The Blossoming of the Christed Heart


The Blossoming of the Christed Heart with Jasmuheen – April 2015

Our spiritual journeys and journeys through life in general are so personal, each ones heart being touched, enriched, and opened in so many different ways. Of course whenever we have an experience that touches us so deeply, depending on our work in the world and our nature, we often wish to share this with others so that they too can experience exactly what the human heart and our heart chakra centre is capable of.

I never knew that liquid light could flood through my heart chakra to the degree that it recently did, how it could spontaneously be released through this centre to then flush like waves in an ocean through the rest of my body; to feel its gentle soothing nature carrying with it that deep knowing of the true beloved, to sense how our human systems have been built to be so complete and how we exist in an ocean that carries such love, power and wisdom that the voice of the True Beloved can speak to us so clear, so lovingly.

I had this profound experience recently after completing two darkroom retreats in Thailand where my heart was filled quite suddenly with the Christed energy that lies deep within us all. We know the word “Christed” just means a beingness of pure love.

We are told this Christed Kingdom of Heaven lies deep within us and it is so interesting to know that there is a level imbedded within the heart chakra system that too is called Christed. It is impossible for the human heart alone to experience the depth of this Christed love in romantic relationship, for the only source of love that the human heart can feel like this with, is that Christed flow when it is fully blossomed and opened within us via heart chakra radiance.

Words are so inadequate to share of this for it is this rising of the Christed energy that makes the human heart and heart chakra centre sync up and then fully open and blossom in such a way that we can finally understand how we have always carried the source of the purest truest love deep within us.

So, what makes this flooding of True Beloved energy occur?

What makes the opening occur so that the flooding can happen, so that the full blossoming of the Christed heart can then occur?

Of course we can share our stories and say well I was doing this/that/the other, feeling this/that/the other, and then I went into a space of deep surrender and somehow found the magic words of power that the body system responded to so that this could all occur, yet even while saying the words of power I was still completely unaware of what this could/would trigger.

For me it occurred in the wishing to release pain in my shoulder and right arm that had been plaguing me since being tumbled in the surf over the Christmas break for I have a favourite ocean beach that is often too wild for my body system to handle and it is not uncommon for me to be hit by gigantic waves and tumble under when boogie boarding or body surfing.

Having previously damaged a tendon weight-lifting, these two incidents were then combined with using my arm relentlessly painting a few rooms in my home, the repetitious movement of course adding another strain. And so I found the need to repattern the tendons as the pain along the way had become almost unbearable. To come to a point where I was wishing to let that pain go and talk to the body to find the right words to be able to let this build up of discordant energy all go, as I realised that the body system needed to be fluid enough to release it all so that permanent healing could occur.

And so I began to play with words of power that the body would respond to until finally the body could let go via the unexpected result of the blossoming and release of this Christed energy from my heart chakra, which then flowed out to wash through the whole bio-system.

As the energies flowed wave after wave through the heart chakra centre, I found that after the session was complete I had to continue to lie down for such a long time as the energies continued to wash through my system for I was completely unable to move or walk. When I attempted to sit up I was so dizzy with this wave motion still pulsating, vibrating through my whole body.

The trigger words for me were “I exist in Christed waters. I exist in Christed light. I exist in Christed love” and as I chanted these magic words of power there was this release so deep in the heart chakra of fluid motion, almost like the letting go that comes when the body reaches its orgasmic point and the waves come through the body system of such intense pleasure yet this was much more subtle than this.

So now I know how the human heart chakra centre can be fully opened to blossom like a lotus flower that we can film with high speed photography that reveals all stages, from the creation of the bud until its complete fluid opening.

Christed heart blossoming and the invisible vibrational impact that this blossoming may have on its surrounding field cannot be measured with any type of photographic equipment and this triggering, blossoming, and release, can occur in so many different ways. And yet whenever a human discovers this almost super natural capability of course we often want to repeat or share this and find the formula into this spontaneous occurrence yet I’ve come to realise that the experiential pathways are often just too convoluted to capture and provide a formula for.

For one person it may occur through intense pain, the desire to release it all and then absolute surrender and of course the ability to click in to the words of power that can accompany this release; for others it may be lifetimes of the development of sensitivities and awareness where that flower of the psychic heart has grown and is so close to blossoming and bursting fully open and all it takes is perhaps that deep surrender and the state of being fully ready to release all discordant energies from the bio-system.

The human system carries so many emotional barriers where the heart centre and all energy centres can have shielded themselves almost from existing constantly in an open state of the true innocent, for in the human world there is so much that we often intuitively shield ourselves from. To be a child in that opened hearted fully blossomed heart state is almost impossible in this world for the pure of heart are the sensitives who are often the most misunderstood.

I realised in the blossoming of my own Christed heart and the release, the pleasure, the wisdom that it spoke and brought, that I too had had such a long history in this life of shielding myself intuitively in order to be able to exist in a less sensitive world where ridicule or anger even can be given to one who dares to challenge the status quo by not acting in expected ways or by being something that does not conform to society’s expectations.

