Questions on Ascension and the Great Reset and more

The below questions were asked by Star People Magazine in Japan.

(1) Please briefly explain about the Great Reset Time, our personal and global ascension path.

We have entered into a time of the dawning of a new way of being on earth that is being created by the deepest heart’s desire of the human life way. The Great Reset is a time of upgrading all systems of operation on earth so that they eventually operate for the highest good of all!

(2) What is the Freedom Matrix?

The Freedom Matrix is a vibrational zone of revelation where certain higher abilities that are natural abilities are revealed to everyone once our personal keynote hits a certain resonance. Our personal keynote is the sum total of how our 4 bodies – physical, emotional, mental and etheric – vibrate. Once we hit this frequency spectrum this matrix blossoms fully within us to free us from all human hungers and limitations to reveal the truth of who we really are as vast multi-dimensional beings!

Are there some types of matrices in this world?

Yes, there are so many as a matrix is an etheric system of energy pulsation like what we see with the ley lines that intersect to form grid points or chakras like the Pyramids and all the sacred places on earth. Our body is hardwired to this matrix as well through the Law of One.

(3) Why is the Freedom Matrix particularly necessary for people and the planet?

It’s a natural part of our world – a grid of resonance we can vibrate into that lets us all operate at our highest potential. Some call it the Christed Grid or the Shambala Matrix of which we are the mirror image running through us. This etheric hard wiring called the Freedom Matrix is part of our body of Light yet the term just describes the full blossoming of our Lightbody’s potential just as the Shambala matrix once risen again will support the mass collective into experiencing their full potential! One of the gifts that come from the blossoming of this matrix within us is the freedom from the need to take physical food if we wish.

(4) What happens to people and the earth if they can’t deeply anchor the Freedom Matrix?

They generally just stay anchored in the hologram of duality. Accessing this field comes from our heart’s desire and how we spend our time – our day to day lifestyle.

(5) What can happen to the earth when it is merged with a higher matrix?

We will anchor permanently into the sixth and final Golden Age on earth – as prophesised to be the end of the Age of Kali Yuga and the immersion into the age of Aquarius.

(6) What can we do to help the Earth merge with the higher matrix? Is it required that the intention of a large group of people?
As we each relax back into the experiential truth of who we really are and are educated to understand the magnificence of the human design on a core level, our personal resonance will act as a fertilizing agent for others as well. So as Gandhi said we need to be the change we wish to see in the world. In his book Power vrs Force David Hawkins shares it only takes a small group of people to hit and hold that resonance of unconditional love for self and all sentient life to uplevel our world. But we all must make the heartfelt choice to be our best version selves to personal ride the wave of this transition.

(7) Is the merging with the higher matrix available not only for the earth but also for an individual level? In short, is it possible for us to merge with a more evolved version of ourselves?

Yes and yes. Personal resonance determines it all. We are in a time of revelation and remembrance and relaxing back into our already enlightened nature self.

(8) What is the Triple Level Ascension Program?
It is the moving of Earth, her people and also our Universe deeper into the zone of Unity -the Unified Realms. It is a prophesised upgrading to a field of more enlightened potential. While many worlds have ascended themselves and their people never before has a universe been upgraded in this way so this time of the Great Reset is also unique!