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Just a quick note to share that we will soon be releasing a series of articles in Question and answer format from our Prana Program book which you can also download at this link.

Here is the first installment but for more please go to our Blog … as this is where we will soon release a series on this – smiles …


Q: You say that The Prana Program can eliminate all dis-ease individually and globally.  How?

A: Because it can nourish a person on all levels. Physical disease usually results from lack of emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment as well as toxic eating habits and lack of exercise. Humanity has entered into a stage of evolution where we need to reassess what we term true nourishment, as for the first time in our history we have the extreme of approximately 1.2 billion people suffering malnutrition from lack of physical nourishment and 1.2 billion people suffering from obesity related problems due to incorrect physical nourishment and addictions to fast foods served to placate a fast society. For many people eating and the ‘pleasure’ food brings is an emotional addiction in an attempt to satisfy a deeper hunger. At this time in our evolution we are being intuitively guided to encourage pleasures that promote and sustain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness in all.

Q: Do all people on a prana only program never get sick anymore?

A: This depends on three things:-

  1. Their personal calibration levels;
  2. how active they are in the world and how much they allow this activity to expand them beyond their limits and how good they are at self nurturing and also
  3. their service agenda. Sometimes it may be in someone’s service agenda to manifest a disease  and then cure it and share how they cured it with the world.  Pioneers are in all fields.

Q: Can you explain this further?

A: Generally if a person maintains their calibration levels at more than 630* they will be out of the field of disease creation unless they are overextending themselves and/or not nurturing themselves enough. For example, for many years I worked 120 hours per week when I was at home and traveled for eight months of each year living in highly polluted environments. For most of this time I rarely experienced even a cold and maintained great health and energy levels due to the nature of my service work which kept me tuned. One of the benefits of The Prana Program is that our capacity to multi-task and work long hours can expand dramatically if required.

               *This level of 630 will change as the morphogenetic field changes.

Q: The Prana Program must generate immense healing energy; how does it manifest?

A: It depends on each individual’s blueprint. If your assignment here is to help people never to get sick, then those abilities are magnified through this process. Many people in healing roles have found they get increased levels of sensitivity and increased clairaudience and clairvoyance which are by-products of living on pure prana. Quite a lot of people in the healing profession have chosen to live in a prana only nourishment stream, because of the different gifts that they gain from this, particularly regarding the potency of the energy they can access and channel in the healing process.

Q: How have you directed the energy that you personally have gained to healing?

A: To me personal reality is just a movie and we are the script writers, stars and directors and we can serve here and make a positive difference with our lives or not. In my movie, one of my roles is about inspiring self responsibility for self healing, and also living life to our highest potential, so my energy is directed to healing through re-education and providing lifestyle tools for preventative medicine.  What I have discovered with my own harmonious healing journey is that just as there are certain steps that occur to create a disease, we can also uncreate that same disease – i.e. heal it – via taking steps that the body recommends. The tools to gain this unique information from a person’s body I am now also able to share as self healing is empowering and unhooks us from medical and pharmaceutical dependency.

Q: What about scientific research regarding prana emissions and healing?

In the scientific investigations conducted by the Chinese it is noted that the external prana emitted by a ‘healing’ practitioner, carries different information from the prana of a non-practitioner. It is well known that all body parts, internal organs and tissues of the human body have a weak magnetic field. However, when a pranic practitioner enters into a state of pranic emission, the magnetic intensity of certain places of the body surface can be ten thousand to one million times stronger than that of internal organs. That is, ten thousand to one million times stronger than a pranic non-practitioner.

               Pranic healing was considered for many years to be a kind of psychological treatment, and this point of view is still quite popular in the west. There are some reasons behind it. For instance co-operation, especially psychological co-operation from the patient, is important during treatment.  However, scientific experiments have shown that liquid crystal molecules rotate under the influence of external prana, thereby demonstrating that external pranic healing is not just a psychological treatment. It has objective effects independent of any psychological dimension. Numerous cases of pranic healing of an extraordinary nature are reported by Chinese scientific experiments, probably the most dramatic being the healing of bone fractures, with the bones being x-rayed both before and after the pranic treatment, and demonstrating the bones having knitted and healed within hours .


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