Coding into Harmony with Gaia

Our Light Being friends are constantly reminding us to utilise the fertiliser of love, to know from experience that as we send out the pure “I love you, I love you, I love you” that this supports our world with the perfect fertiliser it needs in its own journey of ascension …

So, let us apply some quick coding of alignment to Gaia’s pattern of harmony …

Gaia is releasing a harmonic that is affecting the whole world, as we have already mentioned and one thing Gaia knows is how to live in harmony within herself and within the matrix of life.

So, you might now feel to sincerely say to Benevolent quantum intelligence,

Teach me of the harmonics of Gaia, the spirit of our world, let Mother Nature’s power and prana move more freely through all who are open to this now so that our world can be energised in a different way…”

This is a clear intention that we would like harmonious co-existence with Gaia to be our new state of being and this coding sets up what I call a driver, a stimulator for a new pattern to appear. To state with feeling that:

I claim to live in peace in every moment of each day with all life within this world here now, so that peace is now my pattern, so that I am in harmony with Gaia’s heart. And if there is a Benevolence, a loving creative force that keeps creation alive in its flow, then it is to this purest pattern of love that I now align! I align to all the good in the world that allows everything in existence to operate in its highest most perfect expression!

I say yes to peace within and around me.

I say yes to the rhythm of harmony on Earth.

I say yes to the rhythm of health.

I say yes to a happy heart, happy home.

I say yes.

I say yes to being nourished in the most perfect way that is for my highest good and the highest good of human evolution!”

As your system hears this command and statement, then it naturally begins to align to the zones where this coding can be truth!

Experiential Facts

  • Gaia, the spirit of our Earth is now releasing a new harmonic that also holds great compassion for all sentient life.
  • Gaia’s Harmony pattern is drawing more Galactic energy through our sun.
  • This Galactic energy is flooding our bio-systems with specific frequencies and feeding our pineal glands with more DMT which in turn is harmonising our left-right brain hemispheres to awaken our more intuitive nature.
  • To stay aligned to her new harmonic we need to be in the energy of kindness and compassion which deeper immersion in the Essence ocean can joyously deliver!
  • As we come into permanent peace personally, so too will our world as all is interconnected via the Universal Law of One. All that we are affects the whole.
  • All that is out of harmony on earth will feel even more so until Gaia’s own reharmonization pattern is complete and/or until we each come into harmony with her and with ourselves and each other.
  • We can no longer live as a lessor version of ourselves.

The Outcomes of this Coding: –

Many of the Shaman and Elders of our First Nation people know the power of Gaia and the gifts that come when we walk in harmony upon her as do those of us who have made heartfelt commitments to tune to her in a more loving and supportive way. Many have also maintained contact with what they call the Star Nations, our intergalactic brothers and sisters as discussed by Sioux Chief Golden Light Eagle on Earth Star TV.

The above is an excerpt from our Unity Reset for an Evolving World research manual.