PRANIC LIVING & THE TRUE BELOVED Bliss & Bigu – A one day intensive with Jasmuheen!

Bliss & Bigu
A one day intensive with Jasmuheen!

When: 12th August 2015 10am – 6pm
Hosted by Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan & The School of Dan Tian Wellness
Email: [email protected] – copy this email address and add to your contacts and find out more!

Investment: $250 for one or $400 for two plus special discounted rates for those in need.

In this gathering Jasmuheen will share her latest research into the power of our Pure Enlightened Essence nature, with its ability to eliminate all human hungers and free humanity of so many limitations.
She writes! “The underlying frequency of our body of light is pure love, which we can all experience as the energy of the true Beloved. When this energy pulsates through us, it frees us from all of our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual hungers. Imagine a world where human hungers have been fulfilled by something so pure, wise and loving that resides within us all!”
Within the human heart chakra lies the Christed Heart of the purest love, when it is fully risen within you, all within you can be nourished, reborn and then set free. Each human system is encoded to know the grandest love of the True Beloved, a love that romantic love can never match in depth and scope. The True Beloved carries infinite wisdom, power, strength … The True Beloved is your soul mate, with infinite patience It awaits your alignment to It, your willingness to be at One in Divine Marriage with It … This is the tantra that you long for in your heart and in your world! Message from the Temple of the Oracle – April 21st 2015 through Jasmuheen

So in this one day intensive, Jasmuheen will share:-

Powerful Initiations, Meditations & Alignments into the paradigms and LightBody Templates of Health, Happiness and Harmony; alignment into the Shamballa Matrix of an Enlgihtnened Evolution, plus the True Beloved Energy Field Experiential Access Codes.

In her work Jasmuheen also looks deeper at the paradigm of BEING, BOOSTING, BLENDING, BLISS & BIGU which entails, Being the Master Creator for conscious bliss-filled living Boosting our chi and life force to enjoy the consistent experiences of health happiness and harmony Blending into peaceful, enlightening paradigms with joy, ease and Grace Bi Gu Fu Chi & Pranic Nourishment – blending the ancient with the futuristic & more!

Come spend a fabulous and fun day with this deeply peace filled Being!

About Jasmuheen: A meditator for over 42 years, the lifetime President of the GCSS in India, Jasmuheen, specialises in deep inner plane journeys using the alchemical meditative process to allow people to merge even deeper with their own enlightened nature. As an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace, she has travelled for over 20 years and achieved many positive things in the world with her work with tribal cultures in Colombia, the Amazons and also the slums in Brazil plus working with various levels of government including presenting her work again at the UN in Vienna in 2013. Through this time she has been instrumental in helping to educate millions into better global resource usage via developing a stronger connection to the Divine resource within and since 1993 has been personally nourished by prana and for over 20 years has lived without the need to take physical food. A deeply peaceful person, Jasmuheen is light, entertaining and always filled with love and her gatherings are always inspirational!
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