feel like I have to learn how to give this new information in an even better way. That’s all. That I need to adjust, to then be able to present this paradigm of possibility in a way that more people understand. So that they become less skeptical.
We have more than 50000 people in our world with this ability and it is being divinely supported because it is so beneficial for human evolution. So our job is to understand this even better ourselves and to educate, educate, educate. Because education removes ignorance which removes fear.
Remember Galileo! Remember those beings who said that the Earth is not flat, it’s round, the Sun does not rotate around the world, we rotate around the Sun… What did they do with those people? They were burned, ostracised, criticised but I don’t have problems with criticism.
When you are really strong in your truth and you have lived something, then not one cell of your being is in doubt about that so it doesn’t matter what somebody says as that truth can never be taken away from you. Ever!
If it is not a truth for you, if it is an idea only and not a truth that you have lived and deeply experienced than you can easily then be destabilized by criticism.

So you had no hesitations and for you the criticism was just an experience of how to educate better?
Education is just like growing a flower … just think of all the stages. You’ve got to prepare soil, – the soil has to be fertile – you have to put the seed in, you have to be sure that the seed is watered. It has to blossom in its own time. It has to receive the water, the sun, the nutrients, and then it grows. Through the ground it grows then grows then grows and then … there is a flower.
So we have to be infinitely patient with each other regarding the stages that different people are at. For some people this reality is just planting the seed in the ground. It’s not ready to grow, they need a long personal experience, openness, readiness in their own life before they could go to the next level. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold the picture, Hey! Look at these beautiful flowers! One day this can develop to that. All we need to do is to give the garden of possibility some nutrients, some water. So we lovingly attend to the garden keeping the end result, the blossoming alive until all can see this when they are ready.

In your teaching, you give much attention to purification. Can you tell more about it?
The human body is an amazing system. Physically. In two years you will have not one cell that is the same as it is now. It has ability to regenerate itself every two years. But it doesn’t, it breaks down. It breaks down from toxic thinking, from toxic feeling and toxic feeding. When we eliminate those levels of toxicity, and the body is strong, the human spirit is strong, the life is filled with grace and people are happy. And so it is important to think positively instead of negatively. It is important to understand the power of thought. A little bit of understanding of the new neuroscience and even “M Theory” in quantum physics helps for those who may need this, especially how thoughts create reality.
There is an important stage in all of this: this is the real feeling and knowing of who we really are. In the western education we are always looking outside of ourselves as we are educated to believe and then feel that we’re just our mind, our body, our emotions.
The eastern education system is different. The eastern education system says, Stop looking for happiness outside yourself, go inside for the experience of who we really are, for self-knowledge. Then you are free, then you are reborn. Then you can be nourished in a different way. Then you no longer have the normal human hungers.
So a blending of education systems is going on now. We take the beneficial realities from the East – bring it to the West, we take the same from the West– bring it to the East.
Everything is blending now in our planetary system .. of all the things that operate for the highest Good of everyone. We are not just Russians, or Australians, or Germans, we are one people, living in one Planet. The question is can we do that in harmony with each other and also with Mother Earth. This is now the time to focus on that. Not on creation of weapons for war, because we live in fear with each other… now is the time to focus on what can unite us, not that which perpetuates separation.

As I know, you had a predisposition to cancer. How have you overcome it?
Cancer is an interesting energy. It is just a frequency imbalance in the body. I have learned a lot about that. Some people say it is a genetic weakness. A lot of people in my family have had cancer and, that’s how they have passed from this life. And yet what I came to understand is that it is just a frequency. Part of the manifestation for me of cancer was just to learn how to rebalance it. So I can share it with others as I do in my book “Harmonious Healing”. It truly was an amazing experience that was very beneficial for me in many ways!
When people come into the frequency where cancer is strong – it is often coming from something that they have been doing in their life, either from genetics, or lifestyle or whatever. There can be many reasons for it – everyone is different. Breast cancer in women is often connected to the lack of self-nurturing. There are people who give, give, give to others and don’t have time to nurture themselves, or they don’t take the time to nurture themselves, – it’s one of the emotional levels for that. Apart from genetic influences, it’s also often connected to diet, lifestyle and all of that. So what I learnt was to develop a method of understanding that if we created something, then we can find out the right path for us to uncreate it. If we made some steps to come here – where the cancer frequency is too strong in us – then we should be able to also find the right steps to get out of this imbalance. There is no one formula for anyone because everyone’s influences in the manifestation of this are different. But where there is a formula for this is knowing what the body wants. How to talk to the body, how to connect with the body and listen to what you need to bring yourself out of that frequency. You can go to doctors, they may be able to fix it through drugs and/or surgery and yet this does not always work as if we don’t attend to the underlying causes, then the illness can often return. With cancer we must treat the causative factors. Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be Me” is a wonderful insight on spontaneous healing and our ability to do this as pure Essence beings.

I know you worked with tribes of aboriginals, indigenous. What did you do, how did you communicate, what were the results?
I’ve been in touch with tribes in South America near Amazon jungle and Columbia. I was visiting these places, they heard about me, and they came and found me. And that is how tribes’ intuition work: if they want you, they find you.
The tribes in the jungle near the Amazon were concerned because they were sometimes unable to get supplies from the Amazon river because the Amazon river has periods of drought as global warming is affecting the Amazon area as well. And they wanted to learn how to become more self-sufficient by living on the prana in Mother Nature. They heard that that’s what I am also interested in and so we were invited in to share our research and how it could help them also.
The tribes in Columbia were interested in my research, my work, and also in sharing with me some of their own traditions and practices. They have been teaching me some of the wonderful things they do so that I can share these with those open in the rest of our world.
We did everything together. The tribes don’t operate like we operate in the West. We played together. They shared their information, they shared the magic… We lived together, we meditated together, we enjoyed each other as so many of our indigenous shaman elders are wise, loving harmonious beings.

How did you communicate? Was there a translator?
There were always translators. When I worked in Columbia, the priests or Mamo, of the tribes were speaking their language and it was translated to Spanish, and from the Spanish it was translated to English. And then my English response goes back into Spanish then into their native tongue and so on. It takes time and loving patience! But language or time taken in translation doesn’t matter, as we always communicated from here (points to the heart).
They know who I am, they know what I do, I know who they are, I know what they do, and we were interested just in love, light, peace and living in harmony with each other in this world. That’s a simple language.

Tell us please about the Movement of an Awakened Positive Society – MAPS – and the Self Empowerment Academy. What are the main goals and activities of these projects?
All of this – both MAPS and the Self Empowerment Academy – all of this nows supports the work of the Embassy of Peace. So with the Embassy of Peace we offer personal harmonisation programs, global harmonization programs and universal harmonization programs. So people can become as happy and healthy as they desire when they are ready for this. All people in the world can be taken care of … all the women, all the children, can be given what they need: protection, shelter, food, education, and so through the Embassy’s holistic education Programs we can break the cycles of poverty, eliminate global warming and we can generally just learn to use resources more wisely – again when we are ready for this. There is no judgment in what we do as we know that all are unfolding perfectly, yet we offer program’s for another evolutionary level for all who seek this when they are ready to move beyond duality.

For example, the person harmonization program has an aim to educate people via a specific lifestyle, to stop all suffering in the world as we know that when people become physically emotionally, mentally, spiritually healthy there can be no more suffering. I talk in my book The Food of Gods, that lifestyle relieves all suffering in the world on the personal level. Now when people know who they really are, they are no longer suffering, they are healthy, they are happy. They become more altruistic.
We have also worked simultaneously with various people in the United Nations Organisation esoteric circles plus some of the world governments. We are educating for the redistribution of resources all around the world, so to support this we have had various meetings with government ministers who support a more unified global reality where all systems operate for the highest good of all.
In a few weeks I will be back in the United Nations Organisation in Vienna sharing an update of all our research with one of the groups there that are open to this. They know me, so they invited me to come and share again as we did earlier in the 2000’s.
So we work politically, we work on a grass-root level with people, we work with tribes, we work on all levels, wherever we’re invited. It is a divine game. It is not a human mental game. It is a game with pieces of the puzzle that need to be fit together. And so the Grace comes. The Grace brings it together, not logic or will as with divine Grace you don’t have to struggle, all the pieces just come together when what you are working for is for the highest good of all. That’s the power of Grace.

