true beloved

True Beloved Meditation

Introduction to the True Beloved Mantra Meditation

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Meditation benefits …

  • Tuning to the channel or zone of the true beloved within us.
  • Being flooded with its energy by using specific chants and mantras.
  • The true beloved energy has also the power to free our emotional body of our emotional body addictions to the pleasure of social eating and taking physical food, which has become a substitute behaviour and a way of feeding us emotionally when people come into levels of loneliness, loss or pain.
  • The rising and the revelation of the true beloved energy eliminates toxicity from our being and from our lives, recalibrating us back into an energy that is wise and loving and powerfully transformational.
  • This then flows back to influence all of our human relationships; our relationships with our loved ones, romantic loved ones and family, friends, community as well for the release of the true beloved energy within us all also anchors us in an energy of absolute freedom, peace, joy, bliss, relief and relaxation.

And so play with this meditation, play with your words of power within it and open to this experience of the true beloved, enter into this meditation with just the openness, the willingness to align once more to that powerful pure energy of love that we know as beloved.

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