FEEDING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN OR THE INSIDE OUT – OR BOTH From carnivore to breatharian and the evolutionary stages in-between


From carnivore to breatharian and the evolutionary stages in-between – the effects and benefits on our personal health and on our global environment.


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Figures now abound on the internet regarding the rising cost of obesity, resource misuse and over consumption, especially on global health and our environment, plus the global obesity epidemic itself that now touches every country in some way. Independent of the fact that a child still dies every 2 seconds from malnourishment, according to the World Health Organization worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. In 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults were overweight as well as 40 million children under the age of five and 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than being underweight.

The question now stands … is there another way to feed the growing population of our world? Is there another nutritional resource that we can all access that improves our health and lessens our carbon footprint by using global resources more conservatively? Have the yogi’s of India, the Jain’s, the Bigu Qigong Masters and other traditions that are more metaphysically inclined discovered an alternate way of being physically nourished? According to research at the Embassy of Peace and those interviewed in the controversial documentary “In The Beginning There was Light”, the answer is yes.

This ancient, free and easily accessible alternate resource is called prana, chi or the universal life force and understanding more about this nutritional energy source plus how to access and increase this internal source of nourishment is well documented in our research manuals “The Prana Program” and also “The Food of Gods”.

Now, after 20 years of personal experiential research and travelling constantly to share our research into this field of alternate nourishment, and connecting with the various people whose journey this is, we have now been able to classify nourishment as being delivered to us in various ways and from a variety of sources. After decades of hearing people talk about living on light, or people who do not need to physically eat, we wish to first state that everyone must have physical body nourishment or else the body will die. The only issue to be discussed now is from what source and also what is the cost to our health and on our environment from these various sources of nourishment?

FEEDING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN – absorption and atrophy.

Category 1 – TRADITIONS & HABITS. Category 1 is based on traditions and habits which is about being fed from the outside in. This category covers the usual method of taking physical body nourishment such being a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan, on raw food, fruitarian etc. In this category people live in the reality that the physical system needs to ingest physical food to survive and most are unaware of the “inside out” method of nourishment and feeding. Due to the substantial health issues that are often associated with the traditional carnivore and/or heavily processed food diet, many are now turning to a more plant based vegetarian lifestyle and reducing their consumption of animal products.

Category 1 fallout: The main problem with ‘feeding from the outside in’ – especially when excessively ‘meat, animal product and processed food’ based – is that it often leads to more rapid aging, dis-ease and physically system breakdown plus it adds significantly to global warming and to over consumption of both medical and planetary resources. For example, a meat eating diet consumes 30 times more of the world’s resources than a vegetarian diet.

Category 2 – SUBTLE SHIFTS.  Category 2 is a substantial movement occurring for many who also live a holistic lifestyle that is also naturally increasing their chi or prana levels. This is when people begin to lighten up their diet intuitively without being aware why but knowing that it just feels right to them. This ‘subtly shifting’ in what and how often they feed from the outside in, is usually a result of their day to day lifestyle changes as these ones are beginning to naturally be fed from the inside out yet are unaware of this. Holistic education into prana as cosmic micro fuel allows these ones to relax and know that this is a natural progression and option due to their lifestyle. Category 2 also takes into account the new children being born who are intuitively aware of this alternate form of nourishment and hence display very little interest in the ‘feeding from the outside in’ methods of nourishment.

Category 2 fallout: The main problem with this is that lack of education into why this is happening causes many to worry about what is occurring and hence not trust this natural transition or get aligned more healthily to it.

Category 3 – TRANSITIONING WITH AWARENESS. This category is when people are conscious of prana as an alternate source of nourishment and so they consciously begin to adjust their lifestyle to be fed more from the inside out – the successful transition into this is completely depending on their own frequency field and their ability to be more at one with their own pure Essence nature that is breathing them. In this category people begin a conscious detoxification process of the physical, emotional and mental systems via a specific lifestyle shift; and/or they may begin solar gazing practice and/or qigong practice to increase their chi flows.

Category 3 fallout: The main problem with this is people’s impatience and lack or physical system readiness. Health problems can occur if people try to transition into categories 4, 5 & 6 before they are fully ready.

Now let’s address 3 more categories that support the reality of being nourished from the inside out rather than being nourished from the outside in; categories that require safe, careful preparation, that are also completely dependant on mindsets and more importantly a person’s day-to-day lifestyle which can either increase or decrease the flow of chi through their physical system.

