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DNA Upgrade Meditation

This upgrade of our DNA meditation came into our group in Brazil to help prepare us and tune us to the channel where our Light Beings friends could share more powerfully with us all. Sometimes it can take awhile for our whole group to get tuned so we can have a group and not just individual experience. Recorded live in Brazil in November 2017 – in English and in Portuguese.

The message that our Light Beings friends then brought through can be heard at this link


Gaia’s Heart of Compassion and her rising impact on Universal levels, life in their realms of unified awareness, earth’s ascension and future potential plus more with Jasmuheen – Message from our Intergalactic friends.

You also might enjoy this video that shares also about the new children coming in plus autism and more – great research with Mary Rodwell!

A new race of human beings has emerged. Whilst superficially they are undistinguishable however, they are the part of the next wave of rapidly advanced teachers, to assist humanity with the awakening of terrestrial consciousness. Human beings are awakening to their innate connection to the Universe.

This is the primary role for all the NEW CHILDREN, coming to planet earth. The profiles of the Indigo children share the same attributes or are strikingly similar. They are highly intelligent, creative, psychic, telepathic and posses healing and clairvoyant abilities.

This involves downloads of data such as our true genetic origins, using our psi skills with advanced technology, manipulation of matter, astrophysics and healing.

Coupled with genetic, and spiritual programs for awakening of human consciousness, to assist humanity to evolve into a fully functional multidimensional human; Homo Noetics, the New Humans.


Audios of Pranic People free training

Audio only of Pranic People Pranic Living
Free online training series with Jasmuheen

Please note that at our YouTube Playlist on this you will find meditations to do as well as recoding … the audios of these meditation have not been lodged below…

Pranic People Pranic Living Free online course –
audio on contents of this course

Pranic People – Part 1 – Introduction to Series with Jasmuheen – filmed in her hotel room at the end of June 2017, in Hangzhou in China, in part 1 of this series Jasmuheen looks at the history of this way of being nourished to honor the ancient tradition of Bigu and India’s yogis – many of whom have known of this for over 6,000 years – and also how this came more powerfully into the West in the early 1990’s. In this ‘ no visual frills’ simple, ‘talking from her heart’ series, Jasmuheen shares more than ever before about her experiential research into this field of alternate nourishment.

Pranic People Pranic Living Basic Facts with Jasmuheen

What our 24 years of experiential research has discovered re what happens in most people’s bodies in order to be able to be successfully nourished by prana alone … from changes in brain wave patterns through lifestyle and meditation, to the need to embrace a specific lifestyle to increase chi levels and more …

Pranic People – Part 2 – Motivation, how is it possible and safe conversions, family concerns and providing good educational data, having full medical testing along the way, testing and knowing your current physical body prana percentage, we eat all the time but differently, a natural gift that comes from frequency matching, experiencing your pure nature is a must with our methodology, who this program is for.

Pranic People – Part 3 – Flaws with our various systems, maintaining the pranic-bigu state, frequency and lifestyle, discernment & heart calls, our pure nature – its love, wisdom and power and simple immersion codes, the reality of ascension and descension, the perfect guide, self-mastery, brain wave patterns & our physiology, testing methods to determine your physical systems current prana percentage.

Pranic People – Part 4 – Emotional retraining and being ready. Re-indenitification with what feeds us, infusion, immersion, elimination of all hungers, other gifts that we are given from aligning with our true nature and the pranic energy, the quantum field, the grandest love affair, permanent peace, emotional nourishment, overcoming our emotional body’s conditioned addiction to physical food, the power of the path of a natural and organic transition, socializing differently, the problems of missing sleep or of having too much creative energy, being ready on all levels, plus clear intention setting.

Pranic People – part 5 – Lifestyle and Magnetics – with Jasmuheen – now the real work begins as how we spend our time determines our immersion and pranic infusion levels. There are no quick paths to this – no quick initiations! Our consciousness, mindsets and lifestyle determine this ability – do “the wise time spending” game and get the gifts! Slow, safe & organic for attaining and maintaining.

In part 5a, Jasmuheen takes a brief look at some global changes that are affecting how our systems are now operating … solar flares, the Schumann resonance, DMT increases in our pineal gland, Gaia’s new harmonic …

In Part 5b she begins to address the importance of lifestyle – especially meditation – on this Pranic nourishment freedom, she also provides powerful codes for us to experience our pure nature as this is what is constantly feeding us. Your homework is to then do the recommended meditations for chi and Essence infusion. As it is this specific lifestyle that determines our success with the elimination of all human hungers, Jasmuheen breaks her sharing up into specific parts so she can relate in a more in-depth manner to how this lifestyle affects the pranic infusion reality and people’s success with attaining then maintaining this gift.

