Our True Beloved – April 2015 newsletter

It’s April already as time flows in its usual manner, sometimes quickly sometimes without movement at all as we align more with the eternal now …

So many emails with people discussing big changes in their lives, others sharing about all the aches and pains in their bodies and their continued need to live in the streams of silent stillness.

For me it is also so fascinating to be partially incapacitated having damaged my right arm bicep while weight lifting, then not resting it and going straight into a week of painting my kitchen and bathroom and doing other home renovations to the degree that my arm is now unable to do much at all – it’s almost as if after 20 years of toting suitcases all around the world plus the constant typing and busyness of creativity etc, that my right side of my body is needing realignment and rest and is now unable to do much of anything else.

From all of this, the greatest gift that I have received is such a deep compassion for people who suffer from long term chronic pain and who are unable to find quick or permanent relief and how much learning is in all of this!

Of course we also have the reality now of new levels of LightBody activation as our bodies of light continue to unveil other layers and recalibrate themselves through the physical structure and how the physical body needs to be realigned so that it can all be frequency matched … (You can see link to our brief video on this called Lightbody Changes below).

For many of us now it is very much a time of making sure we are infused with the new energies sufficiently enough so that these can permeate through all that we are and do which means nourishing ourselves via a lifestyle that aligns us deeper to our pure Essence channel – again more of the BEing, less of the doing …

I loved being in Darkroom again as our two groups were so different – the first one harmonising deeply virtually on Day 1 and our second group of Chinese who took seven days to harmonise as most had had no previous exposure to any of our work or principals with a few coming to darkroom who had never meditated or who were curious and just wanted to lose weight yet all so were so endearing in their way and I quickly came to love them all! Blending systems with the Bigu line in China is also interesting and you can listen to a brief video insight on this here. It was also great to then be able to Skype into their Bigu Retreat in China and share our research with the 100 plus who were there focused on the reality of being in Bigu to improve their health!

Each darkroom retreat for me delivers at least one or two powerful experiences and insights and this time was no exception as I experienced the energy of the Christed Heart Blossoming – wow – never knew it could be like this – the True Beloved in full revelation mode – such a gift, such a blessing to know via powerful experience the True Beloved within!!

So once again we trust you will enjoy our insights and links to videos etc that are here!

Would love to see you at our gatherings this year, from our Sacred Art Retreat in Marbella, to the Pranic Festival in the USA in August as well as our usual retreat in Germany and all the places we will be including India in October and before this at our Embassy of Peace Retreat in Sardinia!

Wishing you all so much love, light and barrels of laughter! Big hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie ..

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