Queen of the Matrix – Fiddlers of the Fields (Book 1)

queen of the matrix

Queen of the Matrix – Fiddlers of the Fields (Book 1)

QUEEN OF THE MATRIX – Fiddlers of the Fields – with Jasmuheen (book 1 in the Enchanted Kingdom series)
In book one of this trilogy we find the master field fiddler Tan living on board the Starship Elysium with Rani and those who oversee the merging of the realms. The Starship Elysium has detected an anomaly in the Matrix that has begun to bleed through into future worlds and alter the course of the merging.

Now the Queen’s light is dimming and the witch must be reborn to close the doors to the darker worlds while Tan seeks to contain the damage. Decades before Tan and Rani had found themselves as young children sent backwards in time to be held in a field of Enchantment. Watched over by Shadow, the she-wolf, and Crystalina a field surfing fairy, they encounter both evil and the mesmerizing magic of paradise worlds at play as they battle their wills with the witch and the warlock who is her longtime mate.

Now they must return to the enchanted realm to find the keys to deal with a new breed of Artificial Intelligence that treats humanity as a virus to eradicate. Trained at the Cadet’s Space Station in the art of fiddling the fields, Tan goes back in time to reprogram the A.I. systems before the anomaly of their terrifying reign can begin.

Connecting with powerful shaman and dreamtime guides, these time traveling fiddlers of the fields are supported by the ancient alchemists and the Lady of Light, as they discover the secrets of the merging.

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The Enchanted Kingdom Trilogy


Once upon a time there was the dreaming,
where dreamers created worlds that they longed for.
And in the dreaming and the longing, new worlds were born,
for the dreamers knew the magic to reweave the webs of life.

The Enchanted Kingdom is a land of an ancient space held in a field beyond time, a place that seems like a layer of life wedged between worlds. The alchemists describe it as a field of possibilities where everything is available for the dreamtime dancers and the wise. A parallel world dreamt into being over millennia by those seeking higher worlds, the Enchanted Kingdom represents the highest visions and dreams of humankind. And now, finally, this Kingdom is merging with Earth’s own world.


Three books in one to form a most uplifting trilogy by metaphysical author Jasmuheen. Queen of the Matrix – Fiddlers of the Fields; King of Hearts – The Field of Love; and Elysium – Shamballa’s Sacred Symphony.

The Elysium prophecy states:- When the Queen of the Matrix returns the King to her heart, peace will come to all on Earth, regardless of their part. And when compassion sets the pace all will find new rhythms, a peace within, and a peace without, to last beyond millenniums.

A cross between Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Matrix movies, this new trilogy of fiction weaves in some of the aboriginal dreamtime legends while offering insights on past lives and future lives; perfect love and profound love plus parallel worlds. All of this is covered in this enchanting trilogy which will enlighten and entertain all ages.

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