For example, we have been working with various groups in India especially with the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists: where they are bringing meditation back to villagers and to the schools. So we have hundreds and thousands of children now being taught how to meditate using simple breath techniques of meditation. We also have thousands of people now being taught the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Through the Pyramid Society young people are trained for this are now bringing meditation and vegetarianism back to many villages that have problems with alcoholism. Because many had lost contact with understanding who they really are, some were getting into the energy of drinking and violence which was causing many problems in some villages. And so in these villages people are now meditating instead and so they have become nicer to each other, less aggressive, because they meditate and they know who they are. Their diets have also changed back to being vegetarian and so the people are more gentle with each other. So now there is no more violence in these villages from alcoholism and lack of Divine Self awareness since meditation can reveal who we really are. So we are working on all the levels practically, it’s not just ideas. We have teams working and connections with pure hearted people who are in service all around the world.

Very strange that you have to bring meditation to India having strong spiritual tradition…
Actually India herself as a land and ancient culture tends to teach us Westerners much more and Yes, they also send yogi’s and gurus all around the world to give their gifts to westerners. But also they have television. Television is in many villages now. And so many in villages now also see how westerners live. Some then think that western life is so materially good, so they want it and so some are going away from traditional indian lifestyles to instead looking outside of themselves for happiness which is more the western model. They think, If I have this, I will be happier. Some have lost contact with who they really are in essence and these are the ones being reached now to be reminded when they are ready that Happiness doesn’t come from material gain as seen in Western TV shows, for as their yogis know and still say, happiness comes from the inside, from self-knowledge of who we really are.

I am part of Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – GCSS, in India, so I go usually to India every year, where we gather to share our research and and meditate together and then many help to bring these programmes back out to the villages. Ten thousand pyramids have now been built in India for people to gather in to meditate together, because the people at the GCSS understand the power of pyramids. There are many other people who travel in India and the world, sharing about the joy of meditation, the benefits personally and globally of vegetarianism, so I’m just one of the millions of people in the world who are serving in a way where we can manifest the highest ideas of society, I am just one of millions who now have and hold this dream, who live in this dream and who are sharing the different tools and paths to do this.

You say that learning to live on prana helps to overcome the fear of death. Why is that so important, overcoming the fear of death?
Many people have no fear of death, especially those who live on prana for being nourished in this way requires an expansion of consciousness that then brings a wider view and experience of the vastness of our own beingness. They understand who they really are. How can you have fear, when you experience that you are an eternal being? This body – it is just like clothing. You are a woman. Do you wear the same clothes every day? You change! In science this body is just a system of energy and Energy can not be created or destroyed. It just changes form. When it is ready to change form, the clothing drops, but the essence is still there. It is fun – to change body, to drop it when your work is done, then rest as pure consciousness awhile in the field of unconditional love and then when or if you are ready to come back, you put on new clothes. A woman in one life, a man in another life. A rich person in one life, a poor person in another life. It is just part of the fun of evolution we can have.
But again our western education does not promote the body as the system of energy. And yet it is. Reincarnation is just the science of our energy bodies changing form. Yet there is much more than this again as we all are maintaining simultaneous time existences. We can have many experiences in many worlds. We can also have many experiences simultaneously. When you go into those deeper levels of who you really are, you realize there is no past, no present, no future, everything is operating simultaneously. You are not a single being trapped into a body, you’re vast inter-dimensional consciousness. When I am sitting here with you in a body, I am also an angelic being. I am Buddha, and I am Christ, I am also simultaneously being an alcoholic or a beggar in the street. There is no separation. We just tend to think, Oh, there is you, there is me, we are separate. Yet … All is consciousness, just changing consciousness. We can identify with our personality selves or we can expand consciousness through a spiritual lifestyle and identify more with our Essence self, that pure and perfect part of us that breathes us and gives us life. When we identify too much with our personality self a human being tends to suffer and be unstable. When we become our Essence nature – from recognising and focussing upon it – then we free ourselves of so many limitations both personally and globally.
To change the body is easy, it is fun for the vastness of our spirit to experience different embodiments and expressions. its like we are here and we are doing some work, and in some time we finish it. And when we finish the work, we celebrate, we go rest for a while. We don’t stay at school forever. We go to school, we graduate, we want something else and so it is with how we express as spirit beings through the realms!
There are two fabulous books in Russian about that, Doctor Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls. When you read these, you will be completely free of the fear of death.

What can you wish to our readers?
I just wish people self-knowledge. You know, to sit down, be still, ask to experience who you really are. Ask to experience all the gifts the universe has to you. And ask to experience to see the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In the Beginning There was Light movie – available in English now!

In the Beginning There was Light movie – available in English now!

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT:- Screened at Cannes Film Festival in the South of France in 2010, this NEW documentary will also be shown in major movie cinemas globally from September 2010. Filmed over a 6 year period, this documentary shows the quantum aspects of living on prana and has many detailed interviews with people such as:- Dieter Hochegger, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marktl, Prof. Dr. Anton Luger, Univ. Doz. Dr. Ingrid Kiefer, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, Jasmuheen, Walter „Omsa“ Rohrmoser, Dr. Michael Werner, Mataji Prahlad Jani, Dr. Sudhir Shah, Dr. V.N. Shah, Dr. Urmann Ohruv, Dr. Sanjay Metha, Hira Ratan Manek, Yuan Limin, You Xuande, Dr. TCM Qi Duan Li, Prof Dr. Gernot Pauser, Zinaida Baranova, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hacker, Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD Dean Radin, Prof. Dr. Brian Josephson, Prof. Dr. Amit Goswani, Prof. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Jakob Bösch, Prof. Dr. Robert Jahn.

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Jasmuheen interviews ‘In The Beginning There Was Light” creator Peter Straubinger in Vienna in October 2013

A 30 minute interview regarding the making of the documentary ‘In The Beginning There Was Light” by Austrian film critic Peter Straubinger who Jasmuheen interviews in Vienna in October 2013. His purpose in making the film, his learning around it, dealing with skeptics and much more.
Figures now abound on the internet regarding the rising cost of obesity, resource misuse and over consumption, especially on global health and our environment, plus the global obesity epidemic itself that now touches every country in some way. Independent of the fact that a child still dies every 2 seconds from malnourishment, according to the World Health Organization worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. In 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults were overweight as well as 40 million children under the age of five and 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than being underweight. The question now stands … is there another way to feed the growing population of our world? Is there another nutritional resource that we can all access that improves our health and lessens our carbon footprint by using global resources more conservatively? Have the yogi’s of India, the Jain’s, the Bigu Qigong Masters and other traditions that are more metaphysically inclined discovered an alternate way of being physically nourished? According to research at the Embassy of Peace and those interviewed in the controversial documentary “In The Beginning There was Light”, the answer is yes.

HeartMath Institute research on gratitude

Advanced research at the Institute of HeartMath and elsewhere has provided evidence that gratitude is not simply a nice sentiment or feeling. Sustained feelings of gratitude have real benefits, including the following four benefits:

Biochemical changes – Favorable changes in the body’s biochemistry include improved hormonal balance and an increase in production of DHEA, the “anti-aging hormone.”
Increased positivity – Favorable changes in the body’s Daily gratitude exercises can bring about a greater level of positive feelings, according to researchers from the University of Miami and the University of California, Davis who studied this process in 157 individuals over 13 days.
Boost to the immune system – The IgA antibody, which serves as the first line of defense against pathogens, increases in the body.
Emotional “compound interest” – The accumulated effect of sustained appreciation and gratitude is that these feelings, and coherence, are easier to recreate with continued practice. This is because experiencing an emotion reinforces the neural pathways of that particular emotion as it excites the brain, heart and nervous system.

