Soundscapes with Jasmuheen

Shaman Heart, Cosmic Call Jasmuheen June 2015 Soundscape
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Sound has been used through all traditions from drumming and sacred bowls, singing bowls, crystal bowls, toning, ancient mantras and so much more and all of this is designed to stimulate right-brain hemisphere activity and change our brainwave patterns.

Soundscapes when the tones are pure, also have a way of activating certain pathways in the brain, stimulating new neural connections, and activating other neural connections to another level of function.

Soundscapes when the tone is pure, are able to move energy blocks by dissolving stuck or entangled energy patterns that are blocking pure flows and creating dis-ease in the bio-system.

Soundscapes when the tones are pure, can also strengthen energise, regenerate, heal, revitalise and even nourish the energy body, change patterns of energy within the etheric body, and activate levels within the lightbody – all of which can then radiate out through the physical structure and affect the radiation patterns of the complete human biosystem.

When these radiation patterns are more in balance with left and right-brain hemispheres – through the use of something like sound or through deep meditation and melding with that pure essence nature that breathes us, then because our radiation patterns change, then that dynamic, interactive, loving infinite intelligence of the virtual field – which is the essence base of the quantum field – will also in turn respond to the human bio-system differently.

As we have entered into a new pattern of our evolution this means that new soundscapes are coming through from the multidimensional/interdimensional worlds, the doorways to these have been opened by the sincere desire in the human heart to explore different patterns of energy and ways of being on Earth. Many have begun to consciously, or unconsciously tune themselves out of the dimension of duality to lock more consistently through yoga, meditation, a more refined diet and the lifestyle we share at the Embassy of Peace to move out of that busy-beta frequency brain wave pattern of duality and stay more consistently in the meditative alpha brain wave pattern with many also through lifestyle, focus and intention anchoring themselves more permanently, consistently in the theta brain wave patterns.

The new soundscapes of pure angelic tones that we are delivering are a powerful way to also realign all the neural pathways and brain wave functions deeper into the theta field of brain wave activity and harmonising the pituitary and pineal glands that then also transmit more unifying pulsations through left and right brain hemisphere. While the ancient mantras and soundscapes have been incredibly effective in expanding consciousness up until the end of 2012 new patterns have been flowing through for this new chapter in our evolution.

We know when a tone is pure by how it affects our own vibrational patterning and toning in essence asks us to stay with the vowels a, e, i, o, u, we recommend that you play with these pure sound vowel patterns in a space that is highly resonant like the bathroom for example. However with the angelics tones there are additional layers to soundscapes and the most important one is this vibration of pure love from your heart. This coming into a state of selfless service surrender where we are asking that every sound that flows through us comes with that pure underlying frequency of divine love that this love energy flows up from the heart chakra into the throat chakra where we can use that pattern of the symbol of infinity through the throat chakra asking for the perfect pitch, the perfect tone, the perfect soundscape balanced with that divine love energy that is for the highest good of human evolution. So sound, pure tone, pure divine love heart energy and a clear intention all of these work hand in hand with the angelic soundscapes.

You may also wish to ask that the angelics – as pure multidimensional beings – utilise every cell, every atom of your body to project these pure sounds through. You know when you are matched into their channel for you’ll notice that there is no need almost for it feels as if there is no need to even breathe, how the soundscape can flow on and on and on without pause vibrating from a lower tone through the bone structure and skeleton, healing, strengthening the skeletal structure if required, going right through to the higher tone soundscapes that work of course with the higher centres in the body and the etheric body and the brain.

Michelangelo once said, first you study tradition and then you throw it all out the window to work with intuition, so while it wonderful to study traditional soundscapes of toning it is also important that we work intuitively because with the new patterns of energy the tones coming through are coming through from new dimensions that are merging with planet Earth or being revealed now on planet Earth as more and more choose to access more refined planes of consciousness that will eventuate in the manifestation of the higher virtues through our world – love, honour, respect, true unity, the recognition of the wonder of the diversity that we have and the uniqueness we have in taking the best of all cultures focussing on what binds us rather than the old games of duality where we focus on what separates us and our differences.

Differences do not have to be divisive as we know in fact our differences can add unique flavours so the angelic sound tones are a quick way to unify us without language, there is nothing to share, no logic involved, nothing to talk about or explain, it’s simply a deep experiential experience that touches people in different ways, yet I have found over the last 40-odd years of my own meditations that the new angelic soundscapes coming through are one of the quickest ways I have witnessed when working with groups to harmonise, unify and have profound and lasting changes.

So we invite you to apply the things we have shared and also to now relax with your breath as we will do a short guided meditation to allow you to come in to those pure theta zone brain wave patterns and then take you into the silent soundscape of the angelics where the tones will do what is required within your body structure system. However we ask that when you are exposed to soundscapes that you always hold the clear intention that your system will absorb into itself only that which is for your highest good and all other resonances of sound simply bypass your structure. It’s almost as if the body can be likened to a sponge that will absorb the perfect nutrition of sound that is right for it. Holding this clear intention strengthens this reality so relax, get comfortable and let’s prepare for our meditations.

We wish to add though before we move on that the angelic beingness has also been working directly with a very strong harmonic for a long time on planet Earth and that is of the Indigenous ones. The Indigenous elders, the pure beingness, those elders who have maintained contact with star systems as galactic kin have also been holding the pattern as gate-keepers or protectors so to speak of Mother Earth. Many of these cultures like the Australian Aboriginals have lived in harmony with Mother Earth, Gaia as a spirit being for 40,000-60,000 years depending on your research. What is amazing with these pure Indigenous cultures from the Mamos of the Sierra Nevada’s in Colombia, to the Australian Aboriginals and many more is that these beings have never lost contact or awareness with the truth of who they really are – divine cosmic beings having an experience of being human on Earth – and so the angelic soundscape blends with their energies of what we call the Shaman heart so what you will find in our soundscapes in this album is a blending of angelic flows with the Shaman heart of the indigenous world as this is a binding, a blending of higher and lower worlds, higher and lower dimensions melting, merging, mixing and coming into a new energy pattern through Earth.

 This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace on the angelic soundscape.