PEACE PARADIGMS & PROGRAMS – Jasmuheen’s 2012 World Peace Day address in Turkey

Address for World Peace Day
November the 1st 2012 – with Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace


Welcome to this celebration of the paradigm of Peace! One of the joys of coming together like this is that we know we can make a positive difference to our evolution by our united focus and I feel so honored to be here today to share about the Embassy of Peace, and the power that our own enlightened Essence nature has to create harmony in our world.

While we have written 37 books that are in 18 languages, our work has always been about personal and global peace plus health and hunger issues, a topic that has fascinated me since I was seven-years-old that at age 16 led to my discovery of meditation and the profound experience of my own Essence nature.

As an Ambassador of Peace, I have travelled constantly for nearly two decades to work with many in government, meeting with Swamis and yogis in India, indigenous Tribal Elders, tribes in Colombia and the Amazons, people in the slums of Brazil, plus esoteric groups all around our world, including in the United Nations in Vienna and New York.

During this time we have been able to reweave so many energy fields as we have shared with millions in over 30 countries with whom we formed the M.A.P.S. Ambassadry Alliance in 1997. A forerunner to the Embassy of Peace, M.A.P.S. is the Movement of an Awakened Positive Society, a name describing people from all walks of life who are committed to global harmony and peace.

So many have done so much in our world, yet being at peace means so many different things to us all. When we worked in the slums of Brazil, some women said that being at peace meant just being able to send their children to school safely, without concern that their child may be accidentally shot. Thankfully due to the united focus of many, all the Brazilian favelas where we worked have now been pacified.

To our indigenous Colombian friends, peace means living in harmony with the Earth and all life without the continued threat of global warming and those who want to mine their land, both of which are causing disruption to their preferred way of existence.

Right now on Earth while some people deal with loss of financial security from the restructuring of global economies, others are dealing with death, disease, depression or loneliness, or they are struggling to feed their families and just survive. While these issues affect many in our world it is often these very experiences that prompt people to seek inner peace and improve Earth’s systems so that they do work for all.

Hence, after nearly four decades of research, the Embassy of Peace was set up to offer new systems of operation that support both personal and global refinement, and the more universal paradigm of One People living in Harmony on One Planet.

One of India’s most insightful leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, invited us to BE the change we wish to see in the world. Many know that for our world to operate harmoniously its individuals must also be in harmony and open to exist in mutually beneficial relationships and thankfully, many now are!

To support this, the first focus of the Embassy of Peace is on Personal Harmonization with a lifestyle program that utilizes the ancient wisdom plus futuristic science so that we can unify into peaceful co-existence regardless of our cultures and religions.

Developed from decades of experiential research and based on Biofield Science principles, the 8-point Luscious Lifestyles Program alters our brain wave patterns from busy beta frequency, to alpha then theta patterns, so that we operate more effectively by increasing our mental clarity and intuitive capacities.

Part of the Luscious Lifestyles Program, is the focus on prayer power plus the mastery of the mind, with an emphasis on positive thinking and choosing to see the good in all. Another aspect of this Lifestyle Program is meditation, which allows us to be more detached and able to recognize the bigger picture surrounding life events. Add a lighter diet, treating the body as a temple, selfless service, time in silence in nature plus the use of sacred music and we find we are naturally more peaceful, healthy and harmonious.

The beauty of this particular lifestyle blend is that it sets up a purer magnetic alignment with the very energy force that creates and sustains all life, to stimulate a stronger flow of this Essence through our systems. This then changes how our personal emanations affect everything around us, since the web of this Essence energy interconnects all life.

Our Essence is also the one reliable loving power that can bring about global unity, as It is the wisest teacher, guide and healer that we will ever know. To be able to see this world through Its eyes and feel Its Presence within us via our breath, and to be able to fully imbue our systems with It, is the greatest gift we can give each other and ourselves as a stronger alignment with our Essence nature can satisfy all human hungers – even a hunger for peace.

Many believe that a world without awareness of its own true nature needs to experience this nature first hand, before its people can collectively evolve into the paradigm of peace. Access to Its heavenly inner Kingdom is a worthy art to share and pathways to this Kingdom are varied, yet what all quality pathways have in common is that they allow us to exist as a more enlightened civilization.

To support this alignment this year we released the Embassy’s pragmatic Being Essence program with its simple yet powerful tools of transcendence as it is in this merged state with our Essence that we are always the most effective. As we all exist in a field of intelligence that rearranges itself to mirror our own consciousness, it is a time now for everyone either to choose the path of love, or to continue supporting the old fear based paradigms that keep our world in the dimension of duality.