Thankfully, gratitude and appreciation can create their own positive psychophysiological holiday in your body – without the necessity of a feast. Sincere self-evoked feelings of gratitude and appreciation are explained in-depth by IHM founder Doc Childre and Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty in their e-book, The Appreciative Heart: the Psychophysiology of Positive Emotions and Optimal Functioning.

The Institute of HeartMath is helping more people experience the benefits of the sincere feelings that Thanksgiving celebrates by providing the following helpful exercise:

Appreciation Exercise

Instructions: Take a few short appreciation breaks during the day. During each break take one or two minutes to breathe deeply through the area of the heart. While doing so, try to hold a sincere feeling of appreciation in your heart area. This can be appreciation for a family member, friend who helped you with something or even a wonderful vacation, etc.
Why it works: The exercise of activating a positive feeling like appreciation literally shifts our physiology, helping to balance our heart rhythms and nervous system, and creates more coherence between the heart, brain and rest of the body.

Gratitude is a simple and effective practice and the benefits are real and attainable. Many of us know this in our hearts, but now it’s proven by modern science. Gratitude creates a healthier, happier and more fulfilling state of being for anyone who takes a few moments to feel and reflect on it.

CELEBRATIONS & SUCCESS – Jasmuheen’s 2014 Tour Focus


Come and spend some personal time with JAsmuheen – AMbassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace … ENJOYING EARTH’S GARDEN’S OF EDEN; SHAMAN HEART TONES & ANGELIC HEALING, LIFESTYLES FOR HARMONY & PEACE, EFFECTIVE RESOURCE ACCESS & USAGE, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES FOR A GRACE FILLED EVOLUTION, DIVINE MOTHER INSIGHTS PLUS E.T. COSMIC PERSPECTIVES; UPDATES ON COSMIC MICRO-FUEL & PRANIC LIVING & MORE … Throughout 2014, Jasmuheen will continue her travels around the world as the Divine Mother’s Emissary and Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace, gathering all those who are now delving deeper into the flows of unity consciousness with its creative expressions and flows. Like many, Jasmuheen has also been guided by the Divine Feminine to offer retreats that allow us all to take time out and be nourished and recharged while still contributing in a beneficial way to each other and to our world!! With a focus on being deeply peaceful, enjoying the purest flows of divine love, its gifts and grace, and also on Shamballa and Earth’s Garden’s of Eden, her 2014 retreats will be more uplifting than ever before!

In this retreat-time with Jasmuheen, we will live and share more of …

  • The Divine Feminine’s lifestyle to end all suffering in world of duality, a lifestyle that also increases our own life force that also changes our resonance and how the quantum field responds to us, that also has the power to end all dis-ease within and around us on earth …
  • Jasmuheen will also train those open to being Diplomats of Love for the Divine Feminine in how to share more of this lifestyle with others.
  • She will also continue to share more of the angelic energies, plus their Pathways of Peace and healing tones.

In this gathering with like-minded, loving and supportive people, we will also all be …

  • Nourished on deeper, purer levels as we enjoy the perfect retreat as both a holiday and a wonderful way to be recharged so that you leave this gathering feeling refreshed, energised, wiser, stronger, strengthened and well supported by both inner and outer plane networks!
  • We invite you to take this time, have some fun, to be super-creative and enjoy the more sustainable paths that benefit us all.
  • In this retreat we will sit in deep meditation to finetune all our internal and external systems as guided by the group divinity, in ways that are perfect for us all.
  • Be prepared to spend personal and also group time in silence, to go deeper into your own intuitive nature and to then share from that pure and perfect part that you carry within that is so wise, loving and aware while you add your insight-gifts to this group field.

JASMUHEEN writes: Pure Love communes, reveals, aligns, inspires, guides, protects, connects, opens doors, magnetises, creates, nourishes, drives, supports & so much more! Living in its flow of Grace, receiving all of its gifts and being nourished on all levels by it is an amazing freedom that is available to all who tune to its pure channel. It is also uplifting, fluid in motion and expression and carries an endless source of wisdom and power! We have entered into a time now where the collective heart of humanity is much more open to the purer rhythms of love and peace as pure Love is addictive and effervescent in its nature and in its joy. Thankfully, there are the deepest currents of the purest love bubbling through the Matrix of life that in turn then bubble through us, and when we dive into this current via our lifestyle and focus, we receive all the nourishment we need so that we are free to give that love without condition or thought of reward and in this very act of pure intention comes the most amazing gifts. This is the way of the fields where the Master is the best servant and those in pure hearted service discover the master within. In the Beingness of love,  all is perfect, all is understood, all are just rhythms of awareness and awakening; there is no judgement of right or wrong, or good or bad, or struggle and pain and confusion. All is simply love as all is unfolding in the rhythms of love, held in a field of love, fed by love and is pure and perfect because of this.


Earth’s Garden of Eden, buried, deep, down inside,
a field of enchantment, its love pure, desired …
A home that all long for, despite who we are,
a feeling, belonging, a bright, freedom star.
And so we all wander, from this place, to that,
a mind always searching or a heart feeling flat;
until we discover, what many now know,
the state that we long for, is a Kingdom that flows.
A web of awareness, so rich in its weave,
a pulsing, pure river, to sense, then perceive.
A realm some call heaven, a part of us all,
a breath and a stillness, a cosmic enthral.

General Data on Jasmuheen’s Events – Jasmuheen’s seminars and retreats are a wonderful opportunity to gather together with like-minded people from all over the world. Sharing well researched and also channelled data; Jasmuheen tunes to the group divinity to bring through exactly what each gathering requires, allowing each attendee to go into deeper states of meditation where they can access more of their own divine Essence with Its profoundly creative love and wisdom flows. While her 2014 focus is on Pure Love & Earth’s Gardens of Eden, each gathering is as unique as each individual and the general focus of all of Jasmuheen’s work is often on:-

  1. Self Mastery & Self Sovereignty – working with Quantum field intelligence.
  2. The freedom that Unity consciousness delivers.
  3. Manifesting the Divinity we are, in harmony with all.
  4. Pranic Living – increasing our personal chi flow transmissions so that we become givers rather than takers in this world,
  5. and decreasing our dependence on the world’s resources by increasing our dependence on the divine resource within.
  6. Fulfilling the pragmatic programs of The Embassy of Peace with its 12 Pathways of Peace, plus
  7. Jasmuheen works with the group divinity to provide inspirational meditations, tools and techniques to gain perfect personal clarity, wisdom and insight to achieve the above and more.
  8. Throughout 2014, Jasmuheen will continue working with the Angelics who are now bringing through higher light science sonic codings of very refined vibrations. For an example of this you may enjoy her Angelic Heart Tones – video for unifying left & right brain hemispheres.

Data re the evening event:- An evening with Jasmuheen is always a special event as she provides powerful tools in each gathering for all to be able to follow their intuitive guidance more easily and to be able to know the will of their Divine Essence. She also provides a wonderful way to be able to nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by tapping deeper into and aligning with this Essence. At this time of great change in our world, being able to flow through life with Grace and clarity is an incredible gift to possess. This wonderful event with Jasmuheen will be a mini-workshop with the sharing of uplifting tools and information, time for questions and answers plus an empowering meditation.

