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Anchoring in The Deepest Peace

Anchoring in the Deepest Peace to Nourish Ourselves and Our World
“Asking and being open to receive is one of the first steps required to receive some of the gifts of the quantum field. Taking control via our lifestyle to tune to specific channels within the universal field is a basic and easy art to learn.”   Jasmuheen

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Wow two newsletters this month – this is so unusual for me as per the reasons below …
However … the first reason is for those of you who have emailed in with difficulty accessing the link we sent you last time to this wonderful new course – please try this link below but remember it will expire on the 28-02-22.
Yes, we will officially begin our new Pathways of Peace Course tomorrow but you can join us anytime as due to our international time constraints these courses have been recorded for you to participate at your leisure and at a time that works for you. It is wonderful to open to be able to go beyond time constraints and just be in the timeless now imagining we are all together in each section of each course as if we are tuned in live.
Remember we also offer scholarships for those who require this.
We have also uploaded new videos and audios in our Free Online Events and Free Meditation sections! This includes our recent sharing on Kryon and Lee Carroll’s Healing Wednesdays event we did on the 26-01-2022 that is on their private channel that I have shared in our Free Global events section with their permission.
Please see our new video on this Pathways of Peace new course also either on YT at this link or you can watch the advert free version on this Course page here!
It truly has been a great joy to film this new Course and also to be able to tailor make it to our current global situation as anchoring ourselves in deep peace is such a gift for ourselves and our world right now.
Finally, as I recently shared with many of you on our social media channels …
After 58 years of conscious service I feel as if I have slowed right down finally and I am almost in ‘semi-retirement’ mode these days – this is due to the global game of no travel for me these past few years and also just because it feels right … as I seem to be engulfed in a deeper pattern of silent stillness which is just so delicious! The break and downtime from constant touring these past few years was much needed and I have also had some huge family changes which have taken up a lot of my time as well – family and those we love are so important as we all know!
I am also actually still assessing what I want to do with the time flows that I have – which is mainly just follow the call of my heart of hearts – smiles – and enjoy fully each now moment … and so the reality of mindfulness absorbs me more and more … being present as pure Presence …
This also means that I am not uploading as many videos either on YT these days nor getting involved in many projects as I am feeling just the heart call to complete our Embassy of Peace Online Courses at the moment and to complete my new book on True Love Pure Love.
But I wish you all the best in all that you are all doing and I truly am sorry that I haven’t had time to personally tune in to you on a deeper level!!!
Still we are connected heart to heart and I know we are all appreciating all the gifts that we each carry and are sharing in our unique way and time with our evolving world.
So we hope you continue to enjoy all of our Online Courses and as usual your feedback is always so appreciated!
And yes we will still have a few Live Zoom Gatherings during this year in multiple languages.
Biggest hugs to you all – Jasmuheen
Also see our new Meditations below and please note that the date for our event in France has now changed!

July 2021 Newsletter for You

Our latest Newsletter!