Yet everywhere I travel, I find that people do wish to experience health, happiness and harmony. So let us pause for a moment here to make a few commitments to ourselves and to each other. Know that as we place the following heartfelt programs within the quantum field we will strengthen the channels of support to bring this into truth.

Take a deep, slow breath ….

Now as I share these programs, if you like what you hear just say “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

  • As a citizen of planet Earth, I claim my birthright to exist in the rhythm of peace, to know this world as a paradise plane again NOW!
  • I open to experience and enjoy the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony within myself and with all life NOW!
  • I ask my Essence to connect me Essence to Essence with my family, friends, colleagues, and all beings open to this, so that all our sharing from this moment unfolds for the highest good of all!
  • Again, if what you just heard feels right just say aloud or silently, Yes, Yes, Yes!

Take a few more deep, slow, breaths … and just open to sense how these programs are being brought into fruition by our Essence, as we now add supporting field alignment tones.

Let us continue with the Global Peace Paradigm …

At the Embassy, our priority is to offer and support holistic education so that all may enjoy the peace that comes with self-knowledge. To address basic human rights and provide for all who require this, in 2002, we released our Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program to reduce political, religious and economic tensions via specific attitudes, actions and projects. Statistically it is interesting to note that each year just one third of our current military budget can be redirected to eliminate poverty. Hence, just a united shift in our priorities can break these cycles and transform our world. 

The Embassy’s Programs also aid in this as they expand our consciousness so that we move from the ‘me’ agenda to the ‘we’ focus of caring for all life on Earth, especially our children as one child dies unnecessarily every two seconds from hunger related diseases.

In the obesity challenged West, billions of dollars are also spent dealing with the health issues that often come from our toxic thinking, toxic feeling and toxic feeding patterns.

All of this can be easily remedied by the Embassy’s Global Harmonization projects, which are designed to support the redirection of our world’s resources and reveal additional free resources that many have forgotten. For example, our Prana Program Project shares how to utilize cosmic micro-food to provide more freedom of choice and help rebalance world health and hunger issues.

Developed over 45 years, the Prana Program has given rise to the Breatharian movement which now has over 40,00 people, like myself, who are no longer dependant on consuming the world’s food resources.

In 2006, we began filming the documentary “In the Beginning There Was Light” which was released at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Focusing on the power of the mind this film interviews many who do this to look at the ‘prana as food’ reality from a medical and quantum level. It also shows just a small but vital part into the benefits that come when we are more imbued with Essence energy and have this freedom of choice.

So a big thanks from me to everyone who has supported this paradigm shifting film!

Imagine if we could safely reduce our current food intake by even 50%?

Imagine the impact that this could have on our environment if we do need and use less of the world’s food resources yet get healthier?

While this controversial reality challenges our billion-dollar food production and pharmaceutical industries, the potential global benefits are immense. Being nourished by our Essence, is a natural part of our evolution back into a lighter more peace-filled reality as has been prophesized by so many.

We all know that peace comes from being free of fear and conflict yet right now on Earth, there is also a little of the energy of ‘let’s do nothing, let’s wait and see’ inertia as some people identify with prophecy and the ‘what if’ reality.

What if there are massive solar flares that some predict will possibly disable Earth’s computer run systems and make our World Wide Web inactive?

         If this does happen, what will happen to our economic, banking and information dissemination systems?

What if there is a galactic centre alignment as forecast by the Mayans in December 2012? Will the associated magnetic shifts cause more tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and will this cause massive loss of life?

What about the continued refinement of political regimes in the Middle East and the small yet still possible threat of another war?

What about the current economic realignments within the European Union, plus the whole Global Financial crisis?

In addition, what about global warming, just how bad is it?

What if? What if? What about ….???

Too much concern for all of this will keep us trapped in fear as Universal Law decrees that what we focus on grows. Instead, a focus now on fully enjoying each moment and being the best version of our self that we can be is actually the most effective tool of transformation that we have to ensure that none of the ‘what ifs’ are an insurmountable problem.

Ice Ages are normal in our world, and civilizations are known to come and go, worlds also do ascend and people leave their bodies all the time in order to move into other realms. The “what if?” fear reality is only a problem if we believe that all we are, is just a body with emotions and thoughts or if we have not yet experienced who we really are.

Thankfully understanding the Higher Light Science can free us from many limiting ideas, attachments and fears. Holistic education that incorporates this new science is vital to our freedom and so in 2010 we released our Pathways of Peace Program to promote unity consciousness pragmatically on Earth.

The first three Pathways of Peace remind us that we are all just a collection of energy rhythms that we can change at will, and that by feeling blessed by what we have learnt so far in life, we can collectively move on to claim a new way of being that benefits all on Earth.

