Our Children – Our Future – Indigos, Education and more

We now offer the below information on children as so many parents and grand parents are concerned about the new ones coming in …

On children and our future … Education in the new millennium must be holistic, it must address all issues that concern us as spiritual beings here to have a human experience. We all know that healthy and happy adults tend to also breed healthy and happy children. Hence we would like to see The Luscious Lifestyles Program be offered in all educational institutions that are open to this and also that parents and grandparents understand more about the new children being born, many of whom already come in with their Templates* fully active.

A more holistic education Program – to achieve this, we recommend a few tips such as:

  • Children be educated in the personal and long-term environmental and global benefits of a vegetarian diet.
  • That all children be encouraged to be involved in regular, if possible daily, non-competitive exercise that they do just for fun – dance, yoga, swimming, stretching, athletics etc.
  • That all children are taught creative visualization techniques to learn to self-heal their bodies if the need arises.
  • That all children are given regular daily doses of love and affection and taught the value of self-love.
  • That all children are educated in the power of the mind/body connection in the creation of dis-ease.
  • That all children are encouraged to spend daily time in silence talking to God (or whatever higher power they or their parents understand to be the Force behind Creation)
  • That all children be encouraged to express their creativity in a manner that makes their heart sing.
  • That all children be encouraged to develop other amusements in life apart from television. That television viewing be restricted to programs that have a positive influence on developing minds.
  • That all children be encouraged to revere their whole being as a temple for the Divine to always radiate through.

At the Embassy of Peace we also recommend:-

  • That all parents voluntarily undergo specific parenting training before they can qualify to become parents. We all train for our driver’s license and also attend educational institutions for our careers. Many consider parenthood to be one of the most important careers on the planet. We recommend that ‘parenthood training’ and the above attributes and holistic education become a continuing presence in all school curricula.
  • Holistic education must begin at home, be continued at school and encouraged as a lifestyle by society. The sooner we take responsibility for the fact that we are all part of a whole that affects and is affected by the whole, the sooner we can co-create constructive systems to address our world health and world hunger challenges. This is the very core of quantum physics today in that the whole can be affected just by our observation of it.


My youngest daughter was born in 1978 as an Indigo child … for those of you still wanting more data on this to what we posted earlier – more on their characteristics and how to support them …. the below comes from the Rise Earth site  … Nancy Ann Tappe, author of the book “Understanding Your Life Through Color”, studied the auric field and labeled indigos for their indigo colored aura. The aura is the electromagnetic energy field that the human body carries, and an indigo color indicates traits of master communicators that are highly intelligent and intuitive with a passion for peace and truth. Indigos are balanced in the heart and the head. Doctors tend to say there is no such thing as Indigo children, and many Indigo children have been erroneously diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Living with the societal pressures of medical diagnoses is just one of the challenges of the Indigo child today.

Characteristics of an Indigo

  • Most Indigos were born in 1978 or later, although some adults carry the Indigo traits.
  • Indigos are highly intuitive- they know what feels right to them and anything else is disruptive to their system.
  • These children have food sensitivities and may be very picky.
  • They may have imaginary friends or see spirits: “dead” people, guides, angels, and/or extraterrestrial beings.
  • Indigos are very empathetic- they are sensitive to the feelings of others and sometimes pick them up and carry these energies with them. They are feelers rather than thinkers most of the time.
  • These children have a natural resistance to rigid rules and guidelines and deem them archaic. They are here at this time to bring the energies necessary for a consciousness shift and therefore do not fit into the strict left brained thinking and control. They have an innate “ knowingness” and resist untruths.
  • Some Indigos have telepathic abilities and can speak to other spirits in other dimensions.
  • These children carry a vibration of harmony and therefore do not feel comfortable in the denseness of today’s world.
  • They have a tendency to be anti-social and prefer to spend time alone or in fantasy play.
  • Indigos do not think in linear fashion, but rather holographically which is a reflection of higher intelligence. They are “plugged in” to their higher selves.
  • Is fascinated with and easily bonds with plants, animals, and crystals.
  • An indigo child bores easily and is sometimes fidgety or over excitable.

The following are ways to support an Indigo child:

  • Allow their perceived eccentricities.
  • Stare deep into their eyes with a knowingness of unconditional love and understanding. Tell them telepathically “thank you” and that everything is ok.
  • Introduce them to other indigo children or psychically gifted children. If this is not possible, provide a metaphysical and spiritual environment and allow creativity such as painting, music, dancing, or writing.
  • Allow past life recall and dream interpretation conversations to take place as if they were normal conversation.
  • Keep them off of Ritalin and other prescribed ADD or ADHD medications, and keep them from being vaccinated. These drugs keep them from expressing and doing what they are here to do on the first place.
  • Feed them organic, live foods and make sure they are not exposed to harsh chemicals such as fluoride in the water. Many children are allergic to chemicals in pesticides commonly found in food and tap water.
  • Guard against harsh people or aggressive children and nurture loving relationships. The indigo child will be the one to show what works and what doesn’t. Pay attention to those who can have a special, magical time with your child and encourage this time as much as possible.
  • Turn off the television most of the time, as the programming is too fast paced and harsh. Shows about animals and nature can help to calm them down in high stress situations.
  • Allow the transmutation of emotions through crying and laughing. Sometimes Indigo children will cry at the drop of a hat seemingly without reason. When the child gets old enough to understand, it is helpful to teach him or her to shield themselves with a bubble of light that will not allow other people’s energy into their aura field, which helps them to not be overly sensitive.
  • Adopt a new way of parenting and schooling. If at all possible, overly sensitive and psychic children should be home schooled and often these kids will act out in school as a rebellion against wanting to be there. If home schooling is not an option, be active with the parent/teacher relationship and do not conform to state imposed classical standards of discipline.

Remember- Indigo children chose their parents before they came into this incarnation, and an agreement was made to support them at this time, knowing they would bring the energies needed to the planet at the time of great denseness and subsequently great transformation. However, just because a child has the characteristics and traits of an indigo child does not mean that they need to be placed upon a pedestal over other children or the parents. It simply means that they have different environmental needs and more metaphysical and spiritual capabilities than most children, although most children will also benefit from the Indigo Child’s environment.

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