In part 5c she continues with this powerful lifestyle that allows our system to be pranically infused, a lifestyle that offers support for all other methodologies being offered so that people can attain then maintain this freedom of choice. She also shares about quantum communion and coding, quantum connectivity and biofeedback, the importance of mind mastery, dietary changes plus each step required to make a slow yet natural and organic lasting transition into being nourished purely by prana. Letting go of conditioned habitual behaviours plus a summary of all that has been recommended so far in this series.

In part 5d of this 8-point ‘pranic infusion’ lifestyle discussion, Jasmuheen looks at the importance of treating the body as a temple, the vibrational impact and power of kindness to self and others plus the necessity of time in silence and how sacred music nourishes the emotional body system PLUS all the benefits this lifestyle brings. Remember in Jasmuheen’s model, pranic living is about the elimination of all human hungers and not just providing an alternate source of physical nourishment.

In Pranic People – part 6 – we look at Mindsets  & Recoding the Bio-System plus what pranic living is really about, the perfect inner teacher and guide, the importance and joy of silent stillness, freedom of choice, overcoming our mental limitations, people’s problems with their conversions, getting rid of unrealistic expectations by being well informed and having sustainable methodology,  the emotional & mental signs of pranic consciousness, emotional & social sustainability, immersion and purer chi infusion, plus being vegan then on raw food, juice fasting, the need for flipping, for reidentification with and experience of that which feeds us, the role of the bio-system temple, the perfect path & pattern for you & powerful, loving recoding  …

Pranic People – Part 7a – A RECAP with Jasmuheen – a brief recap at what we have covered so far in this series plus a little on Jasmuheen’s personal interest and background with this.

Pranic People – part 7b – our pre-encoded blueprint & what this means, problems with various processes & toxic self-judgment, dealing with mental toxicities, post conversion social constructs & choices, success signs & attributes of being immersed in pranic consciousness, seeing life through the eyes of your essence nature & following your heart, being unique in your journey.

Pranic People – part 7c – What is required for weight stabilisation plus powerful recoding for this, the role of the bio-system in our life’s journey, the miracle of the human design when Essence dominates, the absorption vs radiation reality plus so much more with Jasmuheen

Pranic People – Pranic Living – part 8a – The Compassionate Heart – compassion for ourselves, for our planet and its resources, the impact that pranic living can have globally on health and our environment, our universal citizenship and the unified realms. Being in unity and harmony on all levels within ourselves, with Mother Earth, binge eating post conversion, unbalanced bio-system push-back reactions, being a nourishing presence on Earth, how our cellular structures feeds itself from pranic flows, magnetic attraction, the paradise on Earth zone, being a living example of love in motion and more …

Pranic People – Pranic Living with Jasmuheen – Part 8b – The Perfect Harmonic & The Greatest Gift of Compassion – In part 8b, Jasmuheen provides specific heart-felt Coding for operating in a way that is for the highest good of all; coming into the perfect harmonic for our existence on Earth, global warming, brain harmonics, coding for the revelation of, and experience of our true nature plus additional bio-system recoding, the greatest act of compassion and more!

Pranic People – part 9 – Series Summary – In this sharing Jasmuheen covers some of the main points that she feels is important in this series. As she shares, “There is so much research still to be done in this field & simple, new methodology will continue to come in as consciousness on our planet expands more to accept these new yet ancient free energy systems. May we work together for the good of all!”

Stay tuned for questions & answers!


Jasmuheen on World Hunger and Health Issues – In this brief video Jasmuheen answers the important question regarding how the pranic nourishment research and reality is being applied by the Embassy of Peace to world hunger issues and the redistribution of resources.

PRANIC PEOPLE PRAGMATICS – Sexual Energy, Tantra & Pranic Living – Another very common question, is how being fed by prana affects sexual energy so this is what Jasmuheen looks at in a little more detail in this next video on Q & A’s with Jasmuheen of her free Pranic People Pranic Living online series. In this brief talk she will also provide a simple technique to help you discern if Tantric practice is right for you plus how to tune to the right teacher in this as there are now so many practitioners of this ancient art in our world. To help with this she has also provided a Divine Marriage Tantra meditation on her iTunes channel or on her website.  This meditation is designed to reset our sexual energy from the past to the present, open up higher channels of possibility plus so much more.

Below is the audio on this question …

Perfect Health Recoding

This video is for those who wish to reprogram their body back into health or to maintain health through conscious interaction with their bio-system. Working with quantum intelligence and body consciousness.

To do daily or as required.
A fun way to work with body consciousness to recode everything back to perfect health! Repeat with feeling as much as you need!