Hello everyone,
We hope and trust that this mail-out finds you well as I am sure, like me, you have been going through many stages and phases dealing with lock-downs and so much more!
It is so interesting to witness all that is unfolding on Earth as a detached observer, an observer that also has the power to nurture and nourish along the way. At times those around us need only to be infused with love and whether we can be with them physically or not, we can always take a few moments to imagine them in our arms and hold them close and just tell them over and over “I Love You” as if the Endless “I” of the authentic self can soothe or heal or just support – which it can. See our hug meditation below – smiles.
The only thing that travels faster than the speed of light, is the speed of thought and the speed of love which seems to act as a bridge between the two. So all we have to do is imagine the person, feel the love and just embrace them as if we are the Goddess herself with all the love she has to impart. A simple focus and formula that benefits us all.
I have felt this so often this past year, as like so many I have gone through so many phases and stages throughout this massive global uplevelling time. Whether its hugging my cat when he has been out of sorts, or hugging myself in the act of self nurturing or hugging our Earth as well as the 7 plus billion people upon it, or hugging a friend or loved one in a non-physical etheric embrace, the art of a sincere “I love you” along with a divine embrace somehow feels the most nurturing thing to do as all must go through their own phases and stages through this personal and global ascension process that we have all merged deeper into.
Spending quality time with quality people is now a longing in the heart of so many.
Self nurturing while nurturing others in the best way we can is now the action of so many.
Letting go of words and judgements that separate and divide is also the intention of so many as we unify all that we are within ourselves so that our presence is a unifying, peaceful presence for those that need this now.
And so many are now consciously unhooking from so much that is unfolding in our media, to instead just BE the peace-filled yogi whose love filled energy transmissions and uplifting thought patterns are silently winging their way across our world to infuse those who need this now.
And yet as we have shared before … some phases require us to be those activists whose voices ring loud and true while other phases call us to be still and silent yet also active for the fact as we know is, that we are all vibrating systems of energy which means we are always influencing a field.
My Light Being friends tell me that we have at least another intense year of this pandemic hologram in our world as it forces us all to assess what freedom truly means to us as individuals, as countries and as a planet as a whole and so it has been so wonderful to look more deeply at the Freedom matrix with our groups online. The meditations that have spontaneously flowed have also been so powerful regarding our personal recalibrations as well, so thank you again to all of our French and Brazilian-Portugueseparticipants for bringing such wonderful meditations into the field! These of course are still available for you all to enjoy!
If you missed these gatherings you can find out more at these links as we have them there for you to enjoy! We also have a 3 week event coming up Live in Spanish at this link plus our next meditation gathering in Brazil on the 27th July, where we will be sharing a wonderful new practice on Life – Freedom, Focus and Formula – click here for more. Our next event in France will be in November, Romania in November also and Zurich in October.
After filming 7 powerful life enhancing Online Courses this past year and with three more to bring in, my own filming and ‘busy’ness has again slowed right down as I take more time to dip even deeper into the freedom from time constraints phase that reveals even more to us all in the silent stillness and to also enjoy both family time and my mountain ashram home. To take time to be free from time constraints is also an act of self care as we all need to unhook from all man made holograms and rest in silence and solitude for a while so we can gain a higher perspective and also recalibrate ourselves into a future of our choice. As we have all been noticing … Quantum biofeedback is so powerful at this time!
Saying yes to things that uplift us all through paradigms that unify rather than divide us is also part of kindness to self and kindness to others, yet all must follow the call of their hearts as we each pass through both our individual and global evolutionary stages that have long been foretold would come to pass. And so respect regarding individual choices is also a loving act of kindness, as each soul progresses through this phase in the way that feels right for them. Being in a state of loving allowance while being a nourishing silent presence is crucial for many right now – this is the state of the pure Being at our Core doing the doing.
And so we have updated our events webpage to share of upcoming gatherings where we will still beam in via Zoom since my country’s international borders remain closed and may do for some time. Yes, we will eventually be able to gather in person again!
In the meantime for those of you who are in countries where physical freedom is becoming more available, stay safe, keep your immune systems strong and make sure that you take time to unhook from the holographic nature of the human life waves co-creations on Earth that are based in a lack of experience of the authentic Essence nature in us all – dropping back into silent stillness to hear and feel the wisdom of this part of ourselves continues to be crucial for us all as so much misinformation on so many global issues continues to confuse, stimulate fear or just divide us all.
Also thank you for all of your feedback regarding our Freedom Matrix book that we offer with full audio as well as the e-book at this link – yes it is great to listen to a book and gain the voice vibrations as well especially as the 8 main Light Being transmissions – that share of the Ascension formula of their worlds and how they ascended their own Earth-type planets back into the Unified Realms – are also so informative!
So make sure you feed yourself mentally with the most nourishing mental food you can access as we know that then feeds us emotionally and either drops or enhances our physical systems and our immune systems!
Yay! We have updated both our and also our websites!
As always, we wish you all the love, all the wisdom, all the Grace and all the support that we know so many of you continue to need right now!!!
Biggest biggest hugs – Jasmuheen and Anjie at the Embassy of Peace. 
Other languages now in Online Courses plus more – Portuguese; French; Spanish; German-Deutsche plus more to come …
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It’s Complicated yet Support Comes

