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The Cosmic Switchboard

The Cosmic Switchboard

It is so interesting the different stages that we go through in our own awakening process. For me right now I find myself being given photographic-type images as a message if there is something for me to understand. This began not too long ago when I’d injured my right arm from over-extending myself and not resting after I had damaged one of my tendons as I asked how this had come into being and the best way to heal it. I found my body giving me little snapshots, photos of my past experiences one on top of the other just to show me how the damage was just a wear and tear accumulation factor that had resulted in the need for me to completely slow down.

This has extended itself now to understanding more of the workings of the higher light science and interdimensional energy field science and how reality is not static at all, how the universe only comes alive with our focus upon it and how we are plugged into certain zones because of our own identification and expectation.

I was recently given the understanding and the sense that in timelessness, in the eternal now, that we exist almost in the circular energy tube where there are millions of doors around us – or energy line extensions all flowing out into different circuitries of expression, or levels of expression within creation. This is such an interesting analogy because it was followed quite quickly with the idea of the old fashioned switchboard connecter when someone would make a telephone call to a central source who would then switch them through to a number of their choosing, or a connection of their choice, and that is the reality we are being asked to hold now regarding what is available to us in inter-dimensional living.

So often I find myself about to step into a reality field knowing that it is a consequence of all my expectations and yet then seeing how I can immediately step into timelessness, unplug myself from that circuitry, from that reality board and plug myself into one that I feel maybe more conducive to the experience I want to step into, for everything is available within creation, everything is just a layer, a rhythm, a vibration.

It’s so nice to have this clarity that no future is set, nothing is set, everything is existing as a field of possibility and potential in the eternal now, in the pure essence baseline and everything will rise according to our mental and emotional energy fields around a situation.

One of the keys for the execution of plugging/unplugging/re-plugging into different levels in the circuitry board of creation is this necessity to be in the eternal now; and also the necessity to come into a level of absolute detachment where all the fields of potential that are for us can be revealed. When we are fixated in a particular layer of reality or flow, when our senses are always set to the externalised parameters, always looking outside of ourselves, then this detachment and the ability to see multiple fields of reality, this ability to let go of all realities and just open to see the alternate multi-dimensional fields cannot be revealed.

Meditation and the lifestyle we share about at the Embassy, these are there for us to be able experience a more effective level of detachment via self-mastery and self-responsibility – where of course we know that reality is of our own creation. This can also reveal that there are a gazillion realities that we can tune to and that we all have the ability to unplug and re-plug to different layers within the matrix.

This also requires that we step back and open to honest evaluation regarding our current life and how it’s operating from the choices, the dominate feeling and thinking patterns we hold and to also then assess what we intuitively feels is the next step of what we wish to experience within the interdimensional, multi-dimensional landscape that we all dwell in. Knowing and experiencing all of this makes it so much easier to catch myself focusing on limited realities and to then reprogram into the field that feels more supportive to life’s creative flow.

And so as I sit here on a balcony over the ocean watching the sun rise, I feel again so blessed to be able to see the many ways that life can be seen, these snapshots of reality, these visions that come, prompting us to understand things from a completely different viewpoint and in the understanding of a different viewpoint to then make heartfelt choices that reflect this new consciousness and awareness.

This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace.

The Matrix of Our True Beloved – the grandest love affair we can ever know – with Jasmuheen

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One of my love’s this life has just been personal experimentation within the metaphysical field. The drive for me behind this has just been this innate knowing of a substance, a quality, an experience that this available in embodiment, that we can have such a dynamic experience of, because we are in body, because we have senses, because we can feel energy, because we can feel when the energy systems really pulsate with good chi, because we can change our diet to be fed more by chi, because we can live a lifestyle to access more of our pure essence chi.

And this is just part of the whole metaphysical process because metaphysics has always been about the science of life and then using perhaps new age realities or understandings even neuroscience and just knowledge of the human energy system on deeper levels; how all of this can be played with to the degree that our lives become a very dynamic experience that delivers rich emotional heart energy. 

This is a fascinating field of study for me and something that is consuming my whole life.

When I was a child I was brought up in such a loving energy field of mother-father energy who openly said that they were soul mates and who openly expressed great love and affection and care for one another and respect. And to then be exposed at an early life level to those pure Christed energies and the pure teachings of Jesus and to test those teachings and to ask for proof of those wisdoms and teachings, to ask for experiences of the Christed energy.

The Christed words simply means pure pure love, so for me I guess my interest in life once I discovered this field of pure potential, was to really experience pure love, true love and that desire led me to come into a state of Oneness with the true beloved inside and live the freedom that this brings. This incredible freedom that comes to a human being when they are at one with the true beloved within because there we have freedom, there we can love, there we can love fully, there we can love unconditionally, there the loving that we can give and radiate and share with family, with friends, with a lover, with a husband, with a wife, with everyone in the world, it comes from such a different point where each can be enjoyed fully, where we are nourished on such deep levels that we lack for nothing, because we ourselves are locked in and anchored in to a field of such nourishment.

So for me this life, being able to just experiment and experience and then share of my own findings and to be able to say to people that there are fields of potential that are just awe-inspiring, wonder-making, magnificient, enlighteningly fulfilling, that give purpose and passion and a greater awareness to existence that make us appreciate every moment of this existence because we are not locked in to limited flows, we are free from limitations on so many levels because we’ve discovered the source of pure love, we’ve discovered the source of true love, we’ve discovered the source of infinite potential, the field of pure potential and all that it can carry.

We can meditate for lifetimes on this field of pure potential, diving in it, swimming in it, aligning to it, being at one with it, just opening to it, being in silent stillness and open receptivity with it in daily meditation or just aware because it’s everywhere. We don’t have to be doing anything, we can just have this awareness of the infinite field of pure potential and how we are just one cell in its divine body and pulsating ocean of endless miraculous energy.

So I cannot speak highly enough of this and this is my focus this year, this true beloved energy and so we are writing a book about it, we are going to tour with it to meet with people all around the world, to go deep into that field in a very proactive way, to work with coding and programming codes and the science of energy fields, to understand that all of this access to the field of the pure potential of the true true beloved – our real soul mate, our real perfect lover, to have the grandest love affair we’ll ever ever know – to know that all of this is just a science, it’s just contact through lifestyle and alignment through coding, clicking in through the Matrix to this deep level within the Matrix, to this pure level within the Matrix through very specific, intention and programming codes – everything that’s involved in Interdimensional Energy Field Science, to apply this to the field of the true beloved in a really fun way.

I’m looking forward to being with you all and would love to see you with us in person as we travel this year or hopefully you’ll enjoy our True Love Pure Love book when it’s complete and also all the things that we are offering throughout all of our channels.

This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace

To find out where I will be on tour this year with this program – go to


The Blossoming of the Christed Heart


The Blossoming of the Christed Heart with Jasmuheen – April 2015

Our spiritual journeys and journeys through life in general are so personal, each ones heart being touched, enriched, and opened in so many different ways. Of course whenever we have an experience that touches us so deeply, depending on our work in the world and our nature, we often wish to share this with others so that they too can experience exactly what the human heart and our heart chakra centre is capable of.

I never knew that liquid light could flood through my heart chakra to the degree that it recently did, how it could spontaneously be released through this centre to then flush like waves in an ocean through the rest of my body; to feel its gentle soothing nature carrying with it that deep knowing of the true beloved, to sense how our human systems have been built to be so complete and how we exist in an ocean that carries such love, power and wisdom that the voice of the True Beloved can speak to us so clear, so lovingly.

I had this profound experience recently after completing two darkroom retreats in Thailand where my heart was filled quite suddenly with the Christed energy that lies deep within us all. We know the word “Christed” just means a beingness of pure love.

We are told this Christed Kingdom of Heaven lies deep within us and it is so interesting to know that there is a level imbedded within the heart chakra system that too is called Christed. It is impossible for the human heart alone to experience the depth of this Christed love in romantic relationship, for the only source of love that the human heart can feel like this with, is that Christed flow when it is fully blossomed and opened within us via heart chakra radiance.

Words are so inadequate to share of this for it is this rising of the Christed energy that makes the human heart and heart chakra centre sync up and then fully open and blossom in such a way that we can finally understand how we have always carried the source of the purest truest love deep within us.

So, what makes this flooding of True Beloved energy occur?

What makes the opening occur so that the flooding can happen, so that the full blossoming of the Christed heart can then occur?

Of course we can share our stories and say well I was doing this/that/the other, feeling this/that/the other, and then I went into a space of deep surrender and somehow found the magic words of power that the body system responded to so that this could all occur, yet even while saying the words of power I was still completely unaware of what this could/would trigger.

For me it occurred in the wishing to release pain in my shoulder and right arm that had been plaguing me since being tumbled in the surf over the Christmas break for I have a favourite ocean beach that is often too wild for my body system to handle and it is not uncommon for me to be hit by gigantic waves and tumble under when boogie boarding or body surfing.

Having previously damaged a tendon weight-lifting, these two incidents were then combined with using my arm relentlessly painting a few rooms in my home, the repetitious movement of course adding another strain. And so I found the need to repattern the tendons as the pain along the way had become almost unbearable. To come to a point where I was wishing to let that pain go and talk to the body to find the right words to be able to let this build up of discordant energy all go, as I realised that the body system needed to be fluid enough to release it all so that permanent healing could occur.

And so I began to play with words of power that the body would respond to until finally the body could let go via the unexpected result of the blossoming and release of this Christed energy from my heart chakra, which then flowed out to wash through the whole bio-system.

