I Love …

What I Love plus Heart Talk

Through life and my work at the Embassy of Peace, I have come to love and appreciate so much. Here are just a few things I LOVE … Inspiring Gatherings & Our Indigenous Friends; I love Enjoying precious moments – Being with Family; I love the creative flows of channeling art, poetry and music; I love the Inner planes & those we meet there; I love Meditation; the path of the Bodhisattva. and knowing simple Pathways of Peace; I love Gaia – Planet Earth – Being here, right now; I love Pranic Living & I love my breath! I also love Universal Laws.

What do you love? Do a list, enjoy the below and share it!

INSPIRING GATHERINGS … Our Indigenous Friends
& what we have to share with each other!

At the moment our lightwork is all about harmony, harmony, harmony. Inner harmony and outer harmony – harmonizing our own internal rhythms with the Cosmic Heart & Gaia’s heart and working with our indigenous people in the web of Oneness and love. A normally very private tribe, the Kogi’s have just begun to seek out people in the world that they can connect with to work together in mutual support as our earth birth’s herself into more harmonious, unified planes. These people are so pure in their energy fields and their work is so refined that we can all learn from what they have to share. The Kogi tribe say they are the Elder Brothers and that they have peacefully lived their own lives and ignored the rest of the world of the Younger Brothers (us) for as long as they could. Living in absolute harmony within their world, they have now stepped forth to share a little of their wisdom with the message that we need to be more honoring and take better care of Gaia – Pachamama – and that unless we do, very hard times will come. They say we still have time to change our ways; that it’s not too late to listen and alter our path to create our own salvation.

Here are some wonderful YouTube Videos and articles that carry insights & messages…

Mamo Kuncha says: “Well… how to think of this… if we were to meet with our brothers and sisters, at the level of the origin, established by our mother, at that level it will be so we settle our spirits, to dialog, to strengthen the continuance of our thoughts; for that the opportunity will have arrived this year. Then, if the great nations, if their spirits, if the ones who are thinking towards the Sierra Nevada could settle down, in this manner at the spiritual level, at the level of the mother, so we could take care of each other and live together, only then the possibilities to understand each other (different cultures) would arise, looking forward the thoughts to never end. Therefore, I will be here in the land of the indigenous people, waiting for the great nations, those who are watching over with their spirits, and those who are taking care of the thoughts … This is how we think. I only say that.”

  • We also have the “Gaia & Indigenous Connection Meditation” for you to download and enjoy a deeper connection with mother earth and her caretakers.
  • To find our more regarding our work in the jungles and favela’s of Brazil you may also wish to read The Bliss of Brazil & The Second Coming. In the heart of the Amazons I found the greatest inner teacher I have ever known, a teacher who took me into levels of understanding and insights that allowed me to come out of the Amazon jungle with a feeling that I had been both disassembled and reborn. I invite you to keep an open mind as you journey with me through the following pages, for many issues will be raised. Two extremes will be looked at deeply – from the sacred, ritualistic use of ancient power plants among the shaman of our world, to the favelas (slums) of Rio with their drug lords, violence and the aftermath of all that prohibition delivers in such places. While we share the different ways people alter their consciousness to release the natural opiates of the mind, in the final part of this book we assess Global Drug use, startling statistics that show the ineffectiveness of prohibition and offer solutions to it all! Click here for more.

GATHERING PRECIOUS MOMENTS …. Being with my family &
enjoying each person & situation!

I love the opportunity that comes for growth and learning in family life where we often find our greatest teachers! I love the challenge of learning how to harmonize the energy fields of a home so that we bring out the best in each other, and to enjoy mutually enhancing relationships with everyone! As time unfolds around us in this dual-natured world we are now witnessing so many things. Some feel as if they stand in the calm center of a hurricane that is shaking up life around them as they witness huge changes in the lives of many they love. Others, who live in a pool of peace, feel the ripples of great change flow across the surface of their life for they are anchored deep in the Beingness of their own Divine nature. Here they are detached, content yet also aware of the necessity for these changing rhythms in life. Thing’s change – this is the only constant we know. What is, is – is another constant that helps us relax and choose pathways of peace to go beyond this dual-natured world.

