CELEBRATIONS & SUCCESS – Jasmuheen’s 2014 Tour Focus


Come and spend some personal time with JAsmuheen – AMbassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace … ENJOYING EARTH’S GARDEN’S OF EDEN; SHAMAN HEART TONES & ANGELIC HEALING, LIFESTYLES FOR HARMONY & PEACE, EFFECTIVE RESOURCE ACCESS & USAGE, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES FOR A GRACE FILLED EVOLUTION, DIVINE MOTHER INSIGHTS PLUS E.T. COSMIC PERSPECTIVES; UPDATES ON COSMIC MICRO-FUEL & PRANIC LIVING & MORE … Throughout 2014, Jasmuheen will continue her travels around the world as the Divine Mother’s Emissary and Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace, gathering all those who are now delving deeper into the flows of unity consciousness with its creative expressions and flows. Like many, Jasmuheen has also been guided by the Divine Feminine to offer retreats that allow us all to take time out and be nourished and recharged while still contributing in a beneficial way to each other and to our world!! With a focus on being deeply peaceful, enjoying the purest flows of divine love, its gifts and grace, and also on Shamballa and Earth’s Garden’s of Eden, her 2014 retreats will be more uplifting than ever before!

In this retreat-time with Jasmuheen, we will live and share more of …

  • The Divine Feminine’s lifestyle to end all suffering in world of duality, a lifestyle that also increases our own life force that also changes our resonance and how the quantum field responds to us, that also has the power to end all dis-ease within and around us on earth …
  • Jasmuheen will also train those open to being Diplomats of Love for the Divine Feminine in how to share more of this lifestyle with others.
  • She will also continue to share more of the angelic energies, plus their Pathways of Peace and healing tones.

In this gathering with like-minded, loving and supportive people, we will also all be …

  • Nourished on deeper, purer levels as we enjoy the perfect retreat as both a holiday and a wonderful way to be recharged so that you leave this gathering feeling refreshed, energised, wiser, stronger, strengthened and well supported by both inner and outer plane networks!
  • We invite you to take this time, have some fun, to be super-creative and enjoy the more sustainable paths that benefit us all.
  • In this retreat we will sit in deep meditation to finetune all our internal and external systems as guided by the group divinity, in ways that are perfect for us all.
  • Be prepared to spend personal and also group time in silence, to go deeper into your own intuitive nature and to then share from that pure and perfect part that you carry within that is so wise, loving and aware while you add your insight-gifts to this group field.

JASMUHEEN writes: Pure Love communes, reveals, aligns, inspires, guides, protects, connects, opens doors, magnetises, creates, nourishes, drives, supports & so much more! Living in its flow of Grace, receiving all of its gifts and being nourished on all levels by it is an amazing freedom that is available to all who tune to its pure channel. It is also uplifting, fluid in motion and expression and carries an endless source of wisdom and power! We have entered into a time now where the collective heart of humanity is much more open to the purer rhythms of love and peace as pure Love is addictive and effervescent in its nature and in its joy. Thankfully, there are the deepest currents of the purest love bubbling through the Matrix of life that in turn then bubble through us, and when we dive into this current via our lifestyle and focus, we receive all the nourishment we need so that we are free to give that love without condition or thought of reward and in this very act of pure intention comes the most amazing gifts. This is the way of the fields where the Master is the best servant and those in pure hearted service discover the master within. In the Beingness of love,  all is perfect, all is understood, all are just rhythms of awareness and awakening; there is no judgement of right or wrong, or good or bad, or struggle and pain and confusion. All is simply love as all is unfolding in the rhythms of love, held in a field of love, fed by love and is pure and perfect because of this.


Earth’s Garden of Eden, buried, deep, down inside,
a field of enchantment, its love pure, desired …
A home that all long for, despite who we are,
a feeling, belonging, a bright, freedom star.
And so we all wander, from this place, to that,
a mind always searching or a heart feeling flat;
until we discover, what many now know,
the state that we long for, is a Kingdom that flows.
A web of awareness, so rich in its weave,
a pulsing, pure river, to sense, then perceive.
A realm some call heaven, a part of us all,
a breath and a stillness, a cosmic enthral.

