Music & Poetry

Quantum Love Recoding

For those who wish to bring in the Star King – Lord of Love and/or the Star Queen Lady of Love energies more powerfully into life – utilizing quantum intelligence and clear coding … just for fun but with great results! Chant or-sing with heartfelt sincerity – smiles!


The Human Design The human bio-system is the most fabulous design that has ever been released within creation, for we have the potential to experience being part of an infinite ocean of the purest flows of love and to anchor ourselves deep in its endless currents where all our highest virtues can be revealed and…

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Jasmuheen’s New Sacred Art

Here are a few samples that we did at our Sacred Art Retreat in Brazil – November 2015  

Jasmuheen’s Life and Love album – videos of songs

LIFE & LOVE a COSMIC ROCK OPERA Musical Satsang with Jasmuheen Recorded for the Embassy of Peace. A selection of music, messages, invites and insights in rhythmic form, this album covers life, love, metaphysics and more as Jasmuheen continues with her focus of a healthy, happy and harmonious planet. Song-poem lyrics, spoken word and most…

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Videos on Jasmuheen’s Rhythms CD

Jasmuheen’s JOURNEYS – RHYTHMS CD – Some say that Jasmuheen’s vocal work with the Journey’s – RHYTHMS – album, is reminiscent of the Celtic Bard or Medieval Irish Fili. The word Bard has Celtic roots from “Bardos” meaning to “raise the voice, praise”. Bards and Filid passed on the pre-Christian Celtic traditions and history orally…

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Jasmuheen’s Prose

Prose flow 1 – Tended with Care Rivers of life, run deep, each one in its keep, a flow, a struggle, then departing. We all ebb through these, as membranes, of a weave, a string, a line, of our choosing. Click for more and to watch YouTube video on this … Prose flow 2 –…

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