Earth’s Garden’s of Eden – Message from the Divine Feminine

Earth’s Garden’s of Eden – Message from the Divine Feminine through Jasmuheen 29th August 2013

“The revelation experience and expansion of the Gardens of Eden in your world are a step by step process, one that may seem to be too slow for some, while it passes around so many others who are not yet open to its flow. Still others are already in these gardens with hearts filled with gratitude and lives filled with grace.

In this field of infinite love and intelligence, that all life is held within and is nourished by, there is infinite wisdom, kindness, compassion and love as this benevolent energy is woven through the very fabric of creation including through your bodies of light, around which your molecular structure has been called by the Divine Ones to form, beings who are just an extension of a wise and loving system of energy that is so vast that expresses Itself through all.

Connecting yourselves consciously back into this loving rhythm via your day to day lifestyle with the awareness that it is just a pattern for you all, a pattern that shifts and changes as your awareness of your innate ability to live in harmony comes more to the fore.

When we scan the human heart beloved ones, we sense a longing for peace and truth and upgrading of social systems and all systems of operation in your world so that there is more joy and more peace, more love and also more power for the flows of harmony in your world to rise and carry you all deeper into another way of being.

And so we invite you here to take a few deep breaths so that you may join us in a softer yet strong, subtle rhythm that has great power and with each slow and subtle breath, open with your intention to the most graceful, wise, compassionate rhythm that is flowing through you all the time.

Many know that you are all just a collection of molecules and atoms that are bonded together with something like cosmic superglue that is pure love. This rhythm of pure love abounds now onto your plane being channelled through your physical sun from the Great Central Sun and way beyond that again. This energy is seen by some to be pure Christed Consciousness, to others pure Buddha in nature, others sense Mohammed’s hand within it all as the devotees of the true teachings of this one bow down five times a day in prayer, surrendering to the will of Allah, the Allah nature that is deep within us all. This Christed, Buddhic, true spiritual Allah-type nature that is within all the energy fields through Earth is also accessible to all.

And yet with any powerful change there needs to be clear intention and programs also set into this energy field of change, not just pure emotion, a well thought out plan that can improve or even replace the current systems that you have operating now on Earth. The upgrading of all systems of operation is a matter of simple yet specific coding into the matrix that flows through your world, the alignment of your global consciousness matrix – where the dominant thoughts and feelings rule –  into a pulsating pattern that takes care of the whole.

This flow is the field of higher dreaming made manifest – a new dimension where health, happiness and harmony are the more dominant rhythms for all the habitants of this flow. People in this flow are aware of their multidimensional nature and also that aspects of themselves exist simultaneously with many within all dimensions and worlds, for all is a part of one web.

System operation that runs according to universal law also drives these ones, for they understand and apply these laws in all aspects of their life and so their life stream changed, became more harmonised, healthier with more happiness for them all as they found themselves in Earth’s garden’s of Eden.

Yet the underlining drive dear ones as you all know now is that pulsation of pure love in your heart, the pure part of you seeking to be loved, purely, to then love purely in return. And that pure hearted part of you that remembers peace, knows of peace, and how peace feels for you, can be accessed now from those parts of you that always exist in peace filled worlds.”

End of message although the Goddess went on to deliver a beautiful meditation on accessing Earth’s Gardens of Eden which we will release early next year. Alternatively you can experience more of this by joining Jasmuheen on tour during the remainder of this year – here is a link to where she will be in a city near you –

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