Perhaps the question should be then how we very subtly close the Christed heart down within us rather than how do we trigger its full blossoming and release, yet perhaps these two go hand in hand, and that it is only when we are willing to let everything go – all blocks, all barriers, all shields – and recognise that these layers exist in such deep ways that we are not even aware of their presence and so we just function in a shielded way in order to exist in this world. Knowing this we can then look at opening up again to flood ourselves with an energy so Christed that lasting transformation can be gained.

We know that what triggers this release is first the awareness that we are operating on far less than our divine potential levels because of the human mask and because of the way we have intuitively retreated a little from really BEing our true nature, in order to exist and survive within the human mass of status quo co-creation or because we have been so absorbed by external human realities that it has mesmerized us away from our true nature.

I find in my own journey of life, having experienced so much on so many deep levels, that it is almost impossible to say how these gifts arrive, how it is almost impossible to follow a pathway or to attempt to share a formula. Instead I can simply state categorically that like many now, I  experientially know that there is a love within that is so Christed and so pure that we recognise it instantly, in every cell of our body as it reveals itself, and that this nourishing energy flows from the realm of the True Beloved; and that human love is just a fraction of the potential of this field, that human love in its most divine glorious nature is still just a fraction of this field of Christed love and what it can offer to us all.

How can we talk of a love that is so gentle and so deep and so pure and so true and so tender yet profound that as it caresses and flows through us – beginning through the heart chakra centre to wash through our whole body – how everything a human longs for, without even recognising that there was that longing, can be fulfilled?

In this experience we know that all the miseries in the world, all the sorrow, all the suffering, all the sadness can be washed instantly away with the release of the Christed love throughout the system. To know that this love is also the Christed waters, for it is so fluid in its nature, like waves that relentlessly arrive upon the shore. To know also that this Christed Love, is also pure light in its nature for it fills the soul, uplifts the soul, inspires the system to dwell in the grandest of heights of existence. The Christed release is so pure in its caress, its love, that every atom in the body responds and of course for the one experiencing this flooding, and then the blossoming that follows, it is more than enough to know of the existence of this flow, that the True Beloved is, as we have often known, a part of us and the secret of its release will perhaps always be a secret given only to one who is ready, whose life has been aligned in such a way for the spontaneous arising of this field.

“I exist in Christed waters. I exist in Christed light. I exist in Christed love” … such simple words of power …


I have often shared words of great power with others who chant them almost meaninglessly hoping for the triggering and the release that these words of power can bring, only to find that it has taken years until there has been an effect.

I was recently again in darkroom retreat with a man who is often there sharing this experience with us and when we use the Christed chants of reclamation of I AM LOVE, I AM ETERNAL, I AM INFINITE suddenly after years of applying these words of power the experience came to melt this one back to the truth of the words. A truth that pulsated through his very beingness in such a profound way that all words were lost, that the eyes lit up and the soul was ignited, powered up, fired up and into such a profound experience that all he could do was laugh for finally the words of power delivered an experience that they always promised to bring. For it is not just the words of power that need to be found and applied but the whole system has to be ready to know the truth behind these words.

Yes it truly is such an interesting journey for us as divine beings through this human world, a world where we become shielded from the truth of who we really are, shielded on the external levels from religions who too have perhaps been given words of power and stories of lives transformed and yet while the field of potential has been revealed, none have stepped into it to the depth of what it’s offered and so the words remain empty, unignited until the time is right just as a sensitive learns to shield themselves intuitively so that they can operate in a denser world, less guarded, less embattled, more invisible somehow.

The blossoming of this Christed heart cannot be put into words nor can a formula be given and so for me now, it is enough to know that this field of potential lies deep within us all.

Fields of pure potential are usually entered into when a heart is hungry and yet how can a heart hunger for something until the field of potential is known?

Is it enough to just be ready to release all that is not of our Christed nature?

To just let go identification with everything that is not of our true Christed nature?

Yet these words can also create alienation as so many associate the word Christ with the life and teachings of Jesus yet Buddha experienced the Christed nature of compassion, delivered the insight of this realm of pure compassion to our world.

Krishna lived in the Christed flows where the music came so powerfully through an expression of joyous bliss; where Krishna in the Christed flow could share of the dance of the cosmos and how it has always affected our world.

Throughout history we have had so many who have been a part of this Christed field of pure potential which they expressed in so many ways.

St Francis of Assisi was anchored in the Christed flows of pure peace, exhibiting that deep contentment and an awareness of the power of Mother Nature and her goodness, her ability to heal and transform: the power of silent stillness where true worship could be known.

In this sharing we could speak of all the Holy Ones and identify which virtue of the Christed fields each one carried through our world as some were steeped in pure humility, others with such faith and surrender – having been touched perhaps for just moments throughout their own existence of this field that is so grand – and so it is that each one of us must seek to know the true heart we carry within, with its divine spectrum of emotion and each one must find the words of power, the formula for perfect alignment to this field and each one must blossom into it in their own way and time.

Perhaps the purpose then of the experiences we have within these flows is then just to say:

“Yes these fields are real, yes this is the power they have to transform our lives” and to wish each other the joy of the journey knowing that this Kingdom awaits us all and how we can exist within this world of man untouched almost, once our shields have been dissolved, so that the truth of who we really are can blossom once more to reveal the true glory of what we carry deep within and how its release and radiation can heal and inspire all worlds.

This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace.