Cosmic Banking, Heart Richness

Cosmic Banking, Heart Richness and so much more!

This audio is only for those open to unity consciousness and understanding earth’s current evolution from a metaphysical view.

A 20 minute message with German translation making it 42 minutes.

Topics in this audio-message – Cosmic Banking – Galactic family, intergalactic genetic seeding, DNA influencing, Earths Influence on the Universe, the gathering of virtues through the power of experiencing fully the emotional body spectrum, lightbody blossoming, the energy of the True Beloved, our changing cellular structure, free will, the choices of other evolving planets and the outcomes on their evolution, experimenting with density plus in Part 2 of this message, various Light Beings who have incarnated on Earth discuss their journey here, the play of form, amnesia, remembering divine Beingness, transcending sorrow into joy, respecting the journey of all, the impact of heart richness of creation, nuclear devastation and much more …

Light Being message through Jasmuheen – in English and Deutsch

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