The Ascension Bandwidth!

written by Aluna Joy Yaxkin – Nov 24h, 2014


There is a turning point where the transitional pressure becomes so strong, and we have lost any hope of having any control over it, that we burst in and out of control with giddy laughter at all the things that have caused us so much pain. The cosmic relief valve is coming! And when it does, we can embrace all the challenges, and celebrate all the victories that we have achieved as we have traveled through this quagmire of transformation.

The energy these past weeks has felt very confusing, fragmented, disjointed and fuzzy. Comfort zones are all but gone as we second-guess nearly everything, because we still don’t have our guide book. Nothing feels familiar as old reference points are fading. We can feel emotional and physical discomfort. We will either sink or swim. Fear will cause you to sink. Love will keep you stay afloat. It is pretty simple if you can hold that focus and don’t judge yourself if you can’t.

Our new manifesting gears are not syncing properly just yet. We feel like we are spinning and grinding out of control, while our newly downloaded jet engine programs are up and running on a new frequency and at warp speed. While the out of control feeling permeates our lives, we are also feeling a huge inner push to get things done. But as we work, we find that doors slam shut, or we need to make huge course corrections. We might be thinking and working on a few things, and then are dumbfounded when it all just stops in its tracks. Yet oddly things are getting done . . . just not in the way that we had imagined. Welcome to New World Programming 101! We are having another huge upsurge in our bandwidth.


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