The Intergalactics

Who are the Intergalactics – Channelled through Jasmuheen

Tokyo, Japan – November 2018

And so beloved ones, we regather once again do we not? For it was not long ago that we were in your beautiful city, with another gathering similar to the frequencies that you carry here and those of you who have returned to be with us again, you know that the topic of our conversation at that time was the Grand Awakening but now another gathering has occurred with a slightly different blend of frequencies and so we continue to share and the theme of our sharing for this gathering is what we have been already touching upon and that is the Intergalactics and it is true this message will go out upon the World Wide Web, but there is an understanding required and this is of course part of a new holistic pattern of awareness as this one keeps sharing, the necessity for education is required for your world and her people are changing rapidly and yet many still choose to see the pattern of energy just through external eyes and yet the meditators among you the visionaries that are here, you know that you have another set of eyes with which to see and this ability to see higher perspectives, this ability to see beyond the external plane of manifestation of this external world, this ability is activated naturally during the course of your evolutionary path when you are ready.

There is much talk among you now about the different layering within your body of light, the healers among you are aware of your meridian system, others are aware of your chakra system, others aware of your light body matrix and when you go deep into the matrix of the body of light you will see the hardwiring of the human system. Perhaps it will be disappointing to some to hear that you are a computer construct.

Creation is a computer construct yet what drives creation and this construct is a grand benevolence, a loving intelligence like you have named upon your world with many different labels. Your Christians call this God, others call it the Unified Fields, without understanding the flavours that this Unified Field carry and these flavours of course are just musical notes, the note of benevolence, the note of pure love, the note of joy, the note of awakening and the joy of awakening, the note of pure peace, the note of harmony – all of these are dominant frequencies within the Matrix of Creation at its core and this frequency spectrum is embedded within the human construct.

Everything that is part of the divine matrix or the computer Matrix of Creation is reflected in the human design so as source energies create using those patterns of sacred geometry, using the vibration of love and benevolence, using the music of celestial choir so too can the human system create for the core of the human system is intergalactic by this we mean as above so below, all is within and this of course is a deep understanding among the metaphysicians and the meditators of the world who have found this to be a truth experientially and you know and see evidence of the mathematicians and the physicists and the quantum scientists as they too expand awareness and go deep into this inner matrix through silent contemplation on the mysteries of life.

It is there that they are met by this benevolence to start to glimpse the fields of potential that the human design can tap into. You already do this. We have spoken through this one about the triggering, what is being triggered? We watch all around your world, a powerful energy coming from the heart of humanity, this desire to be in permanent peace, this desire for harmonious cocreation and coexistence, this inner call of knowingness that there is so much more beyond your physical external realms.

All of this understanding is setting up the magnetic attractor pattern for the revelation of that which you seek and where will you pattern match into, for it is a Universal Law of Resonance that governs your journey. Of course, you pattern match into that which is in your heart’s desire and when that which you desire is beneficial for the totality of your species then this pattern match receives lubrication and, in our realms, we call this lubrication, Grace. It is not Grace perhaps but a synchronistic flow of alignment, pattern to pattern.

And so you are pattern matching all the time with this energy that you collectively seek in your world as an evolving species because there are zones within creation that have life form, sentient life, that exist in harmony, that exist in peace, that display a more enlightened flow of awareness then as the peoples of your world have sought this, so too have you begun to merge with such realms, a matching of patterns and because that which you seek is beneficial for your evolution the ability to match patterns is being sped along you could say through Grace.

The alignment is quicker and so your world is being flooded by intergalactic energy and now in this next period of your evolution this next period belongs to the intergalactics for all on Earth carry the matrix within their body of light that we would deem to belong to the intergalactics of the higher realms. In other words, you are encoded beloved ones to know pure peace, to know permanent peace, to live in harmony within yourself and with others of your species.

You are encoded with the knowledge of how to attain that which is your heart’s desire and this intergalactic matrix of knowledge and wisdom of harmonious coexistence, you could call this matrix the ‘Heaven on Earth’ reality bubble the ‘Heaven on Earth’ zone of potential, you could call it the ‘Shamballa Matrix’, you could call it ‘Buddha’s Pure Land’ and it so interesting is it not? That all through your history of linear time, Holy beings who were just human beings well-tuned to the truth of who they are, have declared the existence of such a matrix then through their own exploration of the multitudes of souls that each of you hold within that you access through the silent stillness, through this exploration they too have discovered this matrix, they too have discovered this zone that different ones have named in different ways.