Deciding whether to come: As we advise everyone, who is thinking of attending a retreat with Jasmuheen, please check in meditation and see if it feels right to come. If it does then ask the intelligent Universal Field and the Divine One Within you to clear the way so you can attend with joy and ease. Ask that the money comes to you, or babysitters for your children, or whatever you need. If you are meant to be part of these wonderful gatherings, with beautiful like

Jasmuheen’s service:- Since 1997 Jasmuheen and the Self Empowerment Academy have conducted numerous world tours via the support of their dedicated networks around the world. Each tour continued to build on the previous year’s theme and covered issues like Divine Nutrition (1997); Impeccable Mastery (1998); The Blueprint for Paradise (1999); Dancing with the Divine (2000); Co-Creating Paradise : Recipe 2000> (2001); Divine Radiance : Unity 2002 with its Perfect Alignment & Perfect Action Program and in 2003 Jasmuheen launched “The Madonna Frequency : PLANETARY PEACE PROGRAM”; The of Law and Its Fabulous Frequency of Freedom (2004); Harmonious Healing (2005); The Prana Program (2006) and in 2007 The Field of Love & 2nd Chance Dances. With tours each year focusing on Effective & Enjoyable Evolution, The Field of Love and many other topics, Jasmuheen continues to travel the globe & reporting via her research manuals, on the unfoldment of personal and global harmonization programs. In 2008 she toured with the Embassy of Peace agenda; in 2009 the Health, Home & Heart Harmonics, 2010 the Rhythm of Love; 2011 The Pathways of Peace and 2012 – BEing Essence & 2013 Saying YES.

Jasmuheen on Tour – Videos:- To sense more about Jasmuheen’s work you may wish to see some of the following:- Jasmuheen in Estonia – videos in English & Estonian; Jasmuheen in France – videos in English with French translation; Jasmuheen in Germany, Switzerland – videos in English with German translation; Jasmuheen in Brazil – videos in English with Portuguese translation; Jasmuheen in Italy – videos in English with Italian translation; Jasmuheen in Japan – videos in English with Japanese translation; Jasmuheen in Romania – videos in English with Romanian translation; Jasmuheen in Russia – videos in English with Russian translation; Jasmuheen in Spain – videos in English with Spanish translation.


PEACE PARADIGMS & PROGRAMS – Jasmuheen’s 2012 World Peace Day address in Turkey

Address for World Peace Day
November the 1st 2012 – with Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace


Welcome to this celebration of the paradigm of Peace! One of the joys of coming together like this is that we know we can make a positive difference to our evolution by our united focus and I feel so honored to be here today to share about the Embassy of Peace, and the power that our own enlightened Essence nature has to create harmony in our world.

While we have written 37 books that are in 18 languages, our work has always been about personal and global peace plus health and hunger issues, a topic that has fascinated me since I was seven-years-old that at age 16 led to my discovery of meditation and the profound experience of my own Essence nature.

As an Ambassador of Peace, I have travelled constantly for nearly two decades to work with many in government, meeting with Swamis and yogis in India, indigenous Tribal Elders, tribes in Colombia and the Amazons, people in the slums of Brazil, plus esoteric groups all around our world, including in the United Nations in Vienna and New York.

During this time we have been able to reweave so many energy fields as we have shared with millions in over 30 countries with whom we formed the M.A.P.S. Ambassadry Alliance in 1997. A forerunner to the Embassy of Peace, M.A.P.S. is the Movement of an Awakened Positive Society, a name describing people from all walks of life who are committed to global harmony and peace.

So many have done so much in our world, yet being at peace means so many different things to us all. When we worked in the slums of Brazil, some women said that being at peace meant just being able to send their children to school safely, without concern that their child may be accidentally shot. Thankfully due to the united focus of many, all the Brazilian favelas where we worked have now been pacified.

To our indigenous Colombian friends, peace means living in harmony with the Earth and all life without the continued threat of global warming and those who want to mine their land, both of which are causing disruption to their preferred way of existence.

Right now on Earth while some people deal with loss of financial security from the restructuring of global economies, others are dealing with death, disease, depression or loneliness, or they are struggling to feed their families and just survive. While these issues affect many in our world it is often these very experiences that prompt people to seek inner peace and improve Earth’s systems so that they do work for all.

Hence, after nearly four decades of research, the Embassy of Peace was set up to offer new systems of operation that support both personal and global refinement, and the more universal paradigm of One People living in Harmony on One Planet.

One of India’s most insightful leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, invited us to BE the change we wish to see in the world. Many know that for our world to operate harmoniously its individuals must also be in harmony and open to exist in mutually beneficial relationships and thankfully, many now are!

To support this, the first focus of the Embassy of Peace is on Personal Harmonization with a lifestyle program that utilizes the ancient wisdom plus futuristic science so that we can unify into peaceful co-existence regardless of our cultures and religions.

Developed from decades of experiential research and based on Biofield Science principles, the 8-point Luscious Lifestyles Program alters our brain wave patterns from busy beta frequency, to alpha then theta patterns, so that we operate more effectively by increasing our mental clarity and intuitive capacities.

Part of the Luscious Lifestyles Program, is the focus on prayer power plus the mastery of the mind, with an emphasis on positive thinking and choosing to see the good in all. Another aspect of this Lifestyle Program is meditation, which allows us to be more detached and able to recognize the bigger picture surrounding life events. Add a lighter diet, treating the body as a temple, selfless service, time in silence in nature plus the use of sacred music and we find we are naturally more peaceful, healthy and harmonious.

The beauty of this particular lifestyle blend is that it sets up a purer magnetic alignment with the very energy force that creates and sustains all life, to stimulate a stronger flow of this Essence through our systems. This then changes how our personal emanations affect everything around us, since the web of this Essence energy interconnects all life.

Our Essence is also the one reliable loving power that can bring about global unity, as It is the wisest teacher, guide and healer that we will ever know. To be able to see this world through Its eyes and feel Its Presence within us via our breath, and to be able to fully imbue our systems with It, is the greatest gift we can give each other and ourselves as a stronger alignment with our Essence nature can satisfy all human hungers – even a hunger for peace.

Many believe that a world without awareness of its own true nature needs to experience this nature first hand, before its people can collectively evolve into the paradigm of peace. Access to Its heavenly inner Kingdom is a worthy art to share and pathways to this Kingdom are varied, yet what all quality pathways have in common is that they allow us to exist as a more enlightened civilization.

To support this alignment this year we released the Embassy’s pragmatic Being Essence program with its simple yet powerful tools of transcendence as it is in this merged state with our Essence that we are always the most effective. As we all exist in a field of intelligence that rearranges itself to mirror our own consciousness, it is a time now for everyone either to choose the path of love, or to continue supporting the old fear based paradigms that keep our world in the dimension of duality.

Yet everywhere I travel, I find that people do wish to experience health, happiness and harmony. So let us pause for a moment here to make a few commitments to ourselves and to each other. Know that as we place the following heartfelt programs within the quantum field we will strengthen the channels of support to bring this into truth.

Take a deep, slow breath ….

Now as I share these programs, if you like what you hear just say “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

  • As a citizen of planet Earth, I claim my birthright to exist in the rhythm of peace, to know this world as a paradise plane again NOW!
  • I open to experience and enjoy the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony within myself and with all life NOW!
  • I ask my Essence to connect me Essence to Essence with my family, friends, colleagues, and all beings open to this, so that all our sharing from this moment unfolds for the highest good of all!
  • Again, if what you just heard feels right just say aloud or silently, Yes, Yes, Yes!

Take a few more deep, slow, breaths … and just open to sense how these programs are being brought into fruition by our Essence, as we now add supporting field alignment tones.

Let us continue with the Global Peace Paradigm …

At the Embassy, our priority is to offer and support holistic education so that all may enjoy the peace that comes with self-knowledge. To address basic human rights and provide for all who require this, in 2002, we released our Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program to reduce political, religious and economic tensions via specific attitudes, actions and projects. Statistically it is interesting to note that each year just one third of our current military budget can be redirected to eliminate poverty. Hence, just a united shift in our priorities can break these cycles and transform our world. 

