The Luscious Lifestyle Program


The Luscious Lifestyle Program, is presented by Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace as a powerful and pragmatic way to enjoy more of the rhythms of health, happiness and harmony within ourselves and within our world! Based on Biofield Science principles, this holistic lifestyle also increases our mental clarity and intuitive capacities, stimulates the expression of our higher nature and generally makes us more compassionate, fulfilled and altruistic people.

Our research with this lifestyle over the past two decades has shown that how we choose to spend our time is the key to loving life as the daily practice of this specific lifestyle will make us healthy, happy and harmonised and as we change so do our societies. By refining ourselves energetically we also realise our highest potential and experience who we really are, the Self that breathes us and gives us life.

Apart from the overwhelming joy and contentment, the practice of L.L.P. will eliminate dis-ease by acting as a system of preventative medicine; satisfy people’s needs and desires on the deepest levels so that they naturally become more caring towards all life thus promoting global harmony. L.L.P. increases communication with the Divine Self as the perfect inner teacher who will then guide each person to always be in the perfect place at the perfect time doing the perfect things for themselves and their planet.

L.L.P. activates the four-fifths of the brain that we usually do not use which houses our higher mind and higher nature consciousness and it is the lifestyle that people use to access the Cosmic Micro-fuel or Divine Nutrition channel. L.L.P. reveals the glory of who we really are as Divine Beings where all our questions are answered.

We invite you to dive into and enjoy this Luscious Lifestyle Program now!

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BEing Essence

BEING  ESSENCE – In Being Essence, Jasmuheen shares of her lifelong love affair with her Essence with Its ability to nourish us and bring our world into a state of permanent peace. Via the profoundly powerful yet simple techniques and insights that she now provides in this her 37th book, Jasmuheen lovingly fulfills her role as an Ambassador of Peace for The Embassy of Peace.

She writes:- In this manual we share simple yet profound truths that will also bring the controversial Breatharian reality in a deeper, clearer perspective. We will also offer simple techniques for the creation and revelation of the ‘Paradise – Kingdom of Heaven’ type realms. Yet in Essence it is all about our Essence, for it is our Enlightened Essence that gives us this freedom to be nourished on all levels, in such a different way. And when a human being is well nourished from deep within by their Essence, then they too radiate this pure nourishment wherever they go, wherever they are and so our world transforms itself into the Garden of Eden that it too, was always destined to be.”

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Portuguese – Nutrição Divina – O Alimento dos Deuses (The Food of Gods)

Nutrição Divina – O Alimento dos Deuses

O Alimento dos Deuses é o 18 livro de Jasmuheen em assuntos metafísicos e o seu terceiro livro da série Nutrição Divina.

Não é necessário ter lido os livros anteriores neste assunto que engloba sua jornada pessoal e a solução para um mundo saudável e a fome no mundo, pois O Alimento dos Deuses leva a discussão da nutrição prânica em um outro nível e oferece ferramentas, simples mas muito poderosas, para saciar todas as nossas fomes. Jasmuheen escreve:
“A diferença mais importante com o nosso foco na Nutrição Divina é que Ela tem a habilidade de nos nutrir em todos os níveis e nós ainda podemos nos benificiar do aumento da Seu fluxo através do nosso biossitema, mesmo se nós continuarmos escolhendo ter o prazer de comer comida física. Permitir que essa corrente de Nutrição Divina aumente em nosso sistema , significa que nós podemos ser nutridos emocional, mental e espiritualmente e, essas técnicas e linhas guias compartilhadas neste livro,irão beneficiar a todos, libertando-nos do nosso estado pessoal atual de anorexia emocional, mental e espiritual.”

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Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound (Book 4)

Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound  (book 4 in the Enchanted Kingdom series)

In “Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound” story-teller Jasmuheen brings it all to the Universal stage, to address intergalactic warfare, Earth as a garden of Eden, her future and past, plus prophecy & global change.

Sharing accepted spiritual intelligence in an entertaining way, Jasmuheen provides in-depth information on U.F.O.’s, walk-ins, abductions,inter-dimensional life & Beings of Light, Essence extensions of the Great Central Sun, E.T. genetic manipulation, the alchemy of futuristic science regarding worlds ascending and the metaphysics of peace for all.

Entwining the ongoing love stories of 8tlan, Tao Lao, Rani, Tan and other well-loved characters in this series, ancient esoteric wisdoms are revealed that are so relevant to Earth today.

It is not necessary to have read the previous books in the Enchanted Kingdom series, to enjoy and appreciate all that this new book in the EK series “Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound” contains. The Enchanted Kingdom series is said by many to be a cross between Harry Potter and Star Wars while proving deep esoteric truths about creation!

Enchanted Kingdom Series with Jasmuheen

Book 1 – Queen of the Matrix – Fiddlers of the Field – the alchemical apprenticeship begins. Also covers future artificial intelligence issues.

Book 2 – King of Hearts – The Field of Love – covers the complicated alchemy of human relationships and love from an interdimensional level.

Book 3 – Elysium – Shamballa’s Sacred Symphony – explores the alchemy of love, duality and the more enlightened planes.

Book 4 – Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound – goes deeper into the ancient and futuristic alchemy of an ascending species and world.

The Enchanted Kingdom is a land of an ancient space held in a field beyond time, a place that seems like a layer of life wedged between worlds. The alchemists describe it as a field of possibilities where everything is available for the dreamtime dancers and the wise.