Hello everyone,
As I go deeper into filming and receiving data for our latest online course on the Alchemy of Health and Healing – that I know so many of you are waiting for – all I find myself saying and thinking is …
It’s complicated … and yet … there is quantum benevolence that seems to ensure we always receive what we need when we need it … and as this intelligence is everywhere and pulsating through and around us, we can relax more and trust that all will come to us all as required … whether it be a pause in a busy flow of life through being grounded from travel or in some type of lock-down, I prefer to see it all as just another opportunity to play in a different way in our lives on Earth!
While I am so grateful for this extended time period of being off the road, where I can research and study and bring myself up to date with the latest findings on human health … all I keep feeling as I study more is that it is complicated …
It’s complicated because we are all such unique systems of energy and so our journeys back into that state of health on all levels are also so unique as is the wisdom that we gain through this deep immersion we have all had by living in duality!
So for those of you whose time zones don’t match some of our interviews, you can enjoy it all now here – Free Online Global Events – in this section we will be posting videos and meditations plus audios of our free Global events that we hold from time to time via Zoom gatherings and in other ways. You will also find mp3 audios of the incredibly insightful Light Being messages from our YouTube videos that you can download and listen to any time that suits you! Also there, is our recent Zoom meeting with Dr Edith Ubuntu Chan where we share various Global Insights in response to many questions for the gathering. Also see Global Upgrade Meditation plus Light Being Message with Jasmuheen that follows this as Part 2 of Global Insights – at this link.
Also you may enjoy our recent podcast discussions and more Source feeding focused insights with the wonderful men from Alfa Vedic at this link. The audio of this is available for download from our Free Online Global Events.
Recently I discovered the work of Dr Zack Bush who has one of the best insights into microbiology and viruses and more and on what Mother Nature is offering via viral updates – yet his statistics on health and also solutions for becoming healthier as a people and as a planet are well worth absorbing so we trust you will enjoy the video links below – we know the videos are long but they are jam packed with great information!!
As many of you know, we have created a Corona Wisdom YouTube playlist and so we have placed some of his findings there yet his research offers so much more including answers to why some people have a hard time transitioning into Source Feeding which is due to their microbiome being out of balance which we have long noticed during our darkroom retreats especially over the last 5 years!
According to research at the University of Washington, “The microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses – that live on and inside the human body. The number of genes in all the microbes in one person’s microbiome is 200 times the number of genes in the human genome. The microbiome may weigh as much as five pounds.”
Our microbiome forms 90% of who we are and our human self is just 10%! It also determines serotonin levels, talks constantly to and programs the brain which operates more as a CPU or central processing unit and it also determines our physical health and dis-ease levels … when our microbiome is out of balance we see so many levels of dis-ease including obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression and feelings of loneliness.
In fact as many of you already know, our gut health – our microbiome – determines much of our physical health and also people’s general dis-ease patterns, yet even this is just one small aspect of health for we also have our mental health and its effect on our emotional health and stress levels which then effects our physical health.
As we all now know, our perceptions always trigger emotional responses of some sort – when we see the bigger picture we tend to stay relaxed, at peace and calm, when we dive too deep into social media and general medias holographic realms, we then tend to feel more concerned regarding life on Earth today …
Then we have the lack of experiential awareness of our core Essence nature so that there is no clear master of the complete bio-system which – lacking clear mastery and direction from our unawakened state – tends to send out more random signalling through the Unified Field which results in a more random based experience of life as is the way of the Universal Law of Resonance.
Now more that ever we need to be both mentally and emotionally stable and anchored in and operating from our core Essence nature … we achieve this anchoring through our lifestyle and so it is wonderful to have our online Luscious Lifestyle Program available now! (See link for this below.)
On a nourishment level, Source feeding is so simple compared to the complication of bringing then keeping the human bio-system into a state of health on all levels via other methods as Source Energy, when strong enough, naturally revitalises and recalibrates the complete system including our microbiology signalling!
Yet for those not interested in being so extreme, we also have other methodology for bio-system harmony … and as unique beings, we all find our way into that as our hearts and minds seek to be in this more harmonious state.
Still our programs at the Embassy of Peace can also help to facilitate this as well so you can see more on these below …
So please enjoy wonderful quotes below and also links to amazing videos including the fun beatbox guys!!
Biggest hugs to you all – Jasmuheen and Anjie


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Contact and Clarity




Hello everyone,
So many choices, so many online courses or movies to watch on Netflix or Gaia TV as so many are deeper now in lock-down – whether you are in a country with closed borders as I am in Australia or whether travel has become so difficult due to quarantining, or you are just in a country that is again in community lock-down – never before have we had so much choice and also time regarding how to keep ourselves healthy and happy during this major transition time on Earth for as we all know we feed what we focus on!!
For those who like to keep it very simple, here is my personal formula for staying in a great space both mentally and emotionally throughout these challenging times!
  • Daily meditation in silent stillness
  • focused on my breath
  • using the Name it Claim It Meditation and power mantras that we talk of in our Online Courses and have offered freely on YouTube at this link
  • keeping my heart filled with gratitude for all that is good in life …
  • staying focused in the now moment as much as I can – not living in the past or the future as the past is done and we are weaving in a new future by what we are giving our energy to today …
  • being kind to myself and self nurturing
  • doing the same to others – being kind and nurturing to all … and also
  • acknowledging that we are in huge blending times so to keep out of too much mental analysis as all patterns are changing!
  • Therefore, I try to feed myself physically, mentally and emotionally with the most nourishing rhythms of energy that keep me in the zone of my choice!
While this is my personal formula, yes it works so well for many! Clarity, nourishing choices and good communication are essential for us all right now!
We hope enjoy the links below to our insightful videos – and from others – and also our links and data regarding our various live gatherings and also for a little more insight to our latest online course that is now available which is The Alchemy of Contact!
It was so nice to sit together and be with people, broadcasted live in Brazil recently, to meditate, share and just generally support each other. In our sharing and meditation we were shown that beautiful mandala energy matrix that we each carry above us that is linked to the Unified realms, how that same mandala pattern is below us and forms part of the Shambala Matrix and how the two feed energy in through our body of light as we reside in density on Earth. It was all so beautiful to see, sense and acknowledge as such is the power of group gatherings where so much can come through. This meditation is now available in English and Portuguese languages!
For those of you who love the Ascended Masters, we have created a YouTube playlist that we call “Ascended Masters & Others Inspiring Messages” (Messages of Hope) – at this link – with new insights being added weekly. The latest message from Arcturius on the Magic of Merlin, is below.
Biggest hugs to you all – Jasmuheen and Anjie

