Living on Prana & more – An interview with Jasmuheen for InfoPotok journal in Russia

An interview with Jasmuheen for InfoPotok journal in Russia

How did it happen that it you started living on prana?
Accidentally, not consciously, I never intended that. My interest in my life was just to be the best version of the human being I could be. To do that I needed to meditate, to find out who I really was. That was the gift meditation and also being a sensitive and vegetarian gave me and also by living the life of conscious service for about 20 years. This ability to be nourished in this way was a gift that came from that lifestyle. I didn’t look for this gift and if somebody had told me that this was what was going to happen, I would have thought, No, not for me. Too extreme. But I think sometimes the best gifts come when you are not looking for them.
I went through a spiritual initiation in 1993 that I talk about in the book Living on Light, but I didn’t have any expectations about not taking any physical food after that. It just was a by-product of that initiation. It happened because of how I had been living my life up to that time. So it was easy to slide into it. Due to the initiation, the energy in my system changed in the way so that it did not need physical food any more. So I didn’t seek this reality, it just happened as a by-product of lifestyle and the initiation.
And for me it was a bit of a shock! Suddenly I realized that I am not hungry any more. I lost my appetite. I was not physically hungry, not emotionally hungry, not mentally hungry, not spiritually hungry as my frequency got to a point where all of that just disappeared.

How much do you drink or eat now? I read that sometimes you eat something like chocolate. How it is now?
I don’t eat chocolate any more but for the first few years I still felt necessity in taste like chocolate. And so for a few years I had one piece of chocolate once a month, because I liked it. And then I just dropped away. I am no longer interested in chocolate.
These days I like lemon water. I just have about one glass of lemon juice water a day. And that’s what I like, it is nice especially when I am travelling. At home, at times, I am more flexible and can take fruit from to time especially with my grandchildren.
Also I have longer periods now each year when I am not taking any external liquid at all, this is something that I now enjoy more and more. It really is amazing what our bodies can do when they are tuned to certain channels. Being nourished and hydrated from the inside out instead of the outside in, via the usual physical food and liquid sources, is an incredible experience to have. Yet for me it is also about being flexible as the journey for us all is really just about freedom of choice.

How a person can come to prana nourishment without any damage to his health? I read that if a person does it in a wrong way, he will…
…die? Four people in the world died around this process and to me I don’t like that. Some say for those people it was their time to die. Maybe this is true but I don’t like it so what we’ve been doing since the late nineteen nineties when the first person passed, is developing a system that is safe. What we have been sharing in our world today are safe methods of moving the physical body system into this ability.
Also this is not something that people usually decide to do, it is something they are preprogrammed to do, they’re born to do. We’re bringing in a new evolutionary path now, a way of being nourished that is better for our health and for the world’s resources, for our environment via tapping into a source of nourishment that everyone already carries within themselves as a frequency flow that is either strong or weak. And we just need to learn how to make this flow stronger so it can feed us from the inside out. That’s all. It is about lifestyle, how you spend your time.
If you are a non-spiritual person, it will be very difficult, if not impossible. I couldn’t imagine that any could do this if you are not aware of who you truly are–truly, meaning not your mind, not your body, not your ego, because that’s not who we are – and if you believe that it is who you are, and you stop taking physical food, then you will die. That’s a fact.
So you need to prepare for this sensibly, you need to live a certain lifestyle, you need to be active, to measure your prana percentage, and so you will be safe. If your prana percentage is 100%, then it is safe to live like this but f it is not then it is not safe. We teach people how to measure this prana percentage because we don’t want anyone else dying around trying to do this. So definitely the key of success with this according to our research is lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle, plus self mastery and self responsibility.

We have an eight-point programme that we suggest people use to increase the life force in their body, to increase the chi, to increase the prana… So they naturally lose their appetites – their physical appetite, their emotional appetite, their mental appetite, their spiritual appetite.
We have a book in Russian called The Food of Gods, another book The Prana Programme that answers all the questions about this, also in Russian. Another book, Being Essence, also in Russian that is on our website, where there are techniques how to measure your prana percentage.
But don’t forget that people have the best guide for this inside of themselves and that is our own divine nature. If you can’t hear the voice of your own divine nature, if you never felt this energy in meditations, then this isn’t the path for you. This path of being nourished physically by prana is for people who live a deeply connected spiritual life. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. And this knowledge is in your divine blueprint – whether this is for you or not and also how to do this in a way and time that is perfect for each one.

