Cosmic Friendships

The Grand Awakening

The Grand Awakening A Super POSITIVE Intergalactic Contact Message thru Jasmuheen 9-2017 In this video message, they speak of the incredible energy that is radiating out from Earth, that is positively effecting other systems, plus our genetics, being Starseeded, our DNA, our Lightbodies, the merging of the realms, the sensitives, the languages of light and…

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LAO TZU A brilliant Master of Magic, Lao-Tzu once said: “When man interferes with the Tao (the universal way), then the sky becomes filthy, the Earth becomes depleted, the equilibrium crumbles, and creatures become extinct.” We also lose the sensitivity to see behind the veils. Along with Buddhism and Confucianism, Taoism is one of the…

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Cosmic Banking, Heart Richness

Cosmic Banking, Heart Richness and so much more! This audio is only for those open to unity consciousness and understanding earth’s current evolution from a metaphysical view. A 20 minute message with German translation making it 42 minutes. Topics in this audio-message – Cosmic Banking – Galactic family, intergalactic genetic seeding, DNA influencing, Earths Influence…

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Temple of the Oracle Insights for March 2015