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Jasmuheen’s Personal Journey being Pranic

In this section we wanted to share some of Jasmuheen’s personal Life Stories about how she became involved in Pranic Living and being Source fed and so we list them in a relevant time line flow below … we hope you enjoy what she shares from her heart. Again we have created a YouTube playlist…

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Meeting Babaji and Inner Net Power

  In this third very personal story of Jasmuheen’s life she describes the magical web of the innernet that supports us all to fulfill what we are born to do. She also shares of how it was Babaji who helped to launch the Pranic Nourishment reality among his ashrams in Germany in 1997-98. Within a…

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Inspiring Real Life Stories

A brief Introduction to our NEW Inspiring Real Life Stories “full disclosure” segment. For more inspirational insights …. The Inspiring Real Life stories playlist is at this link Some of these are … the below are images only … click link above to watch each one plus many more … FOR MORE GO TO –…

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Meeting St Germain

Meeting St Germain and Going Global with Pranic Nourishment – Jasmuheen This video is the second video in the Inspiring Real Life Stories playlist with Jasmuheen as it follows on from the video “Effectively dealing with a challenging life” that details her life before this meeting occurred.   In this second story, Jasmuheen shares of…

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Breath Heart and Brain Coherence

Our latest newsletter – click here In this newsletter you will find …. data plus videos on Jasmuheen’s events in November in Brazil and Argentina plus Japan, as well as an esoteric biography of Jasmuheen’s training in other lives. You will also find some simple images on the content of these programs plus additional insights….

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Pranic People Free Online Training – Post conversion videos plus meditations

While we offer videos on Part 2 of this training this below, please note that on our YouTube playlist for this we also offer many meditations and pragmatics tings to do between each video. It is also where we place all updated data. Click here for our YouTube video playlist on this. In our previous…

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The Cosmic Switchboard

The Cosmic Switchboard It is so interesting the different stages that we go through in our own awakening process. For me right now I find myself being given photographic-type images as a message if there is something for me to understand. This began not too long ago when I’d injured my right arm from over-extending…

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Temple of the Oracle Insights for March 2015


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Jasmuheen for the Cosmic Internet Academy – HOME SWEET HOME – November 2013