Jasmuheen’s Life and Love album – videos of songs

LIFE & LOVE a COSMIC ROCK OPERA Musical Satsang with Jasmuheen Recorded for the Embassy of Peace. A selection of music, messages, invites and insights in rhythmic form, this album covers life, love, metaphysics and more as Jasmuheen continues with her focus of a healthy, happy and harmonious planet. Song-poem lyrics, spoken word and most harmonies by Jasmuheen.


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YouTube Videos for songs on this album:- 

  • The Goddess Speaks – Many Ways – Many names, we are known by, many cycles, we’ve seen; many ways, have been taken, many ways, to now be …
  • Transitions – Transitions call to each one every day, we make adjustments so we can play, in a field of love, in a field of light, once we know again how to feel so bright…
  • Choices – So switch on your bits, make them light up bright, fire up that brain, balance left and right.  There are inner plane doors, realms, so full of song, of joy that is real, as the days are long.
  • Friendship’s Beach – If we can commit, to enhance all we meet; if we can commit, to respect all we greet; if we can commit, to trust and thus belong; to hold clear visions, open-hearted in song; if we can commit, to be rhythms of love, then we can be free from restrictions glove…
  • The Ways of Love – So, as a sister, I would tell, of ebbs and flows, Yes, as a sister, I would share, how, loves, rhythm, goes. Love will come and love will go, leave us wiser for the greeting. Other loves will come and stay awhile, as we grow from each new meeting …
  • You’re In My Heart – You’re in my heart, locked in to stay, in this field of love, our destiny lays. My rhythm is yours, it’s sweet and fine, your rhythm is love, which is also mine.
  • Sacred Union – Though we, can love, each other, well, to love, all others, brings another spell. With awareness blended, through the weave, all of God’s creatures, with love perceive…
  • Shakti’s Lover – Being still, here, now, in the light of the other, present in each moment, being Shakti’s lover.
  • Love’s Bride – Surrender is required as we go deep inside, a stillness, a tide, just being love’s bride.
  • Uniting All the WomenOnce we did the asking and so the game flowed on, just deeper in its meaning, as we lived the life we longed.  At times we’d change the rhythm, to take us through love’s door, At times we added rhythms, insights from our core.
  • Old Souls – A smile, a sigh, a touch, a nod, the meeting of two pure old souls, with stories shared of a past so bold, of futures dreamed, seen and foretold.  Some dream, some wake, some record it all. Some sleep instead through each new thrall. Some feel, some see, some rise, some fall, then rest awhile to review each call.
  • Yes – Just say yes to the rhythm of love in the fields! Just say yes to enjoying wisdom’s great yield! Just ask for delivery, on all levels of your being, to feel the pure pulse of our intelligence risen.
  • Complete – Individualized within, the vast, oneness game, enjoying many flavours, for none are the same, it is up to each one, to call sweeter layers in.
  • True Love’s Ball – So see where you’re going, come, write a new song, then sing it out loudly, for we all do belong. Each adds to the other, this always has been, each adds to the other, from what we have seen.
  • The Invitation – We revealed our presence to some long ago, so now we are here, to speak in the flow, to those who are open, to those more aware, who live life on earth, with compassion and care.
  • Field of Zen – In the yogi’s cave a part of us laughs, we know it’s extreme, still we walk this path. To tread the Bodhisattva’s way, to know love’s joy on our union day.  To step it back, relax further again, to open up wide to the field of zen.

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