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Global Energy Influxes

Hello everyone,
As we shared recently on our Facebook channels … It is interesting how quickly we as humans can adjust to what many may now call the new ‘normal’ – restricted travel, closed borders, chaos in news broadcasts, or what some would see as the surrender of human rights as the ‘powers that be’ struggle with huge global changes … yet all of this can be flipped so easily in our minds so that we can see it as an opportunity to do so many other things. For me it has been the joy of watching well researched programs on Gaia TV and studying things that really speak to my heart; then of course there is that wide expanse of time that we can spend in so many uplifting ways, more time for meditation and silent contemplation, precious time with family and friends or just enjoying the home base where little adjustments can be made for home to feel even homelier.
Then there is that chance for retrospection – to assess all of our life’s creations – from our personal relationships to how much joy and laughter we have allowed into our lives, to the feeling of yes we are applying all the wisdom we have been gathering for so long, to being able to say yes we are able to stay in deep peace regardless of surrounding circumstances especially as so many we know and love are now leaving their forms to rejoin their formless nature more fully … for yes this is a huge time of powerful personal and global initiations on so many levels!
As our world continues to change and I myself respond to so many invitations to share with different channels, we are continuing to place many new videos in our free Online events section and also to update and add new insights to our various courses that many of you have been enjoying, so make sure you check there from time to time especially those of you who have completed a course. I will soon be adding to our Living Life of Effortless Ease course as well! There are links to these upcoming talks-events below.
Also note that I was recently guided to create our new Online Course – Manifesting True Abundance – a course designed to help many through these difficult times. In this – subtitled in English – course we provide pragmatic tips and insights plus meditations with coding, for the creation and manifestation of true abundance in life. However as our other courses offer so much in specialized areas and due to the global pandemic situation, in this course we will focus a lot more on the topic of relaxing into true wealth and also life purpose as we always feel richer when we fulfil what we are born to do! This Manifesting True Abundance course responds to deep community and individual needs due to our current times and so we offer it as a helpful aid here now. All our sharing of so many pragmatic insights, powerful codes and meditations, allows for us to open up to additional levels of support so that we can move through these current times in a more relaxed and confident manner.

Latest Newsletter

Hello everyone,
As the months roll by, it seems as if the new normal is unlike anything we have witnessed on Earth before and yet we know it really is a bridge to a brand new time, something our Light Being friends discuss in great detail in the video below.
For all of us we can see so much changing in our own lives and also on a global level – a change we are advised will remain quite intense for the next few years – at least until 2025. Then from 2030 so much will change again until by 2050, our planet will be in a brand new zone and almost unrecognizable to how it is operating now.
With many people dropping their bodies and many more still to leave, for many their contract on Earth is coming to completion while for others new contracts are coming in along with many of our Star Being friends who are taking human form through the normal birth process. Each one is carrying the experiential template of what life is like in the Unified realms and how to exist in harmony with all, just as we do. Peaceful, wise and love filled these new ones have been coming in for some time with awareness of what our world requires and also in answer to many people’s heart prayers.

Breath Heart and Brain Coherence

Our latest newsletter – click here

In this newsletter you will find …. data plus videos on Jasmuheen’s events in November in Brazil and Argentina plus Japan, as well as an esoteric biography of Jasmuheen’s training in other lives.
You will also find some simple images on the content
of these programs plus additional insights.
We also offer a simple 8 minute
Welcome everybody … one tour complete and another soon to begin but it is true, I truly love meeting you all!
Our gatherings have changed so much over the years in a way that reflects the consciousness of the individuals attending and while there are always a few basics that we share in every gathering so that we can all step deeper into the unified field of heart-brain coherence, each group that gathers also brings through many unique things that never cease to amaze me!
We are also finding that the realms are merging more quickly as we gather, with many of our Light Being friends stepping in to be with us energetically and also often sharing more about their lives in the unified realms through the channeling process. Of course all of these ones are just our own Essence nature expressing and vibrating a little differently for we are all pure Essence beings vibrating multi-dimensionally in the web of one – smiles. When we drop back to baseline energy we experience this nature more powerfully.
As much as I love my mountain ashram and being in that state of silent stillness, just present in the moment, it was also wonderful to be back again in Europe and to meet so many of you there again for to be with like-minded, open hearted and very loving people is such a gift for us all.
And so, it is great to know that there are more gatherings to be enjoyed and to be able to send out this information on our upcoming gatherings for the end of this year, where our focus will be on the things we share in the videos below.
It will be wonderful to meet and spend time with all of our new people and also with those of you that always come to share your energies with us for so many seem to be flying in now from all over the world to be with us this year!
And a big thank you for all your recommendations as I know so many join us because of the benefits they have witnessed in the lives of family and friends who have been with us in past gatherings.
Coming soon our new YouTube Storytime Playlist as we all love uplifting life changing AHA moment insights and stories – if you have any then please send them is to us!
Love to see you in person and have you add your gifts to our gatherings!
This is Jasmuheen – and Anjie – for the Embassy of Peace.