Reality is different to many people as we all know. I believe that we are divine beings having a human experience, that we come to Earth to receive gifts from this planet and to give gifts to this planet. Everyone has come to help our planet evolve. We’re bringing new energy systems that are better for the environment, bringing a new healing system that is better for the environment, bringing new educational systems, new feeding systems… Everything is coming in now because people on planet Earth want this. This is predestiny, this is evolution.

As I understand this evolution is connected with 2012 upgrading…
Yes, the systems now are upgrading. More than 90% of people on our Earth want to live in peace now. They’re tired of wars, they’re tired of violence, they are tired of political systems that don’t look after the people, they’re tired of all this chaos in the world. Most people are not interested in it any more, they don’t want to live like that and so their desire for harmonious existence is causing great change. All political systems are changing, all our educational, economical systems are changing. People say, No more, enough. And this is now what is driving human evolution to the different level of expression. All this was foreseen that we would come into a stage like this in our evolution.

How do you see our human world in 20 years?
Fabulous. It’s fabulous now. Although some don’t know yet or understand that Kingdom of Heaven is already here, the gardens of Eden are already here. They are just in another frequency field, still unfelt and unseen if we are not tuned to the channel. When we live a spiritual lifestyle, we get tuned to the heaven-type channel, and all the chaos disappears. This body and our life is a system of energy that is like a guitar – it can be tuned or untuned. The music coming out can be beautiful, or can be chaotic with disharmonious notes. And there are ways to tune the human energy system so it functions really well so that our lives will be filled with Grace and we can walk in earth’s gardens do Eden once more.

Do you think the people of future will not need any food?
Yes. Earth will become a vegetarian planet first, and eventually people of our future will not eat at all because they will be nourished in a different way. If they do eat physical food it will be far less frequently and only for pleasure. All will come back into understanding who we really are, which is divine beings having a human experience… And so we will be free from many human limitations.

So we will return to the state of Atlantis and Lemurians?
We will go back to them but to better versions again as although the Atlantis civilization and Lemurian civilization were very advanced civilizations. They were fully in the contact with all those inter-dimensional systems, with their brothers and sisters, with star beings as many there were star beings from truly advanced interdimensional worlds. Many of the Atlantis or Lemurians came from the different planetary systems. We’ve just forgotten a lot of this over time as our western educational system does not generally support this type of reality. So now the same technologies are coming back, the remembrance of what it’s like to be really free. We are now entering a fabulous time of human history and we will surpass those earlier systems which also had their problems or else they would have survived. All systems evolve according to the hearts, wills and minds of it people’s and also their dominant prayers and dreaming.

So you think that Kali Yuga is finishing …
Yes, it is finished already for many people, many people no longer exist in Kali Yuga, many people no longer exist in duality, many people exist in a different brain wave pattern, and they have a different experience in this world. Many now live lives filled with Grace due to a change in their mind sets and day to day lifestyles.

During your teaching experience you met a lot of skepticism and disapproval. How did you feel about it, what did you do about it? Did you have hesitations about your choice, your path?
To me it is all about education. It is not people’s fault that they don’t understand something if they have not been educated into a new reality. And so for me every time I am being confronted with skepticism, or anger, or disbelief, I just feel like I have to learn how to give this new information in an even better way. That’s all. That I need to adjust, to then be able to present this paradigm of possibility in a way that more people understand. So that they become less skeptical.
We have more than 50000 people in our world with this ability and it is being divinely supported because it is so beneficial for human evolution. So our job is to understand this even better ourselves and to educate, educate, educate. Because education removes ignorance which removes fear.
Remember Galileo! Remember those beings who said that the Earth is not flat, it’s round, the Sun does not rotate around the world, we rotate around the Sun… What did they do with those people? They were burned, ostracised, criticised but I don’t have problems with criticism.
When you are really strong in your truth and you have lived something, then not one cell of your being is in doubt about that so it doesn’t matter what somebody says as that truth can never be taken away from you. Ever!
If it is not a truth for you, if it is an idea only and not a truth that you have lived and deeply experienced than you can easily then be destabilized by criticism.

