Daily Archives: December 16, 2016

Interview with Jasmuheen for Chinese online magazine

Interview with Jasmuheen for Chinese Online Magazine  Q1: We’ve learnt from your story that you’ve experienced hardships that most women on this earth have never gone through, e.g., divorce, rape, threat of murder, cancer… Answer-1: – People find the most amazing strength and resilience when they have to and we never know how strong we…

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Pranic Nourishment Nexus Interview

INTERVIEW FOR FRENCH NEXUS MAGAZINE ON PRANIC NOURISHMENT WITH JASMUHEEN www.nexus.fr Below is the original interview we did but this may differ from what was actually published in the Sept-October 2016 Edition no. 106 1a):- Have you an idea of the number of pranic people all over the world now ? I am advised that…

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Insights from China and Bigu

Kwan Yin Island, (Mt Putuo in the South China sea) is an amazing place filled with monasteries and sweet, sacred energy. It is said that the island was established with its monasteries around the 10th century although the island became neglected with the cultural revolution. Now it has again been established as a major tourist…

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