As the energies flowed wave after wave through the heart chakra centre, I found that after the session was complete I had to continue to lie down for such a long time as the energies continued to wash through my system for I was completely unable to move or walk. When I attempted to sit up I was so dizzy with this wave motion still pulsating, vibrating through my whole body.

The trigger words for me were “I exist in Christed waters. I exist in Christed light. I exist in Christed love” and as I chanted these magic words of power there was this release so deep in the heart chakra of fluid motion, almost like the letting go that comes when the body reaches its orgasmic point and the waves come through the body system of such intense pleasure yet this was much more subtle than this.

So now I know how the human heart chakra centre can be fully opened to blossom like a lotus flower that we can film with high speed photography that reveals all stages, from the creation of the bud until its complete fluid opening.

Christed heart blossoming and the invisible vibrational impact that this blossoming may have on its surrounding field cannot be measured with any type of photographic equipment and this triggering, blossoming, and release, can occur in so many different ways. And yet whenever a human discovers this almost super natural capability of course we often want to repeat or share this and find the formula into this spontaneous occurrence yet I’ve come to realise that the experiential pathways are often just too convoluted to capture and provide a formula for.

For one person it may occur through intense pain, the desire to release it all and then absolute surrender and of course the ability to click in to the words of power that can accompany this release; for others it may be lifetimes of the development of sensitivities and awareness where that flower of the psychic heart has grown and is so close to blossoming and bursting fully open and all it takes is perhaps that deep surrender and the state of being fully ready to release all discordant energies from the bio-system.

The human system carries so many emotional barriers where the heart centre and all energy centres can have shielded themselves almost from existing constantly in an open state of the true innocent, for in the human world there is so much that we often intuitively shield ourselves from. To be a child in that opened hearted fully blossomed heart state is almost impossible in this world for the pure of heart are the sensitives who are often the most misunderstood.

I realised in the blossoming of my own Christed heart and the release, the pleasure, the wisdom that it spoke and brought, that I too had had such a long history in this life of shielding myself intuitively in order to be able to exist in a less sensitive world where ridicule or anger even can be given to one who dares to challenge the status quo by not acting in expected ways or by being something that does not conform to society’s expectations.

Perhaps the question should be then how we very subtly close the Christed heart down within us rather than how do we trigger its full blossoming and release, yet perhaps these two go hand in hand, and that it is only when we are willing to let everything go – all blocks, all barriers, all shields – and recognise that these layers exist in such deep ways that we are not even aware of their presence and so we just function in a shielded way in order to exist in this world. Knowing this we can then look at opening up again to flood ourselves with an energy so Christed that lasting transformation can be gained.

We know that what triggers this release is first the awareness that we are operating on far less than our divine potential levels because of the human mask and because of the way we have intuitively retreated a little from really BEing our true nature, in order to exist and survive within the human mass of status quo co-creation or because we have been so absorbed by external human realities that it has mesmerized us away from our true nature.

I find in my own journey of life, having experienced so much on so many deep levels, that it is almost impossible to say how these gifts arrive, how it is almost impossible to follow a pathway or to attempt to share a formula. Instead I can simply state categorically that like many now, I  experientially know that there is a love within that is so Christed and so pure that we recognise it instantly, in every cell of our body as it reveals itself, and that this nourishing energy flows from the realm of the True Beloved; and that human love is just a fraction of the potential of this field, that human love in its most divine glorious nature is still just a fraction of this field of Christed love and what it can offer to us all.

How can we talk of a love that is so gentle and so deep and so pure and so true and so tender yet profound that as it caresses and flows through us – beginning through the heart chakra centre to wash through our whole body – how everything a human longs for, without even recognising that there was that longing, can be fulfilled?

In this experience we know that all the miseries in the world, all the sorrow, all the suffering, all the sadness can be washed instantly away with the release of the Christed love throughout the system. To know that this love is also the Christed waters, for it is so fluid in its nature, like waves that relentlessly arrive upon the shore. To know also that this Christed Love, is also pure light in its nature for it fills the soul, uplifts the soul, inspires the system to dwell in the grandest of heights of existence. The Christed release is so pure in its caress, its love, that every atom in the body responds and of course for the one experiencing this flooding, and then the blossoming that follows, it is more than enough to know of the existence of this flow, that the True Beloved is, as we have often known, a part of us and the secret of its release will perhaps always be a secret given only to one who is ready, whose life has been aligned in such a way for the spontaneous arising of this field.

“I exist in Christed waters. I exist in Christed light. I exist in Christed love” … such simple words of power …


I have often shared words of great power with others who chant them almost meaninglessly hoping for the triggering and the release that these words of power can bring, only to find that it has taken years until there has been an effect.

I was recently again in darkroom retreat with a man who is often there sharing this experience with us and when we use the Christed chants of reclamation of I AM LOVE, I AM ETERNAL, I AM INFINITE suddenly after years of applying these words of power the experience came to melt this one back to the truth of the words. A truth that pulsated through his very beingness in such a profound way that all words were lost, that the eyes lit up and the soul was ignited, powered up, fired up and into such a profound experience that all he could do was laugh for finally the words of power delivered an experience that they always promised to bring. For it is not just the words of power that need to be found and applied but the whole system has to be ready to know the truth behind these words.

Yes it truly is such an interesting journey for us as divine beings through this human world, a world where we become shielded from the truth of who we really are, shielded on the external levels from religions who too have perhaps been given words of power and stories of lives transformed and yet while the field of potential has been revealed, none have stepped into it to the depth of what it’s offered and so the words remain empty, unignited until the time is right just as a sensitive learns to shield themselves intuitively so that they can operate in a denser world, less guarded, less embattled, more invisible somehow.

The blossoming of this Christed heart cannot be put into words nor can a formula be given and so for me now, it is enough to know that this field of potential lies deep within us all.

Fields of pure potential are usually entered into when a heart is hungry and yet how can a heart hunger for something until the field of potential is known?

Is it enough to just be ready to release all that is not of our Christed nature?

To just let go identification with everything that is not of our true Christed nature?

Yet these words can also create alienation as so many associate the word Christ with the life and teachings of Jesus yet Buddha experienced the Christed nature of compassion, delivered the insight of this realm of pure compassion to our world.

Krishna lived in the Christed flows where the music came so powerfully through an expression of joyous bliss; where Krishna in the Christed flow could share of the dance of the cosmos and how it has always affected our world.

Throughout history we have had so many who have been a part of this Christed field of pure potential which they expressed in so many ways.

St Francis of Assisi was anchored in the Christed flows of pure peace, exhibiting that deep contentment and an awareness of the power of Mother Nature and her goodness, her ability to heal and transform: the power of silent stillness where true worship could be known.

In this sharing we could speak of all the Holy Ones and identify which virtue of the Christed fields each one carried through our world as some were steeped in pure humility, others with such faith and surrender – having been touched perhaps for just moments throughout their own existence of this field that is so grand – and so it is that each one of us must seek to know the true heart we carry within, with its divine spectrum of emotion and each one must find the words of power, the formula for perfect alignment to this field and each one must blossom into it in their own way and time.

Perhaps the purpose then of the experiences we have within these flows is then just to say:

“Yes these fields are real, yes this is the power they have to transform our lives” and to wish each other the joy of the journey knowing that this Kingdom awaits us all and how we can exist within this world of man untouched almost, once our shields have been dissolved, so that the truth of who we really are can blossom once more to reveal the true glory of what we carry deep within and how its release and radiation can heal and inspire all worlds.

This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace.

Be Gentle with Yourself and Others

Be Gentle with Your Self and Others … Link to OUR LATEST NEWSLETTER!

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe it is already February!

  I love being at home over the Christmas season as it is such a productive time – filling up on family love and the joy of just being at home, dosing up on mountain and beach prana flows, repotting pot plants and gardening and generally doing home and life and yes even web channel maintenance and overhauls!
  And … having pulled an arm muscle lifting weights before Christmas, I am also now learning to be a lot more gentle with myself as a body that has been on Earth for nearly six decades seems to heal a little slower … or does it? It is so interesting to just sense all flows within us as either harmonious or discordant energy patterns and then in meditation to go deeper to the subatomic particle level to rearrange it all again … and so I am still learning so much as we all are these days!

  Yet the common theme many hear from deep within is Be Kind, Be Gentle to self and all …

  People have been saying for so long now that it was hard to navigate around our websites as the data we have released is so comprehensive and also a little overwhelming so we have finally taken the time to redesign them all and also to officially create and launch a specific website for the Embassy of Peace!


  So below we will offer just a little of what each one of our websites now does and of course we would love your feedback if you can take the time to assess each website!

  We also want to make sure that you are now on the correct mailing lists that interest you as we have also added our new Live Conferencing mailing list for those of you who are open to connect in with us via Google Hangouts in the future! For more on Live Conferencing click here or enjoy this brief video.

  All you need to do is click on the Update your profile button at the bottom of this email to check again which list you wish to be on – or update your new email contact – as we hope to send out data in future that is relevant just to the list you have selected!

  For taking the time to help us we would like to offer you a free gift of an e-book or a meditation to download, so once we receive your email with your feedback we will send you the link to what ever book or meditation you would like to receive free! To help you decide  here is a link to our complete products page!

  So as usual we hope you enjoy this mail-out and also our video Invitation for our Embassy of Peace Retreat in Sardinia in September this year!!

