Alchemy and Higher Light Science


Creating a fabulous Life! The below meditations are designed to work with the alchemy of the Higher Light Science and are best utilized in conjunction with our Love Breath Meditation which tunes us more to the channel of pure love from which this science was born.

For more data on what each one does, click on the links below where you will find a brief introduction audio and video link if applicable plus a link to the more detailed meditation itself which can be downloaded from this website or from our iTunes channel.

  • Violet Light Cocoon Creation Meditation – a way of being in the world without being adversely affected by it. This meditation applies principles of Universal Law and the Higher Light Science.
  • Liquid Universe – Advanced Bio-shield Programming – Discourse and Coding – codes to create the perfect life using the Universal Intelligence of the quantum field.
  • Discourse on Programming and New Paradigms – understanding the power of programming.
  • Free YouTube video – Brain Food Meditation

Being conscious of what we are creating is a basic part of our existence on earth especially when we choose to live our lives by three Universal Laws.

These are the Law of Love, where we realize that Divine Love has the power to transform all that it touches via our Love Breath Meditation that we enjoyed earlier, the Law of One – where we know that on an energy transference level, everything we are and do affects the whole – plus the Universal Law of Resonance where we know that what we focus on will grow as like will attract like – for more on this you may enjoy reading our book In Resonance.



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