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Spiritual Science Gathering India


INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

1st-4th October 2015 

As President of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists, since 2008 when the events first began in Pyramid Valley, in Bangalore, I have been privileged to witness so many wonderful things at this annual event, as so often happens with gatherings of like minded people.

 There are so many special people who are called to each years GCSS event – to either present their personal research in the metaphysical field, to those wonderful light filled souls who come to mediate in this amazing pyramid, and also to the vibrant young ones who are part of the Pyramid Society Youth groups as well as the participants who come seeking solutions regarding how to live a healthier, more balanced and harmonious life.

To be amongst all of these ones and to feel their love and listen to their wisdom is so enriching in so many ways.

Patriji – the founder of GCSS and constant loving supporter – also adds his flavour to the event with his sharings and insights about life and also his brilliant flute playing that can completely rewire the neural pathways in the brain, and of course we all love his mischievous fun Krishna like energy which is such a delight to witness!

I also love the way that Patriji encourages everyone in his network to do their own research, read lots of metaphysical books, apply daily meditation plus a vegetarian diet, all of which can be seen to have such a positive impact on people’s lives.

The supporting staff at GCSS are so loving and sensitive to people’s needs, the pyramid itself is such a powerful place to accelerate all group and personal meditation time, and the whole environment of Pyramid Valley is such a restful, peaceful and supportive place to be.

Then of course we have an array of dynamic and interesting presenters from both India and more often from the West, who as Spiritual Scientists present such interesting work, so I love having the opportunity to listen to these ones at their presentation time and to then also to be able to mix with them individually as they also enjoy their stay at the Congress.

Like everyone at GCSS, with the greatest love we extend a kind invitation for you to come and join us each year, to play, to sing and dance and also do deep meditations while enjoying the sharing of inspirational information … All of which allows us more easy, joyful access to that realm of being that Buddha calls the Pureland, and Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven and others call the Shamballa Matrix for as so many now know, these realms already exists around us, we do not have to create them,me just need to align to them.

Accessing, aligning to and enjoying the Shamballa Matrix will be the focus of my own presentation at GCSS this year, as well as tuning to its channel of the True Beloved energy, an energy we know – through deep, personal experience – that can eliminate all human hungers!

Come join us if your heart responds to what we have shared, it will be wonderful to enjoy your presence and all the brilliance that you are as well!

With Love, light & laughter to you all – Jasmuheen, Lifetime President of GCSS.

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INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – 1st-4th October 2015  – See more at:
INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – 1st-4th October 2015  – See more at:

PRANIC LIVING & THE TRUE BELOVED Bliss & Bigu – A one day intensive with Jasmuheen!

Bliss & Bigu
A one day intensive with Jasmuheen!

When: 12th August 2015 10am – 6pm
Hosted by Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan & The School of Dan Tian Wellness
Email: [email protected] – copy this email address and add to your contacts and find out more!

Investment: $250 for one or $400 for two plus special discounted rates for those in need.

In this gathering Jasmuheen will share her latest research into the power of our Pure Enlightened Essence nature, with its ability to eliminate all human hungers and free humanity of so many limitations.
She writes! “The underlying frequency of our body of light is pure love, which we can all experience as the energy of the true Beloved. When this energy pulsates through us, it frees us from all of our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual hungers. Imagine a world where human hungers have been fulfilled by something so pure, wise and loving that resides within us all!”
Within the human heart chakra lies the Christed Heart of the purest love, when it is fully risen within you, all within you can be nourished, reborn and then set free. Each human system is encoded to know the grandest love of the True Beloved, a love that romantic love can never match in depth and scope. The True Beloved carries infinite wisdom, power, strength … The True Beloved is your soul mate, with infinite patience It awaits your alignment to It, your willingness to be at One in Divine Marriage with It … This is the tantra that you long for in your heart and in your world! Message from the Temple of the Oracle – April 21st 2015 through Jasmuheen

So in this one day intensive, Jasmuheen will share:-

Powerful Initiations, Meditations & Alignments into the paradigms and LightBody Templates of Health, Happiness and Harmony; alignment into the Shamballa Matrix of an Enlgihtnened Evolution, plus the True Beloved Energy Field Experiential Access Codes.

In her work Jasmuheen also looks deeper at the paradigm of BEING, BOOSTING, BLENDING, BLISS & BIGU which entails, Being the Master Creator for conscious bliss-filled living Boosting our chi and life force to enjoy the consistent experiences of health happiness and harmony Blending into peaceful, enlightening paradigms with joy, ease and Grace Bi Gu Fu Chi & Pranic Nourishment – blending the ancient with the futuristic & more!

Come spend a fabulous and fun day with this deeply peace filled Being!

About Jasmuheen: A meditator for over 42 years, the lifetime President of the GCSS in India, Jasmuheen, specialises in deep inner plane journeys using the alchemical meditative process to allow people to merge even deeper with their own enlightened nature. As an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace, she has travelled for over 20 years and achieved many positive things in the world with her work with tribal cultures in Colombia, the Amazons and also the slums in Brazil plus working with various levels of government including presenting her work again at the UN in Vienna in 2013. Through this time she has been instrumental in helping to educate millions into better global resource usage via developing a stronger connection to the Divine resource within and since 1993 has been personally nourished by prana and for over 20 years has lived without the need to take physical food. A deeply peaceful person, Jasmuheen is light, entertaining and always filled with love and her gatherings are always inspirational!
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A Fabulous Festival!


