Meditation and Esoteric

Jasmuheen’s Homage to Meditation & the Esoteric
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Above – The Journey


Click to buy the image of Dual Merge or Padma Overlight

buddha-eyes-small   Lotus-grid-small OM-MANI-PADME-small

Above:- Buddha’s Eyes, Flower of Life plus Om Mani Padme Hum


Evolutionary Trail (1993) plus Kabala 72 Names


Future Selves (2008) plus Meditator Merge (2007)

SA-OM-gold-small SA-OM-BLUE

Click to buy this image of the Gold or blue OM

SA-ANGEL-ASCENSION   Crystal-mirror

Angelic Ascension plus Crystal Cavern Mirrors

So click on the following to enjoy her Homage to the Divine Feminine by Jasmuheen; to the Feminine Form; to the Divine Masculine and the Holy Ones in Enhanced Art; her Homage to Mother Nature; the Elements; her Rainbow Art & Cosmic Flows; plus additional Enhanced computer Art of various imagery. Also So come enjoy a powerfully insightful and creative retreat on SACRED ART with JASMUHEEN! All money from Jasmuheen’s seminars and sale of her art funds the projects at the Embassy of Peace.