Daily Archives: January 16, 2014

Our new page in French

JASMUHEEN – FRANCAIS – Articles – Audio – Livres – Free e-books – Vidéo L’Ambassade de la Paix (Embassy of Peace) – Dédié à la co-création harmonieuse dune paix permanente pour que la Terre puisse monter vers un paradigme plus élevé et rester là, L’Ambassade de la Paix est en train de trouver et former…

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Renaissance … To be reborn … with Jasmuheen

Renaissance … To be reborn … with Jasmuheen A phoenix rises from the ashes transformed from what was, to a new version of itself, having been stripped bare, remodelled and made new to then rise out of seeming devastation and chaos. Yet without the chaos the rebirth could not take place. In his “New Earth”…

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