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WELCOME to a small selection of Jasmuheen’s free AUDIO’S from her tours and podcast interviews plus some of her entertaining & educational VIDEOS; links to topics like the below:-

2014-jas-website-free-stuffFREE AUDIO – VIDEO- HEALING

Helping to Heal Cancer – Template of Health Cancer Audio; YouTube video link.

Helping to heal lung and other organ dis-ease. Lung Healing Meditation; YouTube video link – to come.

Helping to heal areas of conflict with prayer. Prayer for Conflict Resolution – including Syria and Venezuela YouTube video link.

FREE AUDIO FROM JASMUHEEN’S TOURS AND MORE listen or downloaded as mp3 files.

Zurich Evening Event – Part – 1 Jasmuheen in Zurich – 2013 and Part 2 – Zurich – 2013. In English and German. Zürich Abendveranstaltung – Teil – 1 Jasmuheen in Zürich – 2013 und Teil 2 – Zürich – 2013. In Englisch und Deutsch.

Jasmuheen – complete Interview in 2006 for the “In The Beginning There Was Light documentary”.

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Introduction to our website & YouTube channel playlist

Ascension playlist – Personal & Planetary

Baseline Essence Series playlist

Brazil Insights playlist

Breatharian playlist & also our Prana & Living on Light playlist

Channeled Communications – Beings of Light; C.N.N. the Cosmic Nirvana Network playlist

Communion & Upgrades playlist

Darkroom Data playlist

Deeper longer meditations promotion playlist

Embassy of Peace Playlists:Personal Harmonization ; Global Harmonization ; Universal Harmonization.

Energy Field Science playlist

Enlightening videos for fun by others playlist – also E.T.’s, UFO’s playlist – videos from others

Heart Talk with Jasmuheen playlist

India Insights playlist; Indigenous Insights playlist

Insights by Others playlist

Jasmuheen’s Art, musical satsang & poetry playlist

Meditation Magic playlist; Music for Meditation & Relaxation playlist

Pathways of Peace playlist

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