May Newsletter Intro

Welcome everybody to May 2019!
Already our year is unfolding in such an amazing heart centred way and now having just come back from Darkroom Retreat, I find myself in the deepest state of silent stillness, a place that I have come to enjoy more and more. There is something about solitude, silence and stillness that calls us to go deeper within it. It’s almost seductive I find, maybe it’s just getting older as I am now in my 63rd year on this planet this life. Or maybe it’s just a natural consequence of the energies that are flooding in through our world, coming from the universal core, through the galactic core and through our sun, a stream of energy that is carrying a very particular spectrum of frequencies; that green healing light, so much of that blue love energy, the gold of wisdom and that red of the power – to apply love and wisdom so much more easily in our world and our lives – and then there is that final violet fire flame of transformation.
These energies are coming through the universal core in response to the change in the human heart as more and more people want to go deeper into the harmonic of that which their heart is calling for as we share in our Naming and Claiming article below.
Recently I was standing in a shop waiting for a friend to do a few things she had to do and the shopkeeper began to speak of how tired she was of superficial conversation and how she was realizing that there was so much more to life and that perhaps meditation was the key and for whatever reason she decided that she could confide this with me.
Most people where I live have no idea about the work that I do in the world, to them I’m just a simple woman passing through their space and this is something I really enjoy and yet our frequency does so much in the fields around us all the time whether we intend this or not. Who we are affects all surrounding fields, as we all now know which I witnessed again with this beautiful soul who was ready now for more.
And so we began to share very simple methodology for meditation that focuses on the breath, of allowing the breath to slow right down and be deep yet conscious and to make every breath a meal almost, to be able to just drink of the purest chi and the purest love and the purest peace that is pulsating everywhere within and around us.
To then also add the mantra ‘I AM’ with the intention that we claim the divine ‘I’ on the inhale and we relax fully into the isness of all that we are with the ‘AM’ on the exhale – for it is a time of absolute acceptance of every layer of our being, our humanness and also our divinity. To lovingly accept each part of our self while also allowing our Essence to thrive and dominate the biosystem – this is when the joy and the magic can come.
It was so beautiful to explain this in a very simple way with this woman, who understood immediately that we are inbuilt with all the tools to go deeper into that rhythm of the purest peace and deepest love that are within us and around us all the time.
To confirm that it is just a matter of being still, of being silent, of taking some solitude time as well if we can, to just be present with the breath and be present in the field as pure presence, just with this awareness. For it is here then where we can feel and know that we are already so pure and perfect on the deeper levels of our being and so there’s nothing to change yet everything to enjoy.
Obviously when the human personality self dominates when we choose to live in a beta frequency brain wave state, then life has its ups and downs yet that peace, that joy, that love, that bliss, that gratitude is always there within us and so easy to access with the breath because that is the magnificence of the human design.
We have such an amazing opportunity now to be so still and be silent and yet follow the call of our heart and let go of those more habitual patterns of mental analysis of looking for the why’s and the wherefores’ in life and relaxing instead to just enjoy every moment as it evolves so magically within us and around us.
To me it truly is magical to be fully present as Presence, to be fully aware in each moment and to not live in the past or future and instead to be open to the magic of the now. This is such ancient wisdom that we all know and yet to put it into practice as we have to do in darkroom each year – and as I choose to do in my life every day – brings so many rewards that are inexplicable and words cannot even begin to do justice to.
As I enjoy this now moment on my veranda, the grass and the gardens are all singing as they drink of this constant flow of rain, while my cat is on my lap snuggling and purring and giving me that constant stream of unconditional love. What a perfect moment.
This is also such a blessing, to be able to be engaged in this flow of unconditional love that is always so easy to share with animals and also with friends and those who grace our lives if we are open.
Being present in the moment, being aware of that which breathes us, sharing unconditional love, filling our hearts with gratitude, all of this is such a simple formula that allows us to feel as if this life on Earth is the magical kingdom that it was always destined to be.
In this heartfelt space of being present as Presence, there is no need to escape, nothing to fix, to change, to do, instead there is just the opportunity to be, to enjoy the wonderland that is here and everywhere within and around us.
This baseline of Creation is such a pure vibration that offers so much love and so much food for our hearts and souls and so we wish you a wonderful now moment and life in this incredible kingdom called Earth.
We will continue sharing more about the magnificence of the human design through our gatherings this year as I will soon be in Vienna and back in Romania in June while also doing a small retreat on Cosmic Bigu in China. After this we will come back to Europe and spend time Zurich and then Paris before I take some personal travel time in Italy with a friend so click on our links below o find out more re our tour time for the balance of this year as it is always so wonderful to gather in our groups. As Jesus once said, when two or more are gathered in my name, I will be there and our pure Essence nature is of course Christed.
This is Jasmuheen – and Anjie – for the Embassy of Peace.
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August 2016 News

Our August 2016 Newsletter

Knowing the formula for a truly luscious life is such a gift! To be able to experiment with rhythms of energy to the degree that our lives are filled with Grace and our hearts are filled with gratitude is also an incredible gift!  To be alive right here right now is another precious gift as we witness the grandest time in our evolutionary history!