Books on Pranic Nourishment – Living on Light



The main books we recommend for this are :-

  1. The Luscious Lifestyles Program – click here for more on this
  2. The Food of Gods – click here for more on this
  3. Unity Reset Program – click here for more on this
  4. The Prana Program – click here for more

We also have 4 more manuals on this :-

  1. Being Essence – Keys to the Kingdom – click for more
  2. Breatharian Pathways – on Jasmuheen’s past lives with this – click for more
  3. Pranic Nourishment (with the 21 day process) – click for more
  4. The free Ambassadors of Light research manual – click for more

link to the above BOOKS plus more

Special note :- I also assumed that people would be well versed in metaphysical principles such as those we cover in my book IN RESONANCE before they would even consider being Source Fed – here is this book link as well. Click for more on this book

ALSO … To watch insightful videos on our new free online

  • Seven of my 42 books are focused on my experiential research into the ‘prana as nourishment’ reality.

VIDEO UPDATE – NEW – In this brief video Jasmuheen introduces some basics for Source Feeding and eliminating all personal and global hungers as per her work with the Embassy of Peace. Click to watch on YouTube

Also see our YouTube channel free online

Sacred Stories of Transformation

Sacred Stories of Transformation

In the below audio Jasmuheen shares a story of wonderful transformation that occurred during one of her Sacred Art Retreats.

She writes – “I’ve learnt to never underestimate the power of Divine Creativity especially when we go deep into the intuitive right brain flows.

This is just one story of many about someone whose life was completely transformed over a few hours! I love the power of the Sacred Art process!”



Our next Sacred Art Retreat is as follows

SPAIN RETREAT – near Marbella – 5 days – 10th-14th June 2015

organiser Elena – email to contact: [email protected];

Tel. mobile: Elena +34 607142801 or  Anya +34 667328237;

Website for more information


Soundscape Healing and other testimonials

Was great to get this recent email re the power of our soundscapes – thanks Manuela!

She wrote:- Robin is one of my many cats, he is an adult, young male cat. All my cats are not vaccinated, live free, but have free access to my house. Robin came home on Thursday at evening, march 5, very sick and with the typical symptoms of FVR (feline viral rhinotracheitis): coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, fever, loss of appetite … FVR is a very common and highly contagious disease, but although I was concerned about Robin and even about my other cats (including the kitty Nandi) I didn’t call the vet because I felt guided to wait. On Saturday morning my friend Milena came to meditate with me and we decided to meditate with your relationship upgrade meditation. Robin was in the same room. Milena and me found the meditation very strong and powerful, even because of its 3 components: your guide plus your whispered suggestions plus the angelic toning. And Robin? He felt soon visibly better and in 2 days he was completely healed. After that I felt also guided to support the field for some days with aura soma spray “White”, which is highly purifying and today, after more than a month, all cats are happy and healthy, no one showed ever the symptoms of FRV…  wow!

and also …

Dear Jasmuheen,
I visited your Seminar in 1998 in Stuttgart Germany and I was excited.  Just half a year before I had born my little daughter and I did not take the chance and courage since then to get to be a breatharian. Today I did a coaching session with on of coral Grands coaches and we had an exercise to look for a person we admire or appreciate what they do in life. So I first was thinking about the people around me and I did not get an inspiration. Then you came into my mind and that you were always a person that was doing this great thing and I wanted to do similar things like you. I want to share my thoughts I wrote down about you today. Maybe you like to read it. 

I think it is so great that you found out about living on light and that you found it out by yourself and that you live healthy, and that you know to manifest your bodyshape like you want to, though not eating. And I admire that you showed so many people the path to this. I like your body shape and what you tell about bodily fitness, I like the sound of your voice in the meditations which I have two of yours. I find it great that you want many people to find their path through living on light or also the other inspirations about meditation you describe in your books. I admire your high energy level and your energetic aura. You inspired me to go further in my spirituality and gave me hope to leave things behind which did not support me. I find it great that you have a vision of happiness and bliss. I really admire your consciousness. Thank you that you let me get to know your knowingness. Thank you  Andrea Maria 

and also …

Hi Jasmuheen, Thanks so much for your deep insights into the christed blossoming....!!!  its so hopeful to see our hearts blossoming into the field of love and peace….  embracing our world …. with love and smiles… Martina

“I really like these meditations! Wow! I will be purchasing more and other items as well. What a wonderful blessing to discover Jasmuheen! – Bill Fox”

Regeneration & Rejuventation!

Finally a new meditation! A journey back to Source Point – or the Great Central Sun – to regenerate, rejunvenate, and recalibrate our systems, to boost our lightbody energy, heal if required and let go of all that no longer serves us! Jasmuheen also provides some additional Angelic Source Point solar tones to tune to the great central sun as you continue on in silence with this meditation. For more on this click here

A lifestyle for Regeneration and Rebirth!