One of the pathways of peace is the ability to count our blessings, to allow ourselves to feel really blessed by all that is good in our life, the blessings of our family and loved ones and also to recognize and feel what we are being blessed by during our time on Earth here now. Maybe these blessings can be as simple as the fact that we can change the experience of life by changing the rhythm of our breath; the fact that we can all breathe, and slow it down to such a deep, refined, and gentle rhythm, allowing us to access the more subtle planes of peace and love within us, a place we can relax and take shelter from any storm, in life’s ever changing sea. Sometimes true peace is only a few breaths away.

  • To enjoy the family harmonic even more you may wish to apply Peace Paths 1 to 10. Click here for more on this wonderful online course.
  • To help with harmonizing our lives we also offer the Home, Health & Heart Harmonics Discourse

Message Music-Song-Poems:- I am not a trained singer or musician but I have always loved music so it’s been fun to play the bard to facilitate the Journeys-Rhythms and Life & Love albums. Big thanks to all our musician friends who have supported this – it’s been fun to play with these creative rhythms! Here are some fun insightful videos on life, love & friendship in musical satsang, cosmic rock opera type format!

Creativity – the type that bubbles within us & around us, that is fun to capture and beneficial to share!

Receiving cosmic poetry, or channeling data in poetic form, is also something that I now love. It may not be word or rhythm perfect but it’s all been great fun as entering into any new field of expression can be. You can enjoy some of our poems here. I love strong creative flows where you find yourself pulled into a current of energy that is mesmerizing. I love when a vision pops into my head, arising gin my brain to cover it fully until I begin to paint and let the vision flow. To choose colors, textures, movements and rhythms while allowing something pure to come through to touch or titillate in some way as art has always done and to do it all for the sheer joy of it! Click here to view some of our art.

  • I love …. Tuning in & receiving; downloading & enjoying; bringing into form – creating then sharing; then letting go & moving on to the next flow …
  • Enjoy some of our satsang message videos that we have created for fun! OM Namaha Shivaya;
  • Field of Zen – In the yogi’s cave a part of us laughs, we know it’s extreme, still we walk this path. To tread the Bodhisattva’s way, to know love’s joy on our union day.  To step it back, relax further again, to open up wide to the field of zen.
  • plus so many more on our YouTube channel.

You may also enjoy our two artistic coffee table books:-

  • Sacred Scenes & Visionary Verse is a collection of sacred art and visionary prose covering a vast array of esoteric topics, this beautiful full color coffee table book is a thought provoking visual delight, providing insight and an inspirational glimpse into the lives of the Holy messengers and more. Click here for more data on this book.
  • Cruising Into Paradise is filled with humor, insight, good visuals and practical life enhancing exercises to amuse people of all ages. Designed as an esoteric coffee table book it will prompt introspection, reflection and discussion amongst those interested in the science of successful holistic living and the paradise reality. Click here for more data.

The inner planes!
Connecting with our Cosmic Colleagues & the Zen of it all!

Our Cosmic Colleagues and inner plane light being friends come in friendship, aware of our evolutionary processes, as we have called them forth whenever we have prayed in an hour of need. They have walked in our shoes, been among us in other time lines and so they know the challenges of existence in dense, dual natured reality planes like earth. They have also risen above it all, often leaving the legacy of religions behind, with words and ideas to point the way to more enlightening experiences.

“Learn to love ourselves by knowing who we really are in essence,” they tell us, “learn to see the good and god in all life, open to the highest paradigms you can envisage”, they also add to it all.

I love those times that I have met with them, always unexpected yet enjoyed. I love the way they seem to radiate an energy that makes my own essence rise and ignite more powerfully within. I love who I am in their presence and in their field of love it is so easy to love this world!

