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July 2021 Newsletter for You

Our latest Newsletter!

Hello everyone,
We hope and trust that this mail-out finds you well as I am sure, like me, you have been going through many stages and phases dealing with lock-downs and so much more!
It is so interesting to witness all that is unfolding on Earth as a detached observer, an observer that also has the power to nurture and nourish along the way. At times those around us need only to be infused with love and whether we can be with them physically or not, we can always take a few moments to imagine them in our arms and hold them close and just tell them over and over “I Love You” as if the Endless “I” of the authentic self can soothe or heal or just support – which it can. See our hug meditation below – smiles.
The only thing that travels faster than the speed of light, is the speed of thought and the speed of love which seems to act as a bridge between the two. So all we have to do is imagine the person, feel the love and just embrace them as if we are the Goddess herself with all the love she has to impart. A simple focus and formula that benefits us all.
I have felt this so often this past year, as like so many I have gone through so many phases and stages throughout this massive global uplevelling time. Whether its hugging my cat when he has been out of sorts, or hugging myself in the act of self nurturing or hugging our Earth as well as the 7 plus billion people upon it, or hugging a friend or loved one in a non-physical etheric embrace, the art of a sincere “I love you” along with a divine embrace somehow feels the most nurturing thing to do as all must go through their own phases and stages through this personal and global ascension process that we have all merged deeper into.
Spending quality time with quality people is now a longing in the heart of so many.
Self nurturing while nurturing others in the best way we can is now the action of so many.
Letting go of words and judgements that separate and divide is also the intention of so many as we unify all that we are within ourselves so that our presence is a unifying, peaceful presence for those that need this now.
And so many are now consciously unhooking from so much that is unfolding in our media, to instead just BE the peace-filled yogi whose love filled energy transmissions and uplifting thought patterns are silently winging their way across our world to infuse those who need this now.
And yet as we have shared before … some phases require us to be those activists whose voices ring loud and true while other phases call us to be still and silent yet also active for the fact as we know is, that we are all vibrating systems of energy which means we are always influencing a field.
My Light Being friends tell me that we have at least another intense year of this pandemic hologram in our world as it forces us all to assess what freedom truly means to us as individuals, as countries and as a planet as a whole and so it has been so wonderful to look more deeply at the Freedom matrix with our groups online. The meditations that have spontaneously flowed have also been so powerful regarding our personal recalibrations as well, so thank you again to all of our French and Brazilian-Portugueseparticipants for bringing such wonderful meditations into the field! These of course are still available for you all to enjoy!
If you missed these gatherings you can find out more at these links as we have them there for you to enjoy! We also have a 3 week event coming up Live in Spanish at this link plus our next meditation gathering in Brazil on the 27th July, where we will be sharing a wonderful new practice on Life – Freedom, Focus and Formula – click here for more. Our next event in France will be in November, Romania in November also and Zurich in October.
After filming 7 powerful life enhancing Online Courses this past year and with three more to bring in, my own filming and ‘busy’ness has again slowed right down as I take more time to dip even deeper into the freedom from time constraints phase that reveals even more to us all in the silent stillness and to also enjoy both family time and my mountain ashram home. To take time to be free from time constraints is also an act of self care as we all need to unhook from all man made holograms and rest in silence and solitude for a while so we can gain a higher perspective and also recalibrate ourselves into a future of our choice. As we have all been noticing … Quantum biofeedback is so powerful at this time!
Saying yes to things that uplift us all through paradigms that unify rather than divide us is also part of kindness to self and kindness to others, yet all must follow the call of their hearts as we each pass through both our individual and global evolutionary stages that have long been foretold would come to pass. And so respect regarding individual choices is also a loving act of kindness, as each soul progresses through this phase in the way that feels right for them. Being in a state of loving allowance while being a nourishing silent presence is crucial for many right now – this is the state of the pure Being at our Core doing the doing.
And so we have updated our events webpage to share of upcoming gatherings where we will still beam in via Zoom since my country’s international borders remain closed and may do for some time. Yes, we will eventually be able to gather in person again!
In the meantime for those of you who are in countries where physical freedom is becoming more available, stay safe, keep your immune systems strong and make sure that you take time to unhook from the holographic nature of the human life waves co-creations on Earth that are based in a lack of experience of the authentic Essence nature in us all – dropping back into silent stillness to hear and feel the wisdom of this part of ourselves continues to be crucial for us all as so much misinformation on so many global issues continues to confuse, stimulate fear or just divide us all.
Also thank you for all of your feedback regarding our Freedom Matrix book that we offer with full audio as well as the e-book at this link – yes it is great to listen to a book and gain the voice vibrations as well especially as the 8 main Light Being transmissions – that share of the Ascension formula of their worlds and how they ascended their own Earth-type planets back into the Unified Realms – are also so informative!
So make sure you feed yourself mentally with the most nourishing mental food you can access as we know that then feeds us emotionally and either drops or enhances our physical systems and our immune systems!
Yay! We have updated both our www.jasmuheen.com and also our www.embassyofpeace.net websites!
As always, we wish you all the love, all the wisdom, all the Grace and all the support that we know so many of you continue to need right now!!!
Biggest biggest hugs – Jasmuheen and Anjie at the Embassy of Peace. 
Other languages now in Online Courses plus more – Portuguese; French; Spanish; German-Deutsche plus more to come …
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Our September 2014 Newsletter – I Feel so Grateful!