FEEDING FROM THE INSIDE OUT – radiation and regeneration

Category 4 – TRANSITIONED & FREE TO CHOOSE. This is the category for those people who have converted their system successfully to being fed in a healthy way from the inside out. They have achieved this via their lifestyle and good holistic education into this field of possibility. Having had this experience and given themselves this freedom by the living of it, they may then decide to enjoy the pleasure of taking physical food from time to time. Some do this once a week, others once a month or once a year while others in this category may eventually move onto category five or even decide to drop back to category 1 and enjoy a light vegan, raw or vegetarian diet. Imagine the impact on our global environment if people could safely even halve their current physical food intake as they are healthily fed from the inside out for all their nutritional requirements?

Category 5 – FREEDOM & PLEASURE. This is when people are being nourished completely from the inside out yet they still like to take liquids for social or pleasure reasons, or just for the pure enjoyment of this. Many in this category express no interest in category 6. I have called these ones ‘liquidarians’. The redirection of the energy we normally use for digestion when feeding from the outside in, and instead being fed from the inside out, leads to many improvements in the human physical, emotional, mental system functioning. Our research has found that for these ones less sleep is required, more mental clarity and intuitive visionary ability is gained and people’s general health rhythms improve significantly with some people experiencing the eradication of all dis-eases.

Category 6 – the TRUE BREATHARIAN – although these people are still relatively rare in our world, this is the category for the people who take nothing from the outside in as they no longer require either physical food or fluid since they obtain all that they need to be healthy on all levels of their being, from the inside out. This includes being hydrated as we have found that the body is capable of hydrating itself also from the inside out when it requires. Noted breatharians are Zinaida Baranova and Prahlad Jani.

Category 4, 5 & 6 fallout: None if people stay well tuned to what their body is telling them and adjust accordingly. If unprepared people can die if they attempt to enter into categories 4,5 & 6 unless they are ready. To do this successfully their prana percentage must be at 100%. Our book “Being Essence” shares how to achieve and measure this.

On a final note, what category people will eventually end up settling into will depend on their Divine Blueprint and what they have agreed to obtain and demonstrate in this life time. If someone is pre-programmed to be a Category 4 or 5 they may never feel the natural pull to go into category 6; similar it may not be in people’s blueprint to move beyond category 1.

Pre-programming is also connected to our service agenda and as of mid 2013 there are now more than 50,000 people enjoying and exploring the freedom of categories 4, 5, and 6; as I myself have done over these past twenty years. More in-depth research into this alternate source of nourishment will not only improve global health but also substantially reduce our global carbon footprint as will a return to a lighter, vegetarian diet and a change in basic lifestyle via good holistic education programs.

For more details re the alternate the source of nourishment of prana, as Cosmic Mirco-fuel go to
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Additional Obesity Facts

According to the Sydney Morning Herald-Lateral Economics Index of Australia’s Wellbeing … “The cost of obesity to Australia’s collective wellbeing has reached $120 billion a year – the equivalent of about 8 per cent of the economy’s annual output” and with 28.3 per cent of the population considered obese, and 2 in 3 people overweight, their research now shares that “The negative effects of obesity are growing faster than … net national income, environmental degradation, inequality, life expectancy and job satisfaction.” In the USA the Harvard School of Public Health claimed that some sources calculate that the current trend of obesity, and it’s economic cost, will rise by between $48 to 66 billion per year, up from the $190 billion spent in 2005. The Harvard report also states that one estimates says that “the health care costs of obesity are responsible for nearly 21 percent of total health care spending in the U.S.” Researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have also addressed the current obesity epidemic and … “expect that by 2030, 86% of U.S. adults will be overweight or obese, with related health care spending projected to be as much as $956.9 billion.” According to the WHO “Based on the latest estimates in European Union countries, overweight affects 30-70% and obesity affects 10-30% of adults.” and this figure is rapidly rising.

New stem cell research funded by Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, has now delivered the world’s first hamburger made of meat grown from scratch in a laboratory, at a cost of more than €250,000. Production of meat in this way is considered by many to be more ethical and may also one day hopefully cease the slaughter of billions of animals and reduce our carbon footprint.

While some predicate that by 2050 our global consumption of meat will have risen by 70% and we will need three planet earths to continue to be able to provide for this; still the process in stem cell meat production is time consuming and also fails to address the health issues arising from a heavier meat based diet compared to the long term health and environmental benefits of being vegetarian.

