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Plus a wonderful message from our Light Being friends!

Tips for a challenging time

Tips for a Challenging Time with Jasmuheen – July 2020 It is what it is now what are you going to do about it? We can’t control others or current events on earth but we can control our reaction to events … Acknowledge support – we are always taken care of by a loving, benevolent…

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The Renovation of the Soul

In this controversial video below, Jasmuheen shares about the powerful changes on Earth and what is required from us all to move into more harmonious times … She writes; ” As we all enter into deeper reflection on our individual and also collective creations, it is simply a time of saying yes or no. “Yes”…

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Upleveling Light Being Message

UPLEVELING Now – Intergalactic Ascended Master Message to Earth – 4-April 2020 – Jasmuheen This message – received through Jasmuheen on the 4/4/20 – is for those who are ready to UPLEVEL out of duality and into the Unity Zone and change holograms – so we know you will listen to the entire energetic transmission…

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Wim Hoff Breath Work

We have taken the below 3 videos and data from YouTube as Wim’s methods are so powerful for health and healing … enjoy! About this method – Wim Hof has developed a method characterized by simplicity and effectiveness. The effects and applicability of this method are being investigated by various scientific institutes, including the Radboud…

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Australian Bushfires

A Time of Release and Burning – Jasmuheen Thank you for all of your emails, contact, questions and concern as it has inspired me to do the below video insight on climate change, resource sustainability, the Australian bush fires plus what we can do to help and more … also see what we can do…

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Inspiring Stories

Due to the challenging times that many now live in we have created a new YouTube Playlist called Inspiring Real Life Stories – at this link – but we include some of these videos also below. ABOVE – A brief Introduction to our NEW inspirational real life stories playlist. ABOVE – A Story of Being…

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Breath Heart and Brain Coherence

Our latest newsletter – click here In this newsletter you will find …. data plus videos on Jasmuheen’s events in November in Brazil and Argentina plus Japan, as well as an esoteric biography of Jasmuheen’s training in other lives. You will also find some simple images on the content of these programs plus additional insights….

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Life Quality & Quantity

plus The Intergalactic Way & the Way of the Intergalactics with Jasmuheen It is so fascinating to be at that point in my life where I am watching so many in my family go through what some would term the usual declining of physical abilities due to age. My mother would have been 100 this…

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China Update

Wudang Mountains, China – June 2019 A few days of travel and here I am in these sacred mountains connecting in with the Taoist College and the people who have founded this in the Wudang Mountains as well as in other sacred mountains ranges in China. I know we have that same connective bridge, these…

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May Newsletter Intro

To read the full newsletter click here Welcome everybody to May 2019! Already our year is unfolding in such an amazing heart centred way and now having just come back from Darkroom Retreat, I find myself in the deepest state of silent stillness, a place that I have come to enjoy more and more. There…

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Quantum Benevolence

Light Body Zones: Benefits of Life Lived in Quantum Benevolence Jasmuheen in India October 2018 speaking at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Scientists A meditator over 45 years, Jasmuheen is the lifetime president of the GFSS in India. She is the founder of embassy of peace and has written 42 books which have been translated…

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End 2018 Message

A brief update with Jasmuheen re some of the 2018 changes and also touching a little on 2019, plus a few basic tips on how to have a smoother transition through it all.  

Great Insights

Mental Nourishment … Recommended videos, articles & magazines! Good mental nutrition is crucial for us all and we know that like myself many of you receive so much inspirational data from various channels on the internet. So, before we offer insights on our Health, Environment and more from various sources, we just want to mention…

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Meeting Kwan Yin

Life Insights – Being a Living Example – a surprise meeting with Kwan Yin The theme of unity through merging and blending has been with so many of us for so long, as has the idea that we can take ourselves into any zone of existence we wish to explore via personal vibrational shifts. These…

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The Wizard’s Toolbox

Jasmuheen – May 2018 As one friend or family member after another tackle some very powerful life challenges, many also share how grateful they are for what I call our “Wizards Toolbox” that cache of techniques that are tried and true that consistently deliver results to bring harmony and balance back to life. It’s not…

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Spontaneous Healing Testimony

Incredible Ted Talk with Anita Moorjani on her spontaneous healing … Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital in a coma on the morning of February 2nd, 2006. Unable to move as a result of the cancer that had ravaged her body for almost four years, Anita…

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Fabulous video on finding our Life Purpose

Finally Found Film Documentary Teaser (Life Mission, Health, Prana, Heart Intelligence…) To be able to watch this movie click here but first watch the below trailer! The “Finally Found Film Documentary team” is happy to share with you : The new film trailer featuring all the 21 participants (doctors, scientists, media personalities, pranic people, entrepreneurs) !…

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The Grand Awakening

The Grand Awakening A Super POSITIVE Intergalactic Contact Message thru Jasmuheen 9-2017 In this video message, they speak of the incredible energy that is radiating out from Earth, that is positively effecting other systems, plus our genetics, being Starseeded, our DNA, our Lightbodies, the merging of the realms, the sensitives, the languages of light and…

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The Red Dot Zones and the Golden Age – Chaos and Unity

In this brief yet insightful video, Ambassador of Peace Jasmuheen shares a higher perspective on the zones of chaos in our world, how everything will naturally come up for rebalance at the start of a Golden age time.