Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound (Book 4)

Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound  (book 4 in the Enchanted Kingdom series)

In “Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound” story-teller Jasmuheen brings it all to the Universal stage, to address intergalactic warfare, Earth as a garden of Eden, her future and past, plus prophecy & global change.

Sharing accepted spiritual intelligence in an entertaining way, Jasmuheen provides in-depth information on U.F.O.’s, walk-ins, abductions,inter-dimensional life & Beings of Light, Essence extensions of the Great Central Sun, E.T. genetic manipulation, the alchemy of futuristic science regarding worlds ascending and the metaphysics of peace for all.

Entwining the ongoing love stories of 8tlan, Tao Lao, Rani, Tan and other well-loved characters in this series, ancient esoteric wisdoms are revealed that are so relevant to Earth today.

It is not necessary to have read the previous books in the Enchanted Kingdom series, to enjoy and appreciate all that this new book in the EK series “Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound” contains. The Enchanted Kingdom series is said by many to be a cross between Harry Potter and Star Wars while proving deep esoteric truths about creation!

Enchanted Kingdom Series with Jasmuheen

Book 1 – Queen of the Matrix – Fiddlers of the Field – the alchemical apprenticeship begins. Also covers future artificial intelligence issues.

Book 2 – King of Hearts – The Field of Love – covers the complicated alchemy of human relationships and love from an interdimensional level.

Book 3 – Elysium – Shamballa’s Sacred Symphony – explores the alchemy of love, duality and the more enlightened planes.

Book 4 – Cosmic Wanderers – Homeward Bound – goes deeper into the ancient and futuristic alchemy of an ascending species and world.

The Enchanted Kingdom is a land of an ancient space held in a field beyond time, a place that seems like a layer of life wedged between worlds. The alchemists describe it as a field of possibilities where everything is available for the dreamtime dancers and the wise.

A parallel world dreamt into being over millennia by those seeking higher worlds, the Enchanted Kingdom represents the highest visions and dreams of humankind. And now, finally, this Kingdom is merging with Earth’s own world.

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German – Das Pranaprogramm – Effektive & Erfreuliche Evolution

Das Pranaprogramm – Effektive & Erfreuliche Evolution

Dieses neueste e-Book, in dem Fragen aus den letzten zehn Jahren ihrer Reisen zusammengestellt wurden, bietet auch Einzelheiten zu: den positiven Auswirkungen des Prana-Programms; Prana & das Biosystem; Prana & das Gehirn; Prana & Darkroom-Technologie; Prana & das Herz; Prana & die Zellen; Prana & Feldwissenschaft; Prana & das interdimensionale Leben; Vorbereitung, physische Veränderungen & Vorprogrammierung; Kalibrierung, Testen & bequeme Umstellung; Soziale Szenen – Prana & Soziale Szenen; Prana & Elternschaft; Prana & andere Familienmitglieder – Harmonisierung von Haushalten; Prana & Essstörungen; Prana & Sexualität; Globale Themen – Geschenke & Wachstum – Vergangenheit, Gegenwart & Zukunft; Prana & Gesundheit; Prana & Religion; Das Prana-Programm & die Umgebung; Das Prana-Programm & die Politik; Skeptiker & die Medien; plus Ernährung von der Kraft der Sonne, Bigu & Das größere Ganze.

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Pranic Nourishment – Nutrition for the New Millennium – Living on Light Series

UPDATED 2012 Version – PRANIC NOURISHMENT – Nutrition for the New Millennium – Living on Light Series

Pranic Nourishment, also called Living on Light, is Jasmuheen’s fourth book of metaphysical interest. It is a fascinating story of her personal journey into being physically sustained purely by Light.

It also touches on physical immortality, spirituality and sexuality, new millennium relationships and mind mastery utilizing the powerful programming of Dimensional Biofield Science.

Pioneering new yet ancient pathways, many are now exploring the option of neither being a meat eater, a vegetarian, a vegan, a fruitarian but rather a ‘liquidarian’ or an individual sustained and nourished purely by the Light of their own Divine nature.

Formerly a ‘state of being’ reserved for, or attributed to, the Holy men, Saints or Sages of the East; the process described in this text offers a practical and spiritual alternative for those wishing to practically begin to embrace physical immortality, cease the aging process or simply ‘live on Light’.

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