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It’s Better with Bigu …
Every day I keep hearing the words “Its better with Bigu” or BIGU is best – words spoken by Qigong Master Tain Ying who I got to spend some good quality time with over these past months of touring. Working with her at various events allowed us to share with each other and others, the unique blend of our personal research and also watch the way that we both present this. Feeling her BIGU transmission, the programming songs she uses during this, then talking to those who experienced this afterwards was also very enlightening.
While I know that meditation and the lifestyle we encourage people to live to stay in the zones of health, happiness and harmony, can deliver so many insights and rewards, Tain Ying loves to state that being in the state of Bigu is better, at least for her. After receiving a BIGU transmission in the early 1990’s from a qigong master in China, she was healed from a long term disease and has gone from strength to strength. As some know the first recorded case of someone entering into the Bi Gu Fu Chi state was around 6,000 years ago so it was nice to tap into this ancient lineage.
According to the Taingong website Bi Gu is a millennia-old Chinese method which allows a change of diet, so that one will be able to live wholly or partly on cosmic energy and to correspondingly renounce earthly food. Bi Gu can be practiced phase wise as well as continuously. Bi Gu Fu Qi, which is the full term, literally translated means: “Renunciation of grain, except for Qi.”
In Chinese culture, Bi Gu Qi Gong has been practiced for thousands of years. Several schools have developed special Qi Gong practices to achieve this capability. Nevertheless, in today’s China there are only a very few people living in the state of Bi Gu. The main reason is that the ability to cosmic diet was traditionally very difficult to achieve. Often it took several decades of intensive practice. The phenomenon Bi Gu is also known under different terms outside China. The Indian yogi are practicing prana nourishment, in the Western spiritual world it is often spoken of light-nourishment and within the Western Christian traditions, there have been people who have lived for years without any food and drink.
Bi Gu in Tian Gong – In the 1980s Tian Gong’s founder Letian Shi Fu has begun to pass the Bi Gu information down to his students on using a special energy transmission – with surprising results. The practitioners have not only experienced a very high degree of Bi Gu, but simultaneously Bi Gu has also accelerated the physical healing processes as well as the development of mental abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and energy breathing. This was also the case with Tian Gong Master Tianying, one of Letian’s first students and founder of the Tian Gong Institute in Berlin. She has been cured from her severe liver disease by Bi Gu and within the subsequent period, she developed a series of remarkable Qi Gong skills. Since December 1993, she lives in the state of Bi Gu.

So, is life better with or in the Bi Gu state of awareness and experience?
Firstly, how would people know unless they have experienced the difference? As I answer emails and look at Google alerts that inform me when people have added their remarks to some of our research data on YouTube, this makes an interesting question for we are all so quick to dismiss or judge as impossible things we do not understand or have had no exposure to.
Education into other fields of possibility can require endless patience at times yet thankfully we know that new information can not be absorbed unless people are ready and open! For example a friend of mine has been recently diagnosed with bone cancer, but only loves and listens to allopathic medicine and so she dismisses all non-allopathic practices as not for her. Other friends of mine are the opposite and so they only adhere to non-allopathic treatments for disease, dismissing all allopathic treatments as incomplete. This is something I have witnessed time and time again, how being so limiting in our understanding can create such discomfort for so many in life and how their lives could have been so different if they had been a little more open to other methodologies. What about a combination of both where this is applicable? What about investigating and then utilizing whatever methodology works to allow us to enjoy freedom of disease on all levels?
The ancient qigong masters know that when we increase our chi or life force we get healthier and also happier and need to take less from planetary resources, all of which is beneficial for us and our world. After years of research we also know that our day to day lifestyle is the key to health and happiness but we must be open to change if and when required. And sometimes all we can change is our attitude for things are always unfolding for so many reasons, many of which we cannot see or fathom until much later.
So … Is being in the state of Bi Gu Fu Chi better? I think that this is a fact that is becoming impossible to deny by those who have experienced the difference between being nourished directly from Source and having to go through the physical food systems for sustenance but then when our Essence is strong in Presence within us there are undeniable many benefits for us all!

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