To be surrounded now, through all the planes,
by beings hooked into these same games,
brings its own deep peace and pathway of reward;
rewards not sought, but given none the less.
Yes… Like so many now, I have also experienced what it’s like to feel blessed,
to know the master within me, to be fed by its caress,
to be guided by its light, its wisdom and love,
to feel its awareness, how it fits like a glove.
It knows pure pathways that can only bring peace,
new ways of being that bring sweet release.

  • To connect with and enjoy these inner plane beings you may wish to apply Peace Paths 9 & 12. Click here for more on this wonderful online course.

Here are some wonderful YouTube Videos that pay homage to, or bring messages from our Light Being friends …

  • The Invitation – We revealed our presence to some long ago, so now we are here, to speak in the flow, to those who are open, to those more aware, who live life on earth, with compassion and care. 
  • Yes – Just say yes to the rhythm of love in the fields! Just say yes to enjoying wisdom’s great yield! Just ask for delivery, on all levels of your being, to feel the pure pulse of our intelligence risen.
  • Message re Earth’s Children; Future Worlds Future Humans; OnenessSynopsis, Keys, Solutions & Earth’s Children; Descension & Ascension
  • Also enjoy our free Video Playlist on:- Beings of Light & Holy Ones – Educational Videos for the Universal Harmonization Program & the Embassy of Peace
  • Here are some meditations to open more powerfully to their energy fields:- Love Breath meditation a free 10 minute meditation.
  • Also we have longer meditations for you such as:- the Angelic Support Systems Meditation; Akashic Records – Book of Your Life Meditation; BEingness & Blending Meditation; Christed Healing Initiation Meditation; Cosmic Connection – Galactic Kin meditation; Holy Ones Connection – Beyond Religion; Love Breath Meditation; Life Purpose & Promises Meditation. All of these are designed for enhancing our inner plane connections. Click on the above links to find out more about what each one does.
  • To enjoy a little more of my experiences with these beings you may wish to read – Divine Radiance – On the Road with the Masters of Magic.  Somehow in the course of my life I have been blessed with both witnessing and experiencing pure Divine Radiance. When the Radiance reveals Itself we are captured by Its Splendor as we intuitively recognize Its power. It has taken me decades to discover how when Its illumination enters our energy field, our bodies become irradiated by a laser beam of such perfect sustenance that all our appetites are fulfilled. This book is my attempt to describe Its delights. For more click here.

Peace Seekers

We come from the stars, and yes we’ve known war,
yet here we all are with hearts that are pure.
We’re seekers of peace and so we’ve grown strong,
as we rise once again to sing out this song,
For peace seekers find, rhythms way beyond time,
where life once began, in a true state of mind.


I see meditation as a companion in my life, a space to enter into willingly, aware of the rewards that it brings. To be able to be still and silent and surrender into a deep place of rest and rejuvenation; a place to be stimulated or recalibrated or re-energized somehow; to be able to do this at various times in my life and day is also something I have come to love. I have found over my years of meditation that we can beneficially align ourselves, or bathe in, some very pure, nourishing and powerful energy streams, that are constantly bubbling through the matrix of life. Lately two particular frequencies have been rising more powerfully than usual through this matrix, and when we tune to these many gifts and insights are given that can only be described as heavenly. Meditation puts us into an energy field of great depth that is multi-dimensional in nature, a field of possibility where magical meetings can occur. Magical because in this energy field we are transformed. Being in the energy flows of our inner plane Light Being friends is uplifting and inspiring.

  • Meditation Magic – Video Introduction to Meditation, visuals, music by Inspiritualization and insights as per below ….
  • Link to YouTube video MEDITATION playlist for an introduction to some of our brief free 10 minute meditations.
  • If you enjoy powerful, profound, longer meditations then please support us as we support the Embassy of Peace by purchasing these meditations and enjoying the variety we offer for personal & global fine tuning.
  • You may also appreciate the Meditation Magic discourse on the benefits, uses & practical preparations regarding meditation plus
  • the book Meditation Magic – Designed to enhance life and stimulate health, happiness and peace, this book offers a collection of 30 meditations with metaphysical author Jasmuheen. From the Love Breath meditation and creative visualization, to self healing, forgiveness, self empowerment, working with Bioshields and tantra’s microcosmic orbit technique, increasing chi and pranic feeding, new world creation and more, this work adds another layer to either the advanced or the beginners in meditation practice. Click here for more.
  • Additional beneficial discourse:- Programming & New Paradigms.
  • You may also feel inspired to apply Peace Path 9 – the path of the Guru Within – for more on this click here.