By now I am sure that you all have heard the AMAZING news about the upcoming PRANIC FESTIVAL – August 8-9-10 in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA where I will be one of EIGHT speakers presenting during this truly phenomenal event!

The PRANIC FESTIVAL is an intimate 3-Day Mastermind Gathering, with some of the most beautiful and Awakened Teachers, Yogis, Masters, Visionaries & Human Pioneers from around the world.
3 Days, 8 Teachers, 100+ Conscious People ~ Immersing in the New Paradigm ~ experiencing the most potent tools for SELF-HEALING*, REJUVENATION*, and ILLUMINATION*. Opportunity to be with like-minded friends, to ask any Questions live and in person, and receive Powerful Guidance and Insights to take your Life to the NEXT LEVEL of MASTERY!

This is a true Gift* you can give yourself ~ a rare opportunity to study with Living Masters from around the world, to learn practical tools to take your life to the Next Level!

Full details:

My presentation will be about The TRUE BELOVED and The End of All Human Hungers, and a new system downloading in recent weeks that I look forward to sharing for the very first time!  See a brief video on this here. I will also do a one day post workshop gathering on the 12th August that Edith is organizing – see her email below!

A fabulous offer – PRANIC 2015 is hosted by our friend Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan! For those of you interested in attending all 3 days, please know that we have made special arrangements for you to receive $111 off the full 3-day experience! (Simply enter Discount Code – ” Jas111 ” on the Registration page and the price of 3-day ticket will be discounted — ) PLUS – there is a “PRANIC BUDDY” option before July 28th – you can bring a friend for ONLY $111! That’s a generous 2-for-1!

You may also enjoy the below Videos highlighting the diversity of teachers at PRANIC 2015

* Stress – vanished! Experience “The Non-Time Experience” with OBEROM from Brazil, and KEY discoveries facilitating 1000+ 21-Day Processes since 2001. A video on this is at –

* Learn from WIM HOF (26x Guinness World-record Holder from Holland) how we can all access “Health, Happiness, Strength, and Power” ~ experience his scientifically proven breathwork to Control our Nervous System & Influence our Immune System;

* Explore “Prana, Fertility, and Conscious Families” with CAMILA CASTILLO the Pranic Breatharian & Womb Yoga Master.

* Experience powerful Pranic Breathwork for Self-Healing & Rejuvenation with Pranic Breatharian AKAHI SALAS

* Discover the “secret sauce” , the essence of ancient alchemical tools for our modern lives, with MAX CHRISTENSEN

* P.A. STRAUBINGER will be sharing fascinating deleted scenes from his LIGHT documentary, including the Chinese Military research into “supernatural” possibilities like Telepathy, Psychokinesis, etc. Could it be we all have access to these?

and much much more! See for full details and introductions to all the speakers. The PRANIC FESTIVAL is a truly rare & monumental event – not to be missed!
LOVE to see you there!

Full details:

The Shamballa Matrix and the True Beloved

The Shamballa Matrix and the True Beloved with Jasmuheen

As we open to experience the purer flows of true unity consciousness on Earth and leave behind the density of duality, so much begins to be revealed to us, for that is the nature of the field of infinite love and wisdom that when we seek we find, when we open to experience we will. Especially when what we seek to experience is for the highest good of human evolution.

To simply ask this field to reveal a deep experience of true unity consciousness on Earth sets up a magnetic attractor pattern for us to come into that realm and yet the Shamballa matrix has so many levels within it. Yes one of its aspects is true unity consciousness and the experience of this, another is the experience of the energy of the True Beloved, a pulsation that can be strong or weak within or around us depending on our focus upon It.

This energy of the true beloved has the ability to wash itself out from the heart chakra and bathe the human system in an energy that sets us free from so many limitations regarding the paradigm of love. By taking us back to that infinite flow of pure, pure love that gave birth to all of creation we are so satiated on so many levels that our human relationships and the dynamics of these change, setting those around us free from any limited expectations that we may have had of ourselves and others, by aligning us to the Source of pure love within and allowing us to love all around us unconditionally.

That flow of unconditional love delivers such freedom to us all, for it becomes a fertilising agent from which we can grow and blossom. When we project our limited human expectations regarding love onto each other it is, and has, the opposite effect of blossoming, in fact many tend to shrink, for a human system is unable to fulfil the longing that each one has for true love-pure love unless we too are anchored into the flows of this source of love.

The True Beloved energy has so much to deliver to a human system and through a human system that is in essence so liberating for us all. This is one flavour that is flowing through the Shamballa Matrix, as is the rhythm of pure contentment, permanent peace and all the virtues that are available for a human system to be bathed within.