   It is a wonderful time to be on Earth as we witness old patterns being re-balanced by the will of our souls and the call of our hearts to collectively enjoy a different rhythm in our world.
   It is up to us as we all know, to find the peace and feel the love, to enjoy the peace, the love, the perfection and to enjoy that pattern of pure unity that we carry within us that is already here in our world, that we just need to tune deeper in to by following the call of our hearts. 
   There are so many gifts in our daily existence, so many opportunities each and every day to choose how we wish to experience this life …
   There are so many precious moments to live and love fully, to open to Grace and miracles and magic, to unify and love unconditionally or to be able to ask quantum intelligence to teach us how to do this! In all of this we are truly blessed.
   Although I am now technically on long service leave – after 22 years of constant travel and dedicated service to humanity’s evolution – and although I am still learning how to be creative in a different way (i.e. more self nurturing), the current state of global change has led to the creation of our new World Affairs video playlist for our YouTube channel.
   Yet the message is, relax, just trust, all is unfolding as it should for we are entering into the most enlightened phase of evolution where all will be rebalanced!
   For those who find this time challenging, you may enjoy all the videos we have lodged this July and August and you can see the links to these below, along with a new article on Patterns of Energy. You may also enjoy as I did, the video on responding to Global Tragedy by Matt Kahn at this link


Wishing you all so much love, light and
barrels of laughter as you
consciously traverse this path called life!
Biggest hugs to you all – Jasmuheen and Anjie …

Silent Stillness


“I must admit that more than ever before, I have come to appreciate those times of silent stillness, of peace-filled solitude, to just be, where there is nothing to do or to say, yet where there is everything to gain. When I was young, I never knew that silent stillness held such richness or such deep peace … yet this is the current of energy for this new time, it is always there, within and around us, waiting, nurturing, present …. “

Our latest newsletter – click to read …

Seven weeks in Thailand enjoying darkroom for 36 days and 36 nights, going deeper into silent stillness, being more aware of the infinite patterns of Grace and love and support that are there for us all in life, with all of it leaving me more speechless than ever before. It is so strange that the longer I live on Earth, the more I find I have so much less to say … or perhaps this is just a by-product that the field of loving silent darkness contains?
Yet the more time I spend on Earth, the more I see how people everywhere are just so magnificent, no matter what games they play, from the game of separation to the game of being One, and all the shades of being that we can experience in-between. Everywhere I look, I see this infinite play, all unfolding so perfectly for all, with all able to be changed so easily at will once we remember that it is a play and that we all have choice as to what we wish to give our energy to.
Yet now I am home, still deep in silent stillness, yet awed and almost overwhelmed by the external world and how beautiful it is have physical vision again, especially since we are now in our sunny autumn time. The beach, the sunsets, the fresh autumn air, the breezes up the valley, playing with my kittens who are now almost adolescent, yet still so loving and so much fun! Time with family and friends, time to enjoy all that our world contains … there is so much to enjoy in life, so much that is so precious when we stop to just be aware and be grateful. And sometimes we also need to stop and examine our motivation, why do we actually do the things we do? And is our motivation fear based or loved based as per the “Because I Love You” insight video link in the adjoining column.
I read recently in a local women’s magazine that being grateful is the new focus for those who were recently enjoying the benefits of mindfulness which is an art we all develop in darkroom. I wonder who sets these trends or are they just a reflection of an expanding consciousness among the people of Earth?
It seems as if apart from gratitude, that the current virtue rising in the fields of Earth is compassion, plus a loving awareness of the power of kindness to self and all life. I also love Grace where Grace is an energy that is attracted to us when we flood our systems with the cosmic electricity of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom and Divine Power. Grace brings magic and synchronicity and joy, a feeling that everything is flowing perfectly, unfolding perfectly driven by some Divinely orchestrated beat. Grace is the feminine principle, the cosmic mother of nurturing love that supports and soothes creation.
Many are also hearing a heart felt call to make life simpler, to be more loving in all we are and do and to make sure that we also spend time self nurturing as we also ensure that our presence is also nurturing for all life on Earth.So now that I am out of darkness and literally living back in the light, it is also time to catch up on answering all my emails again!

So, big thanks to all who have been asking for details regarding our next Embassy of Peace Retreat and also to those asking for my tour schedule for this 2016 year!

As so many know most of my work now is primarily in China although I am still reformatting my whole service agenda energy pattern especially as our work becomes even more aligned to the channel of Grace and Compassion of our beautiful Kwan Yin!
So the point of this is just to say that we are not there yet, but  hopefully I will be able to provide schedules and dates in a few months if not sooner!  India in September-October? Yes! China in August and November? Probably! A Sacred Art Retreat at Uluru in central Australia in September? I hope so …I also know that I will be back in Brazil to do an Embassy of Peace Retreat and initiation ceremony, at the end of 2017, and hopefully we will be able to schedule China for an Embassy Retreat around that time-frame too!
And yes it seems so strange to think about the future when right here, right now is so complete! Still, until we email out again, we wish you the infinite blessings of happiness and health! May your heart be filled with love, gratitude and compassion for all life …  
Wishing you all so much love, light and barrels of laughter!  Big hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie

December 2015 Newsletter

Hello again, I can’t believe it is nearly the end of yet another year, a time for me of family holidays and gatherings to celebrate the Christmas season and so much more. This year has been so intense for so many of us as our lives continue to unfold in sometimes surprising new directions, for me diving deeper into Chinese culture while taking the time to say poignant goodbyes to those we have come to love and connect with so deeply in Europe over these last 20 years.

Unsure of when I will be back holding gatherings in the Western world, I know that when we do return we will have new programs to offer. Still we are all connected on the inner net and through social media and these newsletters, however irregular these may be.