So you had no hesitations and for you the criticism was just an experience of how to educate better?
Education is just like growing a flower … just think of all the stages. You’ve got to prepare soil, – the soil has to be fertile – you have to put the seed in, you have to be sure that the seed is watered. It has to blossom in its own time. It has to receive the water, the sun, the nutrients, and then it grows. Through the ground it grows then grows then grows and then … there is a flower.
So we have to be infinitely patient with each other regarding the stages that different people are at. For some people this reality is just planting the seed in the ground. It’s not ready to grow, they need a long personal experience, openness, readiness in their own life before they could go to the next level. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold the picture, Hey! Look at these beautiful flowers! One day this can develop to that. All we need to do is to give the garden of possibility some nutrients, some water. So we lovingly attend to the garden keeping the end result, the blossoming alive until all can see this when they are ready.

In your teaching, you give much attention to purification. Can you tell more about it?
The human body is an amazing system. Physically. In two years you will have not one cell that is the same as it is now. It has ability to regenerate itself every two years. But it doesn’t, it breaks down. It breaks down from toxic thinking, from toxic feeling and toxic feeding. When we eliminate those levels of toxicity, and the body is strong, the human spirit is strong, the life is filled with grace and people are happy. And so it is important to think positively instead of negatively. It is important to understand the power of thought. A little bit of understanding of the new neuroscience and even “M Theory” in quantum physics helps for those who may need this, especially how thoughts create reality.
There is an important stage in all of this: this is the real feeling and knowing of who we really are. In the western education we are always looking outside of ourselves as we are educated to believe and then feel that we’re just our mind, our body, our emotions.
The eastern education system is different. The eastern education system says, Stop looking for happiness outside yourself, go inside for the experience of who we really are, for self-knowledge. Then you are free, then you are reborn. Then you can be nourished in a different way. Then you no longer have the normal human hungers.
So a blending of education systems is going on now. We take the beneficial realities from the East – bring it to the West, we take the same from the West– bring it to the East.
Everything is blending now in our planetary system .. of all the things that operate for the highest Good of everyone. We are not just Russians, or Australians, or Germans, we are one people, living in one Planet. The question is can we do that in harmony with each other and also with Mother Earth. This is now the time to focus on that. Not on creation of weapons for war, because we live in fear with each other… now is the time to focus on what can unite us, not that which perpetuates separation.

As I know, you had a predisposition to cancer. How have you overcome it?
Cancer is an interesting energy. It is just a frequency imbalance in the body. I have learned a lot about that. Some people say it is a genetic weakness. A lot of people in my family have had cancer and, that’s how they have passed from this life. And yet what I came to understand is that it is just a frequency. Part of the manifestation for me of cancer was just to learn how to rebalance it. So I can share it with others as I do in my book “Harmonious Healing”. It truly was an amazing experience that was very beneficial for me in many ways!
When people come into the frequency where cancer is strong – it is often coming from something that they have been doing in their life, either from genetics, or lifestyle or whatever. There can be many reasons for it – everyone is different. Breast cancer in women is often connected to the lack of self-nurturing. There are people who give, give, give to others and don’t have time to nurture themselves, or they don’t take the time to nurture themselves, – it’s one of the emotional levels for that. Apart from genetic influences, it’s also often connected to diet, lifestyle and all of that. So what I learnt was to develop a method of understanding that if we created something, then we can find out the right path for us to uncreate it. If we made some steps to come here – where the cancer frequency is too strong in us – then we should be able to also find the right steps to get out of this imbalance. There is no one formula for anyone because everyone’s influences in the manifestation of this are different. But where there is a formula for this is knowing what the body wants. How to talk to the body, how to connect with the body and listen to what you need to bring yourself out of that frequency. You can go to doctors, they may be able to fix it through drugs and/or surgery and yet this does not always work as if we don’t attend to the underlying causes, then the illness can often return. With cancer we must treat the causative factors. Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be Me” is a wonderful insight on spontaneous healing and our ability to do this as pure Essence beings.