The Shamballa Matrix itself also – when fully arisen and aligned to within and around us – has the ability of course to nourish the human system in such a different way that we are, as a side benefit of this or a by-product of this alignment, made free from all human hungers. In the Shamballa Matrix pulse of the True Beloved, of true unity consciousness, everything becomes a pleasure rather than a necessity. The flavour of life is different, our hungers absent themselves, as we feel permanently satisfied by this matrix.

There is so much of course we can share of the Shamballa Matrix pulse and yet day by day as we seek to step deeper into it, as we open to its field of pure potential, more can be revealed to each one of us according to what it is we need to experience of this dimension.

To say and proclaim that Shamballa matrix is fully present on Earth is an understatement and yet again its keys of entry are very specific – alignment via our lifestyle, time spent in silence, solitude, contemplation, stillness, these are all keys of entry for us now. As is the sincere hearted desire to experience all that the Shamballa energy field, that permeates Earth, contains.

Yet we must also come into a point where we are done with the games of duality yet can unconditionally love and appreciate duality and its dimension of learning as well. It is what it is, there is nothing to change within the dimension of duality, for it functions perfectly for what it offers in the learning spectrum.

And yet when we come to a point where we can sincerely say ‘ok I’m done with the games of duality now, let me experience the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, let me experience the Shamballa Matrix, let me step fully in Buddha’s Pure Land’ or whatever we label this now to be; when we are really ready for this, only then can the realities contained within Shamballa’s Matrix be fully revealed. Yet to align and access this experientially is also a matter of right brain activation, of clairvoyant, clairaudiant and clairsentience ability to be aware of this subtle yet empowering dimensional flow. Again how we choose to spend our time is always one of the major keys for alignment to what the infinite field of pure potential can offer, for lifestyle determines our personal resonance field and how the field of pure potential responds.

Jasmuheen will be one of the keynote speakers at the GCSS in Pyramid valley Bangalore where her theme and supporting meditations will be alignment and entry into the Shamballa Matrix of the True Beloved and Buddha’s Pureland. 2015 GCSS dates – 1st-4th October 2015 

French Retreat 2015

Message first in French then in English

Bonjour mes amis,

Je suis très heureuse de revenir en France pour une retraite de quatre jours en juin au moment du solstice d’été. Cette année je propose de vous accompagner dans les profonds changements que nous observons sur notre terre et en nous, et de vivre en conscience notre fusionnement avec nos natures multi-dimensionnelles véritables–notre soi—ou bien notre Essence.

Pendant la retraite au Domaine du Fan, nous allons avoir une opportunité exceptionnelle de regarder la vie à travers les Yeux de notre Essence, de passer par les chemins et les programmations qui nous permettront de faire cette expérience ensemble et d’ancrer l’énergie de l’Essence dans nos vies. C’est une manière d’assurer que nos cœurs déborderont sans cesse de gratitude et que nos vies seront remplies de Grâce.  

Ce thème a toujours été au cœur de mon travail, un leitmotiv à tout ce que j’ai dit et fait ; cette année les Sons Célestes des Angéliques viennent s’ajouter au programme pour nous soutenir dans la reconnexion puissante de notre Essence avec nos corps physiques et nos centres énergétiques.

En ce moment, beaucoup d’entre nous y compris moi-même sommes guidés à être plus doux avec nous-mêmes puisque nous découvrons que nos comportements anciens ne sont plus efficaces, mêmes ceux ayant trait à la créativité et à notre travail de service dans le monde. Pour cette raison, il est indispensable de prendre du temps pour nous-mêmes dans le silence afin d’entendre et d’être guidés par la sagesse infinie de notre soi. Pour certains ceci est un simple lâcher prise dans l’instant présent, pour d’autres une ouverture de conscience inoubliable.

 Je me réjouis d’avance de passer du temps avec vous dans la conscience d’unité du présent au Domaine du Fan, baignés dans la paix et le silence d’un monde naturel–de nous laisser porter par les sons sacrés et guidés par les merveilleuses méditations transmises par la Divinité du groupe.

Si votre cœur vous dit qu’il est juste pour vous de vous joindre à nous pour la retraite cette année, d’être avec d’autres personnes avec lesquelles vous êtes en résonnance, qui partagent votre fréquence, et d’expérimenter la magie qui est toujours au rendez-vous lorsque nous nous rencontrons—si cela vous parle—alors demandez à l’univers de vous apporter ce dont vous avez besoin pour venir avec joie, facilité et Grâce—le temps, les moyens, les babysitters et toute autre chose qui soutiendra votre désir. J’anticipe et je suis déjà avec vous dans ce moment précieux de partage et de retrouvailles.

Voici deux messages que j’ai reçu récemment ainsi que quelques extraits de mes livres….

