Holistic Education

Life Quality & Quantity

plus The Intergalactic Way & the Way of the Intergalactics with Jasmuheen It is so fascinating to be at that point in my life where I am watching so many in my family go through what some would term the usual declining of physical abilities due to age. My mother would have been 100 this…

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China Update

Wudang Mountains, China – June 2019 A few days of travel and here I am in these sacred mountains connecting in with the Taoist College and the people who have founded this in the Wudang Mountains as well as in other sacred mountains ranges in China. I know we have that same connective bridge, these…

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Pranic People Course Contents

Pranic People Free Training – Course Contents with Jasmuheen In this brief video of around just 12 minutes, Jasmuheen outlines what this free course in Pranic Living covers in each section. Or you can listen to the audio of this below To watch more insightful videos on this go to our new free online PRANIC…

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Sexual Energy and Pranic Living

Sexual Energy, Tantra & Pranic Living Pranic Living, Sexual Energy & Tantra – Apart from solving world hungers issues and how pranic living can help with this, another very common question, is how being fed by prana affects sexual energy so this is what Jasmuheen looks at in a little more detail in this next…

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World Hunger and Health Issues

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS WITH JASMUHEEN PRANIC PEOPLE PRANIC LIVING Jasmuheen on World Hunger and Health Issues In this brief video Jasmuheen answers the important question regarding how the pranic nourishment research and reality is being applied by the Embassy of Peace to world hunger issues and the redistribution of resources. To find out more of…

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Our Lightbody Templates

Life Insights – Lightbody Templates & Revelation Time – Jasmuheen January 2014 … On my 57th birthday, I lay relaxed on a beautiful soft carpet in my meditation room where taking a few moments to assess my life, I found that all I felt was pure gratitude; that there was nothing to say or ask…

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Fabulous video on finding our Life Purpose

Finally Found Film Documentary Teaser (Life Mission, Health, Prana, Heart Intelligence…) To be able to watch this movie click here but first watch the below trailer! The “Finally Found Film Documentary team” is happy to share with you : The new film trailer featuring all the 21 participants (doctors, scientists, media personalities, pranic people, entrepreneurs) !…

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DNA Upgrade Meditation

This upgrade of our DNA meditation came into our group in Brazil to help prepare us and tune us to the channel where our Light Beings friends could share more powerfully with us all. Sometimes it can take awhile for our whole group to get tuned so we can have a group and not just…

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Pranic People Free Online Training – Post conversion videos plus meditations

While we offer videos on Part 2 of this training this below, please note that on our YouTube playlist for this we also offer many meditations and pragmatics tings to do between each video. It is also where we place all updated data. Click here for our YouTube video playlist on this. In our previous…

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Pranic People Free Training

This Pranic People YouTube video series below is only for those whose heart calls them for more in-depth data on this subject and hence it offers a safe methodology plus a higher understanding into the bigger picture of this reality. You can also find more in-depth data in Jasmuheen’s 7 manuals on this subject. While…

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Quantum Love Recoding

For those who wish to bring in the Star King – Lord of Love and/or the Star Queen Lady of Love energies more powerfully into life – utilizing quantum intelligence and clear coding … just for fun but with great results! Chant or-sing with heartfelt sincerity – smiles!

Perfect Health Recoding

This video is for those who wish to reprogram their body back into health or to maintain health through conscious interaction with their bio-system. Working with quantum intelligence and body consciousness. To do daily or as required. A fun way to work with body consciousness to recode everything back to perfect health! Repeat with feeling…

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Essence Ocean Insights – new Videos on YouTube

Jasmuheen on her first conscious experience of the Essence Ocean Jasmuheen on The Essence Ocean and the Matrix of Creation Jasmuheen on Choices and Elevated Consciousness Jasmuheen on a Lifestyle recipe for Health, Happiness and Harmony

New! Our Luscious Lifestyle Program

Just published now! August 2016 – our Luscious Lifestyle Program! For those who enjoy the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony – a powerful and pragmatic program to deliver this! Now in manual form – go to this link to download from this website or buy in hardcopy, or electronic or even audio form!  

Our Creative Future

Our Future – Cosmic Creativity When a world becomes unified via the expression of higher principles, creativity blossoms. While I personally adore to be involved in the process of Sacred Art, a true master in this field is Alex Grey. “To me, sacred art is also the process of creating Dimensional Doors for energy to…

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The Pure Love Channel

Jasmuheen on the Pure Love Channel All of our indigenous elders seem to understand the importance of the wise use of resources, of the give and take, the ebbs and flows and the harmonious relationship we can have with all the elements. When one looks at planet Earth, it appears that this is something that…

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LAO TZU A brilliant Master of Magic, Lao-Tzu once said: “When man interferes with the Tao (the universal way), then the sky becomes filthy, the Earth becomes depleted, the equilibrium crumbles, and creatures become extinct.” We also lose the sensitivity to see behind the veils. Along with Buddhism and Confucianism, Taoism is one of the…

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Happiness Study

Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it’s fame and money, you’re not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you’re mistaken. As the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger…

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Vegan Insights

“Is The Mainstream Ready To Embrace The Vegan Movement Now?” Fabulous Update and Insights on Veganism in the world today – click here to view this YouTube video or watch below also you may enjoy the below Documentary On Leading Causes Of Death Delay Death With Veganism In this amazing documentary, Dr Greger presents all…

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Angel Realms

Angel Realms, Djwahl Khul and Dimensional Doors excerpt from my book Divine Radiance Angel Realms: One of the first fields of revelation for many is the angelic realms. I remember years of telepathic and kinesthetic communication with the angels, asking if I could see them physically in my world. I knew that it would require…

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