Successful Living – One People in Harmony on One Planet

I sit in my meditation room with such beautiful sounds of Ashana singing Ave Maria in the background as I listen to her CD. I feel so blessed to live in a world where we have such incredible musicians, who through their own spiritual life journey are tuning in to channels that are so nourishing for our hearts.

Like many, I love inspirational music that touches the heart and makes us relax and feel more at one with life and creation and I also love how this oneness and deep connection with a more gentle harmonious rhythm in existence, comes naturally to us all when we stimulate into perfect harmony our left and right-brain activity, to honour the fact that this human energy system has been encoded, imprinted, programmed, and created to experience a multitude of realities in each existence, and that becoming aware of all of this is such a life changing experience and offers a momentous leap in our evolution.

When we add the ancient art of meditation and the awareness, the alignment to an experience of that pure force of creation, that is breathing us, then our life becomes so rich. For me personally I’ve experienced this unhooking of human hungers, this satiation on such deep levels as this true nature reveals itself to us, when we are curious, open, aware and wanting to experience our highest potential.

We live in an energy field that M-Theory is just beginning to understand and investigate. Our scientists are involved in ground breaking research that will one day match the experiences of a harmonised system whose intuitive nature is as strong as it’s logical nature, whose emotional intelligence is strong, who ethically is clear, who is a visionary of dreams that will allow people to just feel fabulous again, without any dependence on anything outside of ourselves, a state we can all achieve just by the spending of our time in a particular way.

There’s no secret to a successful life, and the determiner must begin with each individual just taking time to look at life honestly and assess questions like: ‘Am I fulfilling my dreams? Is my heart happy? Am I happy? Am I healthy? Do I have a life that I am just so pleased with the creation of, and a life that allows me to experience true heart richness, pure heart connectedness, higher more mature relating with everyone in life?’ Even questions like, ‘Just what is available to an emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically well-fed system? ‘

In other words we have learned enough on Earth in our existences to play, experiment personally and bring ourselves, as self-responsible people interested in self-mastery, into rhythms that create mutually beneficial flows; so for many now this may mean dancing in existence in a very fluid, flexible yet passionate, heart singing more enlightened way.

The rewards that come to each one of us when we elect to run the human bio-system in rhythms that are beneficial for the whole, could be described as miraculous, and so life on this planet offers us many incredible opportunities to play and experience, dance and sing, and be joyous, or go to the other end of the spectrum and suffer greatly. Everything is here for us as creative beings, every rhythm that we can step into and enjoy, every rhythm that we can pull back from and sit in stillness, detached and then decide which rivers of energy we want to play in and add to, contribute to, enjoy, float in, and gel in. We can play deep in duality which we have done for a long time or we can go beyond duality and play in a very harmonious, strong, passionate, peaceful and fabulous rhythm, for this is here too.

So planet Earth is growing up, it’s people are maturing, more and more people are saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ to more uplifting rhythms. If I like all of what I have just read or just heard then I can say ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m happy to now step in to this new paradigm, I am happy now to flow in, enjoy, and play. I am happy to also let people do what they need to do in this world, trusting that if they’re deep in duality, that this is a game that is important for them as they will gain virtues from this, they will become richer of heart just like we all eventually do, but our choice is here right now, and so we choose to let the past go, it’s done and each new moment is here for us to create with love and wisdom the life our hearts call us to live.

As I’m always travelling this world and meeting the most amazing people, I also always hearing their stories, hearing of the games that they’ve been playing – their life games and family games, the spiritual splendours, they’ve been enjoying and so much more and there are some very incredible rhythms of energy now that are so easy to step into, so all we have to do is say ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m ready, let’s just crank this game up a little, flip up the notch, take it to another level, we’re ready, let’s have fun on Earth, let’s create wisely, let’s take care of our children, let’s take care of everyone in this world in a very kind-hearted loving way, let’s put aside our differences, let’s honour the first nation people from all continents, our Indigenous Elders, who are telepathically connected with Mother Earth, telepathically and energetically connected with other indigenous elders, who are all also in those same unified brain wave patterns of the harmonized left and right brain hemisphere.

This too is part of the mystery schools training, this too is part of the ancient wisdom, this too is part of the indigenous understanding, as all acknowledge in their way, the need to honour and be in balance, to honour the rhythms of existence, from Universal Law to the masculine/feminine flows, to our intuitive/logical nature, to so much more, so that we can all walk in balance and harmony with each other and with the land, with the universe, so that we can all be open to experience the highest possibilities of our dreaming. in our own way, rhythm and time. It’s there for us, all of us, and this unified state is so easy to access, we just need to say ‘yes, yes, yes’ in this now moment, ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m ready, I’m open, lock it in, let us play’.

So I hope that you’ll come and join us on tour. Go to and you will find our tour schedule, see where we are, come and join us this year before we take some quiet time in the next few years and travelling a lot less. I have some books I’m writing and I need to finish and I want to spend a bit more home time too next year.

So loving you all, so wonderful to talk to you and just say ‘yes, yes, yes, to a greater more loving, kind and fun game,’ let’s finally move out of all of those old patterns of duality of the hate and the anger, greed, warfare, violence, poverty games and all of that, let us do what we can to open educational pathways for people to move out of duality when they are ready, let us redistribute resources with consciousness and the ‘We are One People living in harmony on One Planet’ agenda.

So how do we do now co-create this? Can we honour the best of all, of everyone what we are all offering, can we do this? Can we just say ‘yes, yes, yes, let’s open now to the rhythms of harmonious existence and harmonious co-creation in our world, let’s now move into that paradigm where everything is mutually beneficial and operates for the highest good of all, where everything is harmonised so that we are in that rhythm of health, happiness and harmony when we are ready for it, when we are open to it, when we want it to be consistent, when we want to live permanently anchored from that baseline. We can do this also by being open and asking for the perfect formula for everyone to come through to them in their way, in their time, with each one adding beautifully to our global matrix all the gifts they’ve come to bring, sharing freely yet in balance all their talents, their trainings, and all the things that people are good at. Some people are just so kind-hearted, some people are just so wise and gentle and loving, some people are so patient and all around the world there are people radiating specific virtues and when we blend all of that together we come into such an interesting space of honouring the diversity we each bring, regardless of race, colour, gender or creed or culture or religion.

This is what the one people on one planet living in harmony agenda is about, it’s about honouring that which each one honours, respecting that which each one is giving homage to and respecting all while co-creating realities that unify us, and allow us to live in rhythms of health, happiness and harmony within ourselves and with all life in mutually enhancing ways.

These are all such simple agendas of the Embassy of Peace. We would love to see you in our Embassy of Peace retreat that is coming up in Sardinia in September, we’ll be doing this annually somewhere around the world, so come and be a part of what we’ve talked about, commit to these paradigms, maybe become an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace.

This is Jasmuheen, look forward to hearing from you soon, or seeing you on the innernet in deep meditative states where we can connect on the internet or on the outside world as I travel with this physical body and get to enjoy all the incredible people in our world as I do so. Namaste. Big hugs, love to you all!