 « Mes bienaimés, soyez doux avec vous-mêmes car de nouvelles énergies arrivent du soleil…c’est un temps pour un reformatage général car vos natures multi-dimensionnelles s’alignent et fusionnent à travers toutes vos créations dans vos mondes…Nous avons choisi le mot « mondes » car vous vibrez tous dans la bande unique d’énergie de la réalité de votre choix d’un instant à l’autre…L’unicité véritable existe lorsque vous êtes assis dans le calme et le silence et lorsque vous demeurez dans l’Essence qui est dans votre centre…là vous êtes tous unis les uns avec les autres…et seulement là vous avez la possibilité de prendre conscience de vos prochains pas…soyez calme, soyez silencieux, soyez en paix… »  Message reçu par Jasmuheen du Temple de l’Oracle 09/02/2015.

Un autre message :

«Bienaimé(e)s…les portails s’agrandissent dans tous les systèmes énergétiques de votre corps et dans votre monde…en préparation de l’arrivée des énergies de votre nature multi-dimensionnelle et leurs pulsations et leurs flux s’intensifient en vous et autour de vous… Beaucoup d’entre vous sont fatigués, dans une sorte de mal-être général…et pour ces raisons nous vous encourageons à prendre du repos, de rester tranquille…Votre monde est en train d’être reconfigurer en ce moment même de maintes façons pour permettre à vos corps de lumière de rayonner encore plus et de briller plus intensément…Ceci n’est plus un temps pour remplir votre vie avec des activités—de faire—mais un temps pour Être dans la vérité de l’être profond et essentiel que vous êtes…Vous allez rencontrer des défis jusqu’au moment de réaliser cette vérité dans votre vie…soyez doux avec vous-même, soyez doux avec Tout… »

Message reçu par Jasmuheen du Temple de l’Oracle le 19/02/2015  

 Et également…

« La séparation n’existe pas dans des plans supérieurs. Dans ces plans plus élevés tous sont honorés pour l’amour et la lumière qu’ils contribuent à l’ensemble. Tous sont perçus à travers des critères de sincérité et de dévouement et non pas par leurs croyances religieuses. Rappelez-vous, le tout est Un, tout naît de l’Un. »

« Le destin est comme le DOS (Système d’opération du disk dure), un système de fonctionnement qui permet l’utilisation d’une multitude de logiciels tous créés par nos mentaux, qui à leur tour sont reliés à l’ordinateur central de la conscience universelle—une conscience capable de pensées créatives illimitées. »

« Pour chaque personne qui se rappelle pleinement de son identité originelle, le Ciel se réjouit. Lorsque tu peux toucher le cœur d’un autre afin de leur permettre de connaître, eux aussi, leur Divin intérieur (DOW), alors c’est une vraie bénédiction, car lorsque l’un est élevé, tous les autres suivent inéluctablement. »

« Une chose que nous pouvons contrôler est le rythme de la manifestation de Paradis sur Terre, et plus vous êtes nombreux à vous accorder en conscience aux fréquences de la Puissance de votre Divin intérieur, plus vite ceci arrivera. »

« Le Code d’honneur, qui est une manière d’être où tous gagnent—les individus, les groupes et toute forme de vie sur la planète – gagnant gagnant gagnant. Ceci est un Code des Maîtres d’Alchimie qui nous inspire à mettre de côté nos histoires personnelles et à travailler pour le bien de tous. »

 Je vous envois une abondance d’amour, de lumière et de rires.


Pour l’Ambassade de la Paix

P.S. Nous avons redessiné nos sites d’internet. Jetez un coup d’œil :

Mon site personnel :

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Nos recherches sur la Nourriture Pranique – Vivre de Lumière :

Je vous embrasse tous – Jasmuheen


Renseignements/inscriptions :  Sophie Testut

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Hello everybody,

It is wonderful to tune into you again and to know that we may hopefully be meeting again in our French Retreat this June. As you know the energies have been changing so much in our world as we are merging more and more with our multidimensional nature and that purer version of our self, our Essence and we provide a few messages below re this as well.

This tour we are focused on what life is like through the Eyes of our Essence; the pathways and programming required to experience more of this and to have a more consistent experience of essence energy in our lives in a way that keeps our hearts filled with gratitude and our lives filled with Grace if this interests us.

As you know our work is always been about being our best version Essence self, enjoying more of our Essence nature and manifesting this more purely in our lives and in all that we do, and this year is no exception and the new Angelic Soundscape that is coming in now to support this is very powerful and capable of nourishing all the energy centres in our bodies!

Right now, many of us including myself are being guided just to be more still and be more gentle with ourselves as the habits we have had in the past may no longer serve us, even habits to do with basic creativity and our service work in the world so it is crucial that we take silent time in stillness to tune in on deeper levels regarding what our next steps are – for some it is just to surrender more fully to each moment.

In this time of true unity consciousness, there is so much for us to all share and I’m looking forward to just being with you in this retreat, to also enjoy times of silent stillness with beautiful sacred music flows and to go deeper into all the wonderful meditations that come through in our gatherings as guided by the group divinity.

So, just feel in your heart what is right for you again as always and if you feel to come and be with our like-minded family and enjoy all the beautiful people that join us plus all that unfolds in our gatherings, then ask the universe again to bring you all that you need to attend with joy, ease and Grace – the time, the money, babysitters and anything else that may be required. We truly do look forward to spending this precious time with you.

