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2020 & 2021 Events

Please note our March-April plus June 2020 events have been postponed until November 2020 and to 2021 due to travel bans and restrictions. New dates coming soon. We hope that all will be settled globally so we can maintain our October-November and December 2020 events. Stay focused in the field of love as all that is unfolding will be beneficial for humankind!

Traveling the world for up to 6 months of every year since 1994, we have been gathering with the most amazing people! Yet our work has always been about self mastery and self responsibility through tuning deeper to, merging with and enjoying our pure Essence nature and the personal and global benefits this brings! So, in 2020 we continue this theme of enjoying life as a fully awakened being, who is free from all human hungers.


JUNE 2020 – we have postponed Mexico til 2021, Jasmuheen will probably not attend the USA event

  • California – USA – 28th May – 1st June – Palms Springs California –  Jasmuheen at Contact in the Desert Gathering – click here for their website – her speaking time is still being organised.
  • Mexico – 6th-7th-8th-9th June 2021 – a four day intensive on True Love Pure Love – video below – organiser email Conchita – [email protected]

OCTOBER – NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2020 – please note that the below events are dependent on global issues – perhaps join our mailing list to be keep up to date?

  • Rishikesh, India – 8th – 15th October, 2020 – International Embassy of Peace Retreat – Organiser email:- [email protected]
  • China – 23rd – 29th October 2020 – data still to come – this event is dependent on the Coronavirus situation in China.
  • Japan – 21st – 24th November 2020 – Tokyo – day intensive – True Love Pure Love Program
  • Brazil – December 4th to 9th (2pm) 2020 – A four day intensive retreat outside of Sào Paulo on Harmonious Healing Intensive – Organisers for Brazil Event:

Pure Love True Love Program Event in Mexico and Japan – see video here.

For health, happiness and harmony to be real for us all, we have to acknowledge and experience the limitless internal resource of our own pure and perfect ascended nature. Without its guidance, love, light and energy we cannot achieve such lofty goals but with it? There is no limit to what an awakened individual and society can achieve!

Embassy of Peace Events & Retreat

In this brief video below – Jasmuheen shares about why each retreat is held in various vortices and who is called to affiliate with the Embassy to share their programs either as a living example or as an ambassadors of Peace. The next gathering is 8th-15th October 2020 in Rishikesh India but spaces at the hotel are now limited so book soon if this calls you after watching this video and applying what she suggests.

Annual Darkroom Retreat, Pranic Living & Sacred Art Retreat data;

All the money from our seminars as well as the sale of the my art funds the Embassy of Peace projects.

  • Having enjoyed meditation since 1974, our gatherings provide fabulous personal insights via our well loved deep, guided meditations!
  • Some of these can also be downloaded from my iTunes channel.