If people can also increase their chi or prana flow via their lifestyle, then they can consume less of our external world food resources and be fed instead by a blend perhaps of being nourished from the inside out as well as from the outside in! As many can imagine, the global environmental and health impacts of this will be astounding!

Yet the ability to physically feed us from the inside out is just one gift of many that our Essence has for us and personally I feel that too much emphasis is placed on this one aspect. Other gifts our Essence provides as it nourishes us on all levels are permanent peace, deep contentment on mental and emotional body levels plus a life filled with Grace and a heart filled with gratitude! When we increase our chi we get healthy and happy!

A few Research manuals on this topic of ‘inside out feeding’ by Jasmuheen …

BEING  ESSENCE – Published August 2012. In Being Essence, Jasmuheen shares of her lifelong love affair with her Essence with Its ability to nourish us and bring our world into a state of permanent peace. Via the profoundly powerful yet simple techniques and insights that she now provides in this her 37th book, Jasmuheen lovingly fulfils her role as an Ambassador of Peace for The Embassy of Peace. She writes:- In this manual we share simple yet profound truths that will also bring the controversial Breatharian reality in a deeper, clearer perspective. We will also offer simple techniques for the creation and revelation of the ‘Paradise – Kingdom of Heaven’ type realms. Yet in Essence it is all about our Essence, for it is our Enlightened Essence that gives us this freedom to be nourished on all levels, in such a different way. And when a human being is well nourished from deep within by their Essence, then they too radiate this pure nourishment wherever they go, wherever they are and so our world transforms itself into the Garden of Eden that it too, was always destined to be. https://jasmuheen.com/products-page/other-books/3781-2/

THE PRANA PROGRAM – Effective & Enjoyable Evolution – Everything you need to know about prana. Alternate Energy for the New Millennium, including a Program for eliminating hunger in Third World countries. Can we eliminate all health and hunger challenges on our planet? Is there a way of satiating everyone’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers and do it in a way that creates peace and harmony in our world? After over a decade of experiential research in the field of alternate nourishment utilizing chi or prana – also known as cosmic particles – Jasmuheen as leading researcher in this field, now puts forth a program to do just that. Specializing in Third World countries, THE PRANA PROGRAM book is an encyclopaedia of ‘everything you always wanted to know about prana and more’. In Question and Answer format this book covers methods of nourishing and hydrating the body using an inner energy source produced in the body to free us from our dependence on world’s food resources and changing the economic status of our world. https://jasmuheen.com/products-page/living-on-light/the-prana-program-effective-enjoyable-evolution/

The Food of Gods – The Food of Gods is Jasmuheen’s 18th book on metaphysical matters and her third book in the Divine Nutrition series. It is not necessary to have read the previous books on this subject which cover her personal journey and the solution for world health and world hunger issues as The Foods of Gods takes the pranic nourishment discussion to another level and offers simple yet powerful tools to satiate all of our hungers. Jasmuheen writes: “The most important difference with our focus with Divine Nutrition is that It has the ability to feed us on all levels and that we can still benefit from increasing Its flow through our bio-system even if we continue to choose to enjoy eating. Allowing this Divinely Nutritional stream to be increased in our system means that we can be fed emotionally, mentally and spiritually and as such the techniques and guidelines shared in this book, will benefit us all by freeing us from our current personal and global emotional, mental and spiritual states of anorexia.” https://jasmuheen.com/products-page/living-on-light/the-food-of-gods/

Breatharian Pathways – Memories & Motivations. In this book Jasmuheen finally shares her memories and motivations around her public work with living on prana. From her times with Jesus, and the disciple Luke, to her times in Cathar country and being starved to death during the inquisition, to the life of an woman in India whose great loss revealed the Breatharian way; to dealing with Sadhus and sages in India modern day – all of this and much more Jasmuheen shares as well as finally revealing the details of some of her most spectacular media trials as she continues to educate the world into this phenomenon. She writes: “Is it too much to believe that there is a wise and loving force behind creation? Or that great love brought creation into being, that great love breathes us and gives us life and that great love can heal and guide, as so many have attested? Knowing this, is it too difficult to believe that this wise and loving force that exists within and around us, can also nourish our physical bodies with their breakfast, lunch and dinners?” https://jasmuheen.com/products-page/living-on-light/breatharian-pathways-memories-motivations/


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