Advanced Bioenergetics






 By the time I was age 33 my life had begun to take some strange turns, telepathically communicating with beings many know as the Ascended Masters, (who I call the MA), undergoing extreme initiations and practicing a lifestyle that had sensitized me to such a degree that I could hardly bear to leave the sanctity of my home.

It was during this time in late 1993 that Merlin began to introduce me to the science he called ‘advanced bio-energetics’ the sacred science of aligning our heart and mind. My training in Biofield Science began in earnest two years later with the connection to my future self.

This is the science beyond what is termed E.Q, where we use our emotional quotient and not just our mental quotient of intelligence. It involves using specific programming and a genuine desire to achieve the perfect results. Unlike affirmations, Biofield Science relies on the use of programs imprinted in our field. These send out specific radiation patterns to which the universe then responds.

St Germain always states that the purpose of true science is to increase our happiness and free us all from any conditions that keep us from experiencing our DOW. Living a holistic life that is refined enough to have the DOW successfully nourish us means major social adjustments, as to be sensitive enough to access enough nurturing DOW power also means that we develop an extreme sensitivity to all energies on Earth, which can often make us feel a little anti-social as our senses can become so acute to be almost unbearable. For many, environmental field control has become imperative.

Some are born already tuned to the sacred science, and some discover it through holistic living and later learn the secrets of its power. Others are touched by it through circumstances, while never fully understanding the realm that they have seen. Unaware of the power of choice and how they can be fine-tuning their experiences, glimpses of wonder and magic are scattered throughout their life, rather than a foundation for all they create.

It is true that we can fulfill our human potential or deny it, that we can understand the higher sacred science or choose to stay with traditional science. We can wait for our scientists to open up their own DOW channel and catch up with the metaphysicians of the world, and thus confirm what many have long held true, or we can be avid inner plane explorers and from our experiences that these worlds provide, we can formulate our own ideas.

It’s true that we can be limitless and know joy, and that we can be run by our karmic ‘schisms’. Yet when we know that these schisms create energy imbalances which perpetuate war, violence, hunger, poverty, suffering, hate and so much more, then it becomes time to retune them. The seer sees schisms as rips in our auric field and DOW Power can repair them and rebalance us along the way. Holistic educational tools, that are based on principles of this Sacred Science in the first place, achieve avoiding schisms.