Videos on Jasmuheen’s Rhythms CD

Jasmuheen’s JOURNEYS – RHYTHMS CD – Some say that Jasmuheen’s vocal work with the Journey’s – RHYTHMS – album, is reminiscent of the Celtic Bard or Medieval Irish Fili.

The word Bard has Celtic roots from “Bardos” meaning to “raise the voice, praise”. Bards and Filid passed on the pre-Christian Celtic traditions and history orally via song and word using poetic meter and rhyme.

In her music, Jasmuheen using verse by Eltrayan that is written in the Sacred Agni style that is based on their personal insights in life.

The Journey’s albums offer an upbeat, inspiring collection of rhythms that Jasmuheen released freely to raise funds – via donations – to support the Embassy of Peace Programs.

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YouTube Videos for songs on the Journeys-Rhythms album:- 

  • Sweet StrumCosmic Kiss; OM Namaha Shivaya;
  • Journeys – Amen – When students by an angel kissed, with lifestyle habits then persist, a rainbow’s woven in the mist.  With seeing God in everyone, sweet revolution has begun, by clearing clouds that block the sun.  Devotion’s such sweet surrender, hearts alter from tough to tender, love’s always returned to sender …
  • Smooth – The world for each of us exists, range of unique perceptions kissed, behind the facade lies the bliss… smooth … keep it smooth …
  • Melting Paths  – Some paths they are all melting, absorbing me and you. Some paths they are inflaming so strong in what they do. Some paths tend to freeze us as they dispense a stiller hue…
  • Bended Knee Change focus from ego to Self, being loving brings us real wealth, happiness produces good health.
  • BE The OneThere is a field of love & grace … A place inside that fills all space … One heart … one mind …
  • Thine Heaven Taste the tasteless, enhance the small, to see over … the garden wall … You have to stretch and stand up tall.
  • All EntwineThe world dissolves without a trace … Ave Maria … Sweet music of the inner space … The soundtrack when immersed in Grace … Ave Maria.
  • Prana Pop Our bodies to God we consign… with sensitivity … aligned … developing a new design.
  • OM Namaha Enlightenment cannot begin, until we know, under our skin, the guru that resides within.
  • Rays of Love – The flower of humanity, will blossom more abundantly, when showered by hearts lovingly.  Thought forms create what’s preconceived, reality from make believe, small miracles may be achieved.

Enjoy music and dance at our Retreats!

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