Wishing you all so much love, light and barrels of laughter! Big hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie …

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Darkroom Retreat Update

2015 Darkroom Retreat Update
In March 2015 in Thailand we will hold 2 Darkroom Retreats.
In 2015 Jasmuheen will do two 9 day retreats as follows …
Retreat 1 – 5th March – 16th March 2015; this is Jasmuheen’s most popular retreat! Email Anjie at this link:- Although this retreat is booked out if you are meant to be there you will be!
So … Book now for the 2016 retreat as rooms in this retreat always book out fast!

Retreat 2 – 17th – 28th March 2015 – This second retreat will have full Chinese translation and is for Chinese speaking people only! China organiser – email Ling [email protected] and for Taiwan Galatea at [email protected] – rooms are limited and this retreat is nearly full.

For more on this click here …

The Ascension Bandwidth!

written by Aluna Joy Yaxkin – Nov 24h, 2014


There is a turning point where the transitional pressure becomes so strong, and we have lost any hope of having any control over it, that we burst in and out of control with giddy laughter at all the things that have caused us so much pain. The cosmic relief valve is coming! And when it does, we can embrace all the challenges, and celebrate all the victories that we have achieved as we have traveled through this quagmire of transformation.

The energy these past weeks has felt very confusing, fragmented, disjointed and fuzzy. Comfort zones are all but gone as we second-guess nearly everything, because we still don’t have our guide book. Nothing feels familiar as old reference points are fading. We can feel emotional and physical discomfort. We will either sink or swim. Fear will cause you to sink. Love will keep you stay afloat. It is pretty simple if you can hold that focus and don’t judge yourself if you can’t.

Our new manifesting gears are not syncing properly just yet. We feel like we are spinning and grinding out of control, while our newly downloaded jet engine programs are up and running on a new frequency and at warp speed. While the out of control feeling permeates our lives, we are also feeling a huge inner push to get things done. But as we work, we find that doors slam shut, or we need to make huge course corrections. We might be thinking and working on a few things, and then are dumbfounded when it all just stops in its tracks. Yet oddly things are getting done . . . just not in the way that we had imagined. Welcome to New World Programming 101! We are having another huge upsurge in our bandwidth.


To

25 Characteristics You May Find In Those Who Are Awakening

I recently read and enjoyed this so perhaps you may enjoy the below insights by Josh too! With love, light and laughter – Jasmuheen


25 Characteristics You May Find In Those Who Are Awakening
by Josh Richardson at

There is no doubt the Earth is evolving spiritually. People are experiencing intense changes within their life, work, behaviors and personal relationships. Many are awakening at a rate that can only be described as phenomenal. So how do we know if we are awakening? Here are 25 common characteristics you may find in yourself and others. Some of you may experience things not on this list and I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments below. We are all unique and many of us are experiencing phenomenons that are difficult to explain at this time. We are all learning from each other.

1. Being in public places is sometimes overwhelming. Since our walls between self and other are dissolving, we haven’t really learned to distinguish between someone else’s energy and our own. If the general mood of the crowd is herd-like or negative, we can feel this acutely, and may feel like retreating into our own private space. When we have recharged our batteries with meditation, spending time in nature, far away from other people, or just sitting in quiet contemplation, we are ready to be with the masses again. In personal relationships, we often will feel someone else’s emotions as our own. It is important to have this higher sense of empathy, but we must learn to allow another person’s emotions while observing them and keeping our empathy, but, realizing that not all emotions belong to us. Social influence can dampen our own innate wisdom.
2. We understand our current paradigm, more than we understand ourselves. We see the big picture and marvel and the duality of our world including why polarity consciousness has brought us to where it has today. We no longer see life choices and right or wrong, good or bad, just choices defined by the neutral frequencies that we later define. Unity consciousness is allowing us to spread the message of unity consciousness to all of humanity that will allow us to heal our division and change the misery of our human beings to abundance within a global community filled with love for each other and not fear of each other.
3. We know things without having to intellectually figure them out. Often called intuitive awareness, we have ‘a-ha’ moments and insights that can explain some of the most complex theories or phenomenon in the world. Some of the most brilliant minds of our time just ‘know.’ Adepts and sages often were given downloads of information from higher states of consciousness after meditating or being in the presence of a more conscious individual; this is happening for more people with more frequency. As we trust our intuition more often, it grows stronger. This is a time of ‘thinking’ with our hearts more than our heads. Our guts will no longer be ignored. Our dreams are becoming precognitive and eventually our conscious thoughts will be as well.
4. We acknowledge our imperfection and how beautiful it is to be an imperfect version of our true selves. We thrive on challenging only ourselves, and not through competition at the expense of another, especially since we have no need to judge those who are exactly where they need to be.
5. Watching television or most of main stream media, including newspapers and many Hollywood movies is very distasteful to us. The mindset that creates much, but not all, of the programming on television and in cinema is abhorrent. It commodifies people and promotes violence. It reduces our intelligence and numbs our natural empathetic response to someone in pain.
6. We no longer have a need to attach our love to material things, understanding that it only leads to misery because we are not learning to love ourselves and others. The mentality only leads to further acquisition of more things. Although things too are part of consciousness, they do not allow humans to accelerate the mass consciousness required to change the world. Only love for ourselves and others can do that. Love is knowing the deservability and worthiness of all. We are loved so unconditionally by Creation that we can even choose to believe that we are not loved.
7. Lying to us is nearly impossible. We may not know exactly what truth you are withholding, but we can also tell that something isn’t right. We also know when you have other emotions, pain, love, etc. that you aren’t expressing. You’re an open book to us. We aren’t trained in counter-intelligence, we are just observant and knowing. While we may pick up on physical cues, we can look into your eyes and know what you are feeling.
8. We may pick up symptoms of your cold, just like men who get morning sickness when their wives are pregnant. Sympathy pains, whether emotional or physical, are something we experience often. We tend to absorb emotion through the solar plexus, considered the place we ‘stomach emotion’ so as we learn to strengthen this chakra center, we may sometimes develop digestive issues. Grounding to the earth can help to re-establish our emotional center. Walking barefoot is a great way to re-ground.
9. We tend to root for the underdog, those without voices, those who have been beaten down by the matrix, etc. We are very compassionate people, and these marginalized individuals often need more love. People can sense our loving hearts, so complete strangers will often tell us their life stories or approach us with their problems. While we don’t want to be a dumping ground for everyone’s issues, we are also a good ear for those working through their stuff.
10. We don’t feel the need to awaken every person we see. Within a few sentences we can interpret their level of comfort in discussions relating to consciousness. When necessary, we plant a seed and if it’s meant to grow it will. We understand that attempting to awaken those who are not ready is toxic to their sensibilities.
11. If we don’t learn how to set proper boundaries, we can get tired easily from taking on other people’s emotions. Energy Vampires are drawn to us like flies to paper, so we need to be extra vigilant in protecting ourselves at times.
12. We are all becoming healers. We naturally gravitate toward healing fields, acupuncture, reiki, Qi-Gong, yoga, massage, midwifery, etc. are fields we often find ourselves in. We know that the collective needs to be healed, and so we try our best to offer healing in whatever form we are most drawn to. We also turn away from the ‘traditional’ forms of healing ourselves. Preferring natural foods, herbs, and holistic medicine as ways to cure every ailment.
13. We see the possibilities before others do. Just like when the church told Copernicus he was wrong, and he stood by his heliocentric theory, we know what the masses refuse to believe. Our minds are light-years ahead.
14. We are creative. We sing, dance, paint, invent, or write. We have amazing imaginations.
15. We fully accept that we can only attract what is within our vibrational field. There are no experiences that we can obtain in physical form without attracting them from a vibrational perspective. That includes the most horrific experiences and the most beautiful ones. What we are learning to do is accept relationships and experiences for what they are. People and experiences are serving as reflections to teach us something about ourselves.
16. We don’t question what love is, why it is or how it presents itself. We know it is everywhere, in everyone and everything, all permeating and infinite.
17. We require more solitude than the average person.
18. We might get bored easily, but we are really good at entertaining ourselves.
19. We have a difficult time doing things we don’t want to do or don’t really enjoy. We really do believe life was meant to be an expression of joy. Why waste it doing something you hate? We aren’t lazy, we are discerning.
20. We are obsessed with bringing the truth to light.
21. We don’t live in fear of anything. Any and all changes coming, no matter how much they are perceived as negative or dramatic on our Earth, are being designed by us. We have past the point of no return and the Earth is ascending to a higher state of consciousness. Nothing will stop it now.
22. We can’t keep track of time. Our imaginations often get away with us and a day can feel like a minute, a week, a day.
23. We abhor routine.
24. We often disagree with authority (for obvious reasons). Some people call it “anarchy” without a true understanding of what that word or our governments really are.
25. We will often be kind, but if you are egotistical or rude, we won’t spend much time with you or find an excuse to not hang out with people who are obsessed with themselves. We don’t ‘get’ people who are insensitive to other people’s feelings or points of view.

OUR NEW LOOK BLOG! Breathing in new life … the social media game!


Breathing in new life … the social media game!

