Each year we test our programs and methodology to record the impact they have on people's lives - especially their health, happiness and harmony levels.

We do this by tuning in to the pranic living lifestyle and the Source Feeding reality in our annual darkroom retreats.

In this 9 day and 9 night intensive of being in absolute darkness we get to live like yogis in a cave and apply powerful life enhancing methodology of Interdimensional Energy Field Science.

At the right hand side - or after this text - you can email Anjie directly to send you more data on our annual darkroom gathering or to book in directly as spaces fill fast!

We hope to resume these as soon as we can!

In the meantime we have our powerful ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMS! Scroll down for more ...


In these fast changing times so many are seeking to stabilize in the rhythms of both freedom and peace
and so this is what our powerful and pragmatic new online courses will focus on via 10 specific online courses, with methodology that has enhanced the lives of millions of people in 55 countries for nearly 3 decades!

Live Zoom gatherings are also available!

Link to our new Online courses!