The Embassy’s Programs also aid in this as they expand our consciousness so that we move from the ‘me’ agenda to the ‘we’ focus of caring for all life on Earth, especially our children as one child dies unnecessarily every two seconds from hunger related diseases.

In the obesity challenged West, billions of dollars are also spent dealing with the health issues that often come from our toxic thinking, toxic feeling and toxic feeding patterns.

All of this can be easily remedied by the Embassy’s Global Harmonization projects, which are designed to support the redirection of our world’s resources and reveal additional free resources that many have forgotten. For example, our Prana Program Project shares how to utilize cosmic micro-food to provide more freedom of choice and help rebalance world health and hunger issues.

Developed over 45 years, the Prana Program has given rise to the Breatharian movement which now has over 40,00 people, like myself, who are no longer dependant on consuming the world’s food resources.

In 2006, we began filming the documentary “In the Beginning There Was Light” which was released at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Focusing on the power of the mind this film interviews many who do this to look at the ‘prana as food’ reality from a medical and quantum level. It also shows just a small but vital part into the benefits that come when we are more imbued with Essence energy and have this freedom of choice.

So a big thanks from me to everyone who has supported this paradigm shifting film!

Imagine if we could safely reduce our current food intake by even 50%?

Imagine the impact that this could have on our environment if we do need and use less of the world’s food resources yet get healthier?

While this controversial reality challenges our billion-dollar food production and pharmaceutical industries, the potential global benefits are immense. Being nourished by our Essence, is a natural part of our evolution back into a lighter more peace-filled reality as has been prophesized by so many.

We all know that peace comes from being free of fear and conflict yet right now on Earth, there is also a little of the energy of ‘let’s do nothing, let’s wait and see’ inertia as some people identify with prophecy and the ‘what if’ reality.

What if there are massive solar flares that some predict will possibly disable Earth’s computer run systems and make our World Wide Web inactive?

         If this does happen, what will happen to our economic, banking and information dissemination systems?

What if there is a galactic centre alignment as forecast by the Mayans in December 2012? Will the associated magnetic shifts cause more tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and will this cause massive loss of life?

What about the continued refinement of political regimes in the Middle East and the small yet still possible threat of another war?

What about the current economic realignments within the European Union, plus the whole Global Financial crisis?

In addition, what about global warming, just how bad is it?

What if? What if? What about ….???

Too much concern for all of this will keep us trapped in fear as Universal Law decrees that what we focus on grows. Instead, a focus now on fully enjoying each moment and being the best version of our self that we can be is actually the most effective tool of transformation that we have to ensure that none of the ‘what ifs’ are an insurmountable problem.

Ice Ages are normal in our world, and civilizations are known to come and go, worlds also do ascend and people leave their bodies all the time in order to move into other realms. The “what if?” fear reality is only a problem if we believe that all we are, is just a body with emotions and thoughts or if we have not yet experienced who we really are.

Thankfully understanding the Higher Light Science can free us from many limiting ideas, attachments and fears. Holistic education that incorporates this new science is vital to our freedom and so in 2010 we released our Pathways of Peace Program to promote unity consciousness pragmatically on Earth.

The first three Pathways of Peace remind us that we are all just a collection of energy rhythms that we can change at will, and that by feeling blessed by what we have learnt so far in life, we can collectively move on to claim a new way of being that benefits all on Earth.

Peace Paths 4, 5, 6 and 7 remind us that we can be Kings and Queens of our internal and external kingdoms in ways that enhance us all, by understanding the available dimensions of existence that we can now choose to dwell in, plus how to experience this via attitude shifts and lifestyle alignments.

Peace Paths 8, 9, and 10 allow us to liaise more effectively with quantum field intelligence and come into a unified state of existence with our Essence to know the highest potential of love.

Finally, Peace Paths 11 and 12 allow us to receive all the gifts of our Essence, so that we may dwell in peace as a vibrant and valued part of a more universal neighborhood.

Understanding and applying these 12 Pathways provides so much peace, just as merging more with our compassionate Essence nature allows us to find the perfect resolutions to any challenge we may face as an evolving species both now and in our future.

Again, let us take a few moments to support Global Harmonization with a deep, slow breath as we open to sense the power of our group Essence with Its ability to deliver these results ….

As I now read the following, if these words feel good, just say, “Yes, yes, yes!”

  • We ask that perfect resolutions that benefit all be downloaded into the hearts and minds of everyone involved in any area of global conflict now!
  • As Ambassadors of Peace on planet Earth, we also ask for the perfect political, economic, educational and environmental systems of operation that benefit the whole, to be clearly revealed and harmoniously anchored and implemented throughout Earth’s energy fields NOW!

Take another few deep, slow breaths and imagine that this is happening now …

Finally, let us address the Universal Levels of peace …

Assuming that collectively we do eventually come into a state of unity and peace – what then?

Personal harmonization leads to global harmonization, which then naturally leads us into Universal Harmonization as our planet transmits energy signals that will change our position in the Matrix of Creation and magnetize us into a new dimension.

Yes, this is our planet, yet we also have many Light Being, interdimensional friends who are always there supporting us, just as they support any world that chooses to peacefully unify and leave duality behind. Yes, we can tune to these ones in our meditations, for our Essence is their Essence, and these Beings have stated very clearly, that understanding Universal Law and identifying more with our Essence nature is the key to a smoother time through this transition.

         The Embassy’s Universal Harmonization Program provides complete data about these Laws and the many Beings of Light who are ready to welcome us back as their intergalactic, interdimensional family. By refining our personal frequency emanations and adopting compassionate systems of operation, we will find that we can live in any realm that we desire. Many have discovered via meditation that all dimensions are accessible right here, right now, within us all, including the paradise realm of peace that is already in existence, just awaiting our alignment.

Still regardless of all our experiences and ideas, it all is as it is now on Earth, with 7 billion movies of reality constantly blending. Yet in the field of higher light science, the dominant frequency rules to determine our collective path of evolution, as we know that what we focus on in the present will always determine our future.

   Our Indigenous Tribal Elders have long been big believers in the power of the Sacred Dreamtime and our ability to dream new futures into being. They also say that our life in form has always been just a part of a much grander divine dreaming. Waking up within the dream by living the dreams that we wish to exist in, is another important key to leaving chaos behind us for it is a time of dream fulfilment. Thankfully, millions of people in our world are fulfilling their dreams of peace-filled co-existence with many doing this by unifying our male/female, left brain/right brain natures of logic and intuition, and taking responsibility for the experiences that we have created.

I stand before you today as a wife, mother and grandmother and, as so many women of our world know, it is through these roles that we have learnt how to be peacekeepers and diplomats of love and compassion. The Embassy of Peace has now locked in a new system of operation and its pulse is getting stronger in our world so let us all add to this and feed the paradigm of peace by our own experience of it!

Peace for all is just a channel switch away, a frequency band of operation that we all can tune to. Enjoying healthy and happy lives, loving deeply and contentedly, rising into new paradigms and staying risen, joining truly civilized realms and knowing the benefits of this – all of this is our divine birthright as we stand at the threshold of a more harmonious global existence. All of this is a cause for celebration as we consciously align to paradigms that enhance the whole!

Still talk is not enough, we also need to act as we have done today with our programs and proclamations, so let us complete here now with one more.

Again take a deep, slow breath then let us state together:

  • Essence of Creation, within me and around me and in all life … I ask now to be tuned even more deeply to your channel of infinite love and wisdom, to peacefully fulfill my divine blueprint in a way  that benefits all.
  • As Essence beings on Earth, we open fully here now to the Grace-filled transition of our world into the perfect paradigms that nourish us all!
  • We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth!

Again, let us state with great feeling

  • We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth!
  • We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth!


Together let us add some heartfelt tones and sense as if our

Essence is singing through us …



Our free Embassy of Peace manual plus our Pathways of Peace and Being Essence Programs

can now be downloaded from our website although

these proclamations are enough to create a much smoother transition if required.