The last time I was in Byron Bay, east coast Australia, I was amazed to see so many people on the streets all ignoring each other as they busied themselves with texting and technology interactions. Ten years ago the younger generation were strumming guitars, laughing, dancing and joyously interacting with each other and any tourist or local who stopped long enough to enjoy them. Although joyous creative expression still happens in Byron, as I travel this world I see less interaction human to human and more silent withdrawal into and engrossment with iPhones, iPods, iPads and other mobile devices – all systems that I also enjoy.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked-In, Blogging, emails, websites – while I love technology and so much of what it offers, the list of ‘to do’ and choice regarding our social media and web presence can be at times a little overwhelming! Hence I have neglected this ‘Journeying with Jasmuheen’ blog for so many years, completely unaware that I could add a subscribe button, a search this blog and blog archive gadget and all the things we can finally present to you – thanks to fabulous technology – so that you can be more involved with what we are posting here as well – smiles!

It truly is amazing what a little focused time can achieve and this is one of the things I love about my time home throughout the Christmas holiday season. With nearly 3-4 months off from my constant travels, I take time to garden, re-pot any old or new plants, clean out cupboards, mend loved and well utilized clothing, spend more time relaxing on the beach, and with family in general, and also attend to social media and our presence on the web.

Blogging – I am told – seems to be replacing, or becoming a more common interface to websites, as people seek more personalized interactions, to feel more of the person behind the web presence. For some, Facebook seems to be a place for regular interaction, keeping up with friends, for adding a few words here and there, or some fun or stimulating links, while blogging can be a place for more in-depth insight sharing what we love, adding different views …

To support this we have added into our Blog “Channel D5+” with its multidimensional life views. As my career background used to be in computer programming, I love the mathematics and science of life especially from higher dimensional perspectives! Yet meditation, and coming into altered states of expanded higher consciousness, is the key to accessing and understanding the higher light science; as are the energies of gratitude and surrender …

The bliss, joy, peace, nourishment and rejuvenation that we gain with letting go of all our mental constructs and ideas on life, with literally letting go of all of our stories, and then surrendering and relaxing back into the Template of our own pure Essence nature, this is an incredible play – to discover that we all carry deep within us the most amazing templates that we can align to and explore to benefit our own lives and the world as a consequence … to then feel so much Grace and gratitude in life … that we are here in form yet are also formless, able to be free from our human limitations anytime that we desire …

So yes, soon enough, I will be back on the road, this year focusing on the Pure Love Channel and its Templates of Perfection … but right here right now I can blog to my hearts content! So if you enjoy anything on this channel of course send it on to your friends and use our survey box in the right hand column to tell us what you really enjoy as well – this is Jasmuheen – currently loving our Australian sunshine and the glorious beaches we have here!

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L’Ambassade de la Paix (Embassy of Peace) – Dédié à la co-création harmonieuse dune paix permanente pour que la Terre puisse monter vers un paradigme plus élevé et rester là, L’Ambassade de la Paix est en train de trouver et former des L’Ambassade de la Paix & des Diplomates Damour avec le but précis dêtre les instigateurs et de manifester différents programmes dharmonisation qui vont créer cet état de paix durable de manière pragmatique.

La Guerison Harmonieuse et la voie des Immortels
Vers la fin 2004, je fus diagnostiquée avec un carcinome mortel. Après une opération chirurgicale et une biopsie avec des mauvaises nouvelles, j’avais le choix, soit de subir une nouvelle intervention, soit de commencer une chimiothérapie. Connue pour mon approche radicale et alternative de la vie, j’ai choisi ni l’une ni l’autre. A la place, j’ai commencé une aventure dans le domaine de la médecine alternative où j’ai découvert la nouvelle technologie radicale des rayons de lumière et des ondes sonores, des outils de diagnostique et aussi des thérapies, basés sur les Guérisons Aborigènes ancestrales, « Dreamtime ». Tout cela, je l’ai exploré au début de l’année 2005, pendant que j’avais à décider si je désirais rester sur terre, sachant que l’essentiel de mon travail était accompli, et que je pouvais choisir de partir.

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  • L’Agenda de la Reine (The Queen’s Agenda) – Musique « Future Memories » de Amoraea Dreamseed – Depuis quelque temps notre planète a fait l’expérience de l’émergence de ce que nous appelons le Divin Féminin. Cette énergie se trouve à l’intérieur de toute vie, et elle porte une fréquence très particulière qui répond au désir collectif d’harmonie dans notre monde. Certains disent que cette énergie s’est élevée à l’intérieur de la matrice en réponse à notre propre désir d’un monde rempli de paix.
  • Unite (Oneness) – Selon beaucoup de métaphysiciens et aussi nos peuples indigènes nous existons dans une toile dunité, chacun de nous interconnecté avec tout, comme une cellule dans le Corps du Champ Vivant dIntelligence. Ce que nous faisons, comment nous vivons affecte nous tous et imprime des vibrations dans cette toile.
  • Vivre de Prana (Pranic Living) – Simplement dit il y a deux réservoirs dénergie dans chaque être humain qui sont reliés à notre capacité de pouvoir vivre de prana. Le premier réservoir dénergie ou réservoir intérieur est lessence dune énergie pleine damour et de sagesse, une énergie avec une conscience qui est là pour expérimenter la vie sur le plan de la dualité.
  • Magie de la Méditation (Meditation Magic) – On dit que la méditation est une concentration pure et parfaite sur un point pur et parfait. La méditation nous attire pour des raisons diverses : pour ressentir des états de paix intérieure profonde, baigner dans des courants de lamour le plus profond qui se trouve toujours à lintérieur de nous, pour gagner en clarté, avoir des visions plus élevées, avoir accès aux intuitions, obtenir une meilleur santé au niveau physique, emotionel, mental et spirituel, de comprendre et experimenter les règnes invisibles du Inner-net.
  • Le Chant de Gaia (Gaia’s Song) – Première histoire denfants pour lAmbassade de la Paix. Il était une fois quil y avait au milieu de lunivers de la Voie Lactée une grande planète bleue à lintérieur de laquelle vivait un être de grand amour. Cet être sappelait Gaia et il avait reçu il y a une éternité une grande benediction : La capacité de tenir un espace damour dans lequel la vie pouvait croître et prospérer.
  • Vie riche et Rythmes instinctifs (Rich Living) – Etre fluide et flexible nous conduit vers les rythmes instinctifs où nous interagissons intuitivement avec la Matrice de la Création. Cette manière d’être nous ramène à l’attitude de la vie « go with the flow » (suivre le courant) que beaucoup d’entre nous connaissons des années 1960 et 1970.
  • Jasmuheen discute sur son experience avec lémission australienne 60 Minutes. Jasmuheen au sujet de son experience avec 60 Minutes, Wikepedia etc. Interview avec Jasmuheen pour lAmbassade de la Paix. Les informations ci-dessous sont un extrait du livre de Jasmuheen. Le Programme Prana avec de nouvelles perspectives.
  • Jasmuheen on Liberte 07:40m On retreat in Belgium 2004, Jasmuheen discusses the Divine One Within and its freedoms. In English with French Translation.
  • Mode de vie Delicieuse with Jasmuheen 08:25m Jasmuheen on the Luscious Lifestyles Program & more. Filmed in Belgium at the French Retreat. In English & French.
  • L’Institut des Mathematiques du Coeur 05:01m Jasmuheen introducing research from the Institute of HeartMath. Belgium Retreat 2004 – English with French translation.
  • Reprogrammation de la pensee, la cie l’immortalite 06:11m – Jasmuheen in Retreat in Belgium 2004 – English with French translation, reprogramming & immortality & more ….
  • Liberte – a props du temps & de l’attitude with Jasmuheen 07:21m – in Belgium 2004. English with French translation. Time use, attitudes and freedoms.


Pardon Forgiveness Meditation; Un Mode de Vie (Luscious Lifestyles); Nos Faims; Réponses de Jasmuheen Aux questions posées par Christian Paske; Meditation vers les Memoires Akashiques; Comment se preparer a la Nourriture Pranique (Preparing for the 21 day Process); Stabiliser son poids Aprés le Processus (Stabilising Weight); Programme de Paix Planetaire de la Frequence Divine Feminine.


  • Meditations with Jasmuheen with French Translation now here 1. Le Sanctuarie Interieur – meditation avec Jasmuheen. Traduction, peinture et musique de Didier Haffner. 2. Meditation vers les Memories Akashiques. Traduction, peinture et musique de Didier Haffner.
  • Le Collège International de la Paix vous convie à venir vivre un moment privilégié avec Jasmuheen qui nous présente cette année la Loi de l’Amour et sa Fréquence Fabuleuse de Plaisir et de Liberté en Octobre en Belgique.
  • For live audio of Jasmuheen at Radio France International program 1 & program 2. Audio avec Jasmuheen enregistré en direct des programmes 1 et 2 de Radio France International
  • Jasmuheen Audio live at Workshop Lasnes – Belgium 2002 – Audio length 2 to 8 mins: Jasmuheen enregistré en direct pendant un atelier à Lasnes en Belgique 2002 – Durée 2 à 8 min.
    • 1. Sense of Humor & Living on Light – 3 minutes. Sens de l’humour & vivre de lumière – 3 minutes
    • 2. The Beta Field – 7 minutes. Le champ béta – 7 min.
    • 3. Radiating Divinity & Surrender – 3.25 minutes. Rayonner la Divinité & Lâcher prise – 3.25 min.
    • 4. Meditation – 1.4 minutes. Jasmuheen au sujet de la méditation
    • 5. Living on Light – Higher Purpose – 4.5 minutes. Vivre de lumière – But plus élevé.
    • 6. Living on Light – Progressive Diminuition – Slow & Sensible Preparation – 6 minutes. Vivre de lumière – Diminution progressive – préparation lente et raisonnable.
    • 7. Living on Light & World Hunger – approx. 3 minutes. Vivre de lumière et fin dans le monde.
    • 8. Our Divine Radiation – 4 minutes. Notre rayonnement divin.