Our Latest Newsletter for you is now at this link – click to read!

Jasmuheen for the Cosmic Internet Academy – September 2014 – I Feel so Grateful!

Sitting in deep meditation recently I was overwhelmed again by feelings of such gratitude. There is so much that I truly feel grateful for especially having gained the ability over time to alter my reality to whatever harmonious flow that I choose to exist in which these days includes a lot of stillness and solitude. Applying principles of Universal Law and Quantum Field Intelligence altering realities is not a difficult thing to do as many now know. But true pure feeling added to this mix seems to lock everything in deeper and set up such a dynamic biofeedback loop within the matrix of creation that everything becomes even more enjoyable again!
  And so I am enjoying indulging in all of these realities … the reality of ‘I feel sooo lucky’ … ‘I feel sooo blessed’ … ‘I feel so grateful for the endless creativity that has poured through me these past few decades’ or ‘I feel so grateful for the love that I feel for my family, friends and the endless amazing people that flow through my life’!
  I also feel amazed and again so grateful that I never have to think about having a balanced meal or taking any vitamin supplements since the pranic flow takes care of all of this as it flows through my body and fills cellular structure with all that it needs. I rarely stop to acknowledge what an incredible freedom this is! The freedom to not have to shop or prepare food so that my kitchen can become an art studio as it has been over these last 20 years …
  I think this feeling of truly being grateful for these endless creative flows also came as I had spent the day redesigning our Jasmuheen Art page on my website and creating additional pages that pay homage to the Divine Feminine, to the Divine Masculine to Mother Nature, the Cosmic Flows and more (links for these pages are below). To then see how much art and imagery that I have captured on canvas instead of using my kitchen to eat, was astounding to me.
  Next still being in super creative mode, I took the time to reorganize all of our meditations that we have channeled through over the years into easier access and clearer categories and was amazed again at how much has come through!
  Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!
  How much in life is there to appreciate when we stop and be the witness for a while?
  As I prepare for another 2 month tour I go deeper into appreciating being home, from my comfortable bed, fluffy soft towels, to my small meditation room, to the soft breezes that flow up the valley to move through the trees and energize my home, to all the bird life that constantly sings and makes me aware of their presence, to the ability to hug and be hugged by those I love and so much more … the list seems endless as it is for us all when we take a moment to treasure the small things that fill our lives in so many potentially uplifting ways!
  And so we send out another hello to you all knowing that you too exist in this world as a divine being that is also so blessed despite any challenges that I know that some of you are facing!
  So in this newsletter we offer clearer insights via our video on Pranic Living, videos on our time in Japan and also insights from the Divine Feminine as well as a few insightful documentary links and articles by others!

  Also … our tour schedule for 2015 is nearly complete so if you can’t join us as I come back to India & then Europe this year then maybe I will see you next year! 

Love, light and laughter, Jasmuheen

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