Holographic Living

The below is an excerpt from our new Unity Reset book – coming soon!
Holographic Living is part of Unity science and it is based on the awareness that everything springs into being by our focus and attention upon it and that we have an innate power of creation. When we are engaged in heart-centred consciousness and our coding is clear to operate in ways that enhance all, then we also access the powerful life lubricants called Grace and quantum benevolence.
There are times when we sit in silent stillness in expanded awareness, that we notice that we are surrounded by holograms that represent fields of unexpressed potential or holograms of infinitesimal choice.
In this state of deep meditation of brain-heart coherence, we observe that all we have to do is think of something and then allow it to present itself before us, in whatever way it needs to come. Then, as the detached observer we can choose to engage deeper with what the hologram contains or not. For example, if it is important for us there may come a time when we can see all of our life expressions – past, present and future – as all of these co-exist as holograms in simultaneous time.
When we are in this expanded awareness we also realise that we can step out of any zone at will to just observe as it is in the state of being present as pure Presence that we can totally relax and enjoy what is presented to us in a very detached yet insightful way.
Holographic living and the conscious stepping into and merging with different holographs brings many rewards such as the ability to experience anything that a holograph contains that is relevant to our life today.
Not only is there the attracting of specific holograms, the viewing and choice to step into a hologram more deeply but there is also the science of the creation of a new hologram. We can do this by the opening of a hole in the space time continuum and applying alchemical principles and Universal Laws but this is a training for another time.
So holographic living is a science that we apply in the Unified realms that allows us additional ways to apply our co-creative abilities. In the Unified realms everything is conscious co-creation that springs into being in direct relationship to our state of heart-brain coherence and the roles we assign ourselves to play.
According to the HeartMath Institute, coherence is when feelings of genuine hope, appreciation, care and compassion signal your heart to send harmonious and coherent signals to the brain/mind, replacing feelings of separation with connection. Then when the heart and brain align, our electromagnetic field sends out a coherence wave, affecting energies both locally and globally. Also, higher cortical functions are enhanced, enabling greater objectivity and intuitive perception.