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  • La Guerison Harmonieuse et la voie des Immortels par : Jasmuheen Vers la fin 2004, je fus diagnostiquée avec un carcinome mortel. Après une opération chirurgicale, et de mauvaises nouvelles de la biopsie, mes choix restant, étaient de subir une nouvelle intervention chirurgicale, ou de commencer une chimiothérapie. Connue pour mes appréciations radicales et alternatives de la vie, je n’ai choisi ni l’une ni l’autre, mais à la place, j’ai opté pour l’aventure dans le domaine de la guérison harmonieuse, découvrant la nouvelle technologie radicale des rayons de lumière et des ondes sonores, des outils de diagnostique et aussi de thérapie, basés sur les guérisons aborigènes ancestrales, «Dreamtime».

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Renaissance … To be reborn … with Jasmuheen

Renaissance … To be reborn … with Jasmuheen

A phoenix rises from the ashes transformed from what was, to a new version of itself, having been stripped bare, remodelled and made new to then rise out of seeming devastation and chaos. Yet without the chaos the rebirth could not take place. In his “New Earth” book and DVD’s, Eckhart Tolle talks about the need for people to identify more with their Essence nature – what he calls the stream of life – and less with their life situation, that stepping back into that stream, allows us to be more detached and able to see clearly what we can adjust in our life situations so that we are less affected by external situations and thus more effective in life. Like so many of us have shared, Eckhart encourages us to relax and also enjoy all the changes in our world as everything is stimulating a rebirth for our civilisation. To Eckhart, the loss of money, of loved ones, or health; are only frightening when we get caught up in that particular life situation to the degree that we no longer experience the true Essence of life that we can feel when we stay present in each moment.
As metaphysicians – those who study the science of life – we know this. We’ve read all the books, applied all the wisdom they contain, that spoke to us in some way and inspired us.
Or have we?
As if almost just to check that we have applied the wisdom experientially, until it has become a living truth for us, it seems that the laws that govern the quantum field test us to see if we can stay anchored in our vital Essence nature.
Losing my step-daughter last year to cancer was one of my tests as our family all dealt with this in different ways and so required different levels of support. Yet detachment was vital for us as we took her choice of transcendence to the bigger picture level of understanding. Knowing that her Essence was having a very particular experience this life, we all grew so much as a consequence of living through this with her and then lovingly letting go as her Essence left this plane.
Like many I have watched and also experienced financial situations atrophy with the Global Financial Crisis and changing markets as currency and property values, and investments generally, have fallen in worth to reflect the uncertainty of our changing times as our economic structures are rebalanced and reborn.
To be able to sail through the chaos that can come in life, and remain relaxed, clear and unaffected, knowing that true riches come from the heart of our Essence nature, is an incredible gift of freedom.
Life situations change yet our vital life stream does not; for at Its core It is consistently powerful and pure – only our experience of It changes.  When this vital life force of our Essence is strong within us we are richer than we could ever imagine, when its pulse within us is ignored, our lives reflect this as the changing situations in life draw us into their flows of illusion and limitation.
We know through our experiences in meditation that when we still ourselves, be present in the moment – open to, and aware of, and basking in, our Essence energy centre – that not only are we more creative as a result but that we also gain greater clarity and insights so that we can deal with all life situations much more effectively without the emotional highs and lows that can come when we identify too much with this illusionary world of our personality’s creation.
Throughout our 2012 tour time this was very much the theme that kept coming through – identification. When we identify ourselves as pure Essence beings having a human experience and align with and be that pure presence, nothing can be a problem, as life in this world is seen for what it is and so we are emotionally held in a space of deep peace and contentment touched with spontaneity, creativity, clarity and even bliss and joy.
When life situations engross us too much and pull us back into our personality self and this becomes our main identification, then at times our humanness and the challenges of life can overwhelm us.
Now more than ever before, in this period of rebirth and renaissance that humanity is undergoing, the greatest service we can provide for ourselves and each other is to stay anchored – via our lifestyle – to the Essence channel. It is in this energy stream that we are the most effective.
Consequently, this year we will be gathering our first intake of Ambassadors of Peace who will be trained to offer the Embassy’s Luscious Lifestyle Program (L.L.P) around the world. This education program has the ability to alleviate all suffering in the world as the Luscious Lifestyle Program aligns people back to their own pure Essence channel. Click here for data on this retreat.

PART 1 – 2006 Interview with Jasmuheen for In The Beginning There Was Light

Interview with Jasmuheen for In The Beginning There Was Light – A relaxed view of Jasmuheen as she shares her background and personal journey with being nourished by prana, the 21 day process, her childhood, her training and esoteric reality and years of meditation, channeling and divine guidance, intuition, public and media response to this reality, her personal and social adjustment, quantum intelligence and self mastery, energy field science, Prahlad Jani and other breatharians, food as fuel, personal experimentation plus more. Click here to view. A new year, a wise use of our resources … big hugs to all!

Living on Prana & more – An interview with Jasmuheen for InfoPotok journal in Russia

An interview with Jasmuheen for InfoPotok journal in Russia

How did it happen that it you started living on prana?
Accidentally, not consciously, I never intended that. My interest in my life was just to be the best version of the human being I could be. To do that I needed to meditate, to find out who I really was. That was the gift meditation and also being a sensitive and vegetarian gave me and also by living the life of conscious service for about 20 years. This ability to be nourished in this way was a gift that came from that lifestyle. I didn’t look for this gift and if somebody had told me that this was what was going to happen, I would have thought, No, not for me. Too extreme. But I think sometimes the best gifts come when you are not looking for them.
I went through a spiritual initiation in 1993 that I talk about in the book Living on Light, but I didn’t have any expectations about not taking any physical food after that. It just was a by-product of that initiation. It happened because of how I had been living my life up to that time. So it was easy to slide into it. Due to the initiation, the energy in my system changed in the way so that it did not need physical food any more. So I didn’t seek this reality, it just happened as a by-product of lifestyle and the initiation.
And for me it was a bit of a shock! Suddenly I realized that I am not hungry any more. I lost my appetite. I was not physically hungry, not emotionally hungry, not mentally hungry, not spiritually hungry as my frequency got to a point where all of that just disappeared.

How much do you drink or eat now? I read that sometimes you eat something like chocolate. How it is now?
I don’t eat chocolate any more but for the first few years I still felt necessity in taste like chocolate. And so for a few years I had one piece of chocolate once a month, because I liked it. And then I just dropped away. I am no longer interested in chocolate.
These days I like lemon water. I just have about one glass of lemon juice water a day. And that’s what I like, it is nice especially when I am travelling. At home, at times, I am more flexible and can take fruit from to time especially with my grandchildren.
Also I have longer periods now each year when I am not taking any external liquid at all, this is something that I now enjoy more and more. It really is amazing what our bodies can do when they are tuned to certain channels. Being nourished and hydrated from the inside out instead of the outside in, via the usual physical food and liquid sources, is an incredible experience to have. Yet for me it is also about being flexible as the journey for us all is really just about freedom of choice.

How a person can come to prana nourishment without any damage to his health? I read that if a person does it in a wrong way, he will…
…die? Four people in the world died around this process and to me I don’t like that. Some say for those people it was their time to die. Maybe this is true but I don’t like it so what we’ve been doing since the late nineteen nineties when the first person passed, is developing a system that is safe. What we have been sharing in our world today are safe methods of moving the physical body system into this ability.
Also this is not something that people usually decide to do, it is something they are preprogrammed to do, they’re born to do. We’re bringing in a new evolutionary path now, a way of being nourished that is better for our health and for the world’s resources, for our environment via tapping into a source of nourishment that everyone already carries within themselves as a frequency flow that is either strong or weak. And we just need to learn how to make this flow stronger so it can feed us from the inside out. That’s all. It is about lifestyle, how you spend your time.
If you are a non-spiritual person, it will be very difficult, if not impossible. I couldn’t imagine that any could do this if you are not aware of who you truly are–truly, meaning not your mind, not your body, not your ego, because that’s not who we are – and if you believe that it is who you are, and you stop taking physical food, then you will die. That’s a fact.
So you need to prepare for this sensibly, you need to live a certain lifestyle, you need to be active, to measure your prana percentage, and so you will be safe. If your prana percentage is 100%, then it is safe to live like this but f it is not then it is not safe. We teach people how to measure this prana percentage because we don’t want anyone else dying around trying to do this. So definitely the key of success with this according to our research is lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle, plus self mastery and self responsibility.

We have an eight-point programme that we suggest people use to increase the life force in their body, to increase the chi, to increase the prana… So they naturally lose their appetites – their physical appetite, their emotional appetite, their mental appetite, their spiritual appetite.
We have a book in Russian called The Food of Gods, another book The Prana Programme that answers all the questions about this, also in Russian. Another book, Being Essence, also in Russian that is on our website, where there are techniques how to measure your prana percentage.
But don’t forget that people have the best guide for this inside of themselves and that is our own divine nature. If you can’t hear the voice of your own divine nature, if you never felt this energy in meditations, then this isn’t the path for you. This path of being nourished physically by prana is for people who live a deeply connected spiritual life. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. And this knowledge is in your divine blueprint – whether this is for you or not and also how to do this in a way and time that is perfect for each one.

