The Pure Love Channel

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Jasmuheen on the Pure Love Channel

All of our indigenous elders seem to understand the importance of the wise use of resources, of the give and take, the ebbs and flows and the harmonious relationship we can have with all the elements.

When one looks at planet Earth, it appears that this is something that many have forgotten and yet with global warming and changing weather patterns we are becoming more aware as many seek peace, unity and harmony with both our earth and one another.

In response to this seeking there is an innate wisdom rising within us all, almost talking, whispering, guiding us, and this is one of the things that the field of love, this pure love flow will do, it will rise and whisper and guide us whenever our hearts are open and our being is ready to hear.

There are so many ways of being, and as free will creative beings, we have had the opportunity through so many periods of time to explore and express our own creative power and yet it seems that it is only when we are tuned more deeply to this flow of pure love that is within, that we become capable of creating that which is for the highest good of each other and also Mother Earth.

We could call this flow of pure love just a natural attribute of our own Pure Essence Template nature, that part of us that is wise, loving, powerful and pure, already enlightened, and yet as I have done myself, so many have forgotten how to tune to this or just didn’t know of the existence of the Pure Love Channel with its Templates of Perfection.

Still, as holistic education sweeps through our world and as our people long for this pure love, and the wisdom and peace it brings; as we long for solutions and resolutions to all the areas of conflict in our world; and as we open more to a pure heart flow to operate in balance with our intellect and our intuition; then it is these longings that have allowed more and more people to now be receiving all the wisdom and the pure levels of guidance that they are sincerely seeking.

Everyone has so many stories to tell and our lives and all the patterns that we are individually and collectively weaving are so interesting to observe. And yet we have reached a point in our collective evolution, where there is no need for complication anymore, for when we bathe within the field of pure love and immerse ourselves fully into the Pure Essence Template, we find that this immersion removes all complications, while also releasing a higher knowing within us, where we realize that everything is just a play of consciousness and that our life is just a game of creative play.