In early 2000, I received clear guidance for our Wise Women’s Work Series which we will launch in China then later India, two countries where women are calling for a chance to gather together as part of the sisterhood and to explore private space as open hearted women in need. As statistics continue to rise regarding the abuse of women and children in many western countries, the same problems are also in the east, with many feeling so sad and broken hearted as they seek love that is true and pure; the type of love that can only be revealed as we all merge deeper into sacred union with that wise and loving force that brought us all into existence.

Hopefully we will soon finish our new book called Pure Love True Love that is filled with stories, deeper insights and pragmatic exercises that can bring us deeper into the true love, pure love channel so that all our relationships can be more fulfilling, peaceful and rewarding as we all dive deeper into true unity consciousness. And so I am happy to be home to have a little more time in this coming year to complete many things that I now need to attend to – smiles.

I think I could write a book about all that I have already witnessed in Eastern cultures from India and now to China, and yet I know there is still so much for me to learn and understand as the merging of all that we carry continues.

Like many in the West, many in China feel that theirs is the best culture in the world, that the Chinese Buddhist teachings are the most profound and pure, just as so many in India feel that their ancient traditions are the most profound and pure. Some in both cultures feel that the New Age western spiritual traditions are like adding pretty things, decorations into a house whose foundations can only be strong via the ancient wisdoms which as many now know, actually came into our world from higher dimensional flows to those who could align to and tap into these pure realms.

For me it is strange to be labelled as a western spiritualist – or even a breatharian – when I have long chosen the path of the Higher Light Science, a path where there is no need to compare, as we recognise that all paths are there for us to use our discernment and find what resonates with our hearts. Many know that the right path for us allows us to create a life of health, happiness and harmony within ourselves and with all life, a path that calls us deeper into an experience of the purest love and peace. In this channel all is perfect, and words are no longer required as what transmits through us nourishes, inspires and uplifts all who are open to this flow.

Results are key with all our life’s choices, we are all intelligent beings, blessed with free will to choose, and we know that when our lives are filled with Grace and our hearts are filled with gratitude, and when we are kind, loving, compassionate beings, (to ourselves and to all others) then obviously the path we have chosen is in alignment with our already enlightened true nature. Alignment to, merging and union with, our true nature is in itself such an amazing reality regardless of any of our cultures, conditionings, genetics and genders.

For those who keep asking when I will do events here in Australia, it truly has been wonderful to be out of the public eye here as a very private citizen, something my family has also appreciated, but who knows, we may look at this in the future.

In the meantime, why not join us sometime in China? With four almost consecutive darkroom retreats in March/April 2016 – three specially for our new Chinese friends – I will be back in China in June, and September and then India in October.

So we hope you all have an incredible Christmas season, enjoying your life’s creation and sharing the perfect most nourishing flows of love with your family and friends as I do the same this summer time in Australia!

Wishing you all so much love, light and barrels of laughter! Big hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie …

Our True Beloved – April 2015 newsletter

It’s April already as time flows in its usual manner, sometimes quickly sometimes without movement at all as we align more with the eternal now …

So many emails with people discussing big changes in their lives, others sharing about all the aches and pains in their bodies and their continued need to live in the streams of silent stillness.

For me it is also so fascinating to be partially incapacitated having damaged my right arm bicep while weight lifting, then not resting it and going straight into a week of painting my kitchen and bathroom and doing other home renovations to the degree that my arm is now unable to do much at all – it’s almost as if after 20 years of toting suitcases all around the world plus the constant typing and busyness of creativity etc, that my right side of my body is needing realignment and rest and is now unable to do much of anything else.

From all of this, the greatest gift that I have received is such a deep compassion for people who suffer from long term chronic pain and who are unable to find quick or permanent relief and how much learning is in all of this!

Of course we also have the reality now of new levels of LightBody activation as our bodies of light continue to unveil other layers and recalibrate themselves through the physical structure and how the physical body needs to be realigned so that it can all be frequency matched … (You can see link to our brief video on this called Lightbody Changes below).

For many of us now it is very much a time of making sure we are infused with the new energies sufficiently enough so that these can permeate through all that we are and do which means nourishing ourselves via a lifestyle that aligns us deeper to our pure Essence channel – again more of the BEing, less of the doing …

I loved being in Darkroom again as our two groups were so different – the first one harmonising deeply virtually on Day 1 and our second group of Chinese who took seven days to harmonise as most had had no previous exposure to any of our work or principals with a few coming to darkroom who had never meditated or who were curious and just wanted to lose weight yet all so were so endearing in their way and I quickly came to love them all! Blending systems with the Bigu line in China is also interesting and you can listen to a brief video insight on this here. It was also great to then be able to Skype into their Bigu Retreat in China and share our research with the 100 plus who were there focused on the reality of being in Bigu to improve their health!

Each darkroom retreat for me delivers at least one or two powerful experiences and insights and this time was no exception as I experienced the energy of the Christed Heart Blossoming – wow – never knew it could be like this – the True Beloved in full revelation mode – such a gift, such a blessing to know via powerful experience the True Beloved within!!

So once again we trust you will enjoy our insights and links to videos etc that are here!