A parallel world dreamt into being over millennia by those seeking higher worlds, the Enchanted Kingdom represents the highest visions and dreams of humankind. And now, finally, this Kingdom is merging with Earth’s own world.

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German – Atmarische Wege (Breatharian Pathways)

Atmarische Wege – Erinnerungen und Beweggründe mit Jasmuheen

In diesem Buch berichtet Jasmuheen durch viele Zeitlinien hindurch ganz persönlich über ihre Erinnerungen und Beweggründe, den Weg einer wahren Atmarierin zu gehen.  Der Weg führt durch die Zeit mit Jesus und dem Jünger Lukas, durch das Land der Katharer und das Verhungern während der Inquisition, das Leben einer Frau in Indien, deren großer Verlust sie zur Atmarierin machte, bis ins heutige Indien mit den Saddhus und Weisen. Jasmuheen erzählt in diesem Buch auch über ihre Erfahrungen mit den Massenmedien, den Herausforderungen und ihrem Bemühen, noch mehr über dieses Phänomen zu informieren und aufzuklären. „Ist es so schwer zu glauben, dass eine weise und liebevolle Kraft hinter der Schöpfung steht? Oder dass große Liebe alles erschaffen hat und dass diese große Liebe uns atmet und uns Leben gibt, dass große Liebe heilen und führen kann, so wie es von vielen berichtet wird?

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Relationships & Networks Upgrade Meditation

Relationship & Networks Upgrades Meditation – The Relationship & Networks Upgrades Meditation was channelled through to Jasmuheen in 2013 as part of a new energy flow of upgrading all systems of operation so that they unfold for the highest good of all which was her tour theme throughout that year.

This guided meditation also offers Jasmuheen’s unique soundscape of angelic tones Jasmuheen that allows us to not just upgrade our relationships – with ourselves, those we love and our community and the people of our world – but also fine tune our energy system through tone while we also refine our multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional relationships and networks.

Again this meditation is best utilised in conjunction with our Love Breath Meditation which tunes us more to the channel of pure love as by flooding our systems with pure love it is easier to align to the channels of new reality creation. The ability to be sensitive enough to tune to and then change reality by utilizing these realms is also a result of our day to day lifestyle and whether our right brain capabilities are active enough.

You may also enjoy our other meditation that forms part of our Love & Tantra focus. The Tantra – Divine Marriage Meditation. 

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Free Audios re Healing

HEALING CANCER – Insights, Methods to help heal the rhythm of Cancer with Jasmuheen. In this video Jasmuheen shares of her personal journey with rebalancing the energy of cancer. She also covers spontaneous healing, self healing methods, the benefits of juice fasting, making the body alkaline, the role of visualization and meditation in self healing, testing methods to discover the right healing paths for each individual plus cancer as a frequency that can rise and fall and be rebalanced plus the Template of Health and a small meditation with reprogramming.

This audio & video is for those who have been diagnosed with dis-ease and also for their friends and family. It is only for those who are open minded enough and also ready to look at methods for self healing. Audio Link; video link.

We also have the free …

HEALING LUNGS & OTHER ORGANS – A 22 minute audio meditation to help heal organs – focused on the lungs.


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Akashic Records – Book of Your Life Meditation

Akashic Records – Book of Your Life Meditation

Accessing the Akashic Records & the book of your life, gaining clarity, insights on virtues & more. Plus fine-tuning to other energy streams to enhance our life today. This guided meditation with Peace Ambassador & channel, Jasmuheen, uses breath techniques, creative visualization, programming & intention. Background Music by Brian Vale – Modulations.

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Ambassadors of Light : World Health World Hunger Project

DOWNLOAD NOW FREE! Ambassadors of Light : World Health World Hunger Project is Jasmuheen’s tenth book and the follow on to her best seller Ambassadors of Light – Living on Light.

No doubt this new work will be just as controversial as she continues to challenge the status quo and take the pranic nourishment discussion onto the global stage.

In this book Jasmuheen offers practical solutions to world health and world hunger related challenges, via Mother Mary’s ‘Luscious Lifestyles Programs’ and via effective ways to redirect global resources.

This also entails an in-depth look at the forgiveness of Third World debt, and at fundraising for social welfare programs through global disarmament, the dissolution of prohibition, holistic re-education programs and the elimination of the need for personal pharmaceutical use through the practice of preventative medicine.

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Angelic Support Systems Meditation

Angelic Support Systems Meditation 

This Meditation, which was channeled through Jasmuheen from her own Angelic connections, is about connecting with our inner plane, higher dimensional support systems, our angels, guides and it is also a meditation that is designed for manifesting a more Grace-filled life. Again these best utilised in conjunction with our Love Breath Meditation which tunes us more to the channel of pure love as by flooding our systems with pure love it is easier to align to the channels of these beautiful beings.

The ability to be sensitive enough to tune to these realms is also a result of our day to day lifestyle and whether our right brain capabilities are active enough. This guided meditation with Peace Ambassador and channel, Jasmuheen, uses breath techniques, creative visualization, programming and intention. Background music for this meditation by Erik Berglund.

You may also enjoy our Cosmic Connection – Galactic Kin Meditation plus our Holy Ones Connection Meditation which continue with our Higher Communion theme of Meditations with Jasmuheen.

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