Reality is different to many people as we all know. I believe that we are divine beings having a human experience, that we come to Earth to receive gifts from this planet and to give gifts to this planet. Everyone has come to help our planet evolve. We’re bringing new energy systems that are better for the environment, bringing a new healing system that is better for the environment, bringing new educational systems, new feeding systems… Everything is coming in now because people on planet Earth want this. This is predestiny, this is evolution.

As I understand this evolution is connected with 2012 upgrading…
Yes, the systems now are upgrading. More than 90% of people on our Earth want to live in peace now. They’re tired of wars, they’re tired of violence, they are tired of political systems that don’t look after the people, they’re tired of all this chaos in the world. Most people are not interested in it any more, they don’t want to live like that and so their desire for harmonious existence is causing great change. All political systems are changing, all our educational, economical systems are changing. People say, No more, enough. And this is now what is driving human evolution to the different level of expression. All this was foreseen that we would come into a stage like this in our evolution.

How do you see our human world in 20 years?
Fabulous. It’s fabulous now. Although some don’t know yet or understand that Kingdom of Heaven is already here, the gardens of Eden are already here. They are just in another frequency field, still unfelt and unseen if we are not tuned to the channel. When we live a spiritual lifestyle, we get tuned to the heaven-type channel, and all the chaos disappears. This body and our life is a system of energy that is like a guitar – it can be tuned or untuned. The music coming out can be beautiful, or can be chaotic with disharmonious notes. And there are ways to tune the human energy system so it functions really well so that our lives will be filled with Grace and we can walk in earth’s gardens do Eden once more.

Do you think the people of future will not need any food?
Yes. Earth will become a vegetarian planet first, and eventually people of our future will not eat at all because they will be nourished in a different way. If they do eat physical food it will be far less frequently and only for pleasure. All will come back into understanding who we really are, which is divine beings having a human experience… And so we will be free from many human limitations.

So we will return to the state of Atlantis and Lemurians?
We will go back to them but to better versions again as although the Atlantis civilization and Lemurian civilization were very advanced civilizations. They were fully in the contact with all those inter-dimensional systems, with their brothers and sisters, with star beings as many there were star beings from truly advanced interdimensional worlds. Many of the Atlantis or Lemurians came from the different planetary systems. We’ve just forgotten a lot of this over time as our western educational system does not generally support this type of reality. So now the same technologies are coming back, the remembrance of what it’s like to be really free. We are now entering a fabulous time of human history and we will surpass those earlier systems which also had their problems or else they would have survived. All systems evolve according to the hearts, wills and minds of it people’s and also their dominant prayers and dreaming.

So you think that Kali Yuga is finishing …
Yes, it is finished already for many people, many people no longer exist in Kali Yuga, many people no longer exist in duality, many people exist in a different brain wave pattern, and they have a different experience in this world. Many now live lives filled with Grace due to a change in their mind sets and day to day lifestyles.

During your teaching experience you met a lot of skepticism and disapproval. How did you feel about it, what did you do about it? Did you have hesitations about your choice, your path?
To me it is all about education. It is not people’s fault that they don’t understand something if they have not been educated into a new reality. And so for me every time I am being confronted with skepticism, or anger, or disbelief, I just feel like I have to learn how to give this new information in an even better way. That’s all. That I need to adjust, to then be able to present this paradigm of possibility in a way that more people understand. So that they become less skeptical.
We have more than 50000 people in our world with this ability and it is being divinely supported because it is so beneficial for human evolution. So our job is to understand this even better ourselves and to educate, educate, educate. Because education removes ignorance which removes fear.
Remember Galileo! Remember those beings who said that the Earth is not flat, it’s round, the Sun does not rotate around the world, we rotate around the Sun… What did they do with those people? They were burned, ostracised, criticised but I don’t have problems with criticism.
When you are really strong in your truth and you have lived something, then not one cell of your being is in doubt about that so it doesn’t matter what somebody says as that truth can never be taken away from you. Ever!
If it is not a truth for you, if it is an idea only and not a truth that you have lived and deeply experienced than you can easily then be destabilized by criticism.

So you had no hesitations and for you the criticism was just an experience of how to educate better?
Education is just like growing a flower … just think of all the stages. You’ve got to prepare soil, – the soil has to be fertile – you have to put the seed in, you have to be sure that the seed is watered. It has to blossom in its own time. It has to receive the water, the sun, the nutrients, and then it grows. Through the ground it grows then grows then grows and then … there is a flower.
So we have to be infinitely patient with each other regarding the stages that different people are at. For some people this reality is just planting the seed in the ground. It’s not ready to grow, they need a long personal experience, openness, readiness in their own life before they could go to the next level. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold the picture, Hey! Look at these beautiful flowers! One day this can develop to that. All we need to do is to give the garden of possibility some nutrients, some water. So we lovingly attend to the garden keeping the end result, the blossoming alive until all can see this when they are ready.

In your teaching, you give much attention to purification. Can you tell more about it?
The human body is an amazing system. Physically. In two years you will have not one cell that is the same as it is now. It has ability to regenerate itself every two years. But it doesn’t, it breaks down. It breaks down from toxic thinking, from toxic feeling and toxic feeding. When we eliminate those levels of toxicity, and the body is strong, the human spirit is strong, the life is filled with grace and people are happy. And so it is important to think positively instead of negatively. It is important to understand the power of thought. A little bit of understanding of the new neuroscience and even “M Theory” in quantum physics helps for those who may need this, especially how thoughts create reality.
There is an important stage in all of this: this is the real feeling and knowing of who we really are. In the western education we are always looking outside of ourselves as we are educated to believe and then feel that we’re just our mind, our body, our emotions.
The eastern education system is different. The eastern education system says, Stop looking for happiness outside yourself, go inside for the experience of who we really are, for self-knowledge. Then you are free, then you are reborn. Then you can be nourished in a different way. Then you no longer have the normal human hungers.
So a blending of education systems is going on now. We take the beneficial realities from the East – bring it to the West, we take the same from the West– bring it to the East.
Everything is blending now in our planetary system .. of all the things that operate for the highest Good of everyone. We are not just Russians, or Australians, or Germans, we are one people, living in one Planet. The question is can we do that in harmony with each other and also with Mother Earth. This is now the time to focus on that. Not on creation of weapons for war, because we live in fear with each other… now is the time to focus on what can unite us, not that which perpetuates separation.

As I know, you had a predisposition to cancer. How have you overcome it?
Cancer is an interesting energy. It is just a frequency imbalance in the body. I have learned a lot about that. Some people say it is a genetic weakness. A lot of people in my family have had cancer and, that’s how they have passed from this life. And yet what I came to understand is that it is just a frequency. Part of the manifestation for me of cancer was just to learn how to rebalance it. So I can share it with others as I do in my book “Harmonious Healing”. It truly was an amazing experience that was very beneficial for me in many ways!
When people come into the frequency where cancer is strong – it is often coming from something that they have been doing in their life, either from genetics, or lifestyle or whatever. There can be many reasons for it – everyone is different. Breast cancer in women is often connected to the lack of self-nurturing. There are people who give, give, give to others and don’t have time to nurture themselves, or they don’t take the time to nurture themselves, – it’s one of the emotional levels for that. Apart from genetic influences, it’s also often connected to diet, lifestyle and all of that. So what I learnt was to develop a method of understanding that if we created something, then we can find out the right path for us to uncreate it. If we made some steps to come here – where the cancer frequency is too strong in us – then we should be able to also find the right steps to get out of this imbalance. There is no one formula for anyone because everyone’s influences in the manifestation of this are different. But where there is a formula for this is knowing what the body wants. How to talk to the body, how to connect with the body and listen to what you need to bring yourself out of that frequency. You can go to doctors, they may be able to fix it through drugs and/or surgery and yet this does not always work as if we don’t attend to the underlying causes, then the illness can often return. With cancer we must treat the causative factors. Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be Me” is a wonderful insight on spontaneous healing and our ability to do this as pure Essence beings.

I know you worked with tribes of aboriginals, indigenous. What did you do, how did you communicate, what were the results?
I’ve been in touch with tribes in South America near Amazon jungle and Columbia. I was visiting these places, they heard about me, and they came and found me. And that is how tribes’ intuition work: if they want you, they find you.
The tribes in the jungle near the Amazon were concerned because they were sometimes unable to get supplies from the Amazon river because the Amazon river has periods of drought as global warming is affecting the Amazon area as well. And they wanted to learn how to become more self-sufficient by living on the prana in Mother Nature. They heard that that’s what I am also interested in and so we were invited in to share our research and how it could help them also.
The tribes in Columbia were interested in my research, my work, and also in sharing with me some of their own traditions and practices. They have been teaching me some of the wonderful things they do so that I can share these with those open in the rest of our world.
We did everything together. The tribes don’t operate like we operate in the West. We played together. They shared their information, they shared the magic… We lived together, we meditated together, we enjoyed each other as so many of our indigenous shaman elders are wise, loving harmonious beings.

How did you communicate? Was there a translator?
There were always translators. When I worked in Columbia, the priests or Mamo, of the tribes were speaking their language and it was translated to Spanish, and from the Spanish it was translated to English. And then my English response goes back into Spanish then into their native tongue and so on. It takes time and loving patience! But language or time taken in translation doesn’t matter, as we always communicated from here (points to the heart).
They know who I am, they know what I do, I know who they are, I know what they do, and we were interested just in love, light, peace and living in harmony with each other in this world. That’s a simple language.