Would love to see you at our gatherings this year, from our Sacred Art Retreat in Marbella, to the Pranic Festival in the USA in August as well as our usual retreat in Germany and all the places we will be including India in October and before this at our Embassy of Peace Retreat in Sardinia!

Wishing you all so much love, light and barrels of laughter! Big hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie ..

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Be Gentle with Yourself and Others

Be Gentle with Your Self and Others … Link to OUR LATEST NEWSLETTER!

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe it is already February!

  I love being at home over the Christmas season as it is such a productive time – filling up on family love and the joy of just being at home, dosing up on mountain and beach prana flows, repotting pot plants and gardening and generally doing home and life and yes even web channel maintenance and overhauls!
  And … having pulled an arm muscle lifting weights before Christmas, I am also now learning to be a lot more gentle with myself as a body that has been on Earth for nearly six decades seems to heal a little slower … or does it? It is so interesting to just sense all flows within us as either harmonious or discordant energy patterns and then in meditation to go deeper to the subatomic particle level to rearrange it all again … and so I am still learning so much as we all are these days!

  Yet the common theme many hear from deep within is Be Kind, Be Gentle to self and all …

  People have been saying for so long now that it was hard to navigate around our websites as the data we have released is so comprehensive and also a little overwhelming so we have finally taken the time to redesign them all and also to officially create and launch a specific website for the Embassy of Peace!


  So below we will offer just a little of what each one of our websites now does and of course we would love your feedback if you can take the time to assess each website!

  We also want to make sure that you are now on the correct mailing lists that interest you as we have also added our new Live Conferencing mailing list for those of you who are open to connect in with us via Google Hangouts in the future! For more on Live Conferencing click here or enjoy this brief video.

  All you need to do is click on the Update your profile button at the bottom of this email to check again which list you wish to be on – or update your new email contact – as we hope to send out data in future that is relevant just to the list you have selected!

  For taking the time to help us we would like to offer you a free gift of an e-book or a meditation to download, so once we receive your email with your feedback we will send you the link to what ever book or meditation you would like to receive free! To help you decide  here is a link to our complete products page!

  So as usual we hope you enjoy this mail-out and also our video Invitation for our Embassy of Peace Retreat in Sardinia in September this year!!

Wishing you all so much love, light and barrels of laughter! Big hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie …

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Our September 2014 Newsletter – I Feel so Grateful!

Our Latest Newsletter for you is now at this link – click to read!

Jasmuheen for the Cosmic Internet Academy – September 2014 – I Feel so Grateful!

Sitting in deep meditation recently I was overwhelmed again by feelings of such gratitude. There is so much that I truly feel grateful for especially having gained the ability over time to alter my reality to whatever harmonious flow that I choose to exist in which these days includes a lot of stillness and solitude. Applying principles of Universal Law and Quantum Field Intelligence altering realities is not a difficult thing to do as many now know. But true pure feeling added to this mix seems to lock everything in deeper and set up such a dynamic biofeedback loop within the matrix of creation that everything becomes even more enjoyable again!
  And so I am enjoying indulging in all of these realities … the reality of ‘I feel sooo lucky’ … ‘I feel sooo blessed’ … ‘I feel so grateful for the endless creativity that has poured through me these past few decades’ or ‘I feel so grateful for the love that I feel for my family, friends and the endless amazing people that flow through my life’!
  I also feel amazed and again so grateful that I never have to think about having a balanced meal or taking any vitamin supplements since the pranic flow takes care of all of this as it flows through my body and fills cellular structure with all that it needs. I rarely stop to acknowledge what an incredible freedom this is! The freedom to not have to shop or prepare food so that my kitchen can become an art studio as it has been over these last 20 years …
  I think this feeling of truly being grateful for these endless creative flows also came as I had spent the day redesigning our Jasmuheen Art page on my website and creating additional pages that pay homage to the Divine Feminine, to the Divine Masculine to Mother Nature, the Cosmic Flows and more (links for these pages are below). To then see how much art and imagery that I have captured on canvas instead of using my kitchen to eat, was astounding to me.
  Next still being in super creative mode, I took the time to reorganize all of our meditations that we have channeled through over the years into easier access and clearer categories and was amazed again at how much has come through!
  Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!
  How much in life is there to appreciate when we stop and be the witness for a while?
  As I prepare for another 2 month tour I go deeper into appreciating being home, from my comfortable bed, fluffy soft towels, to my small meditation room, to the soft breezes that flow up the valley to move through the trees and energize my home, to all the bird life that constantly sings and makes me aware of their presence, to the ability to hug and be hugged by those I love and so much more … the list seems endless as it is for us all when we take a moment to treasure the small things that fill our lives in so many potentially uplifting ways!
  And so we send out another hello to you all knowing that you too exist in this world as a divine being that is also so blessed despite any challenges that I know that some of you are facing!
  So in this newsletter we offer clearer insights via our video on Pranic Living, videos on our time in Japan and also insights from the Divine Feminine as well as a few insightful documentary links and articles by others!

  Also … our tour schedule for 2015 is nearly complete so if you can’t join us as I come back to India & then Europe this year then maybe I will see you next year! 

Love, light and laughter, Jasmuheen

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