FEEDING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN OR THE INSIDE OUT – OR BOTH From carnivore to breatharian and the evolutionary stages in-between


From carnivore to breatharian and the evolutionary stages in-between – the effects and benefits on our personal health and on our global environment.


You tube Video on this at:-

Figures now abound on the internet regarding the rising cost of obesity, resource misuse and over consumption, especially on global health and our environment, plus the global obesity epidemic itself that now touches every country in some way. Independent of the fact that a child still dies every 2 seconds from malnourishment, according to the World Health Organization worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. In 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults were overweight as well as 40 million children under the age of five and 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than being underweight.

The question now stands … is there another way to feed the growing population of our world? Is there another nutritional resource that we can all access that improves our health and lessens our carbon footprint by using global resources more conservatively? Have the yogi’s of India, the Jain’s, the Bigu Qigong Masters and other traditions that are more metaphysically inclined discovered an alternate way of being physically nourished? According to research at the Embassy of Peace and those interviewed in the controversial documentary “In The Beginning There was Light”, the answer is yes.

This ancient, free and easily accessible alternate resource is called prana, chi or the universal life force and understanding more about this nutritional energy source plus how to access and increase this internal source of nourishment is well documented in our research manuals “The Prana Program” and also “The Food of Gods”.

Now, after 20 years of personal experiential research and travelling constantly to share our research into this field of alternate nourishment, and connecting with the various people whose journey this is, we have now been able to classify nourishment as being delivered to us in various ways and from a variety of sources. After decades of hearing people talk about living on light, or people who do not need to physically eat, we wish to first state that everyone must have physical body nourishment or else the body will die. The only issue to be discussed now is from what source and also what is the cost to our health and on our environment from these various sources of nourishment?

FEEDING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN – absorption and atrophy.

Category 1 – TRADITIONS & HABITS. Category 1 is based on traditions and habits which is about being fed from the outside in. This category covers the usual method of taking physical body nourishment such being a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan, on raw food, fruitarian etc. In this category people live in the reality that the physical system needs to ingest physical food to survive and most are unaware of the “inside out” method of nourishment and feeding. Due to the substantial health issues that are often associated with the traditional carnivore and/or heavily processed food diet, many are now turning to a more plant based vegetarian lifestyle and reducing their consumption of animal products.

Category 1 fallout: The main problem with ‘feeding from the outside in’ – especially when excessively ‘meat, animal product and processed food’ based – is that it often leads to more rapid aging, dis-ease and physically system breakdown plus it adds significantly to global warming and to over consumption of both medical and planetary resources. For example, a meat eating diet consumes 30 times more of the world’s resources than a vegetarian diet.

Category 2 – SUBTLE SHIFTS.  Category 2 is a substantial movement occurring for many who also live a holistic lifestyle that is also naturally increasing their chi or prana levels. This is when people begin to lighten up their diet intuitively without being aware why but knowing that it just feels right to them. This ‘subtly shifting’ in what and how often they feed from the outside in, is usually a result of their day to day lifestyle changes as these ones are beginning to naturally be fed from the inside out yet are unaware of this. Holistic education into prana as cosmic micro fuel allows these ones to relax and know that this is a natural progression and option due to their lifestyle. Category 2 also takes into account the new children being born who are intuitively aware of this alternate form of nourishment and hence display very little interest in the ‘feeding from the outside in’ methods of nourishment.

Category 2 fallout: The main problem with this is that lack of education into why this is happening causes many to worry about what is occurring and hence not trust this natural transition or get aligned more healthily to it.

Category 3 – TRANSITIONING WITH AWARENESS. This category is when people are conscious of prana as an alternate source of nourishment and so they consciously begin to adjust their lifestyle to be fed more from the inside out – the successful transition into this is completely depending on their own frequency field and their ability to be more at one with their own pure Essence nature that is breathing them. In this category people begin a conscious detoxification process of the physical, emotional and mental systems via a specific lifestyle shift; and/or they may begin solar gazing practice and/or qigong practice to increase their chi flows.

Category 3 fallout: The main problem with this is people’s impatience and lack or physical system readiness. Health problems can occur if people try to transition into categories 4, 5 & 6 before they are fully ready.

Now let’s address 3 more categories that support the reality of being nourished from the inside out rather than being nourished from the outside in; categories that require safe, careful preparation, that are also completely dependant on mindsets and more importantly a person’s day-to-day lifestyle which can either increase or decrease the flow of chi through their physical system.

FEEDING FROM THE INSIDE OUT – radiation and regeneration

Category 4 – TRANSITIONED & FREE TO CHOOSE. This is the category for those people who have converted their system successfully to being fed in a healthy way from the inside out. They have achieved this via their lifestyle and good holistic education into this field of possibility. Having had this experience and given themselves this freedom by the living of it, they may then decide to enjoy the pleasure of taking physical food from time to time. Some do this once a week, others once a month or once a year while others in this category may eventually move onto category five or even decide to drop back to category 1 and enjoy a light vegan, raw or vegetarian diet. Imagine the impact on our global environment if people could safely even halve their current physical food intake as they are healthily fed from the inside out for all their nutritional requirements?

Category 5 – FREEDOM & PLEASURE. This is when people are being nourished completely from the inside out yet they still like to take liquids for social or pleasure reasons, or just for the pure enjoyment of this. Many in this category express no interest in category 6. I have called these ones ‘liquidarians’. The redirection of the energy we normally use for digestion when feeding from the outside in, and instead being fed from the inside out, leads to many improvements in the human physical, emotional, mental system functioning. Our research has found that for these ones less sleep is required, more mental clarity and intuitive visionary ability is gained and people’s general health rhythms improve significantly with some people experiencing the eradication of all dis-eases.

Category 6 – the TRUE BREATHARIAN – although these people are still relatively rare in our world, this is the category for the people who take nothing from the outside in as they no longer require either physical food or fluid since they obtain all that they need to be healthy on all levels of their being, from the inside out. This includes being hydrated as we have found that the body is capable of hydrating itself also from the inside out when it requires. Noted breatharians are Zinaida Baranova and Prahlad Jani.

Category 4, 5 & 6 fallout: None if people stay well tuned to what their body is telling them and adjust accordingly. If unprepared people can die if they attempt to enter into categories 4,5 & 6 unless they are ready. To do this successfully their prana percentage must be at 100%. Our book “Being Essence” shares how to achieve and measure this.

On a final note, what category people will eventually end up settling into will depend on their Divine Blueprint and what they have agreed to obtain and demonstrate in this life time. If someone is pre-programmed to be a Category 4 or 5 they may never feel the natural pull to go into category 6; similar it may not be in people’s blueprint to move beyond category 1.

Pre-programming is also connected to our service agenda and as of mid 2013 there are now more than 50,000 people enjoying and exploring the freedom of categories 4, 5, and 6; as I myself have done over these past twenty years. More in-depth research into this alternate source of nourishment will not only improve global health but also substantially reduce our global carbon footprint as will a return to a lighter, vegetarian diet and a change in basic lifestyle via good holistic education programs.

For more details re the alternate the source of nourishment of prana, as Cosmic Mirco-fuel go to ;
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Additional Obesity Facts

According to the Sydney Morning Herald-Lateral Economics Index of Australia’s Wellbeing … “The cost of obesity to Australia’s collective wellbeing has reached $120 billion a year – the equivalent of about 8 per cent of the economy’s annual output” and with 28.3 per cent of the population considered obese, and 2 in 3 people overweight, their research now shares that “The negative effects of obesity are growing faster than … net national income, environmental degradation, inequality, life expectancy and job satisfaction.” In the USA the Harvard School of Public Health claimed that some sources calculate that the current trend of obesity, and it’s economic cost, will rise by between $48 to 66 billion per year, up from the $190 billion spent in 2005. The Harvard report also states that one estimates says that “the health care costs of obesity are responsible for nearly 21 percent of total health care spending in the U.S.” Researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have also addressed the current obesity epidemic and … “expect that by 2030, 86% of U.S. adults will be overweight or obese, with related health care spending projected to be as much as $956.9 billion.” According to the WHO “Based on the latest estimates in European Union countries, overweight affects 30-70% and obesity affects 10-30% of adults.” and this figure is rapidly rising.