I also LOVE … The Path of the Bodhisattva!

In The Dreaming Finally the human heart is determining its own course of evolution and the purity contained within each heart is fulfilling our common desire for peace and true civility. Finally the paradigm of one harmonious people united in compassionate action is one that has become so much more real. We may be few but the strength does not lie in numbers. While two thirds of Earth’s people struggle to survive still they dream of better times and better ways of being, of better worlds for those they love and in the dreaming we unite. It is in the dreaming that the seeds of change are born and we with power, those who no longer struggle as much, can water the garden of hope, until its fruit is known. Through the process of self mastery and self sovereignty we can co-create a worlds that operates for the highest good of all. Below are some ideas for this.

High Level Buddha Steps – from the book “Becoming Enlightened” by the Dalai Lama

Base idea – Equanimity – treat all as equals – friends, enemies and strangers – favor none, honor all. So free yourself from bias.
Step One – Find everyone dear – who knows when they may have nurtured you and in what time line.
Step Two – Being aware of how everyone helped and appreciating this support.
Step Three – Reciprocating the kindness of others – so many have been so kind so be kind to all in turn. See the loving mother in all.
Step Four– Cultivating love know that all want happiness, pray they receive it and do what you can to help them achieve it. Do this with all friends, strangers and perceived enemies.
Step Five – Compassion. Be aware of all the suffering of all life and do what you can to alleviate this. Be patient with those who cause harm as they will suffer karmically from their actions. Pray that all are released from ignorance and suffering. Do what you can to ease another’s burdens by being patient and compassionate.
Step Six – Total commitment. To take upon yourself the responsibility of bringing help and happiness to all sentient beings – this is supreme altruism make sure all actions benefit all.
Step Seven – Aspiring to enlightenment. In order to be effective you must attain perfection in body, mind and speech. By becoming Buddha enlightened you will then know the right way to help others to the path of happiness and what is required to alleviate their pain.

This double aspiration to help others and attain your own enlightenment in order to be of highest service, reveals your own Bodhisattva nature. 

Planet Earth – Being here, now, alive today!

Like our indigenous friends, I have come to love and honor Mother Earth, to feel her as a living spirit being, present throughout nature and our cells. To exist in harmony with her is addictive as making the commitment to exist in harmony with all life, brings great Grace into our lives. We know we are well aligned to purer energy channels when synchronicity abounds and nature continually seems to surprise us – we just happen to be on a beach at sunrise when the dolphins come to play; or the elements converge somehow to take our breath away – with a breeze or a sunrise or a bright blue sky day. Or perhaps Gaia’s spirit comes to us as bird song among a myriad of swaying trees, or in the still silence of a mountain where we are drawn to sit and reflect for awhile. Here we sense more subtle waves of energy that seem to take us into itself to make us feel divinely embraced as we melt into something much grander than what we may usually know.

Mother nature dwarfs us by her magnificence, by her power and her rage as storms, hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes rise to claim the land, to clean it and wipe slates clean. And for this we stand in awe as she reveals her Kali power. She dwarfs us with her infinite oceans, her vast expanse of deserts and volcanic lava flows as she refashions herself to create new forms. I love that she provides so plentifully in so many ways – giving us bodies and food to feed them, giving us the ability to create shelter and to reproduce and play! I also love being able to give back to her by minimizing our use of her resources and becoming more dependent on our inner resources within!
Being in nature re-energizes us, strips away the illusions of our world, lets us slow down, relax and rest awhile for times are changing so rapidly as human consciousness expands to open to more mutually beneficial paradigms. Being fully present in each moment, choosing to exist in the field of love rather than entertain paradigms of fear, all of this is required of us now. To be the yogis in the cities and to be able to be anywhere in any situation and be in harmony with all!

