Riding the Dragon of Change

Riding the Dragon of Change

with Jasmuheen

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There are many patterns of energy blossoming all around the world and these are unfolding according to the free will nature of each human system and what they hold to be important in their heart of hearts. When people are immersed in a pattern that is allowing them to live in harmony within themselves and with all life including Gaia, then they ride this dragon of change so smoothly, their ride is not bumpy at all.

However, for those who are still connected with patterns of energy that are keeping them from the truth of their pure nature, that are creating disharmony on any level in their own lives and within themselves, then riding this dragon of change becomes a different matter. Sometimes it feels as if the ride is so bumpy, as if you are almost just hanging on for dear life so to speak. The riding of this dragon of change is a skill that we learn yet it is important to understand that the dragon of change is here.

We have spoken often about Gaia’s own transformation and she has now revealed herself to so many in her much more expanded form, to the degree that you could say that if she had more physicalised human form, the whole of planet Earth would fit neatly as a small ball of energy within her heart centre.

Her energy is vast now, strong, and from her core she is pulsating the most beautiful harmonic. Firstly, compassion for all sentient life that have utilised her elements to take form and so they are like Gaia’s own children.

The sentient beingness that Gaia is loves us.

The second core energy pulsating from her is the harmonic that is required for her to go back into a more unified matrix that matches the truth of who she is at her core. We like Gaia, at our core, are vast multi-dimensional beings.

Our Light Being friends say,

“We have spoken often that this spirit energy that you call Mother Earth, Gaia, or Pachamama for some, is a pure cosmic beingness that is vibrating through Earth so that life in your realm of density can be experienced by so many. The story of this is not important now, regarding her descent into this denser reality so to speak.

“What is important is what she is transmitting, how strong she is becoming, for she has always carried great wisdom, strength and understanding and infinite patience for her creation in this your Earth world.

“As each one of you harmonises and unifies within yourselves, coming into a deeper state of true union with that which breathes you and that which you hold at your core, then will all ride this dragon of change more easily.

“Could we say perhaps that Gaia herself is like a dragon, that beautiful powerful benevolent energy that has long been present in your world, with her weaves and twists and complexity, you could say that of course.

“This dragon of change has come into being again not just from Gaia now ending a contract with your world and returning to a state of more Cosmic Beingness, but also because the people of your world have called this new evolutionary stage into being from their heart of hearts.

“So many in your world have been feeling a longing for harmonious co-existence with each other, with all life, with all brothers and sisters in your Earth world.

“This is a longing to experience finally what it is like to live with honour, respect and dignity while also enjoying the diversity of culture and enjoying what each culture brings to this complicated world. To no longer live in competition or in fear or in lack, but to share and care for each other, to make the human rights, as we have often invited, the number one priority in this world.

“Care and compassion towards yourself and towards each other, is rising now to match the care and compassion that Gaia is also holding for you all.

“Then of course there is the personal desire of so many people sensing the more, as this divine intuitive voice that all have within them whispers so lovingly, with such intelligent benevolence, that there is so much more to life on Earth than the struggles of survival and the consumer aspect that is offered. To engage in and enjoy the creation of your homes and families and work time can of course be a wonderful flow to be in and yet of course there is so much more.

“As many of you have discovered already, there are so many zones that exist within your Earth world and one of these zones is the harmonic of peace and compassion that so many long for deep within to be a more consistent experience in their day to day life.

“This more is now rising, the dragon is rising, benevolence is rising and calling everyone on Earth now to decide to make this journey in this next stage of evolution joyous, natural and organic.

“It is calling for the letting go of complication, of belief systems and models of reality that perpetuate separation, judgement and fear, for none are greater, all are born at their core the same, for at the core of all and breathing all, is this benevolence, this magnificence, this pure beingness of great love and wisdom.

“And when the love and wisdom combine great power comes as well, along with grace, synchronistic and joyous living.

“This rising then provides all with the ability to move through many zones, to choose to live where you wish, to be anchored in that zone of pure peace and more, to be fed by the compassionate heart, to be nourished by compassion, to have clarity, to make commitments to yourself and to others that you can be the best version of yourself and move in a world,  where all express the best version of themselves, for they’ve understood how amazing this can be.

“In this more aware and expanded state, Universal law is applied and lived by all, allowing for the redistribution of resources so all people in your world are taken care of lovingly, with the compassionate heart and so basic needs are taken care of so there is no longer a struggle to survive but life unfolds moment by moment for all in a joyous flow.

“This is where your world is headed now …

“Riding the dragon beloveds, this means so much to so many.

“For some, this dragon ride of benevolent change will still be bumpy in this next coming of time where chaos will reign for those who feel and operate from that energy of fear and lack.

“However, the Dragon ride becomes smoother when the commitments are made to have each presence, each one be in a state of mutually beneficial presence, not just through Earth but through all realms.

“This is such a simple commitment is it not? To choose to be, to ask how to be a beneficial nourishing energy so that everything you transmit as a system of energy benefits the greater whole, nourishes the greater whole, again, not just through Earth but through all realms.

“Clarity, commitment, compassion these are powerful keys for the transformation, the unification of any world, the decision to follow the call of the heart, the decision to make lifestyle changes so that the truth of who you are can rise and reveal itself and bring you into a different zone, where life can be enjoyed through the eyes of your pure Essence nature, where you can see the higher perspective of all as it unfolds through all realms.

“This all can now be such a beautiful period in your evolution!”

End transmission

The human being is just a vibrational construct yet its base design is unparallel in creation for it has been blessed with a superior mind that is capable of merging with a compassionate heart through which the most sublime frequencies constantly flow.

Add to this, a breathing mechanism that is driven by a benevolent source of endless free energy that keeps creation alive … plus an imagination, the ability to image in to an infinite array of realms that the mind and heart can access when coherent in expression.

Thus, the adventures to be had within this vibrational construct are so vast, so awe inspiring and so grand!

Once all know the capabilities they have, each life will know no bounds and each life will live in the ecstatic union of constant play and gratitude.

Jasmuheen – 9-2-2019