New stem cell research funded by Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, has now delivered the world’s first hamburger made of meat grown from scratch in a laboratory, at a cost of more than €250,000. Production of meat in this way is considered by many to be more ethical and may also one day hopefully cease the slaughter of billions of animals and reduce our carbon footprint.

While some predicate that by 2050 our global consumption of meat will have risen by 70% and we will need three planet earths to continue to be able to provide for this; still the process in stem cell meat production is time consuming and also fails to address the health issues arising from a heavier meat based diet compared to the long term health and environmental benefits of being vegetarian.

If people can also increase their chi or prana flow via their lifestyle, then they can consume less of our external world food resources and be fed instead by a blend perhaps of being nourished from the inside out as well as from the outside in! As many can imagine, the global environmental and health impacts of this will be astounding!

Yet the ability to physically feed us from the inside out is just one gift of many that our Essence has for us and personally I feel that too much emphasis is placed on this one aspect. Other gifts our Essence provides as it nourishes us on all levels are permanent peace, deep contentment on mental and emotional body levels plus a life filled with Grace and a heart filled with gratitude! When we increase our chi we get healthy and happy!

A few Research manuals on this topic of ‘inside out feeding’ by Jasmuheen …

BEING  ESSENCE – Published August 2012. In Being Essence, Jasmuheen shares of her lifelong love affair with her Essence with Its ability to nourish us and bring our world into a state of permanent peace. Via the profoundly powerful yet simple techniques and insights that she now provides in this her 37th book, Jasmuheen lovingly fulfils her role as an Ambassador of Peace for The Embassy of Peace. She writes:- In this manual we share simple yet profound truths that will also bring the controversial Breatharian reality in a deeper, clearer perspective. We will also offer simple techniques for the creation and revelation of the ‘Paradise – Kingdom of Heaven’ type realms. Yet in Essence it is all about our Essence, for it is our Enlightened Essence that gives us this freedom to be nourished on all levels, in such a different way. And when a human being is well nourished from deep within by their Essence, then they too radiate this pure nourishment wherever they go, wherever they are and so our world transforms itself into the Garden of Eden that it too, was always destined to be.

THE PRANA PROGRAM – Effective & Enjoyable Evolution – Everything you need to know about prana. Alternate Energy for the New Millennium, including a Program for eliminating hunger in Third World countries. Can we eliminate all health and hunger challenges on our planet? Is there a way of satiating everyone’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers and do it in a way that creates peace and harmony in our world? After over a decade of experiential research in the field of alternate nourishment utilizing chi or prana – also known as cosmic particles – Jasmuheen as leading researcher in this field, now puts forth a program to do just that. Specializing in Third World countries, THE PRANA PROGRAM book is an encyclopaedia of ‘everything you always wanted to know about prana and more’. In Question and Answer format this book covers methods of nourishing and hydrating the body using an inner energy source produced in the body to free us from our dependence on world’s food resources and changing the economic status of our world.

The Food of Gods – The Food of Gods is Jasmuheen’s 18th book on metaphysical matters and her third book in the Divine Nutrition series. It is not necessary to have read the previous books on this subject which cover her personal journey and the solution for world health and world hunger issues as The Foods of Gods takes the pranic nourishment discussion to another level and offers simple yet powerful tools to satiate all of our hungers. Jasmuheen writes: “The most important difference with our focus with Divine Nutrition is that It has the ability to feed us on all levels and that we can still benefit from increasing Its flow through our bio-system even if we continue to choose to enjoy eating. Allowing this Divinely Nutritional stream to be increased in our system means that we can be fed emotionally, mentally and spiritually and as such the techniques and guidelines shared in this book, will benefit us all by freeing us from our current personal and global emotional, mental and spiritual states of anorexia.”

Breatharian Pathways – Memories & Motivations. In this book Jasmuheen finally shares her memories and motivations around her public work with living on prana. From her times with Jesus, and the disciple Luke, to her times in Cathar country and being starved to death during the inquisition, to the life of an woman in India whose great loss revealed the Breatharian way; to dealing with Sadhus and sages in India modern day – all of this and much more Jasmuheen shares as well as finally revealing the details of some of her most spectacular media trials as she continues to educate the world into this phenomenon. She writes: “Is it too much to believe that there is a wise and loving force behind creation? Or that great love brought creation into being, that great love breathes us and gives us life and that great love can heal and guide, as so many have attested? Knowing this, is it too difficult to believe that this wise and loving force that exists within and around us, can also nourish our physical bodies with their breakfast, lunch and dinners?”


Earth’s Garden’s of Eden – Message from the Divine Feminine

Earth’s Garden’s of Eden – Message from the Divine Feminine through Jasmuheen 29th August 2013

“The revelation experience and expansion of the Gardens of Eden in your world are a step by step process, one that may seem to be too slow for some, while it passes around so many others who are not yet open to its flow. Still others are already in these gardens with hearts filled with gratitude and lives filled with grace.

In this field of infinite love and intelligence, that all life is held within and is nourished by, there is infinite wisdom, kindness, compassion and love as this benevolent energy is woven through the very fabric of creation including through your bodies of light, around which your molecular structure has been called by the Divine Ones to form, beings who are just an extension of a wise and loving system of energy that is so vast that expresses Itself through all.

Connecting yourselves consciously back into this loving rhythm via your day to day lifestyle with the awareness that it is just a pattern for you all, a pattern that shifts and changes as your awareness of your innate ability to live in harmony comes more to the fore.

When we scan the human heart beloved ones, we sense a longing for peace and truth and upgrading of social systems and all systems of operation in your world so that there is more joy and more peace, more love and also more power for the flows of harmony in your world to rise and carry you all deeper into another way of being.

And so we invite you here to take a few deep breaths so that you may join us in a softer yet strong, subtle rhythm that has great power and with each slow and subtle breath, open with your intention to the most graceful, wise, compassionate rhythm that is flowing through you all the time.

Many know that you are all just a collection of molecules and atoms that are bonded together with something like cosmic superglue that is pure love. This rhythm of pure love abounds now onto your plane being channelled through your physical sun from the Great Central Sun and way beyond that again. This energy is seen by some to be pure Christed Consciousness, to others pure Buddha in nature, others sense Mohammed’s hand within it all as the devotees of the true teachings of this one bow down five times a day in prayer, surrendering to the will of Allah, the Allah nature that is deep within us all. This Christed, Buddhic, true spiritual Allah-type nature that is within all the energy fields through Earth is also accessible to all.

And yet with any powerful change there needs to be clear intention and programs also set into this energy field of change, not just pure emotion, a well thought out plan that can improve or even replace the current systems that you have operating now on Earth. The upgrading of all systems of operation is a matter of simple yet specific coding into the matrix that flows through your world, the alignment of your global consciousness matrix – where the dominant thoughts and feelings rule –  into a pulsating pattern that takes care of the whole.

This flow is the field of higher dreaming made manifest – a new dimension where health, happiness and harmony are the more dominant rhythms for all the habitants of this flow. People in this flow are aware of their multidimensional nature and also that aspects of themselves exist simultaneously with many within all dimensions and worlds, for all is a part of one web.

System operation that runs according to universal law also drives these ones, for they understand and apply these laws in all aspects of their life and so their life stream changed, became more harmonised, healthier with more happiness for them all as they found themselves in Earth’s garden’s of Eden.