  • Video message from Mother Earth:- Gaia’s Song
  • To change our relationship to Mother Earth, Peace Paths 1, 2 and 9 are beneficial. Click here for more on this wonderful online course.

Many on Earth have now shifted their personal focus to look at new rhythms and ways of being. Data regarding prophecy and scripture, on 2012 timelines and more, now floods our internet, along with ‘future humanist’ discussion, advanced nanotechnology, robotics, genetics and more. Ancient tools, mystery school insights, awareness and futuristic views, all of this is also blending to inspire and open us all to higher views. Being conscious, aware of who we truly are, by stripping back layers to find the pure essence of our own Being, to find and feel something pure and free, to bathe in this force that is so pure that it can change the course of our own evolution with grace and style, all of this is available to us now as this force is pure, unpolluted and perfect and it flows within us all.

And it is this force that we have in common – regardless of the rest – the trials, the tribulations and the daily living tests. Yes being human for so many is hard but simultaneously being a divine Being in human form is a blessing there for us all to know.

Being fully present with our hearts beating to the Divine Rhythms in our chest, being flooded by this love pulse and feeling what it knows; being open then of inner eye to see the universal flows all of this is here for us now for there literally are so many rhythms to tune to, so many songs to know and so many familiar feelings that will set our skins to glow. Matching, merging, blending, being, revealing, relaxing … all here now.

Pranic Living via our Divine Inner Energy Resource pool …

I love pranic living because it gives me great freedom! To be fed on such deep levels of my being so that all my hungers disappear, leaving me free to just enjoy our world and all that she contains, is a great gift!  The force that loves us enough to give us life is not only loving and wise but it is also the most powerful resource of transformation that any being has access to. It can instantly transform our world if we open the inner plane doors to its well and ask to receive all its gifts and of this I have no doubt. There is no other resource that can do this, that can create the harmonics of unification and peace that many seek and yet this must be experienced to be believed. It is the one energy flow that unifies us all into a common frequency where all hungers disappear; it is the one energy that holds the keys to resolution to all the conflict in our world, no matter how insurmountable the problem may appear.

Breathers of God

Feeling fit, and fabulous, knowing now another path,
fed from an inner house, Divine breaths, freed at last. 
Walking, in peace on earth, enjoying, that bright light swirl,
deep union, a slimmer girth, free from food’s ancient whirl.
From meditation’s many years, light, then love, then, truth sincere,
we find the peace filled inner seer, seeking only, to feel much freer.
Subtle gifts we find, a sweeter flow of mind,
as we soon unwind, from the game of time. 
Yes, breathers of God are rare, to no longer dwell in fear,
living in, love’s path of care, always open, to that inner ear.
Taping into pranic forces, discovery, divine resources,
now making other choices, open, tuned, to other voices,
our inner spirit now rejoices, breath slow, superb discourses.

For more on this go to our Living on Light section.

Universal Laws

Although there are many, the below three Universal Laws allow us to operate our lives with greater awareness, joy, ease and Grace. Operating by universal law will change our world in so many beneficial ways as everything comes to those who seek that which harmoniously supports an ‘enjoyable to all’ type of evolution. The three main laws we need to be aware of are:-

  1. The Law of One which basically says that we are all cells in one energy body, therefore we are all connected in the matrix and our vibrations continually affect the whole to greater or lesser degrees. What drives or feeds the Law of One, is the Law of Love.
  2. The Law of Love states that all life, all atoms, all molecules, all energy fields have come into existence due to the Love of the original force of creation. It also states that when we treat all life with love, honor and respect as if It is part of us, then the Law of Love will magnetize us to Its river of Grace and embrace us back into Itself as one of Its own.
  3. The Law of Resonance states that like attracts like, that the universe literally rearranges itself to mirror back to us our own consciousness because energy expands, attracts like frequencies and then comes back to its source of send-out.

Running our lives via Universal Laws makes existence so much smoother! It’s good to have guidelines to live life by that make sense because they are based on energy field science. Universal Laws Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 & Part 4.