I know you worked with tribes of aboriginals, indigenous. What did you do, how did you communicate, what were the results?
I’ve been in touch with tribes in South America near Amazon jungle and Columbia. I was visiting these places, they heard about me, and they came and found me. And that is how tribes’ intuition work: if they want you, they find you.
The tribes in the jungle near the Amazon were concerned because they were sometimes unable to get supplies from the Amazon river because the Amazon river has periods of drought as global warming is affecting the Amazon area as well. And they wanted to learn how to become more self-sufficient by living on the prana in Mother Nature. They heard that that’s what I am also interested in and so we were invited in to share our research and how it could help them also.
The tribes in Columbia were interested in my research, my work, and also in sharing with me some of their own traditions and practices. They have been teaching me some of the wonderful things they do so that I can share these with those open in the rest of our world.
We did everything together. The tribes don’t operate like we operate in the West. We played together. They shared their information, they shared the magic… We lived together, we meditated together, we enjoyed each other as so many of our indigenous shaman elders are wise, loving harmonious beings.

How did you communicate? Was there a translator?
There were always translators. When I worked in Columbia, the priests or Mamo, of the tribes were speaking their language and it was translated to Spanish, and from the Spanish it was translated to English. And then my English response goes back into Spanish then into their native tongue and so on. It takes time and loving patience! But language or time taken in translation doesn’t matter, as we always communicated from here (points to the heart).
They know who I am, they know what I do, I know who they are, I know what they do, and we were interested just in love, light, peace and living in harmony with each other in this world. That’s a simple language.

Tell us please about the Movement of an Awakened Positive Society – MAPS – and the Self Empowerment Academy. What are the main goals and activities of these projects?
All of this – both MAPS and the Self Empowerment Academy – all of this nows supports the work of the Embassy of Peace. So with the Embassy of Peace we offer personal harmonisation programs, global harmonization programs and universal harmonization programs. So people can become as happy and healthy as they desire when they are ready for this. All people in the world can be taken care of … all the women, all the children, can be given what they need: protection, shelter, food, education, and so through the Embassy’s holistic education Programs we can break the cycles of poverty, eliminate global warming and we can generally just learn to use resources more wisely – again when we are ready for this. There is no judgment in what we do as we know that all are unfolding perfectly, yet we offer program’s for another evolutionary level for all who seek this when they are ready to move beyond duality.

For example, the person harmonization program has an aim to educate people via a specific lifestyle, to stop all suffering in the world as we know that when people become physically emotionally, mentally, spiritually healthy there can be no more suffering. I talk in my book The Food of Gods, that lifestyle relieves all suffering in the world on the personal level. Now when people know who they really are, they are no longer suffering, they are healthy, they are happy. They become more altruistic.
We have also worked simultaneously with various people in the United Nations Organisation esoteric circles plus some of the world governments. We are educating for the redistribution of resources all around the world, so to support this we have had various meetings with government ministers who support a more unified global reality where all systems operate for the highest good of all.
In a few weeks I will be back in the United Nations Organisation in Vienna sharing an update of all our research with one of the groups there that are open to this. They know me, so they invited me to come and share again as we did earlier in the 2000’s.
So we work politically, we work on a grass-root level with people, we work with tribes, we work on all levels, wherever we’re invited. It is a divine game. It is not a human mental game. It is a game with pieces of the puzzle that need to be fit together. And so the Grace comes. The Grace brings it together, not logic or will as with divine Grace you don’t have to struggle, all the pieces just come together when what you are working for is for the highest good of all. That’s the power of Grace.

For example, we have been working with various groups in India especially with the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists: where they are bringing meditation back to villagers and to the schools. So we have hundreds and thousands of children now being taught how to meditate using simple breath techniques of meditation. We also have thousands of people now being taught the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Through the Pyramid Society young people are trained for this are now bringing meditation and vegetarianism back to many villages that have problems with alcoholism. Because many had lost contact with understanding who they really are, some were getting into the energy of drinking and violence which was causing many problems in some villages. And so in these villages people are now meditating instead and so they have become nicer to each other, less aggressive, because they meditate and they know who they are. Their diets have also changed back to being vegetarian and so the people are more gentle with each other. So now there is no more violence in these villages from alcoholism and lack of Divine Self awareness since meditation can reveal who we really are. So we are working on all the levels practically, it’s not just ideas. We have teams working and connections with pure hearted people who are in service all around the world.

