THE BREATHARIAN – A breatharian is said to be someone who never needs to eat or drink as they can exist on cosmic micro-food. In our living on light section we share more on the “how” of this as well as providing in-depth experiential research. On this breatharian page we wish to share a small selection of videos of other people’s journeys with living on prana plus a few meditations to increase your chi flow.


  • Jasmuheen interviews Russian Breatharian:- Zinaida Baranova: – Part 1; Part 2; Part 3
  • Indian Breatharian Prahlad Jani:- YouTube video on Prahlad Jani – Some Initial Questions & Insights – Jasmuheen commenting on breatharian Prahlad Jani’s April-May 2010 medical testing at an Indian hospital – plus her follow up answer video CNN Prahlad Jani – Pranic Living answers.
  • New Video Interviews by France’s Freedom Génération and their playlists in several languages
  • Videos filmed by Supreme Master TV on Breatharians other people’s journeys with living on prana as a physical food source!
  • Beneficial Meditations to increase your pranic flow are here but you may also enjoy the below Cosmic Feeding Meditation. For more information on our research into how to live on prana in a healthy way, also study our living on light section.

Also enjoy our new YouTube playlist on the basics of Alternate Nourishment.

 Also if just being healthier, happier, more peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come & enjoy & add your energy to our famous

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