Albert Einstein once said: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of true art and science. He to whom the emotion is stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.”

While not all may think like Einstein, for many people, there comes a point in life where we can ask ourselves:-

  • What is the purpose to our existence?
  • Is it, as many wise ones say, just to be happy and to live in harmony with all and if so then how do we do this?
  • Is it a matter of just adjusting our lifestyles to change our frequency and expand our consciousness so that we can exist in a state of harmony with all?
  • Can it be that simple? Aren’t spiritual realities mean to be more complicated?
  • Just how powerfully does our lifestyle influence our reality of life?

Some may even look at the world and all we have co-created and sense an urgency to change and fix everything almost as if they have a pre-destined job to do, as if they are here on assignment, while others may ask:-

  • Can our lives to be filled with flows of synchronicity and Grace that are consistent rather than sporadic? Can we really be in a consistent rhythm of health, harmony, happiness, peace, bliss, gratitude and higher state of awareness? What about our shadow side?
  • Or … what does it mean to be truly enlightened?
  • Do I really have all the answers within me as so many have said?
  • What does it mean to be fully present in each now moment?
  • Or … Is there a science to all of this? If so then what about brain wave patterns? Do these also influence our experience of this world and each other?
  • Can we use the art of meditation, to alter our brain wave patterns from the busy Beta signal, through to the relaxed healthy Alpha wave levels, and then deeper to the Theta brain wave patterns, to then experience all of the benefits that this can bring?
  • Can we then also maintain these brain wave patterns so that the universal field of infinite love and intelligence will respond to us in a different way – allowing us all to experience the deepest currents of the most peaceful, blissful, contentment, love, and truth? 
  • Is there an infinite intelligence that is available to us all and if so how can we align to this and access it consistently?
  • Will the knowledge of Universal Law help with all of the above?

Firstly the answer to all of the above is yes! Yet to know this we must experience it, as for truth to be true for many, it needs to be an experiential reality that many can attest to. Yes, various researchers have declared that 97% of people in westernized countries could benefit by a change in their lifestyle. Yes, decades of research at the Embassy of Peace has discovered that there is a specific lifestyle that can improve everyone’s health and happiness levels and nourish our minds, hearts and souls. And yes, on a higher science level we also now know that how we choose to spend our time also determines our bio-system emanations and how the loving intelligence that drives the quantum field reacts to us. So yes we truly are Masters of our own realities!

Yes, it is also true that having the ability, skill and knowledge in how to change the energy mix within our energy fields can bring us great joy, peace and satisfaction as we then understand life better and know how to change both our experience of life and also the impact our life has on others and on our communities.

We also know now that we can find the answers to all of our questions through the expansion of our conscious awareness and through self mastery and self knowledge which can come via the adoption of a more holistic Lifestyle that has been designed to create fitness on all levels of our being regardless of our culture and religion. A balanced holistic lifestyle not only improves health and happiness levels, it also can increase our mental clarity and intuitive capacities, and stimulate the expression of our Pure Essence nature and thus allow us to be more compassionate, altruistic people. So yes, how we choose to spend our time is the key to both understanding and also loving life!

A balanced holistic lifestyle changes our energy emanations and sets up a natural magnetic attractor pattern that stimulates the rising of our Pure Essence Template, which we all carry deep within as part of our Lightbody structure. This then infuses us with the cosmic fire of our Essence, which is pure divine love, and in this fire we are regenerated, rejuvenated, recalibrated, reborn, made whole, feel complete and free. With cosmic fire as divine love as our dominant frequency pattern or harmonic, we enter easily into the energy flow of the higher and more peaceful dimensions that are always there within and around us.

This amazing lifestyle was given to me many years ago by the Divine Feminine as a way to end all suffering in our world and as time passes we now have so much positive feedback as so many have experienced the benefits of being healthier, happier and more harmonious through living this lifestyle mix until life is filled with gratitude and the pure joy of existence.

Come a spend some time in Retreat with us this year and live this amazing lifestyle!

For more re where we will be click here ...

A cure or help for Diabetes?

A cure or help for Diabetes?

Just enjoyed a wonderful long talk with my 70 year old brother who told me that apart from juice fasting he is now adding OKRA juice into his system as it is known for its healing effect on diabetes. Juicing and replacing 2 meals a day has halved his diabetes reading in a period of 2 weeks much to his doctors amazement. I then received a Skype message from another friend who asked if I knew of anything to help his friend with diabetes – small world – love the ‘coincidences’ – for more on this read on at