General Data on Jasmuheen’s Events – Jasmuheen’s seminars and retreats are a wonderful opportunity to gather together with like-minded people from all over the world. Sharing well researched and also channelled data; Jasmuheen tunes to the group divinity to bring through exactly what each gathering requires, allowing each attendee to go into deeper states of meditation where they can access more of their own divine Essence with Its profoundly creative love and wisdom flows. While her 2014 focus is on Pure Love & Earth’s Gardens of Eden, each gathering is as unique as each individual and the general focus of all of Jasmuheen’s work is often on:-

  1. Self Mastery & Self Sovereignty – working with Quantum field intelligence.
  2. The freedom that Unity consciousness delivers.
  3. Manifesting the Divinity we are, in harmony with all.
  4. Pranic Living – increasing our personal chi flow transmissions so that we become givers rather than takers in this world,
  5. and decreasing our dependence on the world’s resources by increasing our dependence on the divine resource within.
  6. Fulfilling the pragmatic programs of The Embassy of Peace with its 12 Pathways of Peace, plus
  7. Jasmuheen works with the group divinity to provide inspirational meditations, tools and techniques to gain perfect personal clarity, wisdom and insight to achieve the above and more.
  8. Throughout 2014, Jasmuheen will continue working with the Angelics who are now bringing through higher light science sonic codings of very refined vibrations. For an example of this you may enjoy her Angelic Heart Tones – video for unifying left & right brain hemispheres.

Data re the evening event:- An evening with Jasmuheen is always a special event as she provides powerful tools in each gathering for all to be able to follow their intuitive guidance more easily and to be able to know the will of their Divine Essence. She also provides a wonderful way to be able to nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by tapping deeper into and aligning with this Essence. At this time of great change in our world, being able to flow through life with Grace and clarity is an incredible gift to possess. This wonderful event with Jasmuheen will be a mini-workshop with the sharing of uplifting tools and information, time for questions and answers plus an empowering meditation.

Deciding whether to come: As we advise everyone, who is thinking of attending a retreat with Jasmuheen, please check in meditation and see if it feels right to come. If it does then ask the intelligent Universal Field and the Divine One Within you to clear the way so you can attend with joy and ease. Ask that the money comes to you, or babysitters for your children, or whatever you need. If you are meant to be part of these wonderful gatherings, with beautiful like

Jasmuheen’s service:- Since 1997 Jasmuheen and the Self Empowerment Academy have conducted numerous world tours via the support of their dedicated networks around the world. Each tour continued to build on the previous year’s theme and covered issues like Divine Nutrition (1997); Impeccable Mastery (1998); The Blueprint for Paradise (1999); Dancing with the Divine (2000); Co-Creating Paradise : Recipe 2000> (2001); Divine Radiance : Unity 2002 with its Perfect Alignment & Perfect Action Program and in 2003 Jasmuheen launched “The Madonna Frequency : PLANETARY PEACE PROGRAM”; The of Law and Its Fabulous Frequency of Freedom (2004); Harmonious Healing (2005); The Prana Program (2006) and in 2007 The Field of Love & 2nd Chance Dances. With tours each year focusing on Effective & Enjoyable Evolution, The Field of Love and many other topics, Jasmuheen continues to travel the globe & reporting via her research manuals, on the unfoldment of personal and global harmonization programs. In 2008 she toured with the Embassy of Peace agenda; in 2009 the Health, Home & Heart Harmonics, 2010 the Rhythm of Love; 2011 The Pathways of Peace and 2012 – BEing Essence & 2013 Saying YES.

Jasmuheen on Tour – Videos:- To sense more about Jasmuheen’s work you may wish to see some of the following:- Jasmuheen in Estonia – videos in English & Estonian; Jasmuheen in France – videos in English with French translation; Jasmuheen in Germany, Switzerland – videos in English with German translation; Jasmuheen in Brazil – videos in English with Portuguese translation; Jasmuheen in Italy – videos in English with Italian translation; Jasmuheen in Japan – videos in English with Japanese translation; Jasmuheen in Romania – videos in English with Romanian translation; Jasmuheen in Russia – videos in English with Russian translation; Jasmuheen in Spain – videos in English with Spanish translation.


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