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  • LIFE ENHANCEMENT 11:- Pranic Living - Insight, Poem & Pragmatic Exercises – Creating and enjoying more personal, community and global health and harmony.
  • MUTUAL SUPPORT:- A mutual commitment to self mastery, self responsibility and supporting personal health and global resource sustainability paradigms.
  • PEACE SUPPORT 11:- Optional supporting meditations for this pathway are the Pranic Nourishment Meditation plus the Etheric Feeding Devices Meditation plus the Love Breath Meditation which you may have previously downloaded.
  • COMPASSIONATE ACTION PEACE PATH 11 - Global Service Agenda:- We also recommend that the free Global Harmonization Program – with its PRANA PROGRAM Project - be downloaded, shared, discussed, improved then implemented harmoniously among those interested in supporting the Pathways of Peace agenda. We also suggest the downloading and applying of the Prana Program Research as an aid to enhance health and deal more effectively with world hungers issues. Global Harmonization (Free PDF), this includes The Prana Program - Third World Feeding Project; The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace program - in English & other languages; (See our free e-books.) Click here to go to our free YouTube Video playlist on many global harmonization insights and informative videos. Click here for Prana & Living on Light Playlist.
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