Tell us please about the Movement of an Awakened Positive Society – MAPS – and the Self Empowerment Academy. What are the main goals and activities of these projects?
All of this – both MAPS and the Self Empowerment Academy – all of this nows supports the work of the Embassy of Peace. So with the Embassy of Peace we offer personal harmonisation programs, global harmonization programs and universal harmonization programs. So people can become as happy and healthy as they desire when they are ready for this. All people in the world can be taken care of … all the women, all the children, can be given what they need: protection, shelter, food, education, and so through the Embassy’s holistic education Programs we can break the cycles of poverty, eliminate global warming and we can generally just learn to use resources more wisely – again when we are ready for this. There is no judgment in what we do as we know that all are unfolding perfectly, yet we offer program’s for another evolutionary level for all who seek this when they are ready to move beyond duality.

For example, the person harmonization program has an aim to educate people via a specific lifestyle, to stop all suffering in the world as we know that when people become physically emotionally, mentally, spiritually healthy there can be no more suffering. I talk in my book The Food of Gods, that lifestyle relieves all suffering in the world on the personal level. Now when people know who they really are, they are no longer suffering, they are healthy, they are happy. They become more altruistic.
We have also worked simultaneously with various people in the United Nations Organisation esoteric circles plus some of the world governments. We are educating for the redistribution of resources all around the world, so to support this we have had various meetings with government ministers who support a more unified global reality where all systems operate for the highest good of all.
In a few weeks I will be back in the United Nations Organisation in Vienna sharing an update of all our research with one of the groups there that are open to this. They know me, so they invited me to come and share again as we did earlier in the 2000’s.
So we work politically, we work on a grass-root level with people, we work with tribes, we work on all levels, wherever we’re invited. It is a divine game. It is not a human mental game. It is a game with pieces of the puzzle that need to be fit together. And so the Grace comes. The Grace brings it together, not logic or will as with divine Grace you don’t have to struggle, all the pieces just come together when what you are working for is for the highest good of all. That’s the power of Grace.

For example, we have been working with various groups in India especially with the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists: where they are bringing meditation back to villagers and to the schools. So we have hundreds and thousands of children now being taught how to meditate using simple breath techniques of meditation. We also have thousands of people now being taught the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Through the Pyramid Society young people are trained for this are now bringing meditation and vegetarianism back to many villages that have problems with alcoholism. Because many had lost contact with understanding who they really are, some were getting into the energy of drinking and violence which was causing many problems in some villages. And so in these villages people are now meditating instead and so they have become nicer to each other, less aggressive, because they meditate and they know who they are. Their diets have also changed back to being vegetarian and so the people are more gentle with each other. So now there is no more violence in these villages from alcoholism and lack of Divine Self awareness since meditation can reveal who we really are. So we are working on all the levels practically, it’s not just ideas. We have teams working and connections with pure hearted people who are in service all around the world.

Very strange that you have to bring meditation to India having strong spiritual tradition…
Actually India herself as a land and ancient culture tends to teach us Westerners much more and Yes, they also send yogi’s and gurus all around the world to give their gifts to westerners. But also they have television. Television is in many villages now. And so many in villages now also see how westerners live. Some then think that western life is so materially good, so they want it and so some are going away from traditional indian lifestyles to instead looking outside of themselves for happiness which is more the western model. They think, If I have this, I will be happier. Some have lost contact with who they really are in essence and these are the ones being reached now to be reminded when they are ready that Happiness doesn’t come from material gain as seen in Western TV shows, for as their yogis know and still say, happiness comes from the inside, from self-knowledge of who we really are.

I am part of Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – GCSS, in India, so I go usually to India every year, where we gather to share our research and and meditate together and then many help to bring these programmes back out to the villages. Ten thousand pyramids have now been built in India for people to gather in to meditate together, because the people at the GCSS understand the power of pyramids. There are many other people who travel in India and the world, sharing about the joy of meditation, the benefits personally and globally of vegetarianism, so I’m just one of the millions of people in the world who are serving in a way where we can manifest the highest ideas of society, I am just one of millions who now have and hold this dream, who live in this dream and who are sharing the different tools and paths to do this.

You say that learning to live on prana helps to overcome the fear of death. Why is that so important, overcoming the fear of death?
Many people have no fear of death, especially those who live on prana for being nourished in this way requires an expansion of consciousness that then brings a wider view and experience of the vastness of our own beingness. They understand who they really are. How can you have fear, when you experience that you are an eternal being? This body – it is just like clothing. You are a woman. Do you wear the same clothes every day? You change! In science this body is just a system of energy and Energy can not be created or destroyed. It just changes form. When it is ready to change form, the clothing drops, but the essence is still there. It is fun – to change body, to drop it when your work is done, then rest as pure consciousness awhile in the field of unconditional love and then when or if you are ready to come back, you put on new clothes. A woman in one life, a man in another life. A rich person in one life, a poor person in another life. It is just part of the fun of evolution we can have.
But again our western education does not promote the body as the system of energy. And yet it is. Reincarnation is just the science of our energy bodies changing form. Yet there is much more than this again as we all are maintaining simultaneous time existences. We can have many experiences in many worlds. We can also have many experiences simultaneously. When you go into those deeper levels of who you really are, you realize there is no past, no present, no future, everything is operating simultaneously. You are not a single being trapped into a body, you’re vast inter-dimensional consciousness. When I am sitting here with you in a body, I am also an angelic being. I am Buddha, and I am Christ, I am also simultaneously being an alcoholic or a beggar in the street. There is no separation. We just tend to think, Oh, there is you, there is me, we are separate. Yet … All is consciousness, just changing consciousness. We can identify with our personality selves or we can expand consciousness through a spiritual lifestyle and identify more with our Essence self, that pure and perfect part of us that breathes us and gives us life. When we identify too much with our personality self a human being tends to suffer and be unstable. When we become our Essence nature – from recognising and focussing upon it – then we free ourselves of so many limitations both personally and globally.
To change the body is easy, it is fun for the vastness of our spirit to experience different embodiments and expressions. its like we are here and we are doing some work, and in some time we finish it. And when we finish the work, we celebrate, we go rest for a while. We don’t stay at school forever. We go to school, we graduate, we want something else and so it is with how we express as spirit beings through the realms!
There are two fabulous books in Russian about that, Doctor Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls. When you read these, you will be completely free of the fear of death.

What can you wish to our readers?
I just wish people self-knowledge. You know, to sit down, be still, ask to experience who you really are. Ask to experience all the gifts the universe has to you. And ask to experience to see the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In the Beginning There was Light movie – available in English now!

In the Beginning There was Light movie – available in English now!

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT:- Screened at Cannes Film Festival in the South of France in 2010, this NEW documentary will also be shown in major movie cinemas globally from September 2010. Filmed over a 6 year period, this documentary shows the quantum aspects of living on prana and has many detailed interviews with people such as:- Dieter Hochegger, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marktl, Prof. Dr. Anton Luger, Univ. Doz. Dr. Ingrid Kiefer, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, Jasmuheen, Walter „Omsa“ Rohrmoser, Dr. Michael Werner, Mataji Prahlad Jani, Dr. Sudhir Shah, Dr. V.N. Shah, Dr. Urmann Ohruv, Dr. Sanjay Metha, Hira Ratan Manek, Yuan Limin, You Xuande, Dr. TCM Qi Duan Li, Prof Dr. Gernot Pauser, Zinaida Baranova, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hacker, Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD Dean Radin, Prof. Dr. Brian Josephson, Prof. Dr. Amit Goswani, Prof. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Jakob Bösch, Prof. Dr. Robert Jahn.

– Also See more on this topic at:


Jasmuheen interviews ‘In The Beginning There Was Light” creator Peter Straubinger in Vienna in October 2013

A 30 minute interview regarding the making of the documentary ‘In The Beginning There Was Light” by Austrian film critic Peter Straubinger who Jasmuheen interviews in Vienna in October 2013. His purpose in making the film, his learning around it, dealing with skeptics and much more.
Figures now abound on the internet regarding the rising cost of obesity, resource misuse and over consumption, especially on global health and our environment, plus the global obesity epidemic itself that now touches every country in some way. Independent of the fact that a child still dies every 2 seconds from malnourishment, according to the World Health Organization worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. In 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults were overweight as well as 40 million children under the age of five and 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than being underweight. The question now stands … is there another way to feed the growing population of our world? Is there another nutritional resource that we can all access that improves our health and lessens our carbon footprint by using global resources more conservatively? Have the yogi’s of India, the Jain’s, the Bigu Qigong Masters and other traditions that are more metaphysically inclined discovered an alternate way of being physically nourished? According to research at the Embassy of Peace and those interviewed in the controversial documentary “In The Beginning There was Light”, the answer is yes.

HeartMath Institute research on gratitude

Advanced research at the Institute of HeartMath and elsewhere has provided evidence that gratitude is not simply a nice sentiment or feeling. Sustained feelings of gratitude have real benefits, including the following four benefits:

Biochemical changes – Favorable changes in the body’s biochemistry include improved hormonal balance and an increase in production of DHEA, the “anti-aging hormone.”
Increased positivity – Favorable changes in the body’s Daily gratitude exercises can bring about a greater level of positive feelings, according to researchers from the University of Miami and the University of California, Davis who studied this process in 157 individuals over 13 days.
Boost to the immune system – The IgA antibody, which serves as the first line of defense against pathogens, increases in the body.
Emotional “compound interest” – The accumulated effect of sustained appreciation and gratitude is that these feelings, and coherence, are easier to recreate with continued practice. This is because experiencing an emotion reinforces the neural pathways of that particular emotion as it excites the brain, heart and nervous system.