Peace Paths 4, 5, 6 and 7 remind us that we can be Kings and Queens of our internal and external kingdoms in ways that enhance us all, by understanding the available dimensions of existence that we can now choose to dwell in, plus how to experience this via attitude shifts and lifestyle alignments.

Peace Paths 8, 9, and 10 allow us to liaise more effectively with quantum field intelligence and come into a unified state of existence with our Essence to know the highest potential of love.

Finally, Peace Paths 11 and 12 allow us to receive all the gifts of our Essence, so that we may dwell in peace as a vibrant and valued part of a more universal neighborhood.

Understanding and applying these 12 Pathways provides so much peace, just as merging more with our compassionate Essence nature allows us to find the perfect resolutions to any challenge we may face as an evolving species both now and in our future.

Again, let us take a few moments to support Global Harmonization with a deep, slow breath as we open to sense the power of our group Essence with Its ability to deliver these results ….

As I now read the following, if these words feel good, just say, “Yes, yes, yes!”

  • We ask that perfect resolutions that benefit all be downloaded into the hearts and minds of everyone involved in any area of global conflict now!
  • As Ambassadors of Peace on planet Earth, we also ask for the perfect political, economic, educational and environmental systems of operation that benefit the whole, to be clearly revealed and harmoniously anchored and implemented throughout Earth’s energy fields NOW!

Take another few deep, slow breaths and imagine that this is happening now …

Finally, let us address the Universal Levels of peace …

Assuming that collectively we do eventually come into a state of unity and peace – what then?

Personal harmonization leads to global harmonization, which then naturally leads us into Universal Harmonization as our planet transmits energy signals that will change our position in the Matrix of Creation and magnetize us into a new dimension.

Yes, this is our planet, yet we also have many Light Being, interdimensional friends who are always there supporting us, just as they support any world that chooses to peacefully unify and leave duality behind. Yes, we can tune to these ones in our meditations, for our Essence is their Essence, and these Beings have stated very clearly, that understanding Universal Law and identifying more with our Essence nature is the key to a smoother time through this transition.

         The Embassy’s Universal Harmonization Program provides complete data about these Laws and the many Beings of Light who are ready to welcome us back as their intergalactic, interdimensional family. By refining our personal frequency emanations and adopting compassionate systems of operation, we will find that we can live in any realm that we desire. Many have discovered via meditation that all dimensions are accessible right here, right now, within us all, including the paradise realm of peace that is already in existence, just awaiting our alignment.

Still regardless of all our experiences and ideas, it all is as it is now on Earth, with 7 billion movies of reality constantly blending. Yet in the field of higher light science, the dominant frequency rules to determine our collective path of evolution, as we know that what we focus on in the present will always determine our future.

   Our Indigenous Tribal Elders have long been big believers in the power of the Sacred Dreamtime and our ability to dream new futures into being. They also say that our life in form has always been just a part of a much grander divine dreaming. Waking up within the dream by living the dreams that we wish to exist in, is another important key to leaving chaos behind us for it is a time of dream fulfilment. Thankfully, millions of people in our world are fulfilling their dreams of peace-filled co-existence with many doing this by unifying our male/female, left brain/right brain natures of logic and intuition, and taking responsibility for the experiences that we have created.

I stand before you today as a wife, mother and grandmother and, as so many women of our world know, it is through these roles that we have learnt how to be peacekeepers and diplomats of love and compassion. The Embassy of Peace has now locked in a new system of operation and its pulse is getting stronger in our world so let us all add to this and feed the paradigm of peace by our own experience of it!

Peace for all is just a channel switch away, a frequency band of operation that we all can tune to. Enjoying healthy and happy lives, loving deeply and contentedly, rising into new paradigms and staying risen, joining truly civilized realms and knowing the benefits of this – all of this is our divine birthright as we stand at the threshold of a more harmonious global existence. All of this is a cause for celebration as we consciously align to paradigms that enhance the whole!

Still talk is not enough, we also need to act as we have done today with our programs and proclamations, so let us complete here now with one more.

Again take a deep, slow breath then let us state together:

  • Essence of Creation, within me and around me and in all life … I ask now to be tuned even more deeply to your channel of infinite love and wisdom, to peacefully fulfill my divine blueprint in a way  that benefits all.
  • As Essence beings on Earth, we open fully here now to the Grace-filled transition of our world into the perfect paradigms that nourish us all!
  • We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth!

Again, let us state with great feeling

  • We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth!
  • We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth!


Together let us add some heartfelt tones and sense as if our

Essence is singing through us …



Our free Embassy of Peace manual plus our Pathways of Peace and Being Essence Programs

can now be downloaded from our website although

these proclamations are enough to create a much smoother transition if required.


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