So how interesting that at the core of the light body around which dense molecular structure is formed to create the human temple. At the core is a sacred geometric pattern that is destined to be activated by the call of your heart and your personal longing to know more and to collectively operate in a different pattern on Earth for this benevolence that is part of the core of creation delivers all to all when they are ready.

You are coming into a time, beloveds, of what we call full disclosure, of full revelation. First the revelation of the magnificence of your human design and second, the time of revelation of the magnificence of the universal design and the revelation of the magnificence of the multidimensional design for you are multidimensional beings and you are a multidimensional construct, by this we mean that you are hardwired to be free. You are not bound by your human form.

Many of you have realised that just one small drop of the vastness of your pure nature is vibrating in this human construct and having this human experience and yet the design of the template of duality is also a powerful construct.

It is so easy to be lost, to be mesmerised at the moment, so many of your world are mesmerised by a very small device that you call your smart phone and it is so interesting as we watch this period of your evolution and the mesmerisation of this tiny device. Yes, it is a beautiful mechanism and the design for such came from the intergalactics but it was designed to make your experience vaster and simpler, not to close you down to limit your awareness. This is the first global initiation you could say of balance with technology.

If you could see your smart phone device with your higher vision you would see behind that a delivery system lined up to deliver the most amazing technology to your world, free energy systems, free devices that will align the human body quickly to the pattern of health. There is device after device after device lined up like a cosmic delivery service ready to come into your world to bring you freedom, a new time. Freedom, it is not there to bind you to this technology as is currently happening, it is coming to your world to give you freedom and more time so that you can explore beloveds the smartest device that you will ever know, the smartest technology that you can ever access that is your human system.

You have not begun to access (the) potentiality that is there. Even the meditators and metaphysicians in your world, the revelation of what you carry is still in its very early stages as you allow the baseline energy within you to dominate your system. As it rises it will trigger the release of pattern upon pattern upon pattern that will in turn trigger the release of pattern within pattern within pattern of new energy systems and ways to dwell not just within you but around you for in the unified realms when the human system locks into the frequency of true unity there are endless zones to explore and endless gifts to receive; your natural telepathic abilities, what about the internal phone?

You are all connected to what this one laughingly calls your CNN your Cosmic Nirvana Network, you are all cosmically wired or hard wired for telepathic connectivity, you are all naturally hard wired for dematerialisation, transmigration, bilocation, spontaneous healing if required, being source fed and so forth and so we watch as you gather together to share of these fields of potential that many more are stepping into for that is the way forward, the experiential discovery of the intergalactic within you and of course beloveds we could share of many different realities yet we wish to keep it simple, who are the intergalactics? It is you. It is you. It is the ones of you who are intuitively knowing that there is a different way to exist on this planet you call Gaia and this intuitive knowing is rising up from deep within you for it is part of the pattern you already carry.

We must stress that the future that lies before the human species in this next phase of your evolution goes way beyond even that which we could have foreseen or imagined but as we have shared before that was and is the magnificence of the human design and what you carry in the pattern at your core. The way the sacred geometries are layered within the human design has never been done before, a new design beloveds, a new pattern, never before has such a layering been done for there is a particular arrangement of sacred geometric patterning that forms the baseline of the human design for pure love, infinite wisdom and benevolence to flow through and so this next time of your individual and your planetary blossoming is one that will never, has never been witnessed before and the potential of that expression, even those watching we cannot tell you how far it will go and so we wish to just simply complete this gathering to talk of the final trigger and that is the intuitive call.

Your pathway forward beloveds into this chapter of an enlightened evolutionary phase, the wisdom for the right step beloved is something that will be triggered by the call of your heart. Trust the voice of the intuition you carry for this is the voice of the great benevolence that breathes all creation.

And so, you can continue in the silence for a few moments, sense our energy, go directly beloveds, talk from your heart and see what answers come. We are present, we are with you, we are listening.