Thankfully, gratitude and appreciation can create their own positive psychophysiological holiday in your body – without the necessity of a feast. Sincere self-evoked feelings of gratitude and appreciation are explained in-depth by IHM founder Doc Childre and Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty in their e-book, The Appreciative Heart: the Psychophysiology of Positive Emotions and Optimal Functioning.

The Institute of HeartMath is helping more people experience the benefits of the sincere feelings that Thanksgiving celebrates by providing the following helpful exercise:

Appreciation Exercise

Instructions: Take a few short appreciation breaks during the day. During each break take one or two minutes to breathe deeply through the area of the heart. While doing so, try to hold a sincere feeling of appreciation in your heart area. This can be appreciation for a family member, friend who helped you with something or even a wonderful vacation, etc.
Why it works: The exercise of activating a positive feeling like appreciation literally shifts our physiology, helping to balance our heart rhythms and nervous system, and creates more coherence between the heart, brain and rest of the body.

Gratitude is a simple and effective practice and the benefits are real and attainable. Many of us know this in our hearts, but now it’s proven by modern science. Gratitude creates a healthier, happier and more fulfilling state of being for anyone who takes a few moments to feel and reflect on it.

CELEBRATIONS & SUCCESS – Jasmuheen’s 2014 Tour Focus


Come and spend some personal time with JAsmuheen – AMbassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace … ENJOYING EARTH’S GARDEN’S OF EDEN; SHAMAN HEART TONES & ANGELIC HEALING, LIFESTYLES FOR HARMONY & PEACE, EFFECTIVE RESOURCE ACCESS & USAGE, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES FOR A GRACE FILLED EVOLUTION, DIVINE MOTHER INSIGHTS PLUS E.T. COSMIC PERSPECTIVES; UPDATES ON COSMIC MICRO-FUEL & PRANIC LIVING & MORE … Throughout 2014, Jasmuheen will continue her travels around the world as the Divine Mother’s Emissary and Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace, gathering all those who are now delving deeper into the flows of unity consciousness with its creative expressions and flows. Like many, Jasmuheen has also been guided by the Divine Feminine to offer retreats that allow us all to take time out and be nourished and recharged while still contributing in a beneficial way to each other and to our world!! With a focus on being deeply peaceful, enjoying the purest flows of divine love, its gifts and grace, and also on Shamballa and Earth’s Garden’s of Eden, her 2014 retreats will be more uplifting than ever before!

In this retreat-time with Jasmuheen, we will live and share more of …

  • The Divine Feminine’s lifestyle to end all suffering in world of duality, a lifestyle that also increases our own life force that also changes our resonance and how the quantum field responds to us, that also has the power to end all dis-ease within and around us on earth …
  • Jasmuheen will also train those open to being Diplomats of Love for the Divine Feminine in how to share more of this lifestyle with others.
  • She will also continue to share more of the angelic energies, plus their Pathways of Peace and healing tones.

In this gathering with like-minded, loving and supportive people, we will also all be …

  • Nourished on deeper, purer levels as we enjoy the perfect retreat as both a holiday and a wonderful way to be recharged so that you leave this gathering feeling refreshed, energised, wiser, stronger, strengthened and well supported by both inner and outer plane networks!
  • We invite you to take this time, have some fun, to be super-creative and enjoy the more sustainable paths that benefit us all.
  • In this retreat we will sit in deep meditation to finetune all our internal and external systems as guided by the group divinity, in ways that are perfect for us all.
  • Be prepared to spend personal and also group time in silence, to go deeper into your own intuitive nature and to then share from that pure and perfect part that you carry within that is so wise, loving and aware while you add your insight-gifts to this group field.

JASMUHEEN writes: Pure Love communes, reveals, aligns, inspires, guides, protects, connects, opens doors, magnetises, creates, nourishes, drives, supports & so much more! Living in its flow of Grace, receiving all of its gifts and being nourished on all levels by it is an amazing freedom that is available to all who tune to its pure channel. It is also uplifting, fluid in motion and expression and carries an endless source of wisdom and power! We have entered into a time now where the collective heart of humanity is much more open to the purer rhythms of love and peace as pure Love is addictive and effervescent in its nature and in its joy. Thankfully, there are the deepest currents of the purest love bubbling through the Matrix of life that in turn then bubble through us, and when we dive into this current via our lifestyle and focus, we receive all the nourishment we need so that we are free to give that love without condition or thought of reward and in this very act of pure intention comes the most amazing gifts. This is the way of the fields where the Master is the best servant and those in pure hearted service discover the master within. In the Beingness of love,  all is perfect, all is understood, all are just rhythms of awareness and awakening; there is no judgement of right or wrong, or good or bad, or struggle and pain and confusion. All is simply love as all is unfolding in the rhythms of love, held in a field of love, fed by love and is pure and perfect because of this.


Earth’s Garden of Eden, buried, deep, down inside,
a field of enchantment, its love pure, desired …
A home that all long for, despite who we are,
a feeling, belonging, a bright, freedom star.
And so we all wander, from this place, to that,
a mind always searching or a heart feeling flat;
until we discover, what many now know,
the state that we long for, is a Kingdom that flows.
A web of awareness, so rich in its weave,
a pulsing, pure river, to sense, then perceive.
A realm some call heaven, a part of us all,
a breath and a stillness, a cosmic enthral.

General Data on Jasmuheen’s Events – Jasmuheen’s seminars and retreats are a wonderful opportunity to gather together with like-minded people from all over the world. Sharing well researched and also channelled data; Jasmuheen tunes to the group divinity to bring through exactly what each gathering requires, allowing each attendee to go into deeper states of meditation where they can access more of their own divine Essence with Its profoundly creative love and wisdom flows. While her 2014 focus is on Pure Love & Earth’s Gardens of Eden, each gathering is as unique as each individual and the general focus of all of Jasmuheen’s work is often on:-

  1. Self Mastery & Self Sovereignty – working with Quantum field intelligence.
  2. The freedom that Unity consciousness delivers.
  3. Manifesting the Divinity we are, in harmony with all.
  4. Pranic Living – increasing our personal chi flow transmissions so that we become givers rather than takers in this world,
  5. and decreasing our dependence on the world’s resources by increasing our dependence on the divine resource within.
  6. Fulfilling the pragmatic programs of The Embassy of Peace with its 12 Pathways of Peace, plus
  7. Jasmuheen works with the group divinity to provide inspirational meditations, tools and techniques to gain perfect personal clarity, wisdom and insight to achieve the above and more.
  8. Throughout 2014, Jasmuheen will continue working with the Angelics who are now bringing through higher light science sonic codings of very refined vibrations. For an example of this you may enjoy her Angelic Heart Tones – video for unifying left & right brain hemispheres.

Data re the evening event:- An evening with Jasmuheen is always a special event as she provides powerful tools in each gathering for all to be able to follow their intuitive guidance more easily and to be able to know the will of their Divine Essence. She also provides a wonderful way to be able to nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by tapping deeper into and aligning with this Essence. At this time of great change in our world, being able to flow through life with Grace and clarity is an incredible gift to possess. This wonderful event with Jasmuheen will be a mini-workshop with the sharing of uplifting tools and information, time for questions and answers plus an empowering meditation.

Deciding whether to come: As we advise everyone, who is thinking of attending a retreat with Jasmuheen, please check in meditation and see if it feels right to come. If it does then ask the intelligent Universal Field and the Divine One Within you to clear the way so you can attend with joy and ease. Ask that the money comes to you, or babysitters for your children, or whatever you need. If you are meant to be part of these wonderful gatherings, with beautiful like

Jasmuheen’s service:- Since 1997 Jasmuheen and the Self Empowerment Academy have conducted numerous world tours via the support of their dedicated networks around the world. Each tour continued to build on the previous year’s theme and covered issues like Divine Nutrition (1997); Impeccable Mastery (1998); The Blueprint for Paradise (1999); Dancing with the Divine (2000); Co-Creating Paradise : Recipe 2000> (2001); Divine Radiance : Unity 2002 with its Perfect Alignment & Perfect Action Program and in 2003 Jasmuheen launched “The Madonna Frequency : PLANETARY PEACE PROGRAM”; The of Law and Its Fabulous Frequency of Freedom (2004); Harmonious Healing (2005); The Prana Program (2006) and in 2007 The Field of Love & 2nd Chance Dances. With tours each year focusing on Effective & Enjoyable Evolution, The Field of Love and many other topics, Jasmuheen continues to travel the globe & reporting via her research manuals, on the unfoldment of personal and global harmonization programs. In 2008 she toured with the Embassy of Peace agenda; in 2009 the Health, Home & Heart Harmonics, 2010 the Rhythm of Love; 2011 The Pathways of Peace and 2012 – BEing Essence & 2013 Saying YES.

Jasmuheen on Tour – Videos:- To sense more about Jasmuheen’s work you may wish to see some of the following:- Jasmuheen in Estonia – videos in English & Estonian; Jasmuheen in France – videos in English with French translation; Jasmuheen in Germany, Switzerland – videos in English with German translation; Jasmuheen in Brazil – videos in English with Portuguese translation; Jasmuheen in Italy – videos in English with Italian translation; Jasmuheen in Japan – videos in English with Japanese translation; Jasmuheen in Romania – videos in English with Romanian translation; Jasmuheen in Russia – videos in English with Russian translation; Jasmuheen in Spain – videos in English with Spanish translation.