Just a quick note – I am being more guided to travel less now but need to honour this year’s tour commitments, however in 2016 so therefore I’m unsure if I will be back to do a retreat in France in the 2016 year. We will keep you posted however but I would love to see you and I would love to have you with us if you can come to our 2015 gathering.

Here are 2 recent messages that have come through plus a few quotes from our work in the past …

“Be gentle with yourselves beloveds for new energies are flowing through your sun … it is a time of repatterning for you all as your multidimensional natures

merge and blend through all that you are creating in your worlds … We say worlds as you are all vibrating in the unique energy band of the reality of your moment by moment choice … True oneness comes when you sit in silent stillness and rest in the Essence at your core … there you are all one with each other …

only there can true awareness of your next step be gained … be still, be silent, be at peace …” Message received through Jasmuheen from the Temple of the oracle – 9/2/2015

Plus this message

“Beloveds ones … Portals are widening through all the energy gateways in your body systems and in your world … the influx of energies of your multi-dimensional nature and their pulses and flows are becoming more consistent in you and around you … For many right now you may be feeling tired, out of sorts so to speak … and so we urge you to just rest, be still … Your world is being reconfigured now is so many ways as your own bodies of light shine more brightly … This is no longer a time of the busyness of doing, but rather of just BEing the truth of who you really are … You will continue to feel challenged until you live this truth … be gentle with self, be gentle with all …” Message received by Jasmuheen from the Temple of the Oracle – 19-2-15

And also …

“Separatism does not exist in the higher realms. In these higher realms all are honoured for the love and light they bring. All are measured by their sincerity and devotion not by their religious beliefs. Remember all is One, all is born from the One.”

“Destiny is like DOS, an operating system that runs a multitude of software programs all created by our minds, which in turn are linked to the mainframe of universal mind – a mind capable of limitless creative thought.”

“For each one who brings themselves back into full remembrance, the heavens truly do rejoice. When you can touch the heart of another so that they too may know their DOW (the Divine One Within), then that is another blessing indeed, for when one is raised all the others must surely follow.”

“One thing at our control is the timing of the manifestation of Heaven on our Earth and the more people that are consciously tuned to DOW Power, the sooner this will occur.”

“The Code of Honour, which is a way of being where all win – individuals, groups and all life on the planet – win win win. This is a Code of the Masters of Alchemy that inspires us to put aside our personal agendas and work for the good of all.”

Sending you all so much love and so much light and so much laughter, this is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace

You may also enjoy our new look websites that we redesigned this year, at these links:-

My personal website:

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plus our research on Pranic Living – Living on Light:-

Biggest hugs to you all – love Jasmuheen


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Sacred Stories of Transformation

Sacred Stories of Transformation

In the below audio Jasmuheen shares a story of wonderful transformation that occurred during one of her Sacred Art Retreats.

She writes – “I’ve learnt to never underestimate the power of Divine Creativity especially when we go deep into the intuitive right brain flows.

This is just one story of many about someone whose life was completely transformed over a few hours! I love the power of the Sacred Art process!”



Our next Sacred Art Retreat is as follows

SPAIN RETREAT – near Marbella – 5 days – 10th-14th June 2015

organiser Elena – email to contact: [email protected];

Tel. mobile: Elena +34 607142801 or  Anya +34 667328237;

Website for more information


Our Enlightening Evolution with Jasmuheen

enlightening evolution-small

Our Enlightening Evolution with Jasmuheen

Mushrooming and Merging

It is so interesting to scan through the fields of Earth and to sense what is happening now regarding the merging of various paradigms. The Coding for this has been in place and adopted, released in the fields and so there’s a new level of evolution unfolding now in our world that is rather quite enlightening. When well thought through codes are in place after having been agreed upon and anchored, locked in, then pronounced into being, then it is a time of just stepping back a little and allowing what needs to occur to occur. This is just part of a natural merging process that is required when two paradigms are magnetised together and begin to blend into each other and harmonise with each other.

Whether this paradigm is about the merging of our own higher and lower natures into that state of Divine Marriage with the True Beloved, or whether it is the merging of earth back into more unified paradigms of true unity consciousness; a harmonious merge require focus and clarity plus good Coding.

The ability for different paradigms of reality to merge is an interesting science to compute and behold and after the initial attraction and lock in and triggering stage, a merging comes in to a state that we often call the mushrooming. It’s almost the same as if when you have a clear pond of water with mud at the bottom and you stir it all up and it all becomes swirly and mushrooming and muddy as if there is no clear direction. I also call this a state of being discombobulated because during this phase it is still not one thing or the other as everything blends together to create something new.

What is so interesting is that in this phase of mushrooming and merging there is nothing to do except to just really stay detached and be fully present in the moment and listen to what feels right deep within ourselves in the core of our being, to tune to what it is our heart of hearts is saying, and what our essence energy is sharing.

Right now it is all about alignment to our Pure Essence channel … How much are we feeling this vital life-force? Is it strong or within us or is it wishy-washy? Is it weak or clear or are we a little confused? Are we feeling discombobulated or has clarity come? Will it come? When will it come? These are questions that more and more seem to be seeking answers to especially those of us who have been feeling a little more of that discombobulated state that they usually do.

