Happiness Event in China – Buddhas Pureland

The below audio was done in December 2015, as I attended and presented at the wonderful Happiness Event outside of Dontai in China with the Full Wisdom group and Combines.

Here are just a few observations on Universal Law, the field of Love, the Way of Love that Jesus taught plus Buddha’s Pureland and accessing the Kingdom of Heaven within us all. Enjoy – Love Jasmuheen

Essence Eyes – Kingdom of Heaven Buddhas Pureland – Jasmuheen

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A few images from this event.

S-Divine-hugs-Combines-Dontai-Nov-15 S-Jas-aaaa-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15 S-Jas-b-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-c-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-divine-hugs-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-ii-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15 S-Jas-j-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15 S-Jas-Ling-1-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15-sm S-Jas-n-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15 S-Jas-precious-hug-time-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-Stillness-2-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-Stillness-Team-Combines-Dontai-dec-15 S-Jas-Tai-Chi-4-Combines-Dontai-Dec-15