Insights from In Resonance …

One of our most consistently best selling books that is now in so many languages all around the world is the book, “In Resonance”… so below we offer a few insights … With love, light and laughter – Jasmuheen


In an Ideal World


In an ideal world, people recognise the perfection that underlies all creation and all life expression.

  In an ideal world, we see with clarity the purpose of creation, and so we love each other unconditionally and are free from judgement.

  In an ideal world, we work together in unison, as one cohesive people motivated by, and enjoying, a common vision, which we are destined to fulfil.

  In an ideal world, all is made manifest impeccably.


In a World in Transition


In a world in transition, people are still awakening to their mastery.

  Some have remembered and, in their alignment to the game of Oneness, are fulfilling their blueprint. Some are still preoccupied with making sense of it all.

  Others are enjoying, or not enjoying, the challenge of being out in the dark, mesmerised by the game of survival in physical reality.

  There is much to seduce the warrior before the wizard is revealed – fame, money, power – and the qualities of BEing in integrity and impeccability are sometimes overshadowed by hidden personal agendas and desires.

  In a world in transition, there are the messengers who, as many have found out, are not always impeccable. If you depend on the messengers you can become disillusioned.

  In a world in transition, the quality of exercising your personal discernment is highly valued.  Discernment allows us to know that the messengers are only there to inspire us to discover the power of the guidance from the divine voice we all have within.


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