For me a new level of clarity and then total freedom from this discombobulated state came in so powerfully at the end of April 2015 as a direct result of the application of another level of heartfelt Coding.  For me this Coding was to simply to invite into my life now the next level of harmonics, to work with the right team, to be part of the right matrix, to be networked into the right channels to align, to lock-in, to be merged harmoniously with in mutually beneficial ways with not only the right networks, but also the right blue-print and paradigm that serves the greater good and keeps my life filled with joy and ease and grace, my heart filled with gratitude, health, happiness, living in harmony within myself with all.

Again all of these sincerely applied lock-in codes are just clear intentions that via Universal Law will deliver set outcomes and so the joy for me this year is to now be able to tour and travel and to once again offer a powerful interactive program with our audiences. So I’m looking forward to this new paradigm layer of “Contact and Coding” and all the joy that this can bring when we understand Inter-dimensional Energy Field Science and how everything is just a science, a formula, that can guarantee a result of action and alignment.

While some people are focused on finding the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony in life, others like myself enjoy a service paradigm that is designed to keep Earth moving through a very enlightening evolutionary stage that will deliver us not just into a more collective experience of true unity consciousness but also harmonize us into the Universal paradigm that will see us experiencing more interaction with our Light Being friends.

There is nothing mystical about the Divine as all that is Divine is so easy to access and experience when we are tuned to the right channels. For example meditation itself is a powerful way of changing brain wave frequencies – to activate the right brain hemisphere and allow both the left and the right brain hemispheres to work in harmony. We can then apply the 8 point Luscious Lifestyles Program so that we are magnetised automatically to the pure essence channel where there is that consistent state of health and harmony, that flow of permanent peace where infinite virtues flow through us, aligning us and radiating from us, so that we work effectively in this world, understand life and enjoy our existence and evolution from a bigger picture paradigm.

Yes it is true that we have entered into the most amazing new threshold of evolution that I call an “Enlightening Evolution” which is based on Inter-dimensional Energy Field Science – what I call the science of I.D. Adding specific coding, access and alignment to the field on our potential of our Pure Essence True Beloved nature, via lifestyle alignment, we can bath permanently in an ocean of energy where all human relationships are enhanced and all emotional, physical and even mental hunger disappears.

To step into the field of pure essence, the field of true potential, to create consciously from there, to be anchored there and enjoy evolution from that viewpoint, makes the whole reality of our existence so enlightening.

So there is such a wonderful dynamic for us all to enjoy this year, a wonderful program for us to lock-in to and share and for me it is such a joy to be able to gather together to enjoy and fertilise our evolutionary flows right now into a very enlightening direction.

So here are a few Suggestion for handling moving through the merging and mushrooming stage of life:-

1. Maintain your sense of humour – a sense of humour helps in every situation and walks hand-in-hand quite nicely with point number 2 …

2. Don’t take everything personally – in fact live the lifestyle that we promote at the Embassy of Peace so that you maintain a state of peaceful detachment in life. In this state of peaceful detachment that comes naturally by being more anchored in our pure essence nature, we are able to see the bigger picture, the many patterns of energy that surround every different situation and we maintain the ability to observe and be the witness.

Suggestion number three then is this …

3. To hold the intention that we be the witness to all that is unfolding at this point in life – knowing that our intentions and previous coding have resulted in the blossoming, the unfoldment of certain paradigms on Earth now that serve the greater good.

So … again maintain a sense of humour, don’t take things personally, be anchored in our pure essence nature and stay detached

Suggestion number four …

4. The clarity of intention – this is where we hold the commitment to being aligned into channels of energy that are nourishing for all. This too, is another helpful tip at this time for it ensures that we are merged into channels of reality that do just that – create mutually beneficial paradigms, relationships and networks that support the paradigm of a more enlightened evolutionary flow for all who are open to this.

5. We can of course add additional suggestions to make our lives flow with so much grace, joy and ease. The suggestion that we open to experience the True Beloved, that pure and perfect, intensely heavenly, loving part of us, that when released through the heart chakra energetically, has the ability to transform the whole physical body system into a new wave-length pattern, a new vibrational spectrum that is the most satisfying, completely nourishing and easily attainable to us all as human energy systems.

I have spent the last 40-odd years of my meditations in constant states of experimentation, experimenting with purity of physical food-diet, purity of emotional and mental food-diet and purity of spiritual food-diet, also the purity of time-diet being very aware of what I give my time and energy to in every moment of the day and also being experientially tuned to suggestion no 6 ….

6. To understand the power of each now moment – as posited by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now.  This means developing the ability to be fully in each now moment and therefore able to explore and expand into the eternal now, the timelessness of the field of pure potential of the True Beloved.

This is also aligned with the other key points: the openness, the willingness to experience the True Beloved, the taking the time to live the sort of lifestyle that aligns us to the field of pure potential of the True Beloved and the consequence that comes from this alignment which is detachment, the ability to maintain a sense of humour and the ability to always see the bigger picture.