Yet the underlining drive dear ones as you all know now is that pulsation of pure love in your heart, the pure part of you seeking to be loved, purely, to then love purely in return. And that pure hearted part of you that remembers peace, knows of peace, and how peace feels for you, can be accessed now from those parts of you that always exist in peace filled worlds.”

End of message although the Goddess went on to deliver a beautiful meditation on accessing Earth’s Gardens of Eden which we will release early next year. Alternatively you can experience more of this by joining Jasmuheen on tour during the remainder of this year – here is a link to where she will be in a city near you –

HeartMath Heart Connections

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence:  A path to personal, social and global coherence. Just love this new video – especially the visuals as this is what we do in our gatherings as well! The Spiritual Heart — is in a way a little like a smart phone, invisibly connecting us to a large network of information. It is through an unseen energy that the heart emits that humans are profoundly connected to all living things. The energy of the heart literally links us to each other. Every person’s heart contributes to a ‘collective field environment.’ This short video explains the importance of this connection and how we each add to this collective energy field. The energetic field of the heart even connects us with the earth itself.

The Institute of HeartMath ( is helping provide a more comprehensive picture of this connection between all living things through a special science-based project called the Global Coherence Initiative (http:/// They hope to help explain the mysteries of this connection between people and the earth…and even the sun. Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) have already conducted extensive research on the power of heart, the heart/brain connection, heart intelligence and practical intuition.

Whether personal relationships, social connections, or even the global community – we are all connected through a field of electromagnetic energy. Increasing individual awareness of what we bring to this field environment could be the key to creating a sustainable future, a future that we can be proud to have helped create. Learn more about this research,, scroll to bottom of the page.

Blendings – Article & Video link

Blending with Jasmuheen

Blendings YouTube video link – to shorter version of the below.

As we enjoy our changing world it is hard sometimes to trust that big shifts have happened that were prophesied for post December 2012, and that many hearts are now tuned to the 5th dimensional reality of Unity Consciousness. For many years preceding this we programmed for a smooth transition so now, the idea that everybody we meet has made this transition or they wouldn’t be in our energy field, is a wonderful reality to experience as it tunes all our relationships to an energy field of interesting, infinite potential. Yet the big shifts are not complete as now more than ever before, we are even deeper in what I call “the blending”.

Just like when we add ingredients into a blender then hit the “blend” button, there are moments when as things breakdown – to then be blended into a more unified whole – that everything seems choppy and disjointed. We are in these moments now on Earth where some are blended and have been unified into the reality streams of wholeness and others are in the chopped-up-breaking-down or refining and being rewoven stage.

In these later stages, once the fruit (humanity) has been gathered and placed willingly in the blender, once all the perfect ingredients have been added, and the blend button – which is our desire for a more unified rhythm – has been activated, then there is nothing more to do but relax and let it be. Watching the blend or analysing the blend doesn’t speed up the process, for things are as they are.

Blending can be a traumatic or joyous process depending on our perspective and it is something that all life forms do constantly, as we each encounter all the different expressions of our Essence as It is manifest throughout creation.

Science has begun to touch on this process via M-theory, which has begun to accept that everything is just a constant gelling, merging and interaction of energy membranes. At the Embassy of Peace, this is something that we researched with our work on Interdimensional energy field science and biofields – what biofields or membranes are and how to have them gel and interact harmoniously so that everything operates in rhythms that serve the whole.

Membranes, or biofields, are the energy field extensions of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness and as we all know, we affect these constantly by our thoughts, words and actions as determined not just by Universal Law, but also by neuroscience and now “M Theory”.

By refining our thoughts, words and actions we can navigate as membranes, through all energy fields as if we have radar, or rudders like on a boat that can steer us through the blending so that we can exist in an energy field and flows of our own choosing. Yet in order to have choice we need to be aware of all the fields of possibility that are here for us now.

While metaphysics is the science of life, it is the deeper esoteric experience that takes us beyond the mental plane into the certainty of knowing through our feeling and being nature. An open heart and a willingness to experience all that we are and can be – while still in physical form – is an important key for us, both for our evolution and our exploration of all the fields of potential and possibility that we can be blended into.

Every time a gathering occurs we are energetically blended as our membranes mix and merge and this happens consciously or unconsciously according to our intentions and the group’s dominant energy patterns. The joy of a gathering of aware meditators, and those that understand the process of blending, is that all fields of possibility are there for us to be accessed and also enjoyed.

Using group energy support – and the lifestyle we share in a retreat for example – and also applying clear intention, allows our membranes to merge and meld and reveal fields of possibility that are sometimes harder to access when we are alone or in our normal day to day life. And while some of us live in environments that are peaceful and pure; others live in busy cities where the dominant collective membrane has a different pulse again, that is always projecting itself through our membranes, unless our biofield is filled with a frequency that has the ability to transform all It touches, rather than us being influenced and transformed by all that touches our membrane. This is a skill we develop over time once we know how to radiate rather than absorb energy as we share in our gatherings.

Science, via M-theory, has finally begun to understand the life of the metaphysician who understands the alchemy of energy fields and flows and so in time, we will see a greater metaphysical awareness flow through all our sciences. Yet again all of this is just mental plane nourishment that seems to have so little impact in the lives of those who are not tuned to this, for many on Earth now live much more in the rhythm of their heart.

While having a good mental model of reality can allow the heart to open and the body to relax, once our intentions and field drivers are in place, we cannot underestimate the power of a pure heart to guide us through the blending.

There are so many ways available right now, to steer us through these changing times, that are so much more energising and uplifting than prolonged left brain mental meanderings. In fact many years ago my Light Being friends stated clearly that we would enter into a time that was beyond our mental comprehension, where we would need to step back from any mental ‘busy’ness and be more aligned with the pure heart of our Essence and let It guide us through the blending, for only It has the power to bring us magnetically into the fields of true nourishment that are there for us all.

The heart of our Essence is a field of pure creativity and when we are blended deeply in this Essence heart flow, we find solutions to all our problems both on personal and global levels.

In this pure heart state nothing can be seen as a problem as all is understood as just a flow of energy that will imbue the players with greater wisdom and the type of experiences that change us at our core and so with this, all is seen as perfect.

In this pure heart flow all is just as it should be – our humanness is perfect and our lives on Earth are an opportunity to enjoy and explore life in form, while simultaneously knowing and enjoying our formless Essence nature.

Connecting deeper into the field of pure creativity comes via stimulating more right brain activity and via being involved in creativity – singing, dancing, art, music, doing things just for the pure joy it brings, doing what makes our heart truly sing – all of this also sets up an automatic alignment with our Essence Heart which at its core is pure creativity. Pragmatically applying what we gain from being in this field of pure creativity is also an art that allows our interaction with each other and our Earth, to go into a more unified and joyous expression. And this is where all the programs, that we offer at the Embassy of Peace – for the harmonization of our world – come from, that pure field of Essence creativity and Essence heart.

We are blending our membranes all the time, consciously or not. Being conscious of our creative power and the love and wisdom It carries, allows our experience of life on Earth and beyond, to simply be more peaceful and more joyous, so that we all can truly enjoy our time here.

So this year as we travel our world again, we will continue to focus on the divine art of blending through our “Yes” agenda and “Upgrades” program themes, and while our service focus has always been on the merging and blending with our own enlightened Essence nature, this year all our seminars, retreats and gatherings will be more interactive and much more right brain focussed so that the field of our Essence with Its pure creativity can be applied more pragmatically in life.

So, for more details on where I will be so that you can join our gatherings if your heart calls you to be there, please go to the travel agenda page on the website and contact the organiser for our events in your area. And hold the intention also that you will be given all that you need to join us in the rhythm of joy and ease and Grace! We look forward to spending time energetically with you, not just through this sharing but also in person this year, so that we can enter that field of pure creativity and then apply what we receive there more pragmatically, as guided, on earth. This is Jasmuheen, blessings to you all!