Very strange that you have to bring meditation to India having strong spiritual tradition…
Actually India herself as a land and ancient culture tends to teach us Westerners much more and Yes, they also send yogi’s and gurus all around the world to give their gifts to westerners. But also they have television. Television is in many villages now. And so many in villages now also see how westerners live. Some then think that western life is so materially good, so they want it and so some are going away from traditional indian lifestyles to instead looking outside of themselves for happiness which is more the western model. They think, If I have this, I will be happier. Some have lost contact with who they really are in essence and these are the ones being reached now to be reminded when they are ready that Happiness doesn’t come from material gain as seen in Western TV shows, for as their yogis know and still say, happiness comes from the inside, from self-knowledge of who we really are.

I am part of Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – GCSS, in India, so I go usually to India every year, where we gather to share our research and and meditate together and then many help to bring these programmes back out to the villages. Ten thousand pyramids have now been built in India for people to gather in to meditate together, because the people at the GCSS understand the power of pyramids. There are many other people who travel in India and the world, sharing about the joy of meditation, the benefits personally and globally of vegetarianism, so I’m just one of the millions of people in the world who are serving in a way where we can manifest the highest ideas of society, I am just one of millions who now have and hold this dream, who live in this dream and who are sharing the different tools and paths to do this.

You say that learning to live on prana helps to overcome the fear of death. Why is that so important, overcoming the fear of death?
Many people have no fear of death, especially those who live on prana for being nourished in this way requires an expansion of consciousness that then brings a wider view and experience of the vastness of our own beingness. They understand who they really are. How can you have fear, when you experience that you are an eternal being? This body – it is just like clothing. You are a woman. Do you wear the same clothes every day? You change! In science this body is just a system of energy and Energy can not be created or destroyed. It just changes form. When it is ready to change form, the clothing drops, but the essence is still there. It is fun – to change body, to drop it when your work is done, then rest as pure consciousness awhile in the field of unconditional love and then when or if you are ready to come back, you put on new clothes. A woman in one life, a man in another life. A rich person in one life, a poor person in another life. It is just part of the fun of evolution we can have.
But again our western education does not promote the body as the system of energy. And yet it is. Reincarnation is just the science of our energy bodies changing form. Yet there is much more than this again as we all are maintaining simultaneous time existences. We can have many experiences in many worlds. We can also have many experiences simultaneously. When you go into those deeper levels of who you really are, you realize there is no past, no present, no future, everything is operating simultaneously. You are not a single being trapped into a body, you’re vast inter-dimensional consciousness. When I am sitting here with you in a body, I am also an angelic being. I am Buddha, and I am Christ, I am also simultaneously being an alcoholic or a beggar in the street. There is no separation. We just tend to think, Oh, there is you, there is me, we are separate. Yet … All is consciousness, just changing consciousness. We can identify with our personality selves or we can expand consciousness through a spiritual lifestyle and identify more with our Essence self, that pure and perfect part of us that breathes us and gives us life. When we identify too much with our personality self a human being tends to suffer and be unstable. When we become our Essence nature – from recognising and focussing upon it – then we free ourselves of so many limitations both personally and globally.
To change the body is easy, it is fun for the vastness of our spirit to experience different embodiments and expressions. its like we are here and we are doing some work, and in some time we finish it. And when we finish the work, we celebrate, we go rest for a while. We don’t stay at school forever. We go to school, we graduate, we want something else and so it is with how we express as spirit beings through the realms!
There are two fabulous books in Russian about that, Doctor Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls. When you read these, you will be completely free of the fear of death.

What can you wish to our readers?
I just wish people self-knowledge. You know, to sit down, be still, ask to experience who you really are. Ask to experience all the gifts the universe has to you. And ask to experience to see the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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