All of this helps any world and any civilisation through this merging and mushrooming stage with the blending of the different paradigms of reality that serve the greater good enough to make to evolutionary flow enlightening.

We know that when we look upon our world right now and see its future evolutionary course, that within the next 15 years we will hardly be able to recognise this planet due to all the positive changes that will have come through especially via the Indigo children networks as it is these ones that are encoded in their bodies of light to bring through many beneficial solutions that will transform our future.

We can also now predict that we will find ourselves connected more and more with extraterrestrial intelligence, who may or may not have and most possibly will have revealed themselves to be among us in their different forms. These ones too are beloved ones, star beings, galactic kin, family from unified worlds, who come from truly civilised existences and who are now helping with this merging-mushrooming state, because in our heart of hearts we have asked to experience the more consistent rhythms of peace and unity consciousness.

And so such it be … this is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace …

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Cosmic Coding – poetic insight with Jasmuheen
We tune the fields, when deemed the time,
by heart’s sincere and open minds,
for upgrades flow within life’s vine
so Templates rise, as like we find.
We are Cosmic Coders,
we all do it everyday,
with feelings, intentions,
both have their role to play.
We use this coding, as wisely as we know
and with these chants we now offer how,
words to say, so special right here,
as we learn to listen with our inner ears.
Wisdom comes in, through quantum too,
the deeper we go, we will find clearer views,
all of our positions and all our hues,
we let it all go til we find what’s true.

We are Cosmic Coders,
we all do it everyday,
with feelings, intentions,
both have their role to play.
See science behind the flow of it all,
yet sense as well that intuitive call,
with heart and mind we feel truth’s thrall,
where we will all rise, but that’s not all.
Yes, with words of power all can rise,
with good intentions, all can be wise,
when we seek to rejoice, expand our size,
as we soon drop away our human guise.

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The Matrix of Our True Beloved – the grandest love affair we can ever know – with Jasmuheen

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One of my love’s this life has just been personal experimentation within the metaphysical field. The drive for me behind this has just been this innate knowing of a substance, a quality, an experience that this available in embodiment, that we can have such a dynamic experience of, because we are in body, because we have senses, because we can feel energy, because we can feel when the energy systems really pulsate with good chi, because we can change our diet to be fed more by chi, because we can live a lifestyle to access more of our pure essence chi.

And this is just part of the whole metaphysical process because metaphysics has always been about the science of life and then using perhaps new age realities or understandings even neuroscience and just knowledge of the human energy system on deeper levels; how all of this can be played with to the degree that our lives become a very dynamic experience that delivers rich emotional heart energy. 

This is a fascinating field of study for me and something that is consuming my whole life.

When I was a child I was brought up in such a loving energy field of mother-father energy who openly said that they were soul mates and who openly expressed great love and affection and care for one another and respect. And to then be exposed at an early life level to those pure Christed energies and the pure teachings of Jesus and to test those teachings and to ask for proof of those wisdoms and teachings, to ask for experiences of the Christed energy.

The Christed words simply means pure pure love, so for me I guess my interest in life once I discovered this field of pure potential, was to really experience pure love, true love and that desire led me to come into a state of Oneness with the true beloved inside and live the freedom that this brings. This incredible freedom that comes to a human being when they are at one with the true beloved within because there we have freedom, there we can love, there we can love fully, there we can love unconditionally, there the loving that we can give and radiate and share with family, with friends, with a lover, with a husband, with a wife, with everyone in the world, it comes from such a different point where each can be enjoyed fully, where we are nourished on such deep levels that we lack for nothing, because we ourselves are locked in and anchored in to a field of such nourishment.

So for me this life, being able to just experiment and experience and then share of my own findings and to be able to say to people that there are fields of potential that are just awe-inspiring, wonder-making, magnificient, enlighteningly fulfilling, that give purpose and passion and a greater awareness to existence that make us appreciate every moment of this existence because we are not locked in to limited flows, we are free from limitations on so many levels because we’ve discovered the source of pure love, we’ve discovered the source of true love, we’ve discovered the source of infinite potential, the field of pure potential and all that it can carry.

We can meditate for lifetimes on this field of pure potential, diving in it, swimming in it, aligning to it, being at one with it, just opening to it, being in silent stillness and open receptivity with it in daily meditation or just aware because it’s everywhere. We don’t have to be doing anything, we can just have this awareness of the infinite field of pure potential and how we are just one cell in its divine body and pulsating ocean of endless miraculous energy.

So I cannot speak highly enough of this and this is my focus this year, this true beloved energy and so we are writing a book about it, we are going to tour with it to meet with people all around the world, to go deep into that field in a very proactive way, to work with coding and programming codes and the science of energy fields, to understand that all of this access to the field of the pure potential of the true true beloved – our real soul mate, our real perfect lover, to have the grandest love affair we’ll ever ever know – to know that all of this is just a science, it’s just contact through lifestyle and alignment through coding, clicking in through the Matrix to this deep level within the Matrix, to this pure level within the Matrix through very specific, intention and programming codes – everything that’s involved in Interdimensional Energy Field Science, to apply this to the field of the true beloved in a really fun way.

I’m looking forward to being with you all and would love to see you with us in person as we travel this year or hopefully you’ll enjoy our True Love Pure Love book when it’s complete and also all the things that we are offering throughout all of our channels.

This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace

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New Darkroom Retreat video interviews & Contact!

2015 Darkroom Retreat!

The below article also describes what some of our Darkroom reality is about ….

Contact with Jasmuheen 1st April 2015

I remember a few decades ago when I first began to have not just telepathic contact but also visionary contact with different beings of light on the inner plane. To me it was so astounding to sense how every single cell in my body recognised the presence of the One I found myself in contact with.

It is also interesting to note that everything is just Essence, expressed in a slightly different frequency band and that all these beautiful beings of light are just our own pure essence nature, that there is also no outside or even inside, that everything just is, in a space of no ending, no beginning, infinite and aware when we drop into that field of pure potential.

And while it is human nature to label things and to try and understand them, I have found that when I am in that field of pure love – in open receptivity without expectation – that this is where all gifts are given and meetings occur, along visions that touch our heart and soul and forever transform us in some way.

I love the reality that there is so much contact to be had, real, pure heart contact. Contact and deep experience with that enlightened nature we all carry within and the way that this enlightened nature can rise and reveal itself and send out through the heart chakra system such an incredible flow and pulsation of the purest love that completely melts us, while reminding us of where the true beloved always lies.

We often want this type of experience in romantic love, in fact many long for this unaware that the true beloved has a resonance that just cannot be matched in any other way except in that field of oneness and perfect union, that state of divine marriage deep within; and the more that we come into that field of oneness – where there is no higher self / lower self – then it is there where we seem to meet beings or flows of consciousness that mirror this as well. Yet obviously they retain some type of individualised awareness since our whole system can intuitively label the key-note that each one carries.

The Christed Ones for example carry an energy that is so pure, so healing and so loving that we understand that the word Christed just means a being of the purest love and it is incredible to know that we all have our Christed Heart within and that its pulsations can free every human being from any hunger they may have on any level.

I had this experience recently again of this Christed pulsation flowing through my heart chakra in a wave-like motion, moving through all my body systems to the point where I could not move for some time afterwards as Its vibrations and pulsations were so strong; recalibrating yes, healing yes, nourishing yes and so much more that words cannot explain. The telepathic flows that come with this release of love are also so incredible and defy expression through words.

So of course this is the most beautiful first contact to have – that with our own divine nature and then of course there is so much joy that comes from contact we make with the different beings of light who present themselves to us in the field of love, when we do come into that perfect frequency match-state in deep meditation.

To then connect with other life flows of expression on interdimensional / multidimensional levels, beings who exist in different energy bands of intergalactic civilisation and more and to see life on Earth through their eyes, their view point and what they see is our future evolution and to realize just how close we are now to coming into that state of pure unity consciousness where we honour the best of all, bring out the best of all and learn how to move beyond duality with its limited flows and games – all of this is so inspirational!

So for me this tour in 2015 is such an exciting time to find these beings with me once again, plus the new teams of energy surrounding me once again, as I experienced recently in darkroom – teams of support that I know are not just around me but also around many now on earth, new teams that are helping us to redefine evolution, helping us to find the perfect pathways, to emanate the perfect frequency spectrums so that the evolution – that they can see so clearly for us now that so many want in their hearts of hearts – can be a real life manifestation for all those who are ready for this.

I see the most beautiful future for our world and perhaps it is still existent only in a parallel reality band and not yet fully manifest on earth, but it is there and it is getting brighter and stronger every day; and we know by universal law that what we focus on will make anything grow so it’s so nice to know that this field of potential is stronger now and that it can pulsate with strength, with wisdom, with clarity through all the other realities that we have created on Earth, to bring us back to a state of that which is in our purest heart’s desire.

So if this reality of contact, deep pure contact, appeals to you and you have not been able yet to go as deeply into it as you would like with your own beloved ascended nature or with other beings of the greatest love and wisdom, then perhaps you might consider coming to one of our retreats for this will be our theme this year.

To know these pathways exist and that it is just a science that anyone can apply to access all of this in very deep and profound ways, is so liberating as well! So have a look at our website or the contact details that are at the bottom of this article and come and join us in retreat this year and really go deep back into that field of the true beloved, that space where perfect contact can be made on so many levels that can completely transform us all.

This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace


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Darkroom Retreat Update

2015 Darkroom Retreat Update
In March 2015 in Thailand we will hold 2 Darkroom Retreats.
In 2015 Jasmuheen will do two 9 day retreats as follows …
Retreat 1 – 5th March – 16th March 2015; this is Jasmuheen’s most popular retreat! Email Anjie at this link:- Although this retreat is booked out if you are meant to be there you will be!
So … Book now for the 2016 retreat as rooms in this retreat always book out fast!

Retreat 2 – 17th – 28th March 2015 – This second retreat will have full Chinese translation and is for Chinese speaking people only! China organiser – email Ling [email protected] and for Taiwan Galatea